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Pokémon FULL Airborne: A Hoenn Journey (IC) Page 2

Started by Ozymandias June 2nd, 2018 10:58 AM
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Varianna "Vivi" Sochi

Anorith observed from the sidelines, more preoccupied with the safety of his teammate opposed to his stolen loaf of bread.

Vivi clasped her hands together, getting herself into a better mentality. "You ready~? Letssa go then! Poison Sting!" However, the bat was a step ahead. As soon as Weedle began her charge the bat viciously flaps its wings. The wind generated was enough to push her back despite her best efforts to march forward.

The bread, held close to Woobat's body, began to crumble. It alarmed Anorith, whose hunger was tempting him to walk right into a battlefield.

"You can do it- NO, wait, actuaaaaally, slam your stinger into the ground!" Vivi hollered amidst the gusts, arm shielding her eyes from the specks of dirt. Weedle stared at her stinger before gasping at the logic behind her trainer's idea.

With determination the bug dug her stinger into the earth before her, eyes glaring at the bat. She pulled her weight forward and repeated the maneuver, getting closer by the moment.

"Woo?!" Confused as to why such a lightweight isn't being blown, the bat increased the gust's intensity. Weedle remained in place, refusing to budge. This tenacity made the Woobat grow anxious. But little did anybody, but poor Anorith, take notice of the bread's crumbling state. By this point half had broken into pieces and scattered, never to meet the bug's belly.

"You got this! Woo!" Vivi cheered. Weedle grimaced, blushing despite letting out a grunt of annoyance. In reality she was enjoying the attention and flattery.

The gusts halted. In its place Woobat let out a small warcry prior to being outlined in a light purple hue. "Awwww how cute~! Wasn't that just adorable, right Weedle?"

"Weeee," the bug smirked, mocking the flying Pokémon. Woobat had fallen for it, instantly closing distance. "Weeee?!"

Vivi panicked, no longer finding the creature endearing. "Use that stinger! Poison sting the thing!" Without hesitation Weedle lifted her tail, but she wasn't quick enough.

The stinger merely grazed the bat's skin before the bug froze midair, unable to move further. At last the confusion took effect, noticeable by the light purple hue engulfing Weedle.

Like a rag doll Weedle was hurled against a nearby rock wall, plopping down on to the ground in a weakened state. A small cough escaped her mouth. "Oooooooh no, oh no no no, that isn't good. Hold on Weedle-chan!"

Anorith picked at the crumbs nearest him. They weren't any bigger than a coin, but it's better than nothing at all. But even then when he reached the fourth crumb, Vivi kicked it on her way to Weedle.

"N-nooooor," he whimpered, backing up to give them space. The last thing he desired was to get mauled on error.

"You know you got energy left in you, go go go! Uh- Here! An apple!" And like that she aimed the fruit right at the Weedle. But all the bug did was stare as it harshly impacted its horn, instantly stuck. Its juices dripped and slowly creeped down her face. From the drips Anorith's baffled facial expression is reflected, unable to believe she had apples stored away this entire time while he starved.

Meanwhile Weedle was regretting joining this human.


The cry reeled Vivi back in, who returned to a fighting mentality. "Okie dokie, let's get back to it. String Shot the bat!" Weedle complied, albeit with a grimace. Unfortunately the flying pokemon was far too quick and far too agile, easily circling around the attack until swooping down for another round of confusion. With both opponents engulfed in a lilac hue, Woobat proceeded to slam Weedle to the ground beneath.

"Okaaaaaay, guess we need to get in a little bit more practice before picking on somebody our own size. Anorith! Sorry to burst your bubble," she apologizes prior to sending him into his pokéball.

A red light engulfed Weedle as she was being trashed about. Once gone the bat let out a confused cry, eyes scanning. Realizing they were all gone save for Vivi, he gained a new target.

