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Pokémon Pokemon: Escape from Lavender Tower

Started by olderpokemonfan May 29th, 2018 11:20 AM
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Posted November 1st, 2018
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About this olderpokemonfan:

Stories featuring mystery, crime, and secret organizations remain fascinating to me, so I tend to gravitate toward characters I feel could play that role. That said, my Pokemon fan fictions usually portray Team Rocket in a not quite villainous, more of an anti-hero, role, if they are my main characters. I also like to play with the groupings, by separating Jessie and James, letting Meowth wind up on Ash's team and battle WITH Pikachu, for a change, or forcing James and Brock to spend a chapter together, for instance. I also like to re-introduce more obscure characters from the anime and games as well as my own original characters, whatever moves the story along and creates an interesting plot. I try to avoid story lines that focus exclusively on Ash and crew, like the anime often does.

I've recently started playing hacks with Team Rocket as the protagonists, and I totally wish Nintendo would use some of those ideas. There's so much outside-of-the-box thinkers could do with the Pokemon world and story line.

I hope you enjoy it. It's been a while since I've actually written Pokemon fan fiction.

If you like the story or have comments or suggestions, send me a message (PM). Getting feedback encourages me to continue the story. If I don't get any requests to continue the story, I may just stop at these two chapters.
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Posted November 1st, 2018
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Warning: This story may contain graphic depictions of violence, depictions of death, allusions to creepy pastas, implied human / Pokemon romance, harassment of main characters, and other content not suitable for certain audiences. Continue reading only if you accept the warnings and wish to proceed.

Scroll down and push "Spoiler" if you wish to proceed.

____________________________________Escape from Lavender Tower______________________________
__________________________________Chapter One: Prepare for Trouble_________________________

Summary: Team Rocket's Jessie becomes an unwitting pawn in a plot to turn all of the inhabitants of Lavender Town--into ghosts.


It was an absolutely terrible day. It was as if the weather itself were taking vengeance upon the sky for some kind of terrible crime she committed. The rain was heavy, and the fog was so thick it looked like thick plumes of white smoke. Every so often, a loud burst of thunder could be heard in the distance. The fog was so thick outside that it had seeped through the windows of the upper floors, making it hard for people to see indoors as well. It was a very creepy and unusual sight, indeed.

On the top floor of the foggy Lavender Town Tower sat a young brown-haired boy of about eleven years old. His blue eyes were so wet with tears that he could hardly see. Beside him knelt a slightly younger girl, about ten. She was also wiping tears from her green eyes.

"I can't believe Pikachu died," Roger said with a sigh.

"Yeah, Pikachu was one of the best Pokemon we ever had," Ruby said.

Roger wiped a small tear from his eye and spoke, trying to keep his voice from cracking.

"I remember when we caught Viridian Forrest. It was so tiny and cute and yellow..."

"...and a great battler. It helped me win the Cerulean City badge. Misty didn't know what hit her!"

"...and at home, Pikachu was such a wonderful pet."

Roger wiped another tear from his eye and felt warm pressure on his shoulder.

Shadoes of two older figures, a man and woman, appeared in the fog.

"It's okay; we'll get you another one," Roger's dad said reassuringly.

"I..don't...know...if I even want another Pikachu!" Roger cried.

"Me, either! We weren't responsible enough with him. We let him die." Ruby agreed.

Ruby and Roger looked at their parents. Their mom and dad had them in a tight embrace. Tears were running down everyone's cheek.

Roger sniffed and wiped his eyes.

"Honey, why don't you go and get some fresh air before we go to see the memorial site?"

"I don't think Pikachu would have wanted you so sad."

"It was my fault that he...died, though."

"Stop blaming yourself. People die; Pokemon die; it's not your fault."

"It is our fault, though. You weren't there." Ruby volunteered.

"Ruby, go with your brother. Your dad and I will look for the guides who were supposed to lead us to the memorial stone."


"James, I can't believe you have us back in this spooky tower!" Jessie complained.

"Well, I figured if we were taking a break from chasing our usual twerps we could get a change of scenery."

