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    Hi I am a young, and new coder that would like to make a rom hack. Although I dont know if I need help with the file. And I want to add many things to it that may not be possible.
    I Plan on making it in fire-red for the multiple region purpose... And I do not plan to have all pokemon because I do not know if it is possible on Firered.
    I do however plan to make it have an immersive story and or stories. I would like to have it feel like the gen IV-V story and how it was written. How each legendary and mythical pokemon had a story (But i dont plan to put every one in) I do plan to do a lot with the game.

    But what I am asking is if its better to have others help. I am not the greatest spriter, and I dont know how to code well yet. But if it is better and easier, (and i dont know if i have to pay people for it, I dont have a paypal or anything Im still 15) I would like to communicate with people to see if they would like to work on this project.

    If not I would like to know about coding and if there is a specific way to do things step by step.

    Thanks. I am sorry if I was put out as rude I have never been in a forum before.
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      I am also working on making my own rom hack and something that you should be made aware of immediately is that making a good rom hack is not simple by any means. It requires a ton of work and often times takes years to complete. They so long to make that a lot of rom hacks are continually updated after release to add new features or fix bugs.

      Obviously how big of a hack you want to do makes a huge difference, but regardless a lot of work will be involved and it would be best to have a team or at least a strong library of resources and a lot of free time. The best hacks utilize upwards of 8 or 9 programs and knowing and understanding them all can be key to quality development.

      Before jumping into a hack, if you havent already, consider everything you want to do and lay it all out. Do you want to make your own pokemon? If so, what kind? Can you draw? What kinds of features do you want in the game? What do you want the story to be like? What are the sorts of themes you want the game to represent?
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      Hi there Toxic! We have a lot of fan game creators here as well as tons of people eager to play the games themselves, so you're in a good place. Best to ask questions in the fan game forums though -- that's where all the appropriate people gather, after all! This is just a place to introduce yourself, so you wouldn't have much luck here.

      Good luck. \o/ I hope you'll find whatever you're looking for and will stick around. =)

      pair family mal llsif bandori ffxiv art
      sheep x bobandbill 5ever
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