"Oooooooh I'd love to play, cutesy batsy, buuuuuut it appears play time is over. How about tomorrow at around the same time, hmmmm~?" Vivi suggested, eyeing the path behind the enemy.

She snatched a pile of dirt as she began her stride. It was hurled as soon as Woobat swooped down for an attack, startling the bat. Fortunately it was enough to get her off his radar, no longer in his line of sight.

For a minute she did nothing but run, at some point stepping on a wild Pokemon before abruptly changing trajectory, hoping to lose the bat and the now awoken creature.

Even though she had successfully tossed them off her track, Vivi was lost. She [i]is[/] lost.

"Aha... hahahaha.... AHAHAHAHA!" Had it not been for a painful cough the trainer would have continued in her crazed laughter, finding joy in being thrown into such a dilemma. "Ooo that hurt. Yep." Despite the temptation to summon her two bugs, they were injured, or hungry in Anorith's case, thus capable of slowing her down.

But they were so cute gosh darn it.

She released Weedle and Anorith into the darkness with only a faint light to guide their way. Anorith climbed up to her shoulder to rest, too famished to continue by foot. Weedle, on the other hand, was puffing and huffing. "You guys did good... real good," she began a feel-good speech before suddenly switching the direction of her message. "...actually that was horrible. Oh jeez, so bad. So so so bad. But! Know what that means? We get to train! Sounds like fun, doesn't it~?"

Despite the sighs she trekked on, moving forward in hopes for an exit to pop out. In reality she was terrified and doubtful of a miracle, but her group needed somebody to keep the atmosphere alive. Not depressing.

As they moved on Vivi began to notice Weedle slowing down overtime. Yet, when she offered a shoulder to lean on, Weedle refused and ignored her hands. However, it didn't take long before the bug began to demand resting stops. It was during the third stop that Vivi at last snatched the bug from the ground and hugged her tight. She squirmed and she whimpered, but soon she calmed and fell asleep, worn out.

Together the trio continued.


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A JP with doge

It towered over him, this giant, serpentine amalgamation of jagged boulder and stone. Nosily grinding onto the rocks, the giant Pokmon slowly slithered into the open space of cavern, rocking itself forwards with its lower half. A lump formed in Willies throat, the boy straining himself to keep silent. Every muscle in his body tensed as he scrunched himself up against the caverns wall, hoping to make himself as small as possible.

Willie studied it intensely. The Pokmons eyes, sharp black beads, were focused above, its wide chin coming up over him. He had an idea of what this Pokmon was, its name and all other sorts of information about it on the tip of his tongue, but his thoughts were too crowded by fear to recall it. Willie had never thought of Pokmon as scary, although they were rather dangerous, many being far more powerful than say a fully-grown man, but in this moment, next to this gargantuan snake-like monster, he could hardly keep himself calm. Carefully, Willie lifted a hand, cringing at the slight rustle of pebbles that the motion made he was oddly hyperaware of the noises he himself produced, in spite of the constant rumbling and grinding of rocks from the Pokmons movements. Fortunately, it hadnt seemed to notice.

He slowly reached into his pockets, careful not to make a sound. The boy nearly gasped when he realized, his search coming up empty. His Pokdex was gone. It came back to him then, his mind rewinding to the moment that Starly had swooped down from the sky, snatched his Pokdex within its talons, and led him on a wild goose chase. Could he battle something like this despite knowing practically nothing about it? Willies Pokmon were small, even if by generous measurements, Lott was barely even half of his size. Meanwhile, this thing towered over him by leaps and bounds. It would be a ridiculous contest, terribly one-sided.

Wilfred emerged from a tunnel, cradling Bella in his arms. He spotted the giant stone serpent crawling along the tunnel, oblivious to anything else in the area. "Oh, that is amazing!" He whispered in awe, lifting Bella so she could see. He pulled out his Pokedex as well, reading what he could. "Oh, it's called Onix! It's really big!"

