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Emerald Pokťmon Blazed Glazed Page 12

Started by tudou October 22nd, 2015 5:01 PM
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The Psycho Pokemon

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It's been a while, hasn't it?

Anyways, Version 1.3 is out. Grab it in the OP.

Here are the changes.
Many level-ups changed
Stormy City Pokemart now carries Lemonade and Soda Pop as well as Fresh Water
Decapitalized Pokemon names, move names, and ability names
Quilava and Typhlosion are now Fire/Ground rather than Fire/Normal (I forgot to change the documentation to state this, so... whoops)
Sandslash’s buffs are changed to +10 speed, +5 hp
Leif, Irene, and Ernest brought down a level. Literally.
Changed TMs: TM21 is now Knock Off, TM20 is now Earth Power
Bugs squashed

Another note: I will not be able to update this hack to Glazed Beta 7. This is due to the values of free-space that I used for the stuff added to this hack, a lot of which conflicts with the space used to add the Beta 7 content. Sorry about that.
damn thats such a shame. I hope that the game is otherwise complete. Also is there any chance for bug fixes at least in the future?
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Posted May 9th, 2019
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for some reason in mt.stratus i'm getting the hiker's dialog witch interns diables what the pikachu or the team fusion grunt say is there a way to fix this error cuz it's game breaking and i can't progress with out getting my badges back :( pls email for pic of what i'm talking about since i'm new to this place i can't post pictures yet ......
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I'm really enjoying this. I remember trying to play the original, but being unable to get very far due to it being too difficult so I really like being able to actually progress.

While I was playing, I encountered something left over from the base game- Emerald. Not sure if this was in the Pokemon Glazed or if this was something that was accidentally added to this version. I was walking around the north of Stormy City, After Pikachu had taken my badges but before I defeated the gym leader for the city, when it occurred. I got a Pokenav call from Wally and Roxane with their numbers being added to the pokenav.
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