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7th Gen Mimikyu

Started by HeroLinik October 2nd, 2018 8:02 AM
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To this day, he still can't beat Air Man...

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Category: Disguise Pokemon
Type: Ghost/Fairy
Ability: Disguise
Height: 0'08"/0.2m

HP: 55 | ATK: 90 | DEF: 80 | SPA: 55 | SPD: 105 | SPE: 96

Pokedex Entries
Sun: Its actual appearance is unknown. A scholar who saw what was under its rag was overwhelmed by terror and died from the shock.
Moon: A lonely Pokémon, it conceals its terrifying appearance beneath an old rag so it can get closer to people and other Pokémon.
Ultra Sun: Although it's a quiet, lonely Pokémon, if you try to look at what's under its rag, it will become agitated and resist violently.
Ultra Moon: A gust of wind revealed what hides under this Pokémon's rag to a passing Trainer, who went home and died painfully that very night.

Considering the season of spooks is upon us, what better way than to start things off with everyone's favourite lonely ghost? Meet Mimikyu, an adorable, cute Pokemon that desperately wants to be loved to the point where it dons a rag in the likeness of Pikachu. What makes it worse is the fact that it has always been kept away from humans, and anyone who dares peek underneath the rag is overcome with severe shock, which is not helped by the fact that Mimikyu will react violently to anyone who does this. These two things, combined, make what could pretty much be one of the most tragic characters in the franchise.

In battle, Mimikyu is no slouch. Despite what its stats suggest, it comes with a unique ability, Disguise. This allows Mimikyu to get off a free hit without being harmed, and this can be easily used to gain a free move, potentially putting the player at an advantage in battle. Mimikyu also has other good moves to pick from as well, such as Shadow Claw, Play Rough and the powerful Wood Hammer.

What are your thoughts on this adorable Pokemon? Have you used it to great effect? Has its backstory made you feel some pity? Is it one of your favourite Pokemon? Let the discussions flow!

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Low stats though?
My Mimi has been a powerhouse in my team on Moon.
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While I've never included a Mimikyu in my team (for some odd reason) I've always appreciated its general lore. :o

I wonder if we're ever going to know what's under its cloak.



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Mimikyu is one of my favorite Pokemon introduced in Alola. I think it is really unique... and somewhat cute?!


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ah, one of the most interesting pokemon of alola. its ability disguise is incredibly useful in battling. never got to use it on my team tho. my team was already full and I don't know where to find one. welp, maybe i'll use one when i feel like playing ultra sun


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I'm actually using one in my most recent playthrough of Ultra Sun. His name is Doodle, he's level 34, his nature is jolly, and he outspeeds almost everything. He knows shadow claw, psychic, shadow ball, and slash. Overall, he's pretty good and I like that he outspeeds most mons, and his disguise ability is lifesaving. All I need now is to have some recommendations for a held item for him. Any ideas?

Edit: Update on Doodle! He's now level 65, and he now knows Shadow Claw, Toxic, Play Rough, and Wood Hammer. He's holding a Mimikium Z and is my current ace in the hole since he's the highest level out everyone in my party.


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Mimikyu is indubitably one of the best Pokémon from Alola ~


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I'm not much a fan of this Pokemon, since I perceive it as a bit too one-dimensional & hyped for me to have a sort of resonance. Though, I can certainly appreciate it's "general lore" as already suggested & role in the battling scene.
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is a cutiepie
I'd like to breed a competitive one sometime! imagining it with clothes of different Pokémon is just too cute too <3 seriously, a Mimikyu in Whimsicott clothing? Eevee? aaaaa
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