To the sound of the voice, the large Pokemon turned sharply, its tail, smaller than the upper half of its lengthy body, although still plently wide, headed straight onto a collision course with Willies head. The boy could almost envision the splatter. He ducked, hard.

Wilfred stood still as the Onix loomed over him, lowering its massive head to get a closer look. It didn't seem very impressed, but Wilfred was having the time of his life. This was just like a scene from a movie, with the massive but assuredly gentle creature peering at the much smaller human. Wilf reached out slowly, trying to touch Onix's face.

Willie sprawled out onto the ground, but in doing do, had smacked his chin hard against the rocky floor. It stunned him momentarily, but he was still conscious. The stinging pain plenty proof of that.

What had the voice called it? There was a sense of familiarity with the word, but for the life of him he couldnt remember it. Willie had definitely heard it, that the boy was certain, but in his head it came out as a slurring noise, something utterly incomprehensible. It made no sense to him whatsoever.

Willie stood up, slowly, staggering for a brief moment. Steadying himself against the wall, Willie called out to the darkness, the direction in which the Onix was now facing, What type is it?!

Wilfred and Onix both reacted in surprise to the voice, Onix turning its head sharply to look for the source. Wilfred fumbled for his Pokedex, obliging the mysterious question. "It's a Rock type!" He called out. "And also a Ground type! Isn't it incredible?"

"Thank you!" Willie shouted back, his hands fumbling nervously for the Pokeball. The hit to the chin had knocked most of the fear out of Willie, although the sheer size of the creature still left him uneased. The boy certainly had to admit the Pokemon was incredible as the voice had said. It was an awe-inspiring thing, both in terms of fear and wonder. He wanted to capture it as much as he was scared of it.

Willie threw out his Pokeball, the red beam briefly illuminating the room. In that moment, he could make out the tinted silhouette of the person whom the voice belonged. He was a large man, bigger than Willie in both width and height. The excited, beaming look on his face came as a shock to the boy. It was the total opposite of what had been Willie's reaction. Lott leaped out onto the ground as the room sunk back into a dimly lit darkness and Willie redirected his focus. "Rock... and Ground. One of those has to be weak to Grass, right?" The boy muttered to himself, his head still slightly rattled.

"Vine Whip!" He meant it as a command to Lott, but when Willie peered up at the towering Pokemon, he shrieked the move out in a chokey, puberty-induced fashion. However the mysterious man saw this Pokemon, Willie couldn't, at least not now.

Lott was itching to return to battle, his foray with his now companion Bidoof and the gang of Poochyena not enough to satisfy the Pokemon's well of energy. The vines shot out from the Bulbasaur's budding, stretching high above before striking down in an arch towards the Pokemon's coarse, rocky body. Being so large made it an easy target for Lott. The vines, flexible and quick as they were, would be difficult to dodge. The hits struck true, and the giant rock Pokemon shuddered with a loud, pained roar. Willie could hardly believe it, despite it's overwhelming size and stature, was this Pokemon going to go down that easily?

Wilfred wasn't sure exactly what was happening, but was a little disappointed that a battle had broken out already. He had set Bella down while he checked his Pokedex, and she was bouncing with excitement as Bulbasaur's vines struck the giant Onix. She tugged at Wilf's leg excitedly, but he shook his head. "You can't fight right now, you're still recovering from fighting Chan. Besides, it's already fighting someone else. How would you feel if somebody interrupted one of your fights?" Bella nodded in understanding, letting out a soft sound like "oh..."

"HEY!" Wilfred called out. "My name's Wilfred! I'm here to provide encouragement and information if you want! Also, if needed, rescue. But you definitely won't need that, you're doing great!" He gave a big grin and a thumbs up, not sure how well it would be conveyed in the dim light, but willing to try anyway.

Willie appreciated the thought, but it was wholely unnecessary. It took only a few more lashes for the large Pokemon to submit. Lott grunted as if this were a normal day on the job while Willie hastily threw out a pokeball. Without so much as a struggle, the ball shook three times before the capsule sealed with an echoing click. He scooped it up off the ground, and then approached the man who had helped him with a bright, somewhat proud face.

