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Slightly awkward introduction aside, I was never super hyped about Sun/Moon, but I ended up deciding last minute to get Sun on release day, because I might as well get it in case I'd actually like it.

Well, I wasn't really interested. I made it to like the third island, and then I just put it down and stopped playing it for several months. Eventually I deleted my save file and restarted from the beginning, deciding that I'd make myself finish the game at least, because if I got the game I should probably at least finish it.

Well, it wasn't bad. The main story, at least. I thought it was probably the best in a Pokémon game so far, but that didn't really change my overall opinion on the game. There was too much that I didn't like, so I stuck to Gen. VI and had no plans to get any more future Pokémon games after that.

I kept all my Pokémon back on Omega Ruby, because I knew I'd regret transferring them and being unable to send them back. There wasn't any post-game content for me to be interested in and they'd just all be stuck there. Sun was going to just sit there collecting dust, not even completed, as I stopped playing it after I beat the Elite Four.

Until now.

I've been talking with someone about the games, and they've successfully changed my mind on most of the things I didn't like about Sun/Moon. I still don't really like Z-Moves, but I can more or less just ignore them.

I have started a new save file today, and with a newfound appreciation of it I will be going through it in its entirety, including all post-game content.

—Meet the crew—

To make the game that much more fun to me, I took the time to breed a few Pokémon on my previous save file to send over to my new file so I could go through the game with a team of my favourites, without being limited to whatever might be on Alola.

This is Fiona. She is fairly gentle and knows how to keep her cool, but she's no pushover. Push her too much, and you'll get on her bad side. You don't want to be on her bad side. She is highly curious and loves discovering new things.

Here's Thunder, fast as lightning. She is somewhat of a troublemaker and loves to play tricks on others. Let her go unsupervised for too long, and you may find that she's already off somewhere she shouldn't be.

Quite shy, she doesn't easily show her feelings around others, always appearing neutral. This is Aurora. Once she warms up to you (no pun intended), you may find that she's actually quite the jokester.

You see this adorable little bugger? His name is Midnight. As impatient as impatient can be, he'll constantly run ahead of you if you let him. Thunder and him get along very well; they are both troublemakers and you'll often find them together being up to no good.

Hoot hoot, here comes Terokk, the newest member of the team. Proud and determined, he does not easily accept defeat.

Last but definitely not least, Shadow. He is fairly witty and easily goes undetected. He has quite the attitude, but if he likes you, you can count on him.

With that out of the way, let's get right into it.

—Entry #1—

I was going to wait until I got up before starting, but I couldn't sleep last night, so I got up in the middle of the night to start the game early. I wanted to start on the 21st because well, I don't know, the number 21 just looks so much cleaner and better than most other days of the month.

I'm a bit obsessed about dates and times in my Pokémon games and having a start date that looks "weird" bothers me. October 21st 2017 looked cooler than October 20th 2017. (Don't judge me! :c)

At first I wanted to reset a few times until I got an ID number that looked cool, but when I remembered that you can't see your ID number until like half an hour into the cutsce— I mean, game, where it finally lets you pick your starter, I decided to just go with whatever I got. In the end I got 917637 which I think looks pretty cool, so that's good.

I did a little bit of SRing on Rowlet to get a nature that would suit the personality I had thought up for him (the other 5 have the same thing going on, and I even included some of their Characteristics in it.) It took me like ~20-25 minutes or so, and in the end I rolled Adamant, with 31 IV in Attack on top of it. I'll take it.

He looks like a big, fluffy, pixelated balloon.

At this point, I saved the game and transferred everything I had over to Sun. Yes, this includes all my shinies and legendaries that have been staying in OR up until now. And the five eggs for the remainder of my party, of course.

I really like how they did the intro in this game, honestly. Not entirely sure how to describe it, but it ensures the beginning of the story remains consistent with how the game designers intended it before handing control over to the player to play at their own pace. The main character arrives at Alola during day time, with Iki Town Festival being scheduled in the evening of the next day. It gives the world a little bit of life with events happening at specific times, instead of "everything happens whenever the player happens to be there."

Anyway, I digress.

Kukui brought me back home after the festival, and Lillie came to visit me the next day. Kukui gave me the Rotom Dex but he forgot to actually put the Rotom in it, apparently. Or something like that. So now I had to go to his place so he could fix that.

Conveniently enough, he's my neighbor.

Don't worry, mom. I'm only gonna be spending it on hair extensions and a $158,000 hat.

I like the Rotom Dex. He just sounds so enthusiastic about everything in his comments about everything while being completely unobtrusive. He's so loveable.
I just wish he was more... useful. The dex takes up the whole bottom screen and all it does it show a map. It could at least have had some Pokétch-like features. :/ I regret the PokéNav.

Either way, after that was done I went to the Pokémon Center to take out the eggs and start hacthing them. It's always such a pain to hatch eggs at the beginning of the game like that; there is never a good stretch of road to get steps on, and you don't have any kind of faster transport other than holding down B and running in circles.

I didn't even know my character could dance like that.

It probably took me another 15-20 minutes and everybody hatched (canonically, they came with me to Alola, but transferring them over as eggs was the only way to get them to be the way I wanted them to be.)

I had the Pokérus that I transferred over from my previous save file, also. Yes, I can't find shinies apparently, yet I easily find Pokérus at 1/21,845 chance, from a wild Pokémon before I had even left Melemele.

I wanted to get everyone to Lv. 10 before I continued, but first I wanted to catch a Rattata so I could give it Pokérus and leave it in the PC (then I can keep only Pokémon from my current file.) I had Fiona at the front of the party at that point, still Lv. 1, against a Lv. 6 Rattata. I didn't bother trying to weaken the Rattata, I just threw a Poké Ball right away. It succeeded, and it gave Fiona enough exp for her to go from Lv. 1 all the way to 4-with-only-a-few-exp-left-to-5.

I used the swap-out method to get some exp on everyone while they were Lv. 1, and for the most part they all got to Lv. 5 in one wild battle, at which point they were able to hold their own against the wild Pokémon around there so I just levelled there until everyone was Lv. 10.

Then I got to the Trainer School to actually continue progressing through the game, and they give me the Exp. Share. I forgot you got it right there at the beginning. I could have saved so much time while doing the initial levelling, lol.

Anyway, I beat everyone at the Trainer School and they had no choice but to acknowledge me as their new master. Even the teachers there didn't stand a chance.

Why does trainer school exist, anyway? We just complete the course within an hour. They might as well just send pamphlets to every house and everyone can do the reading overnight and be set on everything they need to know.

