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    The Kanto Trio


    "A Tapestry of Tales"

    Opening Act: The Wet Arrow

    The chatter of excited children fills the Palette as they rush to find their seats. But backstage, a brown-haired boy smiles as he watches the orderly chaos from the wings. Just like at the Fireside at home.

    "You're a master storyteller, Brock--and Misty and I love helping you bring these tales to life." a black haired boy agrees as he and an orange haired girl shoo a Pikachu, an Azurill, and a Happini backstage. "Remind me what props you need for this first tale, again?"

    "I need the bow and the arrows, and Misty needs the teal robe and the matching headband, Ash." Brock instructs his friend. Ash nods as he digs through a box of props for the items.

    The lights flashing the five minute warning gets Brock's attention as Ash delivers a oak bow and a half full quiver of arrows. "It's time--play the overture while Misty and I get into position."

    "Right!" Ash gives Misty her costume, then fishes out a silver tin whistle from his shirt pocket and begins playing a peaceful melody along with some strings, which echoes through the dark theater.

    When the song ends, the lights come up on Brock as he walks onstage, the bow and the quiver of arrows now on his back. "Once a warrior named Touta was traveling on the road." he begins as he heads for stage left. "As he approached the bridge, he spotted a Seviper that had taken up residence on the bridge." Some children laugh as Brock balks in feigned fear over am imagined Seviper. "In fact, no one could cross the bridge because they were afraid."

    He takes a few steps back as he continues. "Touta jumped over the Seviper easily..."

    With that, he makes a running jump over the imaginary Seviper as the lights go down, hiding Misty walking into position as he lands by stage left. "But when he looked behind him..." He turned around and sees Misty behind him. "he saw a girl in the Seviper's place." He gestures to Misty for effect

    "Please don't be afraid..." Misty assures Brock in character. "I am the guardian of the Gyarados that watches over the lake. The Seviper is just one of my many forms."

    "How may I be of service, lady of the water?" Brock asks Misty, now in character as Touta.

    "A great Scolipede has made its home in the nearby mountain, and all the burrowing is driving King Gyarados crazy." Misty explains. "We would be forever grateful if you drove it away."

    "You have my word I will not rest until your foe is slain." Brock assures Misty.

    The lights go down over a tense interlude, complete with a shuddering whistle note from Ash backstage. "Touta was taken to King Gyarados' palace, where he learned that the Scolipede would attack again that
    night." Brock narrates from a spot at stage right. "That night, when the Scolipede attacked, Touta saw that it was so large, it could go completely around the mountain seven times."

    Awed chatter and gasps race through the auditorium as a giant prop Scolipede appears in the "water" at stage left, making Brock look tiny by comparison. But Brock just calmly takes the bow, nocks an arrow, and fires at a target hidden on the prop's body. The crowd holds their breath as the arrow whistles towards the hidden target, but gasps when it falls to the floor with a thunk.

    "Try as Touta might to attack, his arrows kept bouncing off the Scolipede's skin." Brock sighs in frustration after three unsuccessful shots."Then, Touta got an idea, and moistens the tip of an arrow with some water from the lake." He pauses to douse the tip of his next arrow in some water. "After a quick prayer to Arceus, he fired the wet arrow...and it hit its mark, killing the Scolipede."

    With that, he proceeds to fire his own wet arrow. The crowd roars as the prop Scolipede sinks below the stage, where they see Brock hit the bullseye on the hidden target.

    After the triumphant interlude dies down, Brock concludes "King Gyarados was grateful for Touta saving him and the lake Pokemon, but wondered why Touta moistened the arrow. Touta replied that water moistens earth, and a Scolipede is a Pokemon of the earth. King Gyarados was pleased by that answer, and gave him some of the enchanted food from his storehouses that never ran out, so he always had something to eat on his journey. To this day, the story of how he defeated the Scolipede is told across the five regions."

    The children cheer and applaud at the story's end as the lights go down, buying the three friends time to prepare for their next tale....
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