Hi, stranger. Im Willie! Thanks for helping me out! As he spoke, the adrenaline and excitement of it all wearing off, Willie became accutely aware of a gash along his chin, right in the spot he had fallen. He was smiling like a fool while dripping blood all over the ground. Aha... oops.

"Oh, no problem!" Wilfred replied, reaching into his bag. "I'm always happy to help! Here, hold this on there." He pulled a small handkerchief out of his bag, offering it to Willie. "This will help stop that bleeding." Bella ran over towards Lott, the little Shroomish babbling excitedly, no doubt about the battle she just witnessed. "Aw, look! Our Pokemon are becoming friends!" Wilf grinned at the sight, his optimism and energy at an all time high.

Play nice! Willie shouted to his Bulbasaur, now playfully whipping at Bella, renacting the battle that had just taken place. He dabbed the handkerchief at his chin, Thanks again.

"I hope you don't mind me asking, but what brings you all the way down here? It seems a little out of the way, especially since I only saw one way in."

I, uhh, kinda fell down here... Willie sheepishly pointed over at the gap of the burrow he had fallen down, although there wasnt much to look at, the gap barely visible with this lighting and from this distance. Any chance youre going to Verdanturf? He asked, hoping to change the subject.

Wilfred looked over toward the hole, wincing a little at the distance. "Well, actually, I am headed that way. I just came down here to check out the noise I heard. Guess it was that Onix! Nice job on that capture, by the way."

Bella bounced happily as Lott reenacted the fight, showing off a little by using Absorb at nothing in particular. Even tired as she was, she was considering having a fight with the Bulbasaur, but she knew Wilfred would never go for it, so she settled for pretending instead.

"Hey, I have an idea!" Wilfred said. "Since I'm going the same way as you, and I happen to know the way out, why don't you come with us?"

I was actually about to ask. Id like the company too, been by myself just talking to my Pokemon almost all day. Willie replied, grinning. The handkerchief Wilfred had given him now stuck onto his chin like a bandaid. Lott, were leaving! He called out to his Bulbasaur, who was now motioning for Bella to hop onto his back, energy left to expend.

"Great! Follow me, I know the way! Come on, Bella!" Wilfred was happy Willie had agreed, as he too had been by himself all day. Bella hopped onto Lott's back, having never received a ride like this before. It wasn't a battle, but it was still fun and new.

Wilfred led the group back into the tunnel he'd come out of. He started talking as he walked. "Honestly, I'm not terribly excited about caves, but this one looks very nice and it's good to try new things every once in a while. Would you believe that this trip is the first time that I've gone on such a long journey? I used to hate walking all the way to the mailbox!"

Its only my first time out on a journey too, but in my opinion you seem like a natural! Willie was glad to just tag along his new friends lead, the day, he felt, having had a bit too much action packed into it.

To Wilf's surprise, the next corner he turned led to a dead end. "Oh, uh... haha, I must have gotten turned around. We actually should have turned left back there, not right. Let's just double back real quick..." He led them back a ways, taking them down a different tunnel. It ended at a fork, which wasn't familiar to Wilfred at all. "Yyyyep, and now we turn right!" He forced himself to be enthusiastic, but was starting to sweat a little. "We'll be out of here in no time!'

No time like now, huh? Willie wanted to lighten the mood, he was more than happy to take their time getting out of the tunnels. After a few moments of silence, Willie spoke again. You know, mister, I dont think I caught your name last time. What was it again?

Wilf led the group down the tunnel, walking a little slower since he didn't actually know where to go. "Oh, my name's Wilfred. Wilfred Stanford. It's like having four first names, so feel free to call me whatever you'd like! And that little cutie down there is Bella." He brightened as he noticed signs of construction, like wooden beams supporting the roof, indicating that they were entering the old mine tunnels. "I've also got Chan and Roxbury with me. What about your Pokemon, what are their names?"

