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    NOTE: I'm also posting this on the website Neoseeker under the alias SpaceWalker (if you want proof, PM me on Neo and I will confirm it under that name). I am NOT stealing someone else's work.

    Anyway... Welcome to my fanfic about death, pain, survival and loss. Yes, it is quite depressing.

    This fanfic is much more graphic than your standard fare and will feature death and fairly graphic descriptions of injury. If you are the kind of person who is sickened by that sort of stuff, you should probably not read any further. Oh, and there will be intermittent swearing, so keep that in mind too.

    In the year 2018, a group of powerful Trainers and Pokemon, known as the United Pokemon Syndicate (UPS for short) led a highly synchronised attack on the various leagues across multiple regions, and overwhelmed the gym leaders, elite four and champions, in an event known as The Shift. Three years later, the UPS now controls all known Pokemon activity and has little tolerance for those that defy its laws. The UPS by and large is in complete control of the masses and limits new Pokemon trainers to those deemed worthy of joining the UPS. However, there are some who resist, Human and Pokemon alike, who are willing to fight for the freedom they believe in.

    And in a far away place, powerful forces are moving, willing to do whatever it takes to bring an end to the conflict that has continued.

    Things are about to get messy...

    UPS Ranks:
    The UPS ranks their trainers based on their skill and accomplishment, and in a ranking system similar to an army, a higher ranking warrior can command his or her lessers. The ranks are (in order from highest to lowest):
    Commander [Cmd.] - The leaders of the UPS share this rank. There are five Commanders, who vote among themselves when making major decisions regarding the UPS. The Commanders are all very skilled Pokemon Masters.
    Slayer [Sr.] - Slayers take their orders directly from a Commander, and lead the charges in all major operations. They were previously known as Platinum Warriors, but they themselves changed the rank to Slayer to instill fear in the opposition.
    Gold / Silver / Bronze Warrior (G.W., etc.) - In order from higher to lower rank, these are trainers who have won major / moderate / minor tournaments and have proven themselves in field operations and large scale battles.
    UPS Grunt [Gt.] - Basic low-level Pokemon trainers, usually limited in skill and large in number. Generally used for security or distraction, or to maintain order in towns and cities.

    (This section will be filled out further as more characters are introduced.)

    G.W. Matthew "Mordecai" Eriksson
    - Age: 27 (24 in the Prelude).
    - 5 feet 9 inches tall, dark brown moderately long scraggly hair, green eyes. Fairly muscular and quite fit, but not particularly strong.
    - Notable Pokemon: Galvantula, Volcarona, Hydreigon, Blaziken, Gengar.
    A trainer who started his journey in Unova and a highly respected battler in the UPS, he holds the rank of Gold Warrior and has taken the nickname Mordecai. While urban legends about him are widespread, few know his real identity. He was promoted to Gold Warrior after single-handedly defeating Drake of the Elite Four. He fights in the UPS because he believes that having all regions united under one banner is the best way forward. Despite being widely feared as a merciless warrior, neither he nor his Pokemon have ever taken another life, unlike many of their colleagues, but he is steadfast in his loyalty to the UPS. However, his beliefs are about to be tested to their limits...

    Sr. Kelly White
    - Age: 35 (32 in prelude)
    - 5 feet 7 inches tall, shoulder-length straight blonde hair, dark grey-black eyes. Very agile and an excellent hand-to-hand combatant. Carries a katana with her at all times.
    - Notable Pokemon: Swampert, Flygon, Rampardos, Tyranitar.
    Mordecai's direct senior, and previously the leader of the operation that took down Steven Stone. She is a rock- and ground-type specialist and originally from the Hoenn region. While admired for her beauty, her eyes are said to give off the impression of a soulless woman, and her actions do little to alleviate this. A stone-cold killer, she became notorious for her ruthlessness even among the ranks of the UPS after being witnessed decapitating an unruly young Chimchar for disobeying her orders. Bloodthirsty and power-crazy, she holds no remorse for her actions, a fact which has only made the anger of those distant forces more intense than ever...

