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Old June 17th, 2015 (7:13 PM).
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Well, you know the ones in A-map already. I might add those here but here are the unknown ones better described. (Some are just general descriptions because they serve no purpose).

01 - used with a lot of tiles of secret base map 25.19 in tileset 32 - 37
08 - used as a wild battle tile for caves. No animation.
09 - associated with the bottom part of the tall wild grass. Has no animation. Has no purpose.
0A - prevents running. used for lavaridge town people buried in sand. Also used in Fortree City on the bridges and platforms.
0B - used with tiles in abandoned ship
0C - used with the top center piece of mountains ... yeah, not important at all. no use.
0E - teleport warp sound ... no teleport warp. used in mossdeep city warp
0F - locks player, hides player, plays falling sound, then warps you as you fall from the sky and land on ground. Used inside the abandoned ship.
11 - activates surf sprite and music
12 - same as 11. associated with the underwater submarine tiles.
13 - waterfall fall ... cant move until you hit a tile that doesnt have 13 or is blocked in movement.
14 - same as 10 (reflection in water with water drops following). Used with Dive. Most notably with Sootopolis City.
15 - jump with either bike will splash water
19 - no water trail, water splash with acro bike jump only. used with holes in abandoned ship
1A - reflection only, no water trail or acro bike splash
1B - lasting water on feet, arrow up to warp combo
24 - used with ash wild grass ... step on this tile and it dusts the grass and changes the block from $20A to $212 of Tileset 7.
26 - ice in sootopolis city gym. step on it and this tile turned into the next tile which is cracked.
27 - cracked tile. step on this and it will turn into a hole in the sootopolis city gym and youll warp
29 - lavaridge gym warp ... shoots you high in the air like a rocket and you warp out and plop to the right of the warp tile
2B - shows reflection on water tiles. Used under see through wooden bridge.
3E - used with corner ledge jump .. has no real use
3F - used with corner ledge jump .. has no real use
50 - Hero SURFS right (grass); runs right (Water)
51 - Hero SURFS left (grass); runs left (water)
52 - Hero SURFS up, dude! (grass); runs up (water)
53 - Hero SURFS down (grass); runs down (water)
66 - warps to last warp, hides sprite, plays falling sound, then you fall into the next warp
67 - teleport sound while standing still, teleport down onto the new warp. used in abandoned ship.
68 - fall through sand hole, fall down onto new warp
6D - arrow down (specific for water tiles), on grass puts you on surf and arrows down
6E - person exits upwards ... needs to be used on the NEW warp tile
6F - on grass tiles, puts the player on surf. on water tile, no reflection or lasting water but shows acro bike splash
70 - teleport warp upwards but doesnt show you teleport warp down on new warp
72 - used for wooden bridges in Route 120. Used to allow the player to go from movement 10 to movement 3C without movement 0's help. Also allows the player to see the reflection in the water.
73 - same as 72
7D - same as 72 but for rocks
74 - lasting water at feet, cant use bike or run
75 - lasting water at feet, cant use bike or run
76 - same as 75
77 - same as 75
78 - used with the bridges in Fortree City. Used to help, instead of movement 0, to allow the player to go from movement 10 to movement 3C as see in the bridge area here:
7F - used on Route 110 here: It is used specifically for movements going from surf to land with another height of tiles above it.
80 - used for the tables in the PokeCenter Wireless area. Really no function to them.
83 - pressing A boots up the pokemon PC ... does a flash of blocks 004 and 005 leaving 004 behind when you leave the PC
84 - pressing A shows the players battle results Wins Losses Draws menu
85 - pressing A displays a message "Player took a closer look at the Hoenn region map" and then shows the world map
86 - pressing A displays a chance for either Mom or Dad "might like this program ..... better get going!" then setmaptiles all the tiles like the tile with 86 as the byte to tile block $002 and changes the movement to be blocked, then no longer does the pressing A
87 - pressing A shows "Would you like to place a Pokeblock on the Pokeblock Feeder? Y/N and if yes .. brings up the pokeblock case
89 - associated with the slots machines of tileset 48
8A - associated with the blackjack table of tileset 48.
8B - pressing A displays a message "The door is closed". used in Sootopolis City.
8C - pressing A shows a display "The door is locked. ...On closer inspection, this is written on it: "Write the secret code here.""
8D - exit out of cave warp (must use on new warp tile)
8F - pressing A shows a text " There is a questionnaire. Would you like to fill it out?" Y/N if yes then takes you to the Questionnaire screen
91 - if at any point you walk UP, makes warp sound and fades out but youre stuck in blackness
92 - used with secret base for the mountain. Says "There is an indent in the wall."
