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Old October 12th, 2012 (2:11 PM).
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~~King Of Valla~~
    Join Date: Jan 2012
    Location: Valla aka Kitsune Kingdom
    Gender: Male
    Posts: 943
    Myself:Jay(Half my true name)

    Rival:Kaito(I like japanese names)

    Tepig: Pokabo(Japanese combination of its 3 forms names)
    Riolu:Anubis(For obvious reasons)
    Psyduck:MindF*ck(The idea came from the manga)
    Pidove:Valon(Remind me of wind for some reason)

    3DS:4871 4138 8216
    Friend Safari:Bug with Combee,Illumise and Heracross!
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    Biggest Scyther Fan
    Join Date: Jul 2010
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Sassy
    Posts: 701
    Me: Mansur (real name)
    Rival: Freddy (because why not)
    Psyduck: Gangnamstl (cause Psy)
    Riolu: Nasus (league of legends reference)
    Flaffy: Gold
    Pidove: Woody
    Servine: Slytheren
    Growlither: Sparky
    Ruby Solo Run (Blaziken)-Complete!
    Soul Silver Monotype Flying- COMPLETE
    Emerald Second City Challenge- COMPLETE
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      Join Date: Jan 2009
      Location: Southeast Asia
      Gender: Female
      Nature: Lonely
      Posts: 440
      Myself: Cassiel

      Rival: Skylar (uh, idk)

      - Oshawott: Raziel
      - Lucario: Gabriel
      - Flaaffy: Miriel
      - Growlithe: Uriel
      - Petilil: Ariel
      - Eevee: Ciel
      “Close to the Toyotomi’s left arm, Shima Sakon!
      Now, now, the bets have started!”


      currently playing: pokemon omega ruby
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      This sentence is a lie.
        Join Date: Aug 2009
        Location: Pride Rock
        Age: 26
        Gender: Male
        Posts: 359
        Me - Exodia (Well cause I obliterate in battle)
        Rival - Butt Bandit (idk why, it just came up)

        Lucario - Ryu (Cause it can use Hadouken like attacks)
        Sceptile - Reptar (It just came up)
        Hitmonchan - Shemale (Cause he has a skirt)
        Parasect - Teemo (Mushrooms)
        Crobat - CroBatMan (Cause well why not)
        Luxray - Leonidas (Get it?)
        Old October 12th, 2012 (3:36 PM).
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        Mahamagiha, my friends!
          Join Date: Oct 2012
          Location: Idaho
          Age: 19
          Gender: Female
          Nature: Jolly
          Posts: 41
          I named myself Brianna, of course, but...
          Rival-Devin. I named him after that because Devin is the name of one of my best friends. :)

          Serperior-Cadel, cuz it's a cute name for a cute pokemon.
          Lucario-Raok. It's just a random name I came up with.
          Arcanine-Dash. It's the first name that came into mind, so Dash she is.
          Swanna-Regina, after one of my favorite artists, Regina Spektor
          Zoroark is just Zoroark... It's N's, so I can't name it. But he's lovely anyways. <3
          Cinccino-Vato, after one of my bestest buddies on here, who is also coincidentally Vato. :P
          Old October 12th, 2012 (3:38 PM). Edited October 12th, 2012 by Demon..
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          Dovie'andi se tovya sagain
            Join Date: Sep 2011
            Gender: Male
            Posts: 270
            Nate and Hugh.

            I dont normally nickname my pokemon. Maybe ill go back and do that.

            edit- Flygon is now Valefor. Ampharos is Ixion. Umbreon is Diablo, and Arcanine is Flamestar.
            Old October 12th, 2012 (4:00 PM). Edited October 12th, 2012 by SnowpointQuincy.
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            Seeker of FRIEND CODES
              Join Date: Jul 2008
              Location: Texas
              Gender: Male
              Nature: Lonely
              Posts: 1,285
              My Name: Julius (Caesar) - I've been working with that script lately

              Rival Name: Beowulf - Dunno Why

              Female Emboar - Pig Mama BIG MAMA'S HOUSE (not that i like the movie, it was just an easy pun.)
              Old October 12th, 2012 (4:20 PM).
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              Join Date: Aug 2012
              Location: Weather Institute in Hoenn
              Age: 24
              Gender: Male
              Nature: Modest
              Posts: 20,923
              I used the default names. Was so ready to play didn't feel like naming anything too spectacular lol.
              I dont nickname my pokes.