"In a haunted house?" Jessie in an accusing tone.

"Tower, actually," James corrected.

"The last time we were in Lavender Town, we were almost made into ghosts! Why did I even let you talk me into this?"

"It's easier to steal pokeballs in the fog," James said.

"Indoor fog? Now, that's something you don't see every day," Jessie said.

Jessie walked a few more feet and felt a chill wash over her as the fog thickened.

"Ooh! Even without Meowth here we're making air-brained decisions!" Jessie huffed.

"I hope he's enjoying camp."

"Why did he decide to go to Pokemon camp, anyway?"

"I think he heard that Pikachu was going."

"You know, I never thought I would say this, but if we ever get transferred, I'm going to miss that little yellow rat," Jessie said.


Just then, Jessie and James were interrupted.

"What do you want?" Jessie demanded.

"Excuse me, but you are our guides. We can't see anything in this fog, and we were wondering where the tombstone of our children's beloved Pikachu is."

"Oh, of course, follow us," James volunteered cheerfully.

Jessie leaned over and whispered to James.

"Do you know where we are going?"

"I don't have a clue, but they don't know that. This is the plan, Jessie. We lead these poor Poke-fools in circles while picking off their Pokemon belts one-by-one."

"I like the way you think sometimes, James."

Jessie quickly started moving around the couple.


Ruby's mother felt herself bump into another person while she was trying to navigate the fog.

"Oh! Clumsy me!" Jessie apologized while she carefully loosened Ruby's poke-belt.

As they continued walking, Roger's dad felt someone brush against him and knock him on his back.

"Oh! Oopsie. May I help you up?" James asked.

"Yes, but please watch where you are going next time!"

James smiled as he discretely placed the poke-belt into a bag.

"Oh, of course! Not to worry."

Once Jessie and James were finished collecting the pokebelts, they led the kids' parents to a clearing.

" we...are," Jessie and James said in unison.

The fog cleared and the parents saw a tombstone in the distance.

'Oh, thank you," the parents said.

"Don't mention it,"

Just then, the parents looked around and noticed the empty void.

"Tom, I feel like something is missing."

"Where are our children?"

"Where are our guides?"


Jessie was using an escape rope to leave the tower and make a clean get-a-way. James was somehow already on the ground.

James giggled as he heard the parents calling for the guides.

Jessie made it to the bottom of the tower and sighed.

"Should we go back and help them?" Jessie asked.

"No! Team Rocket are supposed to be bad guys, Jessie! We can't stop and help every poor passerby with their problems, can we? We've got what we want!"

"Right. Right."

James pressed a remote control which summoned a get-a-way van. The van stopped in front of James who effortlessly tossed the two bags into the back of the van.

Jessie and James got into the van and started driving away.

"I can't believe we got away with it this time!"

"Clean get away! Were you expecting anything less from the illustrious Team Rocket?" James said.

"Well, I mean, you know, usually we..."

"We usually what?"

"I hate to say it, but you know that we fail miserably," Jessie said.

"Jessie, please don't Jinx us."


Suddenly, Team Rocket's get-a-way van came to a screeching halt.

"What's wrong?"

"A stupid Marowak's blocking the road!" Jessie said.

"Kill it." James said nonchalantly as he tossed Jessie a rocket launcher.

Jessie stood flabbergasted.

"Where did you? Are you out of your mind?"

"Hurry up, Jessie, I'm getting tired. I want to go back home."

"You really aren't acting like yourself today. You've been acting strange ever since we got to this spooky tower."

Ha! ha! ha! You have no idea how right your instincts are!

"James, did you...say something?"

"What's the matter, Jessie, where's your killer instinct?"

"I...don't kill Pokemon; it's against Team Rocket's code of conduct. I'm sure you would know that, James. You attended the same training I did! You were in my class!"

Team Rocket doesn't kill Pokemon? I guess you should have told that to the guys who slaughtered the Marowak, then?

"James, please stop doing that creepy voice!"

Scared, Jessie?

Suddenly, Jessie felt an icy chill run up her spine. This was beginning to feel like something straight out of a horror movie.

Don't turn around and look at James!