Four? Oh. Willie chuckled. Okay, Stan. He turned and waved to Bella. Hey girl, names Willie. He playfully stuck out an arm to shake. Bella, lacking arms, booped his open hand with the top of her head, grinning and laughing.

Just joking by the way, he said, turning back to Wilfred. I wont call you Stan. I like Wil, that way you can call me Will and I can call you Wil. And if anyone ever asks for Will, well. He pretend-shrugged. So you know Lott here, but I got a Bidoof named Buck too, although were working on revision. She doesnt really like it. The Onix, I just caught, well I was thinking about Girdth, you know, like the opposite of length, since its so long, well, tall. Willie realized he droning on. So, what exactly is a Chan and a Roxbury?

"Well," Wil explained, noticing there were no branching paths on this tunnel. "Chan is a Makuhita that I caught in these very caves. He's a chubby little sumo guy and he's really cool. Roxbury is the Geodude I was given as my starter, but he's not like other Geodudes. He's from someplace foreign, so he's Rock and Electric instead of Rock/Ground. He's also cool, but more laid back. Maybe later you can meet... hello, what's this?"

Wilfred stopped talking as he approached another dead end, noticing something on the ground. It appeared to be another disk, like the TM he'd received from the construction workers outside. "Someone must have dropped this... I'll hold onto for now!" He put the disk in his bag, turning around and heading back down the tunnel. He noticed it starting to slant upward, and was certain they could follow it to the exit. This time for sure!

"Anyway, as I was saying, maybe later we can meet all of our Pokemon. After all, Lott and Bella are getting along so well!" As he said this, Bella was dozing off on top of Lott's bulb, enjoying his warmth and sweet scent.

Up ahead, the group could hear the faint noises of construction work. The exit to Verdanturf wouldnt be too far off. Willie wanted to get himself looked at soon, a little concerned with the bumps and scratches he accrued from the fall, but primarily hoping to get the gash along his chin looked at.

Soon enough, they saw a construction worker sitting down against the wall, presumably on his break. Willie ran up to the man, excited to finally be able to breathe fresh air again. Hey, mister! Do you know the way out of these caves?

"Course I do. I work here, don't I?" The worker seemed almost offended by the implication. "So what you gotta do is take that there tunnel on the left, follow it past two more tunnels, one on the left and another also on the left, then take that third tunnel to the right. From theres, you'll find yourself at a bit of a crossroads after a ways, but you wanna keep going straight. Eventually, you gets to the main tunnel, then you head right, and badda bing, you're at the exit! It's actually very intuitive if you spend enough time here."

Willie almost forgot it all on the spot, fortunately Wilfred had caught up by the time the man started his explanation. After a few more turns in the tunnels the group finally saw light at the end.

Again, Willie ran on ahead. Finally out! He exclaimed, looking around to take in the sight of the town, only there was none.

Wilfred caught up with Wille at the exit, noticing a very familiar shack outside the tunnel. "Huh. Looks like we're back at the Rustboro side. No need to worry, though!" He clapped a hand on Willie's shoulder in encouragement. "At least now we know which way to go! It should just be a straight shot through the tunnel! Or, we could just head back to Rustboro for a quick break. Either one works for me, honestly."


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Trent Marsh

Trent's Pokemon

Rocking and Rolling in Rusturf Tunnel, Part 2

“Rocksteady, ram into the rock slide as hard as you can! Damn, this'd be much easier if we had the technique for smashing rocks!”

Leo's Rhyhorn crashed into the collapsed cavern again for what seemed to be the millionth time to Trent. It seemed to have been a few hours since the rock slide occurred, and Trent had long given up on trying to get out. Instead, he turned his attention to the collective Roggenrola that popped out of the ground. Since the initial rock slide, the Rhyhorn's continued disturbances had caused more Roggenrola to burrow out of the ground. The relatively small group of twenty had doubled, tripled, and quadrupled, until Trent lost count of how many little boulders were roaming the room. Most of them seemed to be upset with Leo's Rhyhorn disrupting their sleep, but they also seemed to be quite bashful, avoiding any contact with the Spikes Pokémon.