I went to Hau'oli afterwards. Hau is just happy all the time about everything, without a care in the world, and all he thinks about whenever we get to a new area is eating. That's somewhat charming in its own way.
Lillie, though. If she only seems to care about buying new clothes every time we get to a new city, why does she always wear the same clothes all the time?
I guess maybe she just likes collecting clothes, which I can't necessarily argue against.

Either way, they all just ran off on their own and I had to explore on my own. There was this guy who karate chopped part of a brick wall off and his arm wasn't even scratched. He just casually mentions having karate chopped the wall because he saw something moving over there, like it was nothing.

This region has some really weird folk living there, seriously.

These puns are killing me.
I really can't disagree with that.

This city didn't even have any good clothes for me to buy right now, so I'll be stuck with the default apparel for a bit. At least I can actually get some good-looking hair to replace the default hair.
The hairdresser used an electric razor to extend my hair, GTA-style. I have no idea how they do it, but it works.

After I was done carefully looking through every nook and cranny so I didn't miss any items, I went to join Ilima at the docks. This is where Team Skull shows up, but just like every single other villain team grunts before them they aren't exactly a threat.

I actually really like Team Skull, but the reasons for it don't become apparent until much later in the game. I'll elaborate more on that in the future.

Either way, we beat them, and then I had to beat Ilima. It was easy considering I had a full team of 6 Pokémon Lv. 10+. I don't think the game expects you to have that yet at that point in the game.

After that, Tauros decided I was worthy of entering Route 2, so that's where I went. Not like I have anywhere else to go at this point, either way.
I beat every trainer on the route (assume that I do this on every route, actually.)

There was a Delibird in the middle of the road who wanted me to come help at the Berry Field. Fun fact, Delibird actually move around by floating, instead of walking.

Of course, since those two Team Skull grunts didn't stand a chance against Ilima and I, they went to bother someone else instead, who wasn't intimidated nor impressed by them at all. Aren't they just the butt of the joke every time? You'd think they were Luigi.

Here's another reason to like them as a villain group.

Anyway, for some reason even though there are two of them, I only need to beat one and the other doesn't even bother trying to stop me. At least they are smart enough to realize they stand no chance, unlike the villain groups from past games.

To reward me for preventing Team Skull for taking his berries, the Berry Field owner watched me take all of them without complaining, and he even gave me extra. I guess he didn't care all that much about those berries after all.

I made my way over to the next Pokémon Center in the middle of the road, conveniently placed right in front of the cavern where Ilima's trial is. Hau refered to it as the "PMC" and I couldn't help but to think "who the heck refers to Pokémon Centers as 'PMC'?"

Healed my Pokémon, and went to talk to Ilima in front of the cavern. The trial is really simple, I just have to beat three Yungoos and then a bigger and badder one at the little clearing in the back.

It's funny, because the same two Team Skull grunts show up trying to disrupt my trial, but really they only end up helping me corner the last Yungoos who wouldn't have come out otherwise.
Wasn't Ilima standing at the entrance...? Why did he just let them in?

The Totem Gumshoos was actually somewhat of a threat, to an extent. It really wasn't a problem for a team of 6, but I couldn't faint it with just Fiona. They lowered her stats too much, and her health was getting really low, so I had to send Thunder in as backup. They went down easily enough from there, though, and I picked up the Normal Z-Crystal.

Ilima came in and congratulated me, then healed my team and told me to follow him outside. When I did, he showed me his captain powers. Captains have the power to make some guy hold his hand against barricades to make them disappear, it looks like. I can't say it looks too exciting but hey, I'm sure a power like that can come in handy at times.

From there, Kukui told me that Lillie, once more, did what she does best, and wandered off somewhere and got lost. She went into a meadow because Nebby ran away.
Tell me why she doesn't just use a Pokéball again? That would solve so many of her problems at once.

I had to go get Nebby back for her, because she can't go on her own. She has shown that she can use repels to walk through grass, so I'm not sure why she couldn't just do that here. I don't really mind, either way. Kukui thanked me for finding her (because I'm sure he was looking SO hard for her, standing in front of the bridge like that without moving.)

Conveniently enough, Route 3 loops back into Route 1, which is where I need to go since Hala's waiting for me at Iki Town.

I was hoping Fiona could handle Hala on her own with Play Rough, but unfortunately his Mankey Karate Chopped me after my first attack. I don't know what it is with Alola residents karate chopping everything but they should really stop that.

I figured I might as well just let Terokk deal with it all. Their Fighting-type moves did barely anything to him thanks to his Flying type, and he just pecked them down one by one. Did a real good job at it, and he even evolved afterwards. 17 is a really odd level for a starter to evolve at (punintended.)

Admitting defeat, Hala handed me the Fighting Z-Crystal.

He then gave me the Ride Pager along with a special suit to wear for safety whenever I ride a Pokémon, and he let me take Tauros with me whenever I go. I can just call them with the pager and they'll generally come no matter where they are, just like Epona.

With that being said, I have completed everything there was for me to do on Melemele. I was told the ferry was now available to bring me to Akala where I can continue my island challenge. But first, I did a quick trip around the island with Tauros to visit any areas that were blocked by rocks, except for Ten Carat Hill, because I can't fully explore that area yet. I might as well save some time and do everything there in one go later.

I am leaving it off there for today. Tomorrow I'll be taking my first steps on Akala Island.

Quick summary:

- Fiona (Poochyena): Lv. 17
- Thunder (Growlithe): Lv. 14
- Aurora (Vulpix-A): Lv. 14
- Midnight (Rockruff): Lv. 15
- Terokk (Dartrix): Lv. 17
- Shadow (Zorua): Lv. 16

Pokédex: 10 Owned, 40 Seen.
Time played: 6 hours 31 minutes.
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I LOVE this entry so far! Good on you to give SM another chance. :o Hopefully going through it another round would help you like the games more, too!

Sometimes I feel like I'm in the minority that really likes SM from the start. I was a huge sucker for games like Pokemon Colosseum and XD back in the day, so a handheld game that has graphics that are vastly superior to even those is mindblowing too me.

Looking forward to more entries!

Also, did you purposely use Pokeball icons, cause idk what Pokemon you actually chose. D: Maybe I'm just being briefly airheaded or something...

I'll be chasing waterfalls tonight

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Oops, thanks for telling me. Turns out if the albums are set to Private then others can't see the images even if I direct link them.

Looks like PC album images just don't show up for non-logged-in users, but I guess setting the album to Public may have worked to let other logged-in users see the images. That's a bit annoying since I wanted everything to be visible to everyone, bleh.

