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Arceus is not omnipotent/powerful Page 3

Started by Pokedigifan1178 March 24th, 2019 4:11 AM
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referring to this part of my comment which was the main point.

That was what I was talking about.
However, I can counter your time point by simply referring back to that he did two things that shows he superior to time.
He can create a time deity "Dialga" in the ruins there, so that alone implies something about time.
Confirmation would be that Sky thing I referenced earlier where he did a big fu** you to the results and had things that shouldn't exist....exist.
So he isn't simply a timelord or the like he is a reality distorter on all levels of the 4 dimensional plain while also having his own dimension accessible only by him. Again, I say you aren't taking his power level fully into account if you don't really know his ability to not just be time but above time.

I'm not saying he would defeat Galactus that's up for debate ~~Though Galactus has vulnerabilities and stuff that can weaken him as well as mannerisms that are rather bad for him to do~~, what I am saying is that he's stronger than you're giving him credit for, for one and for two saying he would lose to other more powerful beings doesn't take away from the fact he is the most powerful thing in the pokemon universe.

i do agree he might be the most powerful pokemon in the pokemon universe.

although is he stronger than the ultra beasts?

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i do agree he might be the most powerful pokemon in the pokemon universe.

although is he stronger than the ultra beasts?
I'd gather yes. Even if they are the ultra beasts that get usages of buffs, Arceus would still have his plate system to nullify any damage from moves as well as make his judgement whatever he wanted. Type Null was considered a "Ultra Beast Hunter" and in it's evolution form has abilities akin to arceus. So if Silvally is a creature that can do sort of what Arceus can and from that premise was to hunt down ultra beasts I'd daresay the original being that's more powerful the Sylvally and technically the creator of things in that world would be more than capbale of handling any Ultra Beast, even Necrozma.

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