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Art School Syllabus
your guide to a colorful and educational A&D experience

General Pokécommunity rules apply

Community wide rules apply. That means no porn or graphic images, no advertising and no linking to illegal/suspicious content. Common sense should guide your actions. If you need a refresher course, please read the global rules here.

• Reading A&D's rules wouldn't be a bad idea either!

This section is about learning!

• By posting in the Art School, you are agreeing that your first priority is to expand your artistic knowledge. This forum should be used for educational threads, tutorials, resources, questions, discussions pertaining to learning, and similar such content.

• If you want to post a gallery, shop, contest, or discussion about general art, do so in Art & Design.

As always, plagiarism will be punished

• Seriously. This is something we are only going to say once. If you suspect someone has committed plagiarism, please contact either Fairy, Nina, or any member of high staff immediately so we may handle it.

• If you are collecting a recourse for others to use or making a tutorial and the art was originally created by another artist (even if you edit it for your own purposes), you must credit the original artist. Otherwise, you're facing a content theft infraction.

• A Content Warning Infraction is a permanent infraction, meaning it does not leave your infraction profile.

Revival Rule - two months

• You may not post in threads that are over two months old.

Resource / Tutorial owners may revive their threads

• If you have made a resource or tutorial and would like to add to it, you are allowed to revive your thread. However, you may only revive it if you have content of substantial educational merit to include. This means, no "hey what do you guys think?" posts by owners. If the thread is beyond the two month revival rule, you need to add something meaningful.

Rules about Requesting

• You may posts requests asking for help with a certain piece. That's what we're here for! If you want help with anatomy, graphic design, or any facet of art; you're more than welcome to post it here. However, you may not post a request asking for an artist to make something for you.

• The only place you may post a request like that is in a designated [Shop].

Posting Etiquette

• Post your entire resource / tutorial here, do not link to a deviantArt or tumblr page. If your resource / tutorial includes a link to an external page however, that is okay. If you want to see an example, see the A&D Resource Thread.

Generic Posts

• Generic posts aren't allowed. Posts that do not contribute to the thread will be, more often than not, deleted. Nobody likes SPAM, right? If your post can by copied and pasted into another artist's thread without being changed, the post will be deleted. Be specific!

Image Advisement

• You may post any number of pictures in your galley. There is no image limit. Though, if you do post tons of images, you are advised to enclose them in spoiler tags.

• Enclose huge pics in spoiler tags. Images that exceed 1500 X 1500 pixels in resolutions have to be enclosed in spoiler tags. Mandatory.


• Critiques and comments are encouraged. However, any sort of disrespect, flaming, or general tomfoolery will not be tolerated. Don't test us.

Be nice; have fun!

• Arguably the most important rule. Be nice, be supportive, and have fun. This forum is dedicated to aiding you in your journey to become a more fulfilled artist, so stay positive and share the joy!

Using Prefixes

  • A resource can be something you created that will aid others artistically. For instance, if you've found/created a program that simulates lighting and shadows, that would be a resource. If you've compiled sprites for all of FR/LG, that would be a resource. If you're not sure whether or not your thread is best suited for the [Resource] or [Tutorial] prefix, contact a moderator.
  • A tutorial is defined as a period of instruction given by a professional(s). This means that the [Tutorial] prefix should be used exclusively when trying to explain how to do something in your thread. So, if you've created a thread about how to make brush patterns on Photoshop CS6, you use the [Tutorial] prefix. If deemed a high enough quality, the moderator will include your tutorial into the A&D Resource Thread.
Discussion / Question
  • If you have a question about art that is extensive, complicated, complex, or voluminous, post a discussion/question thread! These threads should be reserved for those who need information beyond that which the Quick Q&A Thread can offer, and may go into greater detail.

Special Thanks!

Thanks for reading and remember to have lots of fun in The Art School! Remember, this subforum is about you improving; so never be afraid to post and ask questions! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Fairy, Nina, or any member of hstaff for further assistance.

Special thanks so seeker for thread origin
Special thanks to Derozio for thread help
Special thanks to Achromatic &
shenanigans for the content-warning code

Moderator usernames are subject to change; current names: Fairy & Nina