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Old June 2nd, 2017 (1:32 AM).
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    Hello. Unfortunately, Platinum's move tutors are different than HGSS's as a result i do not yet know how to modify them.

    Now as for HGSS, its a little complicated but I will bring you step by step with the instructions on how to modify the moves and BP cost.

    Ok to begin you will need the following tools:

    A hex editor, I recommend "HxD hex editor"

    Ok so first you want to open your Rom in CrystalTile2, then press Ctrl+N to bring up the file system.


    You want to navigate the list and find "FSI.CT/overlay9_0001.bin". Right-click on it and hit Extract(U) and save it somewhere.


    Now you want to open that extracted file in a hex editor and navigate to offset x23AE0 or simply search the hex string "23 01 28 00"


    Now the build up of this hex string is as follows:

    23 01 is the move. By swapping the the bytes around we get 0123 and converting that from Hex to Decimal, we get "291" which is the move "Dive".

    For a list of moves and their numbers head here

    The byte "28" is the BP cost which is converted to decimal is 40. So its 40 BP. Changin it to "00" will of course, make the move free!


    The the byte "00" is the tutor of who teaches the move. There are only 3 tutors so you only want to set that byte to either "00" or "01" or "02"

    Offset x23BB0 (1D 00 00 03) is the last entry and this is for the Headbutt tutor. So every 4 bytes between x23AE0 and x23BB0 are the make up of the move the represent. Simple remember:

    First 2 bytes > "move"
    3rd byte > "cost"
    4th byte > "tutor"

    Now the only thing is, the learn tables will be unchanged so if you change say, "Dive" to "Fireblast" then any pokemon that could learn Dive before can now learn Fire blast. As of the time of writing this guide, I do not know how to change the learn tables so please, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

    Special thanks to "HiroTDK" for helping make this guide.

    No credit is necessary :pink_love:
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    Old December 19th, 2017 (9:35 AM).
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      Thank you for this tutorial. You think that also the special HG/SS items that cannot be held (like apricorn balls and other 2 balls) could be in similar files?
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