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    I call mine Team Beta, as in second.the leader's name would be Zander. His mission would be to capture legendary Pokemon to make a new Pokemon god to battle Arceus, and begin using this god to create new species of Pokemon that we can use freely, but others can't. We would use dark type Pokemon with the leader using the prototype god as his final. The admins would be ghost, dragon, fairy and steel as our main objective is hunting legendaries. While gamefreak would object, each admin would have a LVL 40-50 legendary as their final, these legends being failed prototypes. The grunts would be few in number compared to other groups, but when it comes to legend hunting, its quality over quantity. Our uniforms would be like black military gear with a few oddities like plasma rifles on the backs of men and electro whips with the women. The admins would have their own styles, the ghost user, Rick, would wear a hoodie and track pants, but have purple glowing eyes. His legendary would have a humanoid appearance, but with black must were the legs should be. It has chains on its arms from when it was in captivity, dying and becoming a Pokemon of the ghost type. It's ability is Prison Armor. The dragon user, Sara, has a shield her size right beside her, and wears armor she claims is made of 'weak dragon scales'. Her legendary resembles Rayquaza, but is the size of an Onix. It has red skin and black eyes, with purple fire at the top of its tail. It's ability is Moxie. The fairy user, Clara, is a little girl, who only has one dark fairy type, the failed legend. It resembles Celebi, but it purple insect wings and a blood red Crystal in the form of a horn in its forehead. Its ability would be Dark Aura. She is surrounded by pedals all the time, claiming that the pedals speak to her. Her clothing is a scaled down uniform, as she just became an admin. The steel admin, Daz, is a man in a metal suit (similar to halo but helmet off). He looks serious and his Pokemon all have high defence stats. His legendary is a dark steel type, resembling a zombie black knight. It's ability would be Battle Armor.The leader, Zander, is a man in his thirties, with outgrown white hair and a suit as long as a rain coat. His opening statement would be something about the curiousty he had as a youth traveling across the beautiful world of Pokemon , and how he searched for one that matched his tastes. He says he never found it, seeing this as Arceus's fault. Then he explains how he had acquired different pieces of legends across the world, collecting their DNA and making this current prototype. And the battle begins as he asks, "would YOU like to test it for me?". His team is standard, LVL 47-50. And the prototype is a LVL 60 dark/dragon type with the ability Disguise. Though with special disks, its ability can change to Sturdy, Color Change and Mold breaker. It would look like Kommo-o, but with spikes instead of circles, black skin, and purple eyes. It can also stand like chespin, as it has an attack form and a speed form, activated by certain moves. Once the player defeats Zander, the Pokemon breaks out of the lab to an unknown location (till the player finds and catches it). Zander is horrified by this, as he begins calling out the pieces of the legendaries in it, and stands up to chase after it. But he is surrounded by the champions Pokemon, who fly around him. This would signal the end of Team Bets as the admins lose inretest and the grunts quietly escape. Give me your comments on what you think and were I should improve. And I'd love fan art!
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    While the idea of conversation on evil teams is alright and I'd love to see more, this thread seems to jump all over the place. It does not actually contain a story content (a requirement for this part of the forum) but more a basic script, and more than a fanfic it reads like a plan or idea bin for a romhack so it could go there. At the same time, it also asks for fanart so there's even a third place where it could go.

    The base idea is interesting and we do want more content! The primary point seems to be creating or tidying a story plan so that's something I'd love to see emphasized. Here's the plan: let's say that if you can reorganize your idea, trim it down to where do you want it - a fanfic, a roleplay, a romhack? - you could launch a new thread with cleaner writing, paragraphs and the like, and we'd totes help you get it in the right place.

    (Which hopefully is this one :p )

    In the meantime I'm moving this one to Writer's Lounge (the closest thing I could figure out in the meantime) and closing it.
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