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I wish the Klonoa franchise could get a new game. I am a Klonoa fan and the latest game was released on Wii in 2008! Another game franchise that should get a new game, is Castlevania.

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Danganronpa series- I wasn't a big fan of the big reveal at the end of V3. But I still enjoyed the game. I feel like there is still more they could do with this series but might just be me.

Ace Attorney series- There hasn't been a new entry since Spirit of Justice for the 3DS. UNBELIEVABLY UNDERRATED.

.hack series- This series is SO MUCH BETTER than SAO it's not even close. Bandai Namco treats it like muk and keeps beating the SAO dead horse and is clearly an obsessed fangirl over it.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series- This is my favorite Pokemon spinoff series. Even if I do struggle with it immensely and hate it every time I play a new one lol. I think they could do something interesting where the player and partner are actually villains for once (like a part of an outlaw or a thieves guild) but eventually get captured and go through a redemption which eventually leads to the WORLD SAVE lol

Digimon series- I know it's come back already with Cyber Sleuth and Hacker's Memory. But... it's been... what? 2 years? Since Hacker's Memory came out? I know Survive is supposed to come out at some point but there's been no news and it makes me incredibly worried. Cyber Sleuth and Hacker's Memory were probably the BEST Digimon games I EVER played. Hacker's Memory even won my personal GOTY award in 2019. I just don't want this Digimon Comeback to end. It deserves love.

Last... but certainly not least...

Klonoa series- Yeah... um... this is just IMO obviously but this is the most UNDERRATED, UNDERESTIMATED, UNAPPRECIATED platformer series OF ALL TIME. Yet another franchise abandoned by the obsessed SAO fangirl that is Bandai Namco. What the hell ever happened with that trademark that appeared to be for a remaster?!

This is all I can think of right now but I might post again with more if I think of more
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-Megaman Battle Network: Only played #3, but loved it. Played starforce, but wasn't the biggest fan. Seemed like a watered down version of it...
-A better Spore sequel would be nice, even if I am a Christian now. It had a lot of potential.
-A proper pokemon stadium sequel.
-Kirby Air Ride 2

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A sequel to the Rockstar title "Bully". Long forgotten. The closest thing was a recent mobile port.


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Please give us a new Ace Attorney game for Switch. This would be so good!!
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Golden Sun. So we can finally get some closure on what they pulled off in Dark Dawn. And so we can have another Golden Sun game...
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I would love new Spyro game, since Crash got sequel recently.


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Give us Pikmin 4 you cowards!

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I would love new Spyro game, since Crash got sequel recently.
There are rumors that we're getting one. There was a tease for one in some sort of art book for Crash 4.

If you want more information...
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I would LOVE a followup to 2008's Castle Crashers, an amazing side-scrolling beat em up with great visuals + controls. It's been ported to nearly every platform at this point, most recently to the Switch, but a proper sequel would be very dope.
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*Walks up to mic*

Golden Sun - Reboot or Continuation
Klona - Reboot or Continuation *Beat's Namco with a baseball bat for focusing on lawsuits, anime *****'s, Pacman, and Publishing other titles*
Oni - Reboot, The type of combat and FPS element to this is too good to ignore.
Freedom Force - We have comicbook hero flicks from the MCU to the DCU and games around all of this, so why not this series as well get a revival? Since now we have other 'locations' acting as they are now.
Steambot Chronicles - New Title; the original game was about side-questing, that's all we do in Skyrim and Valheim. Just do the same with this I.P. except give the player's home's to built with their mech's. Looking at Atlus about this.
Vectorman - Reboot, Killer Sound Track, hard to beat.
Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom - Reboot, If anyone hasn't played this yet for it's charm; I recommend giving it at least 15 minutes before ignoring it.
Jade Empire - Reboot or Continuation, Kung-Fu RPG epic.
Fat Princess - Not the puzzle, not the looter-dungeon-crawler. Just the traditional top-down cartoon violence with the blood and cartoon gore capture the flag.
Tetrisphere - Reboot, this game is just a personal favorite and shouldn't be difficult to remake/republish in today's world.
Skies of Arcadia - Reboot or Continuation; Sky pirates, flying pirate ships, giant mechs to take down with those ships and a beautiful world with a mechanic to encourage players to explore it.
Metal Arms - Reboot or Continuation. Like Tetrisphere, a personal favorite I'd like to see remade or giving a new title too; shooter with rough language and multiplayer where you can hi-jack robot's.

Thank you.
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I would love to see a new Spectrobes game! I think that the series has so much potential with what games can do these days if someone can pry it from Disney's grubby hands; Pokemon meets space travel, what's not to love?!