Should be good now and for every future post.
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—Entry #2—

Kukui was waiting for me at the harbor, along with Hau and Lillie. I hope they didn't mind that I took forever getting from Iki Town back to Hau'oli.

He had his own boat, it looks like. With it, he took us over to Akala Island. I'm not sure why we couldn't just take the official Alolan ferry. Lillie thought the boat was going to sink and we were going to die, but nobody was taking her seriously.

Once we arrived at Heahea City, I followed Lillie to the apparel shop because I actually wanted to buy some clothes there. It turned out her main interest this time was actually to visit the ruins, and not the shops. She went ahead on her own to the hotel while I did my shopping. I bought a Polka-Dot Ruffled Tank and a Flower-Print Flared Skirt.

I went on my way towards the hotel, where Dexio and Sina were waiting. I was asked for a battle, after which Fiona evolved into Mightyena.
My life is complete now. I have a Mightyena, I couldn't possibly need anything else.

It was actually a pretty close battle, to be honest. Slowpoke was nothing, but despite Espeon being Psychic-type, its Quick Attack was doing a lot of damage while I needed to use Crunch at least 3-4 times before it went down. I guess this is Fiona's defense-lowering nature showing its flaws, but I don't care, she's perfect as she is.

I think it would have been really cool if they gave Dexio and Sina the X/Y trainer battle theme, honestly. Instead of using the default Sun/Moon trainer battle theme. I mean, they aren't just random regular trainers. Special trainers often have their own unique battle theme, and since they come from Kalos it'd be neat if the Kalos trainer battle theme played while battling them.

Either way, after the battle, they gave me the Zygarde cube. They should probably think about getting their eyes checked, because that thing is definitely not a cube. I wasn't going to refuse it based on semantics, though, so I just took it.

I'm going to do my best to ignore the Zygarde cells while I play the game, so I can go back after beating the league and get them all in one go. If I pick up too many of them then online guides become annoying to follow because I wouldn't remember which cells I've already picked and which ones I haven't. :p

The two went on their way, and I went towards Route 4. Pretty uneventful route overall, but I liked the cook trainer who just walks around outside with a ladle. It's pretty silly. He just stands there in battle holding up a ladle like he actually needs it there or something.

The route led to the Hidden Village, which has since been rebuilt by Pokémon Trainers after Link drove the Bulblins away. Hau was waiting for me, eager to battle and show off his new Z-Ring.
I'm afraid this town ain't big enough for the two of us, Hau. I don't recall him using any Z-Moves during the battle, because each of his team members were KOed in one hit.

Hau being Hau, he was having fun regardless. He wanted me to tell him how I come up with these battle strategies, but a good Pokémon Trainer never reveals her secrets. He ran off towards the ranch and I made a pit stop at the Pokémon Center before following.

At the ranch, I was given access to Stoutland through the Ride Pager. He's a good boy. I found a bunch of items around the ranch that I guess people dropped while they were visiting.

I should be getting paid for this.

Further on ahead was the Pokémon Nursery, the owner of which had found an egg and entrusted it to me. I let Tauros run into walls for like 10 minutes before the egg hatched into an Eevee. I don't think I'll ever be using it, but I like collecting gift Pokémon that NPCs give you, just for the heck of it.

There were Sudowoodo blocking the way towards Route 6, but I didn't have a Squirtbottle, so I had no choice but to go the other way, north towards Route 5. Not the most inconvenient thing for me, though, because that's where the next trial is.

Over at Route 5, Hau was being held up by some guy with an attitude named Gladion, who wanted to battle me as soon as he saw me. Not that this is too unusual for Pokémon, anyway.
He was supposedly part of Team Skull, but even the lowest of grunts didn't seem to respect him very much, so I guess he must not be very high-ranked.

He's a pretty terrible character so far at this point in the game, honestly.

Once that was done with, nothing was left stopping me from going to Brooklet Hill directly. I went to start Lana's trial, who gave me access to Lapras through the Ride Pager so I could swim over water. Rotom was afraid I'd drop him into the water, lol.

Totem Wishiwashi was actually kinda tough, to be honest. The stats on this thing are pretty dumb, with the +1 Defense. I was going to focus it down before attacking the ally, but it summoned an Alomomola with Heal Pulse who outhealed me, lol.

I had to swap Fiona out at some point, because her Attack had been lowered way too much by Growl and keeping her out was a bit counter-productive. Razor Leaf from Terokk did okay, not as much as I'd like because of the stupidly high defenses, but it worked. Once Schooling wore off though, it was no threat at all anymore.

Once I was done with that, Lana gave me the Waterium Z, along with a Fishing Rod, because everyone loves fishing. I know I do, at least. The Waterium Z also allows me to pass the Sudowoodo by scaring them away.

At this point, I had gathered enough money to buy that hat I wanted, the one that costs $158,000 that I told my mom I was going to waste my money on. I ran back over to the Heahea City harbor so I could make a quick trip back to Hau'oli to buy it.

My bag is a watermelon, your argument is invalid.

On Route 6, those same two Team Skull grunts were trying to cause trouble again. Does Team Skull only have two grunts in total or something? It's always the same two. We drove them away by defeating them in battle, again, before Hapu went off on her own and I went towards Battle Royal Dome.

Here we ran into totally-not-Kukui, who greeted us and invited Gladion, Hau and I to a Battle Royal (because Gladion just randomly happened to be there, conveniently enough.) I didn't win, but it doesn't really matter because that battle is scripted and the story progresses regardless.

I went towards Route 7, to get to my next Trial. Possibly the easiest trial in the game, there are barely any trainers to fight on the way there so it went pretty quickly. I don't remember exactly, but if I didn't faint Salazzle in one hit, then it only took me two. She didn't even have time to really damage me.

I got the Firium Z-Crystal, along with Charizard for the Ride Pager. I paid Poké Pelago a quick visit because you can easily get a handful Rainbow beans there by shaking the bean stalk, and I'm still trying to max out Affection on my party. I was able to finish maxing out Fiona's and Thunder's affection, and the others got to 2 hearts which is plenty for now.

You know, let me go on a tangent. I wish there was more to do to play with your Pokémon in Pokémon Refresh.
Amie had some minigames, why didn't they expand on that instead of removing it completely?

Petting and feeding is nice but it feels so... limited. It'd be really cool if, in a future game, they added a bunch of different animations to make the interaction way more dynamic, instead of just moving a cursor on the screen and having your Pokémon do the exact same basic animations every time.