    6:30 pm, 7th August, 2018

    The scorching heat was unbearable. Matthew brushed his hair from his eyes and tried to focus, but it was no use. The flames dazzled in a staggering array of oranges and yellows, and yet more pyrotechnics were hurtling towards him as he sprinted in a zigzag pattern, trying to dodge the fireballs streaking through the air from the vicious faux-dragon circling above him. He looks up as a blueish-white streak soared past him, missing him by inches and colliding with a large rock, which did little more than slow down the culprit enough for Matthew to realise what it was - a rather large and impressive-looking Skarmory.

    "Dammit!" the warrior screamed, outflanked by the two flying Pokemon. I'd hoped to get to Drake without having to use my Pokemon... he thought. I'll need them as healthy as possible... "Take them down, Galvantula! Thunder!"

    He threw out a Pokeball as he said it, revealing the yellow Bug Pokemon. Galvantula instantly responded with a surge of electricity, blasting it skyward towards the Charizard faster than the airborne reptile could possibly dodge it. Charizard seemed to glow with energy as its entire body was fried by lightning, burning its scales and revealing crumpled, blotted blackened flesh across the lines and contours of its body where the current had powered through its body. It fell out of the sky almost instantly and hit a sharp rock on the ground with a dull thud, its skull cracking on impact and leaving blood to slowly pool on the ground next to its head.

    By the time Charizard had hit the ground, Skarmory had began preparing another Brave Bird, but Galvantula already had the flying fortress in its sights. Your loyalty to the League is admirable, thought Matthew, but without a strong trainer, you can't hope to defend your beliefs. Less than a quarter-second after Skarmory began dashing forwards, it too was blasted by the massive surge of energy, its steel typing allowing the electricity to rip through its body twice as fast as the previous victim. The bird impacted with the ground at half the speed of sound due to the momentum of its attack, causing one of its steel wing plates to snap off. Blood spurted from the ripped flesh underneath, leaving a horrific tear in its wing and the avian tank quietly shivering in pain in the small elongated crater it had formed, its more heavily-armoured head denying it the joy of unconsciousness.

    As the anonymous young trainer of the flying types - presumably an apprentice of Matthew's target - rushed to their aid from his hiding place, Matthew returned Galvantula to its Pokeball and began running at a more measured pace, knowing his target was less than two miles away and wishing to conserve his energy for the battle ahead...

    Prelude - Part 2
    7:13 pm, 7th August, 2018

    The ageing but ever fierce dragon master stared intently across the chasm, his calloused hands displaying the experience and intent of someone who had been in many tough situations and beaten them all. As his dark eyes stared distantly toward the rocky outcroppings dusting the wasteland in front of him, the sight of a very small, bright yellowish light caught his eye. He showed no emotional response, but simply tilted his head towards the left and allowed the blast of electricity to surge past his head, missing by mere millimetres.

    Seconds later, the culprit and its trainer were clearly visible, rushing toward him as though possessed. Drake focused on the moment, spinning around and flicking his wrist in a fluid motion to release his most powerful Pokemon, Salamence, from its ball to take down the threat. The red beam gave way to a whitish glow, followed almost immediately by the appearance of the renowned dragon type.
    Time to take our revenge, the venerable master thought, as he studied the electrified bug Pokemon rushing toward him and calculated the optimum time to attack.

    "Draco Meteor!" Drake roared suddenly, his powerful voice splitting the deafening silence and causing the massive dragon type to glow yellowish, storing up all of its energy for one crippling blow. What neither he nor his Salamence could have foreseen was the sudden appearance of a ghost Pokemon, "phasing in" from its usual ethereal way into a true physical being. As Salamence opened its mouth to fire the energy blast skyward, Gengar shimmered into visible form and fired a faint, pinkish energy beam into its eyes, immediately rendering it asleep and, to ensure that considerable damage was done, fired a Shadow Ball instantaneously downward into the opponent's body, sending it plummeting at an accelerated rate and spinning towards the ground.

