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Discussion [general question] "Fly" HM as Item?

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Old July 2nd, 2017 (10:29 AM).
DimShades DimShades is offline
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    Not sure if this is the right category; could be scripting question. But lets move on.

    So for my fangame I want to make I was wondering, I would put HMs as Key Items - and I already know how to do the basics of that ("Cut" is now a "Saw" key item but i havent figured out the rest yet - but I'm not worried about that yet). What I am worrying about is this: What sort of substitute "Key Item" could "Fly" work as, and how? The placeholder I have now is something I'd call an "Unlimited Boarding Pass", which implies that the player uses a small private jet to get around the region, but I'm not sure.

    What else could work?
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    Old July 2nd, 2017 (12:05 PM).
    komaoto's Avatar
    komaoto komaoto is offline
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      Teleport machine/Power? It's hard to came up with a substitute for Fly that can make sense. The teleport idea would be more like "I know this place(checkpoints/city) pretty well so I can teleport back to them" considering the players to be exploring cities more than routes.
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      Old July 2nd, 2017 (1:25 PM).
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        Fast Travel, maybe?
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        Old July 2nd, 2017 (1:44 PM).
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        MachoPony MachoPony is offline
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          there was one game i remember playing that did this too, mightve been zeta/omicron. and it used a jet pack or something, though that mightve been for waterfall climbing. but a jetpack or helipack should work
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          Old July 3rd, 2017 (7:39 AM).
          megaman d's Avatar
          megaman d megaman d is offline
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            something like that glider from zelda? that would be cool and something that a kid could actually use (link did)
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            Old July 8th, 2017 (9:17 AM).
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              How about a Poké Ride call for a Charizard/Pidgeot? You can do the same thing for Surf and even the others HMs.
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              Old July 15th, 2017 (7:36 PM).
              Alexherobrine45's Avatar
              Alexherobrine45 Alexherobrine45 is offline
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                Originally Posted by FL View Post
                How about a Poké Ride call for a Charizard/Pidgeot? You can do the same thing for Surf and even the others HMs.
                Literally what Gen 7 did sounds cool, but if that doesn't work, just go with the whimsical and do somethimg like Hermes's Boots. This item should only really matter if you otherwise don't have access to HMs, such as Zeta/Omicron and Insurgence's Solorun mode, anyway, so be as hilarious as you want! Zeta/Omicron literally give the player a freakin' Stargate for one of its HMs. You know, the giant ring thing used to teleport between planets using a six or seven-chevron code? That thing. The player carries a Stargate around from exiting the Escape Route cave to the end of the game/ending the Solorun. So who cares?
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                Old August 9th, 2017 (1:04 AM).
                icanonlyhasgbagames icanonlyhasgbagames is offline
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                  I also agree with just using Gen 7 method of Poke Ride. Since that seems to be the most logical, lore wise. And it sticks to the original games as a bonus. If that can't work, I'm going to say that replacing HMs with key items is the more important part rather than what they are called or how they work. And from what you said, it looks like you're already doing a marvelous job!
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