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Pokmon Talk!
The Series! Ep. 2: bobandbill

Mary: Welcome back to Pokemon Talk, your #1 talk show in all of Kanto and Johto!! I of course, am your host, Mary!

Beuna: And I'm Buena! Thanks for tuning in once again, as this show today is sure to be special!

Mary: You said it, Buena! Now, in today's show... we have another new special guest! Please welcome the popular bobandbill! It's really cool to have you with us on the show today; how are you feeling?

bobandbill: We-I mean, I am doing well! Thanks for having me here. Maybe overselling me with "popular" though, haha.

Beuna: Nonsense! You've been the talk of Goldrenrod for quite sometime now! Then again, perhaps that was all Whitney's doing...

Mary: Perhaps. But at any rate, we welcome you! Before we begin though, we've got another special guest, straight from Celadon City! He's a Pokemon Trainer who is researching, I kid you not the legendary pokemon, Suicine!

Beuna: Suicune?! Y-You mean one of the legendary beasts of the brass tower? I thought that was only a legend...

Mary: No! According to this man, he's been chasing Suicune for 10 years, but no success. I can't wait to hear what he has to say; let's welcome... Eusine!

Eusine: Ohoho! It's nice to see you two once more! And ah... it's another dear friend; it's nice to see you as well, bobandbill! Fellow chosen of... the legend!

bobandbill: Hey there, Eusine! You're dang right it chose me, haha. I told you, you should try offering them treats more. They go mad for this french stuff, think they call them PokPuffs. What have you been up to?

Eusine: I've been travelling around the region, looking for things that piqued my interest-- hold on, Pokpuffs...? Don't tell me that was the answer...

Mary: Maybe it had a sweet tooth?

Eusine: The most legendary of Pokmon described as a mere beast having a sweet tooth? Preposterous!

Beuna: Yeah, Mary. Maybe it liked Sour foods instead. Bitter perhaps?

Mary: Whatever the case may be, it''s quite an interesting Pokmon! To think that it chose you, bobandbill... that sounds extraordinary! You simply must tell us about your adventures! What do you like about the Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal Games? Or if you prefer -- the HeartGold and SoulSilver games?

bobandbill: Both are great games! Haha. Silver was my first Pokemon adventure, and I've replayed both gen 2 and their remakes multiple times. There's a lot a love about the games, but I suppose two things of note would be these. One: the exploration. Backtracking was very much a key component and each visit to a place gave you more of the world. Visiting Route 34 after getting Surf to find that hidden beach, for instance. Or Union Cave - you get a hint about the Lapras appearing on Fridays, but you have to come back to learn more about it. Then there's the alternate routes from there to the Ruins of Alph! Sadly Kanto was small but HGSS fixed that area quite nicely. You really got the sense of adventure in those games.

Secondly - the music is gorgeous, again in both gen 2 and 4. Can't give you a most favourite track, but the versions in HGSS were quite well done - adding some additional flavour and re-imagining other tunes in interesting ways. Take, say, the intro to National Park in HGSS - it's completely new and such a beautiful if short segment that sets up the rest of the tune.

Eusine: Well said! I quite enjoy the atmosphere of the National Park myself. The scenery of Blackthorn City is one of my personal favourites as well.

Beuna: Was it because Suicune was around there?

Eusine: ...I enjoy things rather than hunting for Suicune, and Pokemon other than Suicune, you know.

Mary: Like?

Eusine: W-Well... ah! Electrode! My perfect Electrode. Did you know that if it has too much electricity and has nothing to do, it amuses itself by exploding?

Beuna: It's also an electric type, right? Did you catch it simply to help you to catch Suicune?

Eusine: Now see here--

Mary: Oh! Speaking of favourites... bobandbill, what are your favourite Pokemon from the 2nd Generation?

bobandbill: There's a lot... Let's see. Of the starters has to be the Totodile line, although I do like them all. The Mareep line is especially cute too! Heracross and Tyranitar are favourite for mine with battling - I remember the first time I saw Tyranitar was in a friend's team when battling him through Mystery Gift. I worked out how to get it and added it to my team, haha. Lastly, Houndoom has a great Shiny form - probably my favourite Shiny of Johto Pokemon.

Beuna: D'aw, the Mareep line is cute, I have to agree with you! In fact, our last guest on this show, as well as Jasmine, thought so as well! I'm also a big fan! The woolly fleece it has looks super cozy, and.. ahh, it's just so cute!

Mary: Heracross is quite an interesting Pokemon! It only appears within certain trees, right? It really likes sweet tree sap.

Eusine: Indeed! Tyranitar itself is quite a powerful pokemon! Though I hear that it's habitat is around Mt. Silver, off-limits to all but the most skilled of Trainers. You're quite fortunate to have added one upon your team!

