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- PC's home for superfans of all media, people, and properties!

Welcome members to the Clubhouse! This is revival of an old forum called "Fan Groups & Clubs" where you can make threads that celebrate your favorite things for other members to sign up to and discuss your shared favorite interests! Listed below are some basic rules so everyone here can have a fun and productive experience in the clubhouse.

General Pokecommunity Rules Apply

Community wide rules apply. That means no porn or graphic images, no advertising, and no linking to illegal/suspicious content. Common sense should guide your actions. If you need a refresher course, please read the global rules.
Please follow the below links if you have any questions:

Rules Overview

  • As mentioned: General PokéCommunity rules apply.
  • Threads will not appear immediately after you create them. All clubs need to manually be approved by the Clubhouse moderators. Usually this should happen within 24 hours, and you can check the above "Club Approval" link to see what happened.
  • Don't create a club that already exists.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the thread creator is the club owner.
  • Inactive Clubs / Changing owners.
    • If a club has been inactive for over 2 months, you may message the club owner and ask if they will return. If they don't reply within a week, or if a club has been inactive for over 3 months, you may create a new club on a similar topic. If a club owner has gone inactive but the club is still active, you may message a moderator who will decide if it is alright for you to take over as the new owner.
  • Any club on fandoms and hobbies and interests are welcome!
    • This includes Pokemon clubs too!
  • Too narrow clubs may be denied and you might be asked to change the angle of your thread slightly.
    • For example, a Steven Universe club is fine, a Garnet character fanclub is too narrow.
  • Too broad clubs that cover the same topics as general discussion forums on PC might also be denied.
    • For example, a TV Watchers club or Video Gamers club is too broad - you can just chitchat about TV shows and gaming in general over in the other sections - but a cooking club or exercise club is just fine.
  • Hate clubs and offensive, negative clubs are not allowed under any circumstances.
  • Want to create a club but don't have time exactly now now and you're worried somebody else will jump on the same idea? Just call dibs on the club topic in the above linked "club ideas" thread.


If you have any questions or concerns about The Clubhouse or what to post, please contact the section moderators:

CSS by Achromatic. Rules created by Rika & Ho-Oh.

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