"Okay, I'm getting really tired of these game...."

Jessie turned around and immediately wished she hadn't.

"Ahhhgghh! James! James, what happened to you!"

Instead of turning to face her partner, Jessie turned to face what looked like an other-worldly mangled corpse with gray skin.

Jessie felt a mixture of fear, anger, and guilt.

"James! Speak to me!"

Just then, a spider crawled through the place were James' eyes were supposed to be.

"Boo!" The figure that looked like James shouted.

Jessie screamed and covered her eyes.

"Jessie, don't panic; it's just death."

Jessie felt a hand on her heart.

"Open your eyes."

She shuddered but forced herself to look. The sight made her feel sick. Standing before her was a transparent James, and his hand wasn't on her chest, it was IN her chest!

"Poor doll, don't want to give you a heart attack, do I?"

The figure smiled and Jessie felt pressure tighten around her chest.

While the figure spoke, Jessie noticed one of her Pokemon was out of its pokeball.


Without another word, the Pokemon used a special attack that caused the figure to disappear. Jessie hid behind her Pokemon.

The figure re-materialized in front of her.

"Hiding behind your Pokemon, so typical of a coward."

"What did you call me?" Jessie asked in a momentary burst of anger.

Jessie felt pressure pushing her toward a chair.

"Coward, c-o-w-a-r-d, and that word fits you to a T."

Jessie reached for another pokeball.

"Don't try to pick a fight, Jess, you'll lose, maybe more than the battle," the James doppleganger said in a dark tone.

The figure disappeared briefly.

"You're not James! What's going on?" Jessie shouted to an empty van.

The figure popped back up beside her.

"How perceptive of you! It only took your about three hours to figure this out! In that time, had I wanted to, I could have run this van off of the nearby cliff, drowned you in the frozen waters, or just let your drive yourself mad with fear."


Jessie spoke in stifled words as cold shivers of fear paralyzed her.

"Oh, you have every reason to be afraid, but imagine how the poor Cubone felt when it had to come back to the bloody and mangled corpse of its mother."

" Who are you?"

Jessie's inquiry was met by piercing self-righteous laughter.

"Oh, not who my dear, what?"

"Okay, what are you, then?"

Suddenly, Jessie felt the van shaking and moving. She looked out the window to see that it was several hundred feet in the air.

Just then, Mimikyu came out of its pokeball.

"Oh, you've decided to bring another ghost type to our party! I guess those are the only kinds a Rocket would be able to keep. Makes sense."

"Mimikyu!" Mimikyu shouted.

"Geist..." Jessie's Gorgheist let out a low growl. She had never seen it behave like this. It was like it was ready to maul the intruder impersonating James.

The figure let out a laugh.


"Gorgheist, gorg!"

"Oh, your Pokemon want to rescue you; how cute; I'm sure that's more than you would ever do for them," the figure said in a mocking tone.

The figure leaned over to Jessie and whispered menacingly.

"You know, they can't rescue you, but I will give them an "A" for effort. I tell you what, Rocket. Once I'm finished with you, I'll let your Pokemon go free."

Jessie moved to slam the figure into the ground, but her hand went right through him!

She stood up and growled.

"I don't know who or what you are, but you don't know who you're messing with. I'm a trained Team Rocket field agent."

The figure let out a menacing laugh.

"Is that a euphemism for murderer or coward? Trust me, you don't know what you're dealing with, either, but you will soon enough."

"Mimikyu, shadow ball attack!"

"Ghastly, dodge it!"

Jessie looked around with a confused look.

"You don't have any Pokemon out."

The figure laughed again.

"My dear, my dear...that's because, if you haven't figured it out already, I'm the Pokemon."

The room filled with a black haze.

"Don't blink, Jessica, dearest!"

Upon the suggestion, Jessie closed her eyes briefly. When she opened them, the haze was clear and a large menacing looking Ghastly appeared.

"Now, where was I? Oh yeah. Ghastly, dodge it and use lick attack!"

"Mimikyu, dodge it!"

The words came out of Jessie's mouth just in time for her to see Mimikyu fallen to the ground with paralysis.