              Old October 12th, 2012 (7:03 PM).
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              Lurking since 2008
              Join Date: May 2008
              Location: Melbourne, Australia.
              Age: 22
              Gender: Male
              Nature: Bashful
              Posts: 120
              Name: Ace (Because it sounds awesome)
              Rival: Hugh (Because i don't care and he isn't worthy of anything but a default name)
              Old October 12th, 2012 (9:56 PM).
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                Join Date: Apr 2011
                Location: Melbourne, Australia
                Age: 24
                Gender: Male
                Nature: Sassy
                Posts: 916
                Name: Norah - because.
                Rival: Hugh, because I like default rival names when they aren't colours.

                Aron: Interdum
                Riolu: Aurum
                Magnemite: Wheatley.
                All because I plan on switching them for my properly trained team after the 8th badge.
                Old October 12th, 2012 (10:07 PM).
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                Sun X
                  Join Date: Jun 2007
                  Location: Canada
                  Gender: Male
                  Nature: Jolly
                  Posts: 367
                  Name: Awaken
                  Rival: Hugh

                  Old October 12th, 2012 (10:12 PM).
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                  Where's mah shiny squeaky ball
                    Join Date: May 2009
                    Location: Lettin' da madness & da music get 2 me!
                    Gender: Male
                    Nature: Naughty
                    Posts: 375
                    Name - Kobe (Not after the basketball player, but after the city in japan: Kobe, Japan...Plus I thought that name fit his design, I dunno)

                    Rival - Meca (Actually, I named him after a character from Def Jam: Fight for NY! Meca's opening quote use to make me 'LOL' And how the rival wants to beat Team Plasma down so bad made me think it would fit...again, I dunno, man)

                    Pokemon - They don't have nicknames.
                    Paired with xxkaylabby
                    Like the Furrets in this picture...everything's true..that's why it's my signature.
                    Old October 13th, 2012 (2:49 AM).
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                    The cute team Aqua member
                      Join Date: Oct 2012
                      Location: Hoenn
                      Age: 19
                      Gender: Female
                      Nature: Naughty
                      Posts: 105
                      myself: Ashley
                      my Rival: just used his default name
                      my starter: Lee the oshawott
                      other pokemon on team: Victini( can't nickname events) Rija the Raticate and Shaun the Flaffy

                      they are first names I could think of.
                      Old October 13th, 2012 (2:55 AM).
                      Hikamaru Hikamaru is offline
                      Join Date: Mar 2011
                      Location: Australia
                      Age: 26
                      Gender: Female
                      Nature: Quirky
                      Posts: 50,252
                      Even though I don't have the games yet, I can still post what I'll name myself, my rival and my Pokemon.

                      Myself: Nichole (my real name!)

                      Rival: Hugh (I often use default names for rivals)

                      Pokemon: I don't give them nicknames.
                      Gone forever for personal reasons.
                      Visit my Tumblr page if you wish to contact me.

                      Old October 13th, 2012 (3:45 AM).
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                        Join Date: Jun 2010
                        Location: UK
                        Age: 29
                        Gender: Female
                        Nature: Rash
                        Posts: 458
                        I named my character in Black 2 Jeremy as always, and I'll be naming my character in White 2 Mei, since I'll be playing that through with the female character and I hate the name Rosa. I called my rival Tai, not really sure why. Probably would've suited my character better, since he is reminiscent of Tai from Digimon, but still.

                        I don't nickname my Pokémon.
                        Still young but no longer impressionable.

                        Old October 13th, 2012 (7:13 AM).
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                        Pokémon Aureolin
                        Join Date: Sep 2007
                        Location: Hoenn
                        Age: 23
                        Gender: Male
                        Nature: Timid
                        Posts: 2,288
                        I chose Jub for my name simply because I named my character my real name in Pokemon Black, and since I was intending to use the memory link with it I decided I'd be better off naming myself something different. Jub is just a shortening of Superjub, a name I used on a lot of forums/websites. :) As for my rival, I named him James since I always used to play Pokemon with my brother and I always name my rivals after him. :)

                        Just noticed that you asked what we named our Pokemon. xD Well, I only really nickname the Pokemon in my main team, and so far I have called my Samurott Otto, my Magneton Magneto, my Crobat Vladimir and my Lucario Rio. /sucksatgivingpokemongoodnicknamesbutdoesitanyway. xD
                        Old October 13th, 2012 (8:18 AM).
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                        Sabrewulf238 Sabrewulf238 is offline
                          Join Date: May 2008
                          Age: 27
                          Gender: Male
                          Nature: Jolly
                          Posts: 2,310
                          I usually play Male in the first games (because I'm male) and then I play as a female in the third version. (It's becoming tradition at this point)

                          I called my character Velma, partially as a tribute to Velma from Scooby Doo but I also like the name. I called my rival Thomas.....probably because I was watching Regular Show and they added a new character called Thomas and I liked the name.

