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Recruiting Pokemon Enigma Recruitment

Started by Pokemon Enigma Dev October 6th, 2019 7:44 PM
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Pokémon Enigma Information

Welcome to the Gåde Region
Home to relics left by the Kings of the past that are
just waiting to be found!

Like many regions,
Gåde has it's own set of starters!

The Fire Starter Cindercoon

The Water Starter Dreaper

The Grass Starter Pineaver

New Pokémon
The game is planned to feature around 180 to 200 Fakemon with some old ones planning to get evolutions
There is also a new form of Pokémon known as Corrupted Forms which causes a Pokémon to go into a berserk like-like state,
but is also seen to attribute a boost in power.
It has also has been legalized for the use of Relic Pokémon,
which are Mechanized Pokémon made from the scraps of Relics created by the Old Kingdoms during the 3 Kingdoms War

The story fallows the 8 gym format with the Mc wanting to become the best, having worked themselves into a
Trainers Program to be given a starter and work as a assistant to the professor.
The Mc themselves live within a foster family after a unfortunate incident that lead to the death of their mother and disappearance of their father.
With the two foster parents being supportive, though your rival is your spoiled sibling whose the opposite gender of your character.
The main theme of the game is 'Moving On From The Past"

You Will Need Discord
Artists Will Need To Provide Examples Of Past Work
There is a 2 Month Absents Rule

What We Need
We Need Artists for Fakemon and Characters
We need Tile-set Artists
We'd also appreciate some composers on board
Then if possible, a coder that mainly deals with RPG Maker XP
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If you need Graphics I can help...
I am not an expert but I will surely give it a try
Thank you for your response :D

And it’s alright! I don’t mind as long as you give it your all! :3 Though could you please send your Discord via private message? I’d like a chance to talk with you via text of VC(whatever you are most comfortable with) along with share some more info I accidentally left out or couldn’t share. Along with then, if you want to, share some latest work so I could have a chance just to see and get a general idea of your work
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I could help with coming up with original moves and balancing levels/difficulty. I would need descriptions of the Fakemons at least to create moves that would make sense. Message me if you're interested in my ideas.

Here's a couple of my original moves:

895,TRANQUILIZE,Tranquilize,179,90,POISON,Physical,100,15,0,00,0,abef,The user injects foe with a sedative chemical. Foe falls asleep next turn.
891,LOVESLAP,Love Slap,17C,40,FAIRY,Physical,100,15,100,00,0,abe,"Gives the foe a passionate slap that leaves it in a daze. It also attracts opposite gendered Pokemon"
914,HYDROELECTRIC,Hydroelectric,182,95,WATER,Special,100,35,0,00,0,abefm,"A unique attack that mixes water and electricity to attack the target. This attack also does Electric-type damage."

I could code moves like those and even more creative ones
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Actually I am not at my home..
But I am interested
(I am using Mobile now) Sorry for late reply :D
You are good :D

Although the bad part about using the Pokémon Community website is that it doesn’t let you know when people reply- though when you get a chance. Set up a direct message and we can talk! •0•
Ontario, Canada
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Hey there! I'm an artist currently taking arts and design in college, and I am versed in a variety of different aspects of design. I've been thinking recently of making my own pokemon hack and have been researching, but I think it would be better to first join a project and work with a group. Although I'm no proclaimed expert on any of my fields, I think I am diverse enough to be of some help. I'd really like to be a part of this so please hit me up!
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