"Go, Gorgheist!"

"Use solar beam!"

"Ghastly, use Confusion!"

Before Jessie's Pokemon could attack, her Pokemon was hit with a blast of pink blinking light.

"Gorgheist..." Jessie started.

"Hit yourself repeatedly until you faint!" Ghastly yelled.

Jessie watched in horror as her disoriented Pokemon did just that.

Gorgheist fained and Jessie knelt on the ground to call it back.

"Got anything else?" the Pokemon challenged.

Jessie stayed knelt on the ground and didn't say a word.

"Didn't think so. Ghastly, use Curse on Jessie!"

"Wait! What? You can't..."

"I usually don't, but for a Rocket murderer such as yourself, I think I'll make an exception."

The Pokemon gave an eerie toothy grin.

"Well, I guess this is the end," Jessie said.

"Oh, don't be so down. I've heard the afterlife is a wonderful place...if you're not a murderer, that is. Any last words?"

"Yeah, go Arbok!"

"A poison type against a ghost type? Very poor choice. If you insist, then. I'm sorry I have to do this to you, poor snake. You are much more noble opponent than your master."

"Charbok...charbok, bok, charbok (I'm only fighting you because she's making me; please go easy on me, okay?)"

"As you wish."

"Arbok, poison sting!"

"Ghastly, fly, dodge it, counter with Nightshade!"

"Charbok, bok (hey! you don't have to tell us everything you are going to do!)

"Just trying to be sporting, snake."

"Arbok, leer attack!"

"Ghastly, lick attack!"

"Arbok, poison sting!"

"You know, you really should have chosen a better Pokemon. Poison types aren't that effective against ghost types, you know."

"Arbok, bok, charrrbok (you do realize that I'm the only Pokemon she has left, right?)"

"Ghastly, ghast, ghastly (yes, just predator teasing the prey, sorry if you were offended.) How unfortunate."

"Ghastly, finish it off with a Curse attack!"


"Ghastly, time out."


"Okay, since this is maybe the last day of my life and all, what exactly is a curse attack? You're honestly the first Pokemon I've seen use it."

The figure let out an eerie laugh.

"Ever the inquisitive one, aren't you?"

"Charbok, bok, bok (it's like a poison attack; it'll make me lose energy until I faint.)

"It's a potentially fatal attack, but I don't really think you care."

" mean my Pokemon could...that would be..."

"Yes, you understand the word fatal, don't you?"

"Charbok? (Why are you lying to her?)"


Jessie lowered the pokeball.

Arbok looked at it in shock.

"Bok? Chaarbok? (Jessie, what are you doing? I'm trying to save your skin here.)"

"Arbok, return."

Jessie recalled Arbok in a flicker of red light energy and fell to her knees in front of her attacker.

"You win. Just let my Pokemon go free, and you can do whatever you want with me."

Jessie sat on the floor shivering in front of the Pokemon. The tears she was crying started making a small puddle.

The figure let out another menacing evil laugh and a dark shadow engulfed her.
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____________________________________Escape from Lavender Tower______________________________
_____________________________Chapter Two: Make it Doppel (as in Doppelganger)________________________________

Jessie shuddered, closed her eyes, and waited for the inevitable. Seconds passed.

"Ha! ha! What a plot twist! Jessie, you can open your eyes now."

Jessie felt herself pulled into an unwilling embrace.

There was pressure on her shoulder again. None of her Team Rocket training prepared her for such a sophisticated Pokemon attack. She really believed this was the end. She sat shivering, waiting for the inevitable. The floor was now covered in a pool of tears.


Jessie felt a finger tapping her shoulder.

"Just kill me and get it over with!" She shouted.

"Kill you? Why would I ever?"

"What is so funny you laughing ball of gas?"

She heard James' voice again.

"I hate to be cliche, but you passed the test. Open your eyes now. I promise I won't tell anyone at headquarters about that little crying spell if you do."

Jessie cautiously opened her eyes. Standing before her was an intact James.

"Why would I ever hurt my partner in crime?"

She quickly rushed to him and pinched him to see if he was solid.