It would be a lot of work to do this for over 800 Pokémon, but it'd be so much fun. I can only dream...

Either way, tangent over... the barricade leading towards Route 8 being taken down, I was able to continue on through there. Just a few steps in, and Colress showed up. I think he must have been sick or something, because he didn't even disagree with anything I said. He even gave me a TM for Flame Charge before continuing on his way.

I continued towards the motel at the end of Route 8, beating every trainer along the way. I think it's pretty funny how you get to the motel and Gladion is just randomly there in one of the rooms, no explanation, and he just tells you to get out without saying anything else. It's just so unexpected, lol.

"I love the Power Glove... it's so bad."
This is probably my favourite battle scene in the game so far.
We need more of that.

Moving on towards Lush Jungle, the location of the third trial on Akala Island. Mallow made me run some errands so we could cook food that would attract Lurantis, the Totem Pokémon. She didn't go down as easily as Salazzle, summoning a Castform that used Sunny Day so that Lurantis could use Solar Blade without having to waste a turn.

Fiona was unfortunately beaten in two hits from Solar Blade, but all I had to do was send in Thunder as backup. The harsh sunlight worked in my favor, causing her Fire Fang to deal great damage against Lurantis.

After the battle, Midnight evolved into Lycanroc, as the battle gave him enough exp to reach the required level. Thanks, Exp. Share!
I was given the Grassium Z, and Kukui showed up, telling me to meet him at the Dimensional Research Lab.

Once I got there, I ran into Lillie outside, who was having fun trying to pretend like she was me. Can't blame her. We went inside, where we were told about the Ultra Wormholes by Professor Burnet, who is studying them. She told me that Olivia lives on the other side of the Diglett tunnel, so I'd have to cross it before I can challenge her for the Akala Grand Trial.

I went through Diglett Tunnel, where two Team Skull grunts were up to no good. How surprising. We beat them easily as usual and continued towards Route 9. Once I got to Konikoni City, I stopped by the Pokémart to sell off the items I didn't need.

I had enough money to buy the sandals I liked from the Gracidea apparel store in Hau'oli Mall, so I flew back there real quick to buy them before flying back to Konikoni. Sucks the bag I want from there costs like $358,000 and my mom won't give me any more pocket money to waste.

Looking good?

I went back to Konikoni, and Olivia left me a letter at her shop telling me there was a change of plan and I should go meet her at the ruins instead. So I went there, and as usual there were two Team Skull grunts in the way who were causing trouble (gee I wonder which two grunts these might be?)

I beat them and this important-looking guy who was hanging out with an Aether Foundation employee thanked me for helping and told me he would show me this really cool place once I finished my Grand Trial.

Back to the task at hand, I had a really funny trainer battle on my way to the ruins.

See, the trainer had a Hariyama. I sent Fiona out and tried to use Play Rough, but it missed. Hariyama used Whirlwind which sent Terokk out instead, who used Peck on him for decent damage. Then Hariyama Whirlwinded Terokk away, and I figured I'd just switch Fiona back in to try and Play Rough again, but it missed again, Hariyama used Whirlwind again, and it sent out Terokk again. What are the odds? :p

In the end, I got to the ruins, where some self-proclaimed Team Skull big sister challenged me to a battle. She was a joke and I beat her really easily.
Olivia, on the other hand. Her first two Pokémon were dealt with relatively easily, but her Lycanroc was really not a joke.

He beat Fiona super easily with the rock Z-Move, and at that point it went downhill pretty quickly. Thunder is weak to Rock. Aurora is weak to Rock. Terokk is weak to Rock. They would all get KOed in one hit from Rock Throw. Half of my team was fainted at this point because Lycanroc was faster than basically everyone.

I sent out Shadow, and used Dark Pulse. Lycanroc was faster and used Rock Throw, which took away most of Shadow's health, but Dark Pulse did just about half of Lycanroc's health. Shadow would faint on the next turn from Rock Throw, but Rock Throw actually missed, so I was able to finish him off. I would have been able to use revives and potions to eventually finish him off regardless, but that was pretty awesome.

Having beaten her, Olivia granted me the stamp for completing the Akala Grand Trial, along with the Rockium Z-Crystal.

With all that said and done, I have cleared every trial of Akala Island. I went to Hano Grand Resort and took the time to beat the trainers in the water there, just so I could say I've done everything I can on the island so far.

Next time, I will be following the Aether Foundation Chief over to the Aether Foundation (spoilers! :o), before heading over to Ula'ula Island to continue my Island Challenge.

Quick Summary:

- Fiona (Mightyena): Lv. 32
- Thunder (Growlithe): Lv. 26
- Aurora (Vulpix-A): Lv. 27
- Midnight (Lycanroc): Lv. 27
- Terokk (Dartrix): Lv. 29
- Shadow (Zorua): Lv. 28

Pokédex: 17 Owned, 112 Seen.
Time played: 12 hours 43 minutes.
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—Entry #3—

Time to follow Faba over to the Aether Paradise.

Shortly after arriving, we find out that Faba is actually a giant douche (unsurprisingly), and we meet Wicke who is much nicer.

They take us to the conservation area and we are "free" to walk around, but really there are Aether Foundation members conveniently posted in the middle of the way, so I don't really have a choice but to follow the path Game Freak wanted me to follow.

Eventually, I find Lusamine, the president of Aether Foundation. After listening her talk about her utopian ideals, the whole place shakes and an Ultra Wormhole appears, with ??? coming out of it. Must be a relative of Silver's.

There's a hole in the, sky, through which things can, fly.

It only took me two turns to faint Nihilego, because it has pitiful physical defense. All I had to do was use Crunch twice. It hit me with Venoshock twice and poisoned me, but that wasn't enough to faint Fiona.

At this point, I'm beginning to think Faba lied about the broadcast around the Aether Paradise preventing Poké Balls from working, because I was clearly able to send out my Pokémon and recall them.

Lusamine didn't seem to really care that I used my Poké Balls either, despite them being forbidden. She was just sad that Nihilego disappeared.
After that, Wicke gave Hau some Malasadas, and all I got was this crappy TM29. Then she took us to Ula'ula Island, where Kukui was waiting for us this entire time.

Shortly after arriving, Hau wanted to battle right away. Asked so nicely, I could not refuse. He was no match at all, as usual, but his Flareon did manage to faint Fiona, so I had to send someone else in as backup.
Shadow got to reach Lv. 30 after the battle, and he evolved into Zororak.

