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"The Multiverse" and Roleplay Theatre

Started by Astronaut September 10th, 2016 10:46 AM
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space adventure

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We've got a new forum on PC! The Multiverse is where you can do world building to your hearts content. You can then craft stories for your world over in Fanfiction & Writing, showcase art based on it in Art & Design, or utilize the worlds in roleplays here in Roleplay Theatre.

What possibilities do you see for using this world building forum in conjunction with RPs here?


space adventure

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I'd really like to use Arcanum for a RP again (: But I think I've gotta shape it up quite a bit to make it enjoyable, from last time.


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Posted October 10th, 2019
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Well Jeimas is already one of the earliest and biggest regions in the Multiverse, and it's super fun to read about its history and extended world. I'd love to see something that started in the multiverse to get used in a RP here - it would have a lot more resources than other RPs, so both the players and the GM would be more comfortable writing for it.
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I am honestly barely resisting the urge to try and drag Nina in here to make her world into an RP. That looks like it'd be so interesting to explore.


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Posted May 17th, 2019
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Im interested in throwing my "mysterious poke island" in to see what kind of crazyiness ensues.

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