"Why did you scare me like that?"

James gave her a wry smile and a condescending laugh.

"No, more importantly, HOW did you scare me like that?"

"Pokemon, Jessie, Pokemon. I'll explain later."

Jessie grabbed James' ear and pulled his head down.

"Ow! Hey!"

"No, explain now, or else! Do you know how scared I was? I need answers, James!"

"Don't you want us to reach our destination first?"

Jessie looked out the window to realize that the van was still floating.

"James, where did you learn how to do all of this?"

"It's all Pokemon, Jessie, not magic, I promise."

" are you getting them to obey you like this?"

"Something I learned during our latest retraining session; you didn't go. You said you had a doctor's appointment."

Jessie's thoughts were still racing. She pulled "James" closer to her again and whispered.

"What did you do to my partner?"

"I'm right her, Jessie."

"Nice try; I'm still worried that you're some kind of revenge-hungry Pokemon."

"Rah!" James growled at Jessie and grabbed her playfully.

Jessie flinched.

James laughed and pulled Jessie into an embrace.

"It's me; I promise."

James sighed.

"I guess it won't hurt to let you know what that was all about?"

Jessie looked at James and nodded. She kept a hand on a pokeball just in case. She still wasn't completely sure this was James.

"See, Jess, a group of Team Rocket agents, acting on their own accord, without word from headquarters, decided to harvest some Cubone skulls illegally. As you hopefully know, there is a humane way to get the Cubone to remove the skull without causing serious harm to the Pokemon, but apparently these barbarians didn't know that. Instead of simply removing the skulls, they killed the Cubone. It became a huge smuggling operation that attracted all forms of riffraff."

"What?" Jessie asked.

"It gets worse. A grown Marowak decided to defend a few of the Cubone...and..."

"They killed it because it got in the way?"

James nodded.

"That's not all. Killing the Marowak uncovered the whole Cubone skull smuggling operation and the dastardly deed was pinned on our organization. People have had reports of ghost Pokemon haunting Pokemon Tower ever since. Now, I'm not the superstitious type, but I am the opportunist, and I can see how others might use this scare tactic to their advantage, and I've heard that the Silph company is getting rich off of it."

"So...what are we supposed to do about it, James?"

"I was...thinking we might be able to take a break from stealing Pokemon and get to the bottom of this mystery. We could catch the real culprits and clear the name of the organization. That would be fun, wouldn't it, Jessie, darling?"

Just then, a fist came down on James' cheek.

"Ow! What was that for?"

"How about almost literally scaring me to death for starters?"

"It wasn't any worse than encounters with the real Pokemon that have taken up residence in Pokemon Tower."

"Besides, I still want to know how you did it. If we pulled something like that on the twerps, we'd be unstoppable, James."

"Of course, dearest Jessie, I'll answer your questions in time, in time, but does that mean you'll help me?"

"I'm in, if you can convince me that you're you, that is."

Jessie felt the van land with a thud.

James sighed.

"So, you want to learn the trick, eh?"

"Well, yeah..."


"Later. My Pokemon need to rest. I will explain it to you, though."

James sighed and pulled out a pokeball.

"This is the one Pokemon in my party that I used to pull off that whole scary trick, Jessie. It's a Ghastly I caught from the top of Lavender Tower while you were distracted. The fog provided a perfect distraction for me to hypnotize, not only the guests we were showing around so that stealing their Pokemon would be easier, but you, and, judging from those positively terrified reactions you gave me, you actually believed the whole thing! I had no idea that trick would work so well. I'm genuinely sorry I put you through that. I just needed to prove to myself that you weren't one of the desperate cretins who would stoop to killing Pokemon."

"I...don't know what to say..."

"Get some sleep, Jessie; we'll talk in the morning."

Jessie put her head down on her pillow and blushed. Seconds later, she felt embarrassed for congratulating James, shook off her intimidation and confronted him again. She pulled his head off of his pillow and screamed.

"You're lucky I don't kill YOU for that trick you pulled!"

James smiled and let out a nervous laugh.

"Night, Jessie."
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