Now that we're here, we went to start looking for Kukui at Malie Garden. Hau said he'd check towards the bridge while I looked around the outer parts, but I think he really just wanted an excuse to stop and secretly eat more Malasadas, because by the time I had walked all the way around to the other side of the bridge, he hadn't moved at all.

Kukui had a good reason to sit there without moving, though. He was waiting for us, after all. He told us the next trial was a Mount Hokulani, so we should probably head there next. Hau ran off to the local Malasada Shop (his own Island Challenge, he said), while I finished exploring the rest of Malie Garden.

I really like this battle background too.

As I left the garden, Lillie was standing there in the middle of the road and said she wanted to visit the ruins, but she wanted to go to the library first, to find a book she was interested in.

She went off on her own towards the library and I was going to follow her, but was intercepted by... Professor Oak?

No, it can't be. But he sure looks really similar. He is Professor Oak's cousin, it turns out.

This is only briefly mentioned in the games if you have an Alolan Persian in your party when you talk to him at the library. You probably won't really see this unless you happen to have one at the time; at least I know I wouldn't remember (in fact, I had already forgotten by now, and I talked to him this afternoon, lol.)

Looks like the two are already acquainted.

Before following Lillie to the library, I took a side trip towards the Recycling Plant at the Outer Cape. There I fought the owner of the plant and his son, before witnessing him handing ownership of the plant over to his son.

Then I talked to Gester to change my battle style to Elegant. Looking at the other battle styles, I don't think I'll be changing to any other any time soon.

Going back towards the library, I found Lillie standing in front of it. I don't really know why she was waiting for me before entering, but apparently she was.
While we were talking, Hapu randomly sneaked up on us and scared Lillie with Mudsdale running towards us. She offered to let us ride on Mudsdale if we ever needed to and went her way.

Lillie and I entered the library, and we started looking for that book. Somebody showed up and told us where the book we wanted was, and introduced herself as Acerola. Having found what Lillie was looking for, I was allowed to left and I went towards Route 10 for my next trial.

Upon entering the area, an old lady wanted me to help bring back her 8 Stufful who ran off on her. I went through the area, beating all the trainers I could find and picking up the items I found along the way, and brought back her Stufful in the process. She rewarded me with a piece of ice that never melts, and $15,000 for my trouble.

Going back to the end of the road, I approached the Team Skull members who were hanging out near the bus stop. They didn't want me to wait at the bus stop because "it was their bus stop now" and they were trying to steal the sign. Real mature.
I defeated them easily, and they ran away.

Kukui showed up shortly after, looking to accompany me up to the top of the mountain. He briefly mentioned a Pokémon League, before the bus showed up and took us up there.

Upon reaching the top of the mountain, Kukui made a comment about Mount Hokulani being the second tallest mountain in Alola. Then he turned around and pointed out the taller mountain, that we could see off the side, above the clouds.

"Everything the light touches is our kingdom."

He told me that he was wanting to build a Pokémon League on top of that mountain we call Mount Lanakila, to give everyone the opportunity to truly become the best past the Island Challenge.

He then introduced me to Molayne, who runs the observatory. He also manages the PC box system. After a battle with him, Kukui went back to Malie City to make sure Hau would make it up to the top of the mountain, too.

Rather than entering the observatory right away, I went back and fought the trainers on the road leading up the mountain. There was a trainer who wanted me to defeat every other trainer there before he would battle me, so I did just that and defeated him and his team of 1 rather easily.

At this point, I did the only obvious thing to do next, and I flew back to Melemele Island. It turns out I was stupid and I should have cleared what I could of Ten Carat Hill before going to Akala, because that's where the Acrobatics TM is. I needed it for Terokk, who had evolved into Decidueye earlier.

Flying back to the Observatory, I entered it and was given a free Comet Shard by the reception. Free stuff's always nice, I need money.
In the back room was Sophocles, the Trial Captain of Mount Hokulani. I told him I didn't like Festival Plaza and he told me we would be starting the trial right here, right now.

He made a machine who can call the Totem Pokémon so that we don't even have to leave the Observatory. He started it up, but it blew the breakers at the Observatory and I had to do the whole thing in the dark. I wish the quiz questions weren't about identifying sounds, because that seems really unfair for deaf people.
Either way, every time I answered a question, a puny bug appeared for me to defeat. Eventually, the Totem Pokémon showed up, a Vikavolt. I like that Pokémon.

I dispatched it relatively easily using Crunch, which managed to lower its defense and negate the Totem Pokémon boost. I had to send in Thunder to finish the job, though, because Fiona was getting low on health and I didn't really feel like using potions. It's better that way, anyway, because it gives the others a chance to battle so they can gain more exp.

Having defeated the Totem Pokémon, power came back on in the Observatory, and Sophocles congratulated me for completing the trial, granting me the Electrium Z-Crystal. Molayne also gave me the Steelium Z-Crystal, saying that he got that crystal while doing his own Island Challenge back in his days.

Before I left, Molayne gave me Kukui's mask and asked me to return it to him. He said Kukui forgot it here the last time he visited the Observatory. On it!

Charizard brought me back to Malie City, and I ran towards Malie Garden. It looks like Team Skull is trying to cause trouble around Kukui, who isn't intimidated at all and even mocks them.

Guzma, the boss of Team Skull, then appears, trying to act tough, with Kukui again not being intimidated in the slightest. He even turned his back to him entirely while they were talking, then Guzma noticed me and challenged me to a battle.

Come Midnight, let's disperse this petty rabble!

Guzma's terrible. Like, really bad. He sent out Golisopod first, who was forced to switch out right away because Rock Slide brought him down under 50% health. Ariados went down in one hit, and when he sent Golisopod back out, another Rock Slide finished him off. His Pokémon didn't even get to lay a finger on mine.

He got angry and bolted out of the garden, leaving Kukui and I there. I gave Kukui the mask, who claimed he would "make sure it gets back to the Masked Royal safe and sound" ... right. He left to Mount Lanakila to make sure the Pokémon League gets finished and left me to continue my trials on Ula'ula.

Funny enough, this is where I stopped on my first ever save file, before I restarted, and this is also where I am leaving it off for now. Next time, I expect to be able to at least clear the next Trial, but if I can comfortably do more I will do so.

Quick Summary:

- Fiona (Mightyena): Lv. 39
- Thunder (Growlithe): Lv. 33
- Aurora (Vulpix-A): Lv. 33
- Midnight (Lycanroc): Lv. 34
- Terokk (Decidueye): Lv. 36
- Shadow (Zoroark): Lv. 34

Pokédex: 19 Owned, 134 Seen.
Time played: 16 hours 18 minutes.
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—Entry #4—

It's that time of the day! In the middle of the night!

