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Game Over! WitchHunt - Endgame Page 27

Started by Superjolt June 22nd, 2017 9:02 PM
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Whoopsie. Forgot to say thank you for hosting such a brilliant game. I hope to see more like this in the future!


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Eh, I wanted to get mvp, but Johnny does deserve it more. If only the other court members were more active; at least in the court chat.
On a side note, I wasn't just skeptical on the court kills (except for the first). I outright opposed to killing both Abby and Bard and went for I don't remember who instead of Abby and SirDolan instead of Bard. Court trusted Johnny more for some reason tho. Or at least they just wanted to put a vote in and be done with it and it happened to be Johnny's choice and not mine idk.
I'd probably give it to both of you if I was allowed to choose more than one person tbh.

I think the others really did trust Johnny that much, I think Ras wouldn't have outed otherwise and Sparkin was town reading Johnny, at least until Day 5-ish (speaking of Day 5, I thought Sparkin was seriously going to go through with using a Court kill on Johnny lol, there actually isn't anything stopping the Court from killing their own members). You did actually vote to kill Abby N3 tho :P

Also, thanks everyone :)

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Muk, the Apprentice learned who they were preparing to sub for at the start? o o p s. Good thing Abby was already dead when I claimed Gravedigger lmfao
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