Meet & Greet New forum users, start here! Introduce yourself to the community, welcome your fellow members, and discover all of the cool things you can do around PokéCommunity.

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- follow for a good time!

This part of the forum is dedicated to all the new members that join our community as well as the returning members that have been away for a while! As a new member, you are highly encouraged to create an introduction thread and meet the community. You'll be welcomed by members and staff alike; it's a great opportunity to get to know the members here as well as those people with bold names that help run the place!

Please try not to ask for help about how the forums work here, as we have a very helpful section dedicated solely to questions and answers regarding the forums themselves, called Feedback & Support

Questions regarding various topics can be asked in their respective sections. For example...
... if you're stuck in a Kalos game and are unsure of where to go or what item is best to use, check out the Sixth generation section!

... if you want to find a trade for any of your Pokemon, check out the Trade Corner section!

... and so on. We have sections for almost everything here on PokéCommunity, so browse until you find what you are searching for. If you can't find it, ask in Feedback & Support or ask a staff member! The designated staff members who can help you out can be found right HERE. Do contact any of us if you need help or have questions about certain forums!

Posting your Introduction

→ Do not make a thread if you've been active for more than a month
If you've been actively posting for the last month (or have obtained 100+ posts), you aren't considered very new at that point, so there's no need for a thread. Feel free to post in the PokéCommunity Fan Club to raise a Pokémon, and help greet new members to the community!

→ “Leaving” threads
Please keep all leaving posts to the Leave/Return thread!

→ No advertising
Please do not use your introduction thread as a platform to advertise your YouTube channel or other off-site projects. This is pretty much considered SPAM anywhere on the forums. Put links and banners in your signature instead, as they will show up anywhere you post then, without taking away from the topic at hand!

Posting your re-Introduction

→ Don't make a thread if you posted on PokéCommunity within the last 30 days
If you've been gone for less than thirty (30) days, please don't create an "I'm back to PC!" thread, since that's not long enough to be considered absent. If you want to announce your return and have been gone for less than thirty (30) days, you are more than welcome to do so in the Leave/Return thread.

→ Do not create an account & pretend to be a new member (sockpuppeting)
Alt accounts are now against PokéCommunity policy. You can find more about this policy here. Moderators can check IP addresses, so please don't do this!

Welcoming other members

→ Follow all PokéCommunity Rules
All PokéCommunity rules apply here. These rules also apply everywhere else in the community, so be sure that you're aware of them! It's easy to avoid double posting when you want to quote several members in a thread. Just click the "multiquote" button one every post you want to quote, before clicking "reply" at the bottom of the page!

→ Copy & pasted/generic welcomes
Please don't copy and paste your greetings. Also, we want to encourage you to do your best to steer clear of the generic, "Hi there, Bob! Welcome to PC" or "hope you enjoy PC!" posts. Welcome people individually! It doesn't have to be a long novel, but just try to be personal in your message, as that is much nicer.

→ Remember not to Mini-mod
We know you're excited about welcoming and helping new members, but please remember to use the report button if you see something wrong! New members make mistakes sometimes, and a friendly reminder about the rules or making suggestions is fine! But be mindful not to call out members or take the rules into your own hands. Contact any of the moderators if you're not sure about something!

If you feel intimidated, take a calm breath and relax! We're all here to have fun and get to know new friends, nobody is going to be angry if you ask for help.
You can especially always approach the Meet & Greet moderators!

These rules were written with the help of previous Meet & Greet moderators.

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PokéCommunity's CHAT CLIENTS
- live chats with fellow members!

We're not just a forum, we're a whole community! Communities consist of people, and people often want to talk with each other a lot. We've got several places where you can converse in a speedier fashion than through posts or Visitor Messages on the forums.

Showdown Battle Server

This is PC's server on Showdown, a pokémon battle simulator. Here you can chit-chat with other battlers about pokémon or anything you'd like! You can also simulate battling in the simulator connected to the chat.

Join here:

Discord Chat Server

This is PC's more general chatting arena, where you can either talk about whatever comes to mind in the #general channel or dive into certain topics in the specific channels set up. Maybe you'll learn that you'll want to check out a part of the forum that you didn't previously dare to (:

Read more and join here:

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Welcome to the PokéCommunity
Discord Server

This is a live chatroom open for anyone who is a member (or plans to become a member) of the PokéCommunity forums! We have multiple channels for a variety of topics, but mostly we hang out and get to know each other in #general or throw memes into #random. The chat is moderated by PC staff and has a relaxed, easy-going atmosphere. If you have an account on PC, you can also get your customized username color on the chat server! Just ask one of the Discord moderators and we will fix it.

In order for you and everyone to enjoy their time here, we ask that you please follow a few rules:

Be respectful. Please do not troll or harass any members, or post offensive content.

Don't spam in any channel. Only #random is exempt from this rule.

Consistent breaking of the rules will result in a kick. Mods and admins will ban at their discretion if a user previously kicked rejoins and continues to break the rules. Users who are not members on the forums will be treated with a zero-tolerance policy. You will be banned immediately if you break any of our rules.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, or if you see offensive behavior in any channel, please don't hesitate to contact the chat moderoids bobandbill, Dayvan Cowboy, erik destler, Laslow, Logan, Pigbeetle, Rabinov, Raichu, and Spirit Shackle.

Click the logo to go to the chat!

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