I severely overestimated how long Ula'ula Island actually was, so I went way past my expectations today. No spoilers, you'll have to read ahead to find out! ;p

Route 11 was really uneventful, just trainers to defeat. They opened the gate for me to enter Route 12 because I had the Electrium Z-Crystal.
I guess I really am the center of the universe in this game; they open the gates whenever I get the Z-Crystals, then leave the path unguarded.

When I entered Route 12, I almost tripped into the rocks, and Hapu stopped me so she could register Mudsdale in my Ride Pager, who I can ride to walk over the rocks safely. There were a few trainers for me to beat on the way, and Fiona hit Lv. 40, the first in my party to hit that milestone. Go, Fiona!

I remember this route being way longer, for some reason, but it only took me like 15-20 minutes getting through it and beating all the trainers. On the beach, there was a policeman watching over a group of Slowpoke, and he told me I could look but not touch, before correcting himself and saying, "you can touch, but you can't catch." I thought that was odd; wouldn't they want to prevent people from trying to cut off Slowpokes' tails?

Before heading towards the oasis, I stopped by the power plant real quick. Outside the plant, a worker told me they were able to generate electricity at "zero cost" by harnessing the tremendous energy of the land's underground heat. I don't know about that. I imagine power plants of this scale don't build and maintain themselves, but what do I know.

Upon entering the oasis area on Route 13, I ran into Hau who was waiting for me there. Gladion was also randomly at the motel and interrupted us. Gladion is everywhere. He asked us if we knew about Cosmog, and to our surprise, he wasn't actually wanting to steal it; in fact, he wanted to make sure it would remain safe and not get kidnapped.
This is the point in the story where Gladion begins to develop into a much better character, imo.

Inside the motel, someone abandoned a Pokémon who has been waiting for them to return for basically forever. Anybody else feel like we should have been allowed to adopt it? Then at least I could have traded it to someone who would want it (don't exorcise me, but I don't particularly like Stufful, tbh.)

I could totally live around that desert oasis, tbh. At least as long as the heat isn't too unbearable. I have a really hard time with high temperatures, they make me sleep even worse than I already do.
If anything, it'd be a perfect camping spot, though.

Indeedio, my good chap. I knew you woodn't disagree.

Past the desert oasis, there was the Tapu Village, which apparently got destroyed by the wrath of the Tapus when the Alolans dared to build a Wal★Mart™ on their sacred land. Shame on you, Alolans.
Nowadays, people visit the area as a historical site, spreading rumors that anybody who dared to approach the Abandoned Thrifty Megamart had never returned.

That was enough to keep me away from it for the time being, so I decided to go west towards Route 15 instead.
Hau was again waiting for me in front of the stairs leading up to Mount Lanakila, where we could see workers who we assumed were working on building the Pokémon League.

We continued towards the Aether House on Route 15, where we were mistaken for attackers. A preschooler challenged us to a battle in an attempt to protect everyone at the Aether House. I won the battle, and Acerola showed up shortly after, letting everyone know that we were good people.

She informed us that she is the captain for the next trial. As I was about to follow her out, we found a Team Skull Grunt harassing Lillie outside. He saw her bag move and wanted to know what was inside. I battled and defeated him, and he ran off.
Thanking me, Lillie gave me 5 Luxury Balls, telling me she bought them for me in an effort to try and help me with my Island Challenge.

Continuing towards Route 14 with Acerola, we reached the Abandoned Thrifty Megamart. She told us that my trial would be taking place inside, warning me against the ghosts haunting it. So much for those rumors...
She upgraded my Poké Finder with a function that lets it see ghosts, and directed me inside.

I ain't afraid of no ghost!

Inside the Abandoned Megamart, I found that most of the shelves and everything had fallen over and scattered everywhere. I imagine no one would be brave enough to try and loot this place despite it being abandoned.

It wasn't long before things started moving on their own. My Poké Finder showed me that there were actually ghost Pokémon hanging around who were possessing the machines and other objects.

Each ghost Pokémon I defeated caused the object to stop moving, and I would see a Mimiky— I mean, Pikachu, running away out of the corner of my eye. Following it to the back end of the Megamart, I was met with a locked door that audibly unlocked itself on its own.

Nothing left to do but to go in, where I was ambushed by none other than a Mimikyu. Not just any Mimikyu, though; it was the Totem Pokémon for my trial.
My own toolkit was being used against me in this battle, as Mimikyu kept attacking Fiona with Play Rough while my Crunch didn't do nearly as much damage. I had no choice but to send out someone else.

Thunder helped deal some damage to Mimikyu with Bite, but Terokk was the real MVP in this battle.
Despite Shadow Claw from Mimikyu, Spirit Shackle was doing a great deal of damage. Mimikyu summoned a Gengar out to help her. I sent a Spirit Shackle Gengar's way, which didn't faint it, so I decided to redirect my efforts towards fainting Mimikyu first.

Gengar was using Night Shade, while Mimikyu was using Shadow Claw. Terokk was also slower than them both.
During the last turns, I was using Spirit Shackle on Mimikyu, who was about to faint me with Shadow Claw, but Terokk toughed it out with 1 HP thanks to the Affection benefits. Then Gengar used Night Shade again, and Terokk once again toughed it out with 1 HP, basically taking no damage from it. This let Terokk use a final Spirit Shackle on Mimikyu, finishing it off.

Say hello to my little friend!

He wasn't so lucky on the next turn, however, and Gengar took away his remaining health point with Night Shade. Nothing that I can't fix by sending in Shadow and finishing Gengar off with one Dark Pulse!

Triumphantly, I exited the Abandoned Megamart, and Acerola gave me the Ghostium Z-Crystal. Shine Get!
She also denied the existence of a back room, but I think she was just trying to bamboozle me.

Also, I wasn't quick enough to catch it on picture, but during that cutscene, when she said that, there was definitely a Stufful or some other similar Pokémon that briefly showed up behind the fence before disappearing behind the corner of the Abandoned Megamart.

I don't know if that was just a random occurrence; maybe there are always Pokémon wandering around in that area and one just randomly happened to be there during my cutscene, but I like to imagine it was a small easter egg put in by Game Freak for people like me to notice.

We headed back towards the Aether House together, where we found that Team Skull took Yungoos, and I had to go get it back from Po Town, the Team Skull "headquarters."
Acerola told me to talk to this guy wearing a Kimono on the shore at Route 15, who would be able to offer me assistance.

