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--Electronic Music Discussion Thread--

Started by Capt. Couch February 14th, 2009 1:01 PM
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Capt. Couch

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Electronic music includes genres and subgenres involved and grouped with techno, rave, trance, hardcore, terrorcore, electronica, ambience and gabber, eurobeat, acid, and house.

No bashing of the music. We don't have to like your music either.


So, electronic music... While I'm still a hardcore metal fan, I still like a lot of rave and trance. I have around 4.3GB of it on my HDD. It sets a pretty awe-inspiring atmosphere, especially when you listen to it with a bass booster/subwoofer. I guess that's why my blood gets pumping when I play laser tag at an arena.

Games like Unreal Tournament '99 were probably what got me into the genre early on, since everything was set like a laser tag game, just a lot deadlier. I can remember logging on to Newgrounds one day though, and being a new user, I decided to browse the audio portal. It was (and still is) predominantly occupied by electronic music, so I listened to a few songs, downloaded them, and everything went from there.

Has anybody heard of the Battlecats, though? I've only got one song (Niemand), and that seems to be the only one they've ever produced.

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I don't really know all the subgenres but I do like progressive trance and D 'N' B, I like a few artists that would be categorized as electronic, such as: Faithless, Daft Punk, Moby, Chicane, Deadmau5. There are so many one hit wonders aswell so I just buy the Ministry of Sound albums with all the hits that I like.


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Ah, finally a discussion about GOOD music :)

I've been into electronic music since.. before I can remember. What I think got me started on it though, was DDR. It wasn't the music from DDR I liked, but it was some of the stuff from StepMania that really got me started. Some of the stuff I heard was mindblowing.

At first, I'd hear a song from an artist I liked, got more from that artist, and then from similar artists.. That's what gave me such a well-rounded appreciation of electronic music in general. Anything from ambient, breakbeats, d'n'b, acid, house, trance, to obscure stuff like akiba pop, speedcore, etc. My favorite style right now would probably have to be Goa. My all-time favorite artists though, are probably DJ Sharpnel and Basshunter.
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