Well, except for one.

There was one Roggenrola in particular that dared approach the the Rhyhorn. It was a bit on the larger side when compared to the other Roggenrola. Every so often, it'd try and help Rocksteady excavate through the rock slide, but to no avail.

“Hey, you. Why aren't you trying to help us get outta here?” Leo inquired.

“I don't think Garu would be much help in this case,” Trent said, turning his back to the Roggenrola. “And my other Pokémon is in no shape to help right now. I got into a battle with someone earlier and lost.”

The large Roggenrola went back over to its Roggenrola friends and started...communicating with them? It was hard to tell if they were saying anything to each other at all, considering none of the Roggenrola made any vocal sounds.

“Y-Your other Pokémon? What species is it? If it's a rare Pokémon, you have to let me see it!” The Pokémaniac seemed to realize how excited he was getting and cleared his throat. “...After we get out of here, of course.”

Trent had been thinking of an easier way for them to get out of the cavern for a while. Rhyhorn's Tackle chipping away at it would take a while. Perhaps if they made enough noise... “Hey, what if we made a bunch of noise? Maybe someone might be able to hear us and come rescue us!” Trent wondered aloud.

“Don't be stupid, we're miles underground. That'd never work.” Leo paused for a moment, noticing how dazed Rocksteady looked from slamming itself into the fallen boulders for hours. “...It's better than nothing, though. We'll give it a try, I guess.”

“Alright! Let's do this right!” Trent turned to Garu who was still standing on his shoulder. “Garu, Growl as loud as you can!” Garu nodded and started fluttering in the air, using its highest pitched chirps. Leo commanded his Rhyhorn to roar as loudly as possible. And then the two trainers began shouting as loud as they could, yelling “HELP US!” and “WE'RE TRAPPED!” The Roggenrola collective just looked on.

And then someone—no, it was multiple someones—came crashing though the north end of the cavern. A herd of Rhyhorn charged directly towards Trent and Leo, towards the rock slide that they had been trying to get through for hours.

The two of them dove out of the way as the steady stream of racing Rhyhorn busted through the rock slide for them.

“Ever gone Rhyhorn riding?!” Trent shouted over the stampede of Rhyhorn.

“What?” Leo shouted back.

“I heard that in other regions, people ride on Rhyhorn for sport 'n stuff! So let's try it ourselves!” Without waiting for another response from Leo, he jumped onto the next Rhyhorn who passed him, Garu quickly landing back on his left shoulder.

The Rhyhorn ride had taken them back to the main tunnels, and soon Trent and Leo were near the exit. The two of them leaped off the Rhyhorn, though Trent plummeted to the ground as if gravity had intensified.

“Well, we made it,” Trent said, dusting himself off. “What a wild ride--”

“Shut it! Now I'm even farther from catching a Cubone than I was before!” Leo said, flying into a rage again.

“...Is that what the heck you're angry about after being trapped in some dark, dry cavern for hours?” Trent scratched his head. “Man, I thought you'd be glad that we got out. The Rhyhorn ride was pretty fun too. I'd say that this was better than catching that silly Cubone.”

Leo's face was scarlet from anger. “No it wasn't! Listen, next time we're going to have a real fight. You'll pay for scaring off that Cubone!” He stormed out of Rusturf Tunnel and into Verdanturf.

“Well, this wraps up nicely! Although, I feel like it wrapped up a little too nicely...” Trent started walking, but it was more like a stagger. Sometime between the Rhyhorn herd appearing and getting off of them his bag had grown several times more heavier. Oh well, he'd check it when he got to Verdanturf Town.

No. 448
Garchomp, the Mach Pokémon

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