I went to talk to the guy, who turned out to be Grimsley, the very same, from Black/White.
Fun bit of trivia: when you talk to him the first time in Sun/Moon, he says the exact same thing he does when you first battle him in Black/White: "Man oh man... What is going on today?"

He told me he was going to flip a coin, and I had to guess which side it would land on. I thought I would be clever by answering "Neither", but it turns out I was right, because he had a Skarmory snatch the coin out of the air as he flicked it.
As a reward, he registered Sharpedo on my Ride Pager, which turns my swimming speed up to eleven and allows me to smash piles of rock found in the water, much like Tauros does on land.

Riding Sharpedo, I went the long way around over the water, because the short way was blocked by convenient story obstacles designed to prevent me from progressing too quickly. No matter. I reached Route 16 after defeating some trainers, where I found an Aether Base with, to my surprise, Dexio and Sina waiting for me inside. They taught me how to use the Reassembly Unit to fuse Zygarde Cells together into a Zygarde, something I couldn't yet do due to only having collected two Zygarde cells.

xkcd #915, nice.

Route 16 was really small, with its only real purpose being to lead me to Ula'ula Meadow. If you were ever planning on visiting Alola with a loved one, this meadow should be especially romantic; don't forget to also check out the Lake past the ruins to the north-east.

Past Ula'ula meadow is a much less romantic area, however. Team Skull have completely overrun the area, and they won't let anybody enter Po Town.
I approached the gates to Po Town and challenged the Team Skull Grunts to a battle, which I easily won. They backpedaled back into Po Town before locking the door behind them so that I couldn't enter, but little did they know, a police officer was around and had the keys to the gates.

May I interrupt you for a moment to talk about how adorable Fiona is?

This is where, in my opinion, Team Skull starts becoming a lot more interesting as a villain team.
Up until now, you mostly just laughed at how ridiculous they made themselves look, and how everything they attempted to do always comically backfired.
Then you get into Po Town, and you realize that Team Skull may actually be far more of a threat than you may have imagined. Things just got a lot more serious.

I had to sneak in through holes in the hedges and fight many Team Skull Grunts, and reached an old dilapidated house at the back. There, I had to fight many more Grunts and look for clues that would let me get past the guard so I could get to the end of the house.

On the way, I came across two female Team Skull Grunts who were arguing with each other about how they were wearing the other's tank top. One of them suggested they should write their names on them so they don't mix them up again, before the other replied that "All of our names are just Grunt anyway."

I'm glad Game Freak is still putting stuff like that in the games. :p

Either way, I found all of the clues, and successfully fooled the guard into thinking I was a member of Team Skull in the process. He let me proceed through the door onto the balcony, where planks had been placed and were being used as a ramp to reach the nearby window.
This seems like an unnecessarily dangerous path for reaching the right half of the top floor to me, why didn't they just move the broken chandelier out of the way?

In a room at the end of that small corridor was Guzma, with a Team Skull Grunt who was keeping Yungoos hostage. It turned out that Guzma had been stealing all of the Buginium Z-Crystals he could find to guarantee he would be the strongest Bug-type user around. He doesn't even have a Z-Ring himself.

He acted tough again and said he would happily destroy me, but instead I was the one to happily destroy him. He ordered the Grunt to let Yungoos go and bolted out of the room, leaving the Z-Crystals unguarded. Yoink!

Exiting the dilapidated house, Nanu greeted me outside and thanked me for rescuing the kidnapped Yungoos. Acerola showed up shortly after to thank me, too. It turns out Nanu is Acerola's Uncle, and the two leave, with Acerola asking me to meet her back at the Aether House.

In Po Town, I found an Ice Stone, which is necessary for evolving Alolan Vulpix into Ninetales. There weren't any moves I needed Vulpix to learn at a higher level anymore, so there was no reason to delay the evolution any further.

The Ice Stone has melted!

I flew back to the Aether House with Charizard, and after entering, it turned out that Lillie has been coerced into following Team Skull somewhere with Cosmog. This is bad news overall.[Citation needed.]

Even Hau can't act happy anymore. Gladion then butts in and, finding out that Lillie had Cosmog all along, he is super angry that we let her get kidnapped and battles me.
He wasn't too difficult to beat, and he apologizes for getting angry, but now he makes us come with him to find Lillie and Nebby.

He takes us to the docks at Malie City. While we were waiting for Hau to arrive, Nanu showed up, revealed that he was the island kahuna, and it was his turn to challenge me to a battle.
He wasn't very enthusiastic about it, and once I beat him, he just said "Congratulations or whatever" and gave me the Darkinium Z-Crystal.

Almost there!

Gladion now takes Hau and I over to sneak onto the Aether Paradise. Most of the employees have been ordered to attack on sight, but their Pokémon weren't exactly a threat to my team at their levels.

I battled a few of them before going back to Malie City and flying back to Hau'oli, because I had finally earned enough money to buy that bag I wanted from the Gracidea shop in Hau'oli Mall. I swear I have my priorities set straight!

Going back, Thunder reached Lv. 43 shortly after. I had two Rare Candies on hand, so I rewarded her for her good work by feeding them to her so she would reach Lv. 45 and learn Flare Blitz.
Now that she has learned all the level-up moves I could have wanted her to, it was time for me to finally evolve her!
With that, the final member of the team reached its final evolution stage.

We went up the elevator and ran into Faba, who tried to stop us by battling us. We defeated him and got him to admit to an even lower level of Aether Paradise, hinting that Lillie and Cosmog were likely down there.

We rush down there and check the labs, but they are nowhere to be found. On the other hand, we find documents that reveal Cosmog to be an Ultra Beast, able to summon Ultra Wormholes for other Ultra Beasts to travel through.

We tell Gladion, who realizes what happened: Faba tricked us by sending us to the wrong place.
We hurry back up to the first floor, and Faba is there with reinforcements. He tells us the door leading to Lusamine's room is locked and he has the key.

This is where Hau points out the flaw in Faba's logic, in that if he had stayed in hiding rather than coming out with reinforcements, we would have been stuck here anyway, so he didn't really need to gather reinforcements.

Faba then battles us, in an attempt to stop us. He fails, of course, and hands the key over to us.
Upon going through the door, we find out the outside area is full of Team Skull Grunts. They were working with the Aether Foundation all along!

Gladion runs off towards the mansion, and I finish off the Team Skull members along the way. Guzma was standing in front of the manor, and challenges me to a battle in an attempt to stop me, again. Does that guy never learn? I literally beat him not even an hour earlier.

