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be as creative/funny as you'd like!
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No.04 Oochillyo
Relaxed Pokemon
Normal Fighting

HT 5'11''
WT 154.3 lbs

This Pokemon is often seen listening to various sounds of nature to relax and thoroughly enjoys going to the beach, when this Pokemon is occupied by a Trainer a passion for creating art and new sounds can occur and often the trainer places headphones on his or her Pokemon, it is believed listening to man made music boosts this Pokemon's fighting power though this aid is not allowed in Championship Tournaments ... yet, if this Pokemon is prevented from listening to its favorite songs for a long period of time it may become agitated.

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the dream world
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introspective pokemon

this pokemon is often seen in solitary, as it prefers to be by themselves than with others. however, there are moments that this pokemon chooses to socialize with others, but this has not been seen often. meditation is this pokemon's favourite thing to do as it continuously reflects on themselves for self-improvement.
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pokemon fan person

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pokemon fan person, a fairy/dragon type. it likes to look at pictures of the pokemon shaymin.

(shaymin is my favorite mythical)


memento mori

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Focused Pokemon
Nature: Brave
Type: Grass

A smile from this particular Pokemon will make a human heart melt. But be careful, once she pops an evil laugh after a broken promise, it's game over for you.
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dead man walking

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Virtual POKeMON
Type: Steel/Ghost

A mysterious POKeMON that appeared around online image boards. Its body moves through memes and image macros as it tries to break through to the real world. It was only discovered after UNOWN's radio waves were distorted by media communications.


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It is typically very friendly. When provoked or attacked by others, it will simply choose to flee rather than fight back. If you want to attract its attention, it's best to use small and cute pastel objects as bait. Loves to sleep.
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in the flowers
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Type: Fairy/Poison
Ability: Anticipation
Nature: Mild
Species: The Empath Pokemon

Pokédex Entry: This Pokémon, whom loves bringing joy and happiness to others through its compassion and creativity, often hurts itself in the process. Though it’s Fairy typing is what gives it the power to share good feelings and take negative feelings from others, its Poison typing turns those negative feelings into a sludge that poisons itself.

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Simply Dunsparce

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Simply Dunsparce

Type: Normal
Ability: Slow Start
Species: Absent-minded Pokemon

Pokédex Entry: This Pokemon drifts from thought to thought aimlessly, causing it to be forgetful, easily distracted, and, in the wrong circumstances, flat out negligent. One the rare occasion one of its thoughts stays inside its head, it is greatly influenced by it.
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Type: Poison/Fairy
Ability: Dazzling/Flame Body
Hidden Ability: Moody
Species: Cube Pokémon

Despite looking like an ice cube, this pokémon is hot to the touch because of the amount of lights it accumulates inside its core. Depending on how hot the day is, this pokémon's mood varies.

This pokémon can control the light it accumulates to use light refraction to stun predators and to present itself with different colors and aesthetics. Cubeth takes a lot of pride on the appearance it chooses.
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Type: Ice/Fairy
Ability: Ice Body
Hidden Ability: Ice Scales
Species: Returning Pokémon

Pokédex Entry: A solitary pokemon. Seldom seen outside of the cave it calls home. It is apparently quite generous to the kindhearted, while vicious against those who are morally bankrupt.
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