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Posted January 30th, 2023
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Awesome. I've always wanted to do DS-ROM hacking instead of GBA, but it was always too hard, because of the lack of tools.

This just opens up the door to a world of possibilities!

Thanks for this. 😄
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Posted April 6th, 2021
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Nice tool! I just wanted to know something, first I am very new to ROM hacking and my knowledge is extremely limited. Sooo, when I try to add a tile I found (.PNG extension) it doesn't load. Are you supposed to use a 3D model since I am bad at modeling and Blender, the only 3D modeling software I am okay with isn't working on my computer. If there is ever a way to make tiles in an easier way can someone please let me know? Thanks a ton!
No, you have to use 3D models
But don't worry you don't have to model them yourself!
If you want to use models already present in the game, you can 'rip' them using Blender
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Posted April 6th, 2021
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Blender works on a different device I have but I can't find a way to get the .obj files of the maps
I made a tutorial a little while back to rip 3d models
You can check it out here
Blender is the most recommended one
But other 3d modelling software also work!


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Posted April 11th, 2021
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Just saw this just scrolling around, but even if it's a year late at this point, this is really opening the doors to new types of ROM Hacks.
You're doing a bang up job. I'm definitely gonna fiddle with this in my free time. Can't wait to see where it takes things!
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Posted September 30th, 2021
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Hi! I'm probably extra late on this, but I do wanna report something I haven't been able to fix.
The background image option seems to be somewhat bugged (at least from what I can tell), because for some reason the image is overlayed twice, one on the grid itself (which is what I want), but another on the overal map view, causing a very distracting view. Some examples
<(This ones especially noticable because Im fully zomed out, and the background image is too, but also, theres the same image ontop at normal size)

I only want this to fit with the grid itself, that way I can have the actual map ontop and work from there. If anyone knows how to fix this it'd be greatly appreciated because this is making me batty LOL
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Posted January 27th, 2022
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Hey, I love the idea, as I recently have been thinking of creating my own pokemon game, but I have a little problem in that I have a macbook, which doesn't seem to support this platform. I installed it anyways, and it told me I needed Java, which I downloaded, but I still am unable to make it work. Is this platform usable in a mac? And if not, would you be able to recommend a platform that is usable on mac?
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Posted May 18th, 2022
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I'm trying to import custom models for tiles and it's giving me an error saying that the texture it's supposed to be using does not exist in the folder of the OBJ file, even though it does. What could be causing this?

Edit: Never mind, blender for some reason puts an extra space before the file path in the .mtl file. Removing it solved the issue.
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Could you somehow pass me BW Assets? I know there are tutorials to get the assets, but hey, I don't think I'll use new ones, more than the original ones and make my own maps with the existing resources.

(Because I'm still very new to blender and creating hackrooms)

(The same if someone else sees this message that can help me unu)