    Drake, stunned by the unexpected and all-too-early downing of his strongest partner, barely had time to move as the gigantic dragon fell out of the sky, and leapt to the side just in time to feel a rush of air as Salamence's wing whipped past him. The dragon landed on its wing first, immediately snapping the tendons in the lower portion of the wing and lacerating the wide skin flaps between the various wing segments. In that second, blood spurted from every angle as the skin separated from itself, the blood vessels opening like a torn hose pipe and escaping through the slits created by the crushing and stretching of the wing's skin in the impact.

    The impact with the ground less than a fifth of a second later awoke the beast, but unable to fly it was nowhere near at the strength, speed or agility it needed to be to effectively carry on the battle, and was in considerable pain. Drake was experienced and wise enough to know that continuing the battle would only lead to a more horrific injury and unnecessary pain for his beloved Pokemon, and as the mysterious young trainer finally arrived he bowed his head in defeat.

    Matthew simply looked over Drake's shoulder to the Salamence that had so easily been outmanoeuvred with a sense of disappointment. His anticipation of a Pokemon Master had been a combatant that anticipated such sneak attacks and tricks and planned out any counter-attacks for such strategies. Yet again, nothing but a hollow victory faced him.
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      Prelude Part 3:
      9:22 pm, 7th August, 2018

      Matthew looked over the wasteland before him while the now-unconscious Drake lay on the ground. The burning ruins of the Hoenn League HQ were laid waste by the onslaught and the counter-attacks of those within. The ambient orange glow of the setting sun on the western horizon made the whole spectacle seem almost dreamlike, as if he would awaken and find himself safe in his room rather than viewing the change of an era.

      The whole world will wake up in a new world, he thought with a small smile, which quickly faded as his phone rang with an ill-timed blast of Stereophonics. It was his officer-in-charge of the attack, Sr. Kelly White.

      "Yes ma'am?" He said, trying not to grimace.
      "The attack on the Champion's room has been a complete success. Did you complete your task, Eriksson?"
      "Of course - Drake went down almost without a fight. I guess that's the entire League defeated then?"
      "Hoenn is ours, Eriksson." White sounded particularly malicious as she said those words, giving off a feeling of bloodlust almost unmatched among the ranks of the UPS. Matthew knew that at least one of Steven Stone's Pokemon would have been killed for her to be so happy, and she probably saw to that herself. "I'll report back to the commanders with the good news, and I expect a full report at 1100 hours sharp. Good work Eriksson." And with that she hung up, leaving Matthew to silently view the last remnants of the battle in the dying light of the evening.


      At the same time that Steven Stone had been defeated, a simultaneous attack had been launched on all known Leagues...

      Gastrodon could never have seen the attack coming. It jumped up and backwards to fire another mud bomb at the oncoming Kabutops, but never had the chance to finish it. A flash of green later, it happened. Gastrodon's belly opened like a scissors cutting paper, the sneak-attack Leaf Blade from an unseen Sceptile shredding its soft stomach like a knife through hot butter. Blood spurted out at a frightening pace, leaving a red mist hanging in the air. Before Gastrodon had even landed on the floor, its ripped stomach had begun to slip out of its open belly, leaving a disgusting sight that would hang in the minds of everyone in the room for quite some time. Even for this brutal war, it was horrific.

      The sea slug collapsed onto the ground after what seemed like an eternity, a soft squelch the only noise in the room. Sceptile stood up, turned and faced Gastrodon's trainer, warm red liquid dripping from its arms in a striking contrast. Cynthia collapsed and screamed in emotional agony. One of her longest friends had been killed, something that was beyond comprehension for the champion of Sinnoh.

      "Take her!" came a commanding voice from the shadows, and the Kabutops' trainer - an anonymous UPS Silver Warrior - obeyed, putting a plastic tie around Cynthia's wrists and leading her away, sobbing uncontrollably as the reality of the day started to sink in. As the UPS officers exited, the room shut its lights off and closed its doors for the last time, the mangled Gastrodon and its not-quite-internal organs the last remnant of a fading era of peace.
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