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Old September 3rd, 2018 (1:48 AM).
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    ...decided to make a run for it. However, you unexpectedly fell into a pitfall trap and became unconcious.

    You soon felt as if you were being taken away, possibly by your evil counterparts. Soon, it felt as if you lost your memory except for being a Pokemon trainer.

    A few hours later, you woke up in a room that was locked. You then looked at a mirror to realise you have been transformed into a Heracross: the evil counterparts must have been doing experiments on you. Thankfully, this was a good thing because you now had extra powers so you smashed the door with Brick break and...
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    Old September 4th, 2018 (11:24 PM).
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      ...see Cynthia's evil counterpart chasing your Lilligant up and down the corridor. Your Lilligant spots you and says 'Gant'. The dark Cynthia spots you and wonders how you got out. You and Lilligant go to run to the open door but Dark Cynthia produces a Shiny Haxorus to block your way.

      The Haxorus gives out a throaty roar. After a quick conversation with your Lilligant you pick her up, turn round, start to fly and ram into Dark Cynthia knocking her out of her high heels. You go through the door on the other side of the corridor and are worried where your wife os. Your Lilligant suggests...
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      Old 1 Day Ago (4:26 PM).
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      Leaving a trail mark so you won't roam in circles lost because this is the threshold of a labyrinth. You look behind your shoulder and see that the door you passed through is gone, it is as if it never existed. There is only a blank wall behind you. At the end of the corridor is the entrance of a maze of sorts filled with mirrors.

      Lilligant, stands behind you, shaking powder from her long, skirt-like leaves, creating a trail as you come to a crossroads in the maze. Do you turn to left, right or walk straight ahead?

      I got Haxorus on "What Dragon-Type Pokemon are you?"

      Name: Narcissus
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      ...walk straight ahead, only to find a strange Rayquaza blocking your path! Apparently, this Rayquaza can speak human language, and he is very adamant about selling you car insurance. O_o


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