93 - used with secret base for the mountain. Shows after the base in the mountain has been established
95 - same as 91
96 - used with secret base tree. associated with block $026. says "If some vines drop down, this tree can be climbed."
97 - used with secret base tree. associated with block $036. says same as 96, but if your base is established, itll have the vine dropped down.
99 - same as 91
9B - you guessed it... same as 91
9C - used with secret base tree. associated with block $027. says "If some vines drop down, this tree can be climbed."
9D - used with secret base tree. associated with block $037. says same as 96, but if your base is established, itll have the vine dropped down.
A0 - walking possible, so is riding bikes. This byte is wrong in Amap
B0 - pressing A boots up the decoration PC
B1 - pressing A boots up the Register/Registry/Info PC
B2 - associated with the rock in secret base tileset 32 - 37
B3 - same as B2
B4 - associated with the corner tiles of rug decorations seen here in tileset 32 - 37:
B5 - associated with the center corner tiles of rug decorations seen here in tileset 32 - 37:
B7 - associated with the top tile of the rock mountain inside secret cave tileset 32 - 37 block $202
B8 - associated with balloon ornaments of secret base tileset 32 - 37
B9 - associated with Stand ornament in tileset 32 - 37
BA - sprinkly steps animation like diving animation. used with Glitter Mat decoration.
BB - hero jumps twice, doesn't activate script tile
BC - hero twirls a few times then steps back the way he came
BD - associated with the note mats of decorations. Should play a sound when stepped on.
BF - associated with the bottom part of the Sand Ornament decoration of tileset 32 - 37
C2 - associated with the big crack in the secret base tileset 32 - 37. Getting Solid Board from the Lilycove special sale will allow you to place them down and pass over the hole.
C3 - associated with the center tiles of rug mat decorations seen here in tileset 32 - 37:
C4 - associated with the Silver / Gold Shield awards in tileset 32 - 37
C6 - associated with the bottom part of the Glass Ornament decoration / bottom of tire object / bottom of plant decorations of tileset 32 - 37
C7 - associated with the poster decorations of tileset 32 - 37
D2 - okay this one is a rough one. It's used in the Sky Pillar (most notably in map 24.82) and the way it works is kind of like a script tile ... you step on it, it setmaptile's to $237 on tileset 12 and carries out a level script found on 24.82 at this offset: 0x2A8337. It's a very strange byte and I'm still trying to figure it out. There needs to be at least a level script for whatever map you want to use this with that has "copyvar 0x4022 0x1" in it on a "On entering map/not on menu close [03]" and this really is to prevent the level script of the event occurring from just occurring on entrance to the map. This allows it to occur only on the tile. For the tile itself, it's based off of the byte and the level script at 0x239696. Without that level script, you will be able to walk on the tile without falling through. The only thing you need from 0x239696 though is "cmda6 0x7" command and a "warp5" command. You just choose which map it warps to but the position you can't change. It WILL go to the same spot you fell from on the original map. If you fall on X position $23 and Y position $5 ... you better believe on whatever map you warp to it'll be on that exact position as well. If the new map is smaller, you'll just get trapped outside the map at the position you started from. X23Y5. Take what you want from it, it is USEABLE at this level but really only for multiple maps of the same layout like a tower. This shows you the tiles I'm talking about and them in action (to a smaller map):
D3 - solid block
D5 - solid block
E0 - pressing A says "Theres a set of Pokemon picture books"
E1 - pressing A says "Its filled with all sorts of books."
E2 - pressing A says "Pokemon magazines! Pokemon PAL... Pokemon Handbook ... Adorable Pokemon ..." from the PokeCenter.
E3 - pressing A says "This vase looks expensive... Peered inside... But, it was empty." Pots from Slateport City.
E4 - pressing A says "It's empty"
E5 - pressing A says "The shelves brim with all sorts of Pokemon merchandise"
E6 - pressing A says "A blueprint of some sort? It's too complicated!"
E7 - pressing A brings up PLAYER's Battle Results Win/Lose/Draw
E8 - pressing A says "It appears to be undergoing adjustments..."
E9 - pressing A says "0 min. 0.00sec"
EA - pressing A says "The door is closed"
F1 - on grass, puts you on surf. on water, no reflection but shows acro bike splash
F2 - same as F1
F3 - same as F1
F7 - same as F1
FB - same as F1
FC - same as F1
FF - same as F1
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