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Which Region will take the Tohjo Cup?!

Welcome everyone, to the Tohjo Cup! The Tohjo Cup is a yearly tournament where it puts all matters of Johto and Kanto, in a series of polls to see which one is the most preferred of the two! While the event compares the contrast many matters of Kanto and Johto, the most important polls are the League vs League polls! The League polls compares and contrast the protagonists, the Gym Leaders, even the Elite Four and Champion, of the sequential members of the League. You're more than welcome to vote for your favourite, when those polls come!

Those who chooses to participate will be eligible to be entered in a raffle! This raffle will take place at the end of The Tohjo Cup, where you'll be able to win great prizes like...

  • $15-$25 Gift Cards of your choosing (ie. Nintendo eShop Cards)!
  • Supportership for PC!

Or a very special prize for your Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon game...

And possibly some other secret goodies to be put in here. It doesn't matter what region you're in, or what part of the world you live in - everyone has a great chance in winning one of these many great prizes! At the end of the event, all the names will be entered into a randomized drawing and winners will be selected!

Signing up and to enter this raffle is pretty simple! All you gotta do is post in this thread, posting your interest and expectations. Once you do, you'll get one Prize Ticket point! If you have a Prize Ticket, your username will be automatically entered in the raffle drawing.

You can also try to increase your chances of winning those prizes! The Tohjo Cup polls around here will have more tickets you can collect, simply by participating in them. If you get more tickets, your name will be entered again for the raffle drawing, for an increased chance on winning the prizes!

Raffle Rules:

- You'll only be able to win one prize. If you win one prize, you won't be able to win another prize, and the rest of your tickets will no longer count.

- Also, as always, the PC Rules and Regulations apply. If you're caught ignoring those rules, or cheating in any way, you'll be banned for the raffle, unfortunately. If you have any questions about this or anything, feel free to contact Dragon!

So, what prize are you interested in winning? Who will you cheer for in the Tohjo Cup What are your general first impressions for this event? Feel free to share any thoughts in this thread!

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Old 2 Weeks Ago (11:48 PM).
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Kinda late to post in this thread. I don't care that much about the prizes, but more about the whole Cup. I love analyzing this kind of situations (like Brock vs Falkner) and imagining "what if" scenarios. I hoped that the first round would be Brock vs Jasmine, as it was the first round in the similar event in Pokémon Special manga. I'm looking forward to next battle.
Only thing that irritates me is that some sprites are animated and some aren't. I know it's Bulbapedia's problem, but I would probably go with the static ones from another site.
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