                          I don't nickname my pokemon, it just bothers me too much.
                          Looking for X & Y friends, friend code is: 2964-8571-0102
                          Send me a pm if you add me.
                          Old October 13th, 2012 (12:49 PM). Edited October 13th, 2012 by Blue Emerald.
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                          Blue Emerald Blue Emerald is offline
                          One of life's great mysteries
                            Join Date: Aug 2012
                            Age: 28
                            Gender: Male
                            Nature: Naive
                            Posts: 82
                            I've got White 2, and I named my character Wyatt, because my character in White 1 is named Blake. ...You get it? =P

                            I kept my rival's name Hugh, because I really liked the little reference behind the name. I always was a fan of meaningful names. :)

                            And finally, I don't nickname my Pokemon because I think their original names are already great anyway.
                            Old October 13th, 2012 (12:53 PM).
                            Sheep's Avatar
                            Sheep Sheep is online now
                            Join Date: Oct 2006
                            Gender: Female
                            Nature: Timid
                            Posts: 24,780
                            Myself: Janna (my real name)
                            Rival: Hugh, because I like to use the official names!
                            My Pokemon: Nothing.. it's quicker for me to just not nickname them, haha. XD;

                            So yeah, I'm not very interesting.

                            pair family mal llsif bandori ffxiv art
                            sheep x bobandbill 5ever
                            Old October 13th, 2012 (1:00 PM).
                            Bounsweet's Avatar
                            Bounsweet Bounsweet is offline
                            Fruit Pokémon
                              Join Date: Oct 2007
                              Posts: 2,105
                              Player: Ashley
                              Rival: Oscar

                              Team is changing a lot, but based off food for the most part.
                              Right now, I've got these guys:

                              Sashimi the Dewott
                              Chipotle the Growlithe
                              Meringue the Jolteon
                              Hazelnut the Sawsbuck
                              Berry Cake the Grumpig
                              Limeade the Vibrava
                              Old October 13th, 2012 (5:52 PM).
                              Killjoy's Avatar
                              Killjoy Killjoy is offline
                              "He was a laser fish."
                                Join Date: Oct 2011
                                Location: Brandon, MB. Canada
                                Gender: Male
                                Nature: Quiet
                                Posts: 584
                                Me: Will, because I am Will

                                Rival: Kaidan. In honor of my buddy Kaidan from Mass Effect. I don't know why otherwise..

                                I didn't name my Pokemon on my first playthrough
                                Old October 13th, 2012 (5:55 PM).
                                Rivvon's Avatar
                                Rivvon Rivvon is offline
                                Join Date: Apr 2007
                                Location: USA
                                Age: 25
                                Gender: Female
                                Nature: Jolly
                                Posts: 2,449
                                Myself: Niki
                                Rival: Ralph
                                I always name my characters after myself. I feel it is more immersive that way.
                                I'll always name my rivals (if given the option to) after what I think they "look" like. While he does look like a Hugh, I also find he looks a lot like a Ralph. Thus his name.
                                I always give my Pokemon various nicknames, usually names on a whim.

                                Old October 13th, 2012 (6:15 PM).
                                Ace's Avatar
                                Ace Ace is offline
                                big nick
                                Join Date: Oct 2004
                                Location: New Jersey
                                Age: 26
                                Gender: Male
                                Posts: 17,453
                                I named myself Dominic, because that's what I always name myself.
                                I named my rival Niklaus, because I wanted Nick to be in there somewhere, and I wanted it to be the full amount of characters names can be.
                                I didn't name my Pokémon anything.
                                Old October 13th, 2012 (8:56 PM).
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                                60 60 is offline
                                  Join Date: Oct 2012
                                  Location: Cloud Nine
                                  Age: 24
                                  Gender: Female
                                  Nature: Sassy
                                  Posts: 266
                                  Named myself 60, named my rival 70. I'm like at the point where I'm so out of names that I'm using numbers. At least at didn't name myself as a single letter *cough*N*cough*. :P

                                  Oh and I don't nickname my Pokemon.
                                  Old October 13th, 2012 (9:23 PM).
                                  Bobbylicious Bobbylicious is offline
                                    Join Date: Mar 2012
                                    Location: Australia
                                    Age: 23
                                    Gender: Male
                                    Nature: Naughty
                                    Posts: 923
                                    I named myself Jake (IRL name)
                                    Rival Hugh (default name)
                                    and I don't nickname my Pokemon
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