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Old March 22nd, 2008 (7:32 AM). Edited March 25th, 2008 by Heart's Soul.
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EDITED- Please Check!

To make sure:

GAME NAME: X's World (as you can see)

MADE WITH: Engine 001

Intro: After your sister, Alisa, was violently kidnapped, you decide to find out where she is, but you can't ever find any luck on her current area. Then, you wake up, 1 week later, with people finding her in almost every place, but you feel strange. On the TV, it said that Alisa was seen last in Osaka City. Now you have to get there and save her... but are you too late?

"Alisa?" - X was looking around the house for her - "Alisa?"
X then looked at the TV, but it was off. He decided to look at the news, but immediately he heard a "Coming up on the TV..."
"Infan City, the lost person seen last in Osaka City."
It was followed by a Cherrios commercial, but when it returned...
"Alisa, the girl who was disappeared, was found stolen in a car in Osaka. They left for Route 2, but that was the only time somebody saw her."
X then turned the TV off and sighed
"Oh, Alisa, you were still so young... How could I have failed you?" - X thought and rose up. His adventure just started for his sister's safe return!
However, when he rose up...
"All right, what do you want with me?" - Alisa asked. The thugs looked at her and left. Alisa was left screaming, but it was no use. Nobody could hear her. No windows, a few air holes. Alisa was trapped...

New place
New evil team
People can follow you more than once.
New battling system (I think... you have to fight a snake in the game, but that's all I'll say)
New area
Actually hard quests.

What's up in my lab:
Not started- Doing - Done
What I'm on:
Player's House
Infan Shop
Infan City
Route I (scripting)
Friend's House
Osaka City
Osaka Home I
Osaka Home II
Osaka Shop
Thunder's 1st HQ
Route II
Route III

I will provide training if you want to help me.


March 23rd, 2008 - New areas have been revealed
March 24th, 2008 - Thread edited
March 25th, 2008 - Story finished.
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