Mary: You seem to have quite a taste for the Generation 2 Pokemon Games, bobandbill! But tell us, was there anything that you didn't much care for? If you had the opportunity to change anything, what would you change and why?

bobandbill: Certainly, there were a few aspects. As mentioned before, I am glad HGSS brought back the Kanto areas in full, or at least re-imagined - it was sad to see them so small in GSC.

Crystal has some odd omissions such as no Mareep line at all. HGSS also could have benefitted from a few more early-route Pokemon that were seen in Crystal, such as Teddiursa and Phanpy, and the Odd Egg being removed was a disappointment! Besides that, I'd add a few quality-of-life changes, such as addressing the reliance on HMs being annoying at times, the inability to accept gift Pokemon when you have a full party, and so forth. Oh, and also the disappearance of decorating your room in HGSS! I miss that. Mum, stop buying me so many berries I won't use and get me a Lapras doll instead please!

Beuna: Aaaaugh, Mom if you're listening, please, please buy him that Lapras doll! And to my Mom: please get me that deluxe Chansey doll!!

Eusine: I could never understand the appeals with dolls...

Mary: They're a must have with trainers! But at any rate, I believe many trainers would have to agree with you bobandbill. For example, having a reliance for HM moves like Strength and Cut can prove to be a little inconvenient during battle...

Eusine: This is true. Especially with my own Pokemon Party.

Beuna: Ugh! Okay I need to rant: I sooooo want a Teddiursa, but they are so rare to find! I did find one, but they always flee! I mean, can you believe that? All I want to do is hold him and hug him and squeeze him and name him George...

Eusine: I too, am no stranger when it comes to encountering Pokemon who flees on sight. Why, Suicune makes it a daily habitat; that's why I had my Haunter learn Mean Look, but it's still an iffy technique when Suicune proves to be faster.

Mary: About that. Why did Suicune not trust humans?

Eusine: It's quite a tale. Long ago, in Ecruteak, there stood a tower called the Brass Tower. However, one night, lightning struck the tower, and it engulfed in flames. Unfortunately, in the heart of the tower were three nameless Pokemon, whom all perished in the fire.

Mary: That's horrible...

Eusine: However! It was then that the mythical bird Pokmon, Ho-oh, appeared with a glimmer of light! It used it's power to die out the flames, and reincarnate the fallen Pokmon. They became the Pokmon you know now as Entei, Raikou, and Suicune.

Beuna: That's amazing! To think it had that power!

Eusine: Yes! But such power can also but fear in human's hearts. Which was what happened. The humans feared the Pokemon who was resurrected; they could not understand the power of a miracle that happened right before their eyes. Instead of rejoicing the rebirth of these three Pokmon, the townspeople feared the power of the Pokmon that had manipulated life and tried to suppress the Legendary beasts with violence. Due to this, the three Legendary beasts and Ho-Oh fled. Although they did not retaliate against the townspeople, they never returned to Ecruteak City in fear of what the townspeople would do to them.

Mary: So, that's why they are wary of humans...

Eusine: Hmmm. Say, Bobandbill? What do you think of the Legendary Pokmon from Gold and Silver? Do they fascinate you? Do you have anything you personally liked or dislike about them?

bobandbill: I quite like them! Lugia is my favourite and one I used a fair bit back in Silver - Aeroblast was a very fun move, haha. But there isn't one I dislike from the second generation, and the smaller number compared to other generations is nice, I feel. Really, my only complaints about them is that the Johto Legendary Beasts do insist on running away all the time, and that Celebi was unobtainable. Poor Australian players like me never got its Event in HGSS either!

Eusine: Hmm, the legendary Time-Traveler Celebi... I've only heard myths about it, but it does exist...? I see. I thank you for new research material, bobandbill, my friend.

Mary: A new mystery in the making.. I can't wait to learn more about it! Ah, at any rate, it's time we wrap things up here. Thank you so much bobandbill, and Eusine for being here with us today! And thank you viewers for tuning in!

Beuna: Before we end the show though, you all know what time it is! So, bobandbill, do you know today's Buena's Password?!

bobandbill: But of course! It's RAGECANDYBAR!

Beuna: Ding, ding! Thaaaat's right! Thanks for tuning in. You hear that, listeners? Today's password was RAGECANDYBAR! Be sure to tune in for the next password!

Mary: And be sure to tune in for the next Pokmon Talk episode! If you're lucky, you'll be interviewed too! Feel free to let us know if you want to be! Also, do you have a question for bobandbill? Feel free to ask here! Aaaand that's a wrap! Thanks for tuning in! See you next time!!

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