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FireRed Pokémon Water Blue (an improvement hack)

Started by Yungbossawott August 29th, 2019 2:56 PM
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Posted September 5th, 2019
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Pokemon Water Blue
by ybwott

Have you ever thought something like "Why did GameFreak make Pokemon Fire Red and Pokemon Leaf Green, but not Pokemon Water Blue? That's kinda weird..."? Well, I have, and in response I made this little improvement hack.

The story is exactly the same as Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green. However, if you have never played those games here it is anyway
You are a ten year old kid who is getting their first pokemon. Your goal is to "Catch 'Em All" and become the champion of the Indigo League, but to do that you will have to defeat all 8 gym leaders. Plus, you're not the only one with the Indigo League in mind; your childhood friend, who is now your rival, is trying to do the same thing. On your journey to becoming the champion, you will also come across some thieves named Team Rocket who you will need to take down. After you defeat the 8 gym leaders and Team Rocket, you can challenge the Indigo League. In the Indigo League, you will now have to defeat 4 trainers to become the reigon's champion. Have fun!

  • Spoiler:
    • Player allowed to run indoors
    • Lowercase pokemon names
    • The B2W2 repel system
    • Fastest text

  • New Title Screen and Protagonist Sprites
    • Title Screen:
    • Boy sprite intro:
    • Girl sprite intro:
    • Boy trainer card sprite:
    • Girl trainer card sprite:

  • New Encounter Spots (mild spoilers), Protagonist In-Battle Sprites, and Protagonist Overworld Sprites
    • Boy overworld sprite and Indigo Plateau grass:
    • Boy in-battle sprite and wild Bulbasaur:
    • Boy in-battle sprite and wild Charmander:
    • Boy in-battle sprite and wild Squirtle:
    • Girl in-battle sprite and wild Eevee:
    • Girl overworld sprite and S.S. Anne Truck grass:
    • Girl in-battle sprite and wild Mew:


  • Maybe add new sprites for all pokemon
  • Change Lt. Surge's gym puzzle (it's just not fun)
  • Add a Professor Oak fight
  • Leave suggestions for stuff to add!

Download Patch Here

If you see any bugs/glitches that you want to be fixed leave a comment!
(This is my first ROM hack ever, so I would love to hear the opinions of others)



Seen September 21st, 2019
Posted September 5th, 2019
7 posts
3 Years
Suggestions for stuff to add:
-Physical/special split
-A way to see your Pokemon's EV's and IV's
-Someone who sells EV lowering berries
Those are great ideas and I'll implement them when I have time. (I currently am in school , so I don't have as much time to work on the game as I did in the summer).
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How do you get to the mew truck ? You get Surf only after cut
So, unless there have been some major changes made (which it sounds like there haven't), the area with the truck becomes inaccessible once the ship leaves, which occurs once you enter the Harbor after obtaining HM01 (Cut) from the captain. The way I used to get to that truck in the original games was to get a Pokemon with Cut through a trade, skip HM01, and play the rest of the game until I got Surf, then go back to the ship and Surf to the truck. However, that does not seem like a logical strategy for a ROM hack.


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Firstly this is a cool idea and I like it, though I think the blue you chose for the male protagonist is really loud, I think you should choose a different shade of blue but that may just be me.
I hope to see the PSS added to this, as well as Lt. Surge's gym puzzle to be changed, seriously what was GameFreak thinking with that?!
Also, the ROM required is Fire Red 1.0 not 1.1 (with 1.1 it won't work) so you should specify the version needed 🙂
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