I beat him again, and we enter Lusamine's mansion, where it is revealed that she actually wasn't very okay in the head and is about to release Ultra Beasts all over Alola. Really boring character design, if you ask me.

It's the circle of life!
I think Hala is a pretty cool guy.
He challenges Ultra Beasts on his own and doesn't afraid of anything.

We were too late and she had already opened the Ultra Wormholes, but we battled her anyway. After defeating her, she went off into an Ultra Wormhole along with Guzma and disappeared.
We run to check up on Cosmog, who had turned into a different form and wasn't moving anymore. Spoilers: Nebby evolved into Cosmoem.

Wicke offered to let us rest here for the night. To save Nebby and push back the Ultra Beasts, we had to find the legendary Pokémon.
I exited the mansion to find that Lillie was already outside. She actually changed into different clothes this time, and to be honest I like her a lot more like that.

Gladion showed up shortly after, giving the Moon Flute he found in the mansion to Lillie, saying that both the Moon Flute and the Sun Flute were required to summon the legendary Pokémon.
He then gave me a Master Ball, telling me it could capture any Pokémon without fail.

He told us to meet at the docks, so we could make our way over to Poni Island, where we were going to look for the legendary Pokémon. It is also the final island in the game, before the Pokémon League.

This is where I am leaving it off for now. Tune in next time, for the next episode of Pokémon Sun: The Abridged Series!

Quick Summary:

- Fiona (Mightyena): Lv. 51
- Thunder (Arcanine): Lv. 47
- Aurora (Ninetales-A): Lv. 46
- Midnight (Lycanroc): Lv. 46
- Terokk (Decidueye): Lv. 47
- Shadow (Zoroark): Lv. 46

Pokédex: 22 Owned, 187 Seen.
Time played: 21 hours 20 minutes.
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—Entry #5—

I took the boat with Gladion and Lillie, and we arrived at Poni Island. Upon arriving, we ran into Seafolk Village's Chief, and we asked him where we could find the Kahuna. He told us that we should talk to Hapu about it, who lives on the only house still standing on Poni Island. He seemed really nice.

Before leaving, I explored the village a little bit. In one of the houses, a shop owner thanked me for visiting by giving me a Magmarizer and an Electirizer, and a girl in the same room gave me an Aerodactyl.

In another one of the houses, a woman was asking me if I was lucky, but since I'm not really a lucky person, I lied about it, and I was given a Lucky Punch. Maybe if I had been honest about it, she would still have given it to me in an attempt to make up for the bad luck.

There wasn't much left for me to do here, so I left the village towards Poni Wilds. The area looks gorgeous and, for the first time, I managed to actually get into a battle with a Wimpod, but I was an idiot and used a weaker move in an attempt to weaken it, forgetting that if its health fell below 50% it would run away. It ended up fainting in one hit, though, so I guess I'll just have to come back later for another one once I'm working on completing the Pokédex.

Battling the trainers on the route, I ran into another one of those Cook trainers. They aren't anything special, but since I didn't think to take a picture last time, I can take one now.

I told you they looked ridiculous.

He was the last obstacle between me and Hapu's house, who was outside with Mudsdale when we got there. We greeted her and asked about the Kahuna, but she told us that Poni Island didn't have a Kahuna. What are we supposed to do for our Island Challenge, then?

She told us she was going to the Ruins of Hope, and that she wanted us to meet her there. As she left, her grandmother showed up, surprised that Hapu had friends. She registered Machamp in my Ride Pager, who I can use to push big boulders around.

I continued towards the Ruins, and upon getting there, we found that the way was blocked by huge blocks. Lillie tried to push them out of the way, but she wasn't strong enough to do it. I would have been really amazed if she could.

I moved the blocks out of the way with Machamp's help, and we found Hapu talking to Tapu Fini at the back of the altar. How did she get in there...? The boulders definitely hadn't moved prior to her getting back there.

Either way, she revealed that she had just gotten the blessing of Tapu Fini, and had become the Kahuna of Poni Island. She tells me she won't battle me just yet, and tells me about a Sun Flute that goes with Lillie's Moon Flute, which resides on Exeggutor Island. The Chief of Seafolk Village should be able to bring us there.

We got back to Seafolk Village and went looking for the Chief. We asked him about getting to Exeggutor Island, and that we wanted the Sun Flute that was supposed to be there. I don't know why he just readily lets us go ahead and take it, no questions asked, but I won't question it.

We got to Exeggutor Island, and as we set foot on the Island, Lillie got too close to an Exeggutor, mistaking it for a palm tree. I had to clean up after her and defeat the Exeggutor, and we continued towards the back end of the Island. It eventually started raining, but conveniently enough, there was a little alcove in the cliffside where we could hide from the rain until it stopped.

It wasn't long before we could move out of our hiding spot and walk up to the altar which was holding the Sun Flute. Imo, considering they just left the flute right there unprotected, why is it no-one has come by and stolen it by now? It would have been really easy for any villain to just hear about the flute, and to come steal it from Exeggutor Island.

I guess I won't complain too much about it, because it'll let me finish the game quicker. There was nothing else to do on the island, so we went back to the village, where we were informed that the shrine was past Vast Poni Canyon.

I healed up my Pokémon and headed towards the canyon, but a group of Team Skull Grunts were blocking the path. They were upset that their leader had disappeared, and confronted us. As per usual, though, they were very easy to defeat.

I only had to defeat two of them, before Plumeria showed up and basically ordered the others to stop. She had a change of heart, apologized for how she behaved, and gave me the Poisonium Z-Crystal. Then they all left, and Lillie healed my party.

Hapu was waiting for me at the entrance to the canyon, and she announced that my Grand Trial would take place right here, right now. She tried to make her team appear intimidating, but it backfired on her because I let her know I wasn't afraid and that my team was much stronger than hers.

This is the point at the game where the difficulty curve really ramps up. Up until Poni Island, most trainers I fought had Pokémon in their late 30s, maybe around Lv. 40, while I was easily 5-10 levels above everyone at all times. Once I reached the canyon, though, all of a sudden the trainer levels really went up closer to 50, and Hapu was no exception.

Her team was actually kind of a challenge in its own way, to be honest. Dugtrio gave me a lot of trouble with Earthquake, but once I got through it things weren't as difficult anymore. Gastrodon was a real wall, because I had a brain fart, and for some reason I decided to keep using Ice Beam with Aurora instead of switching to Terokk to take advantage of the x4 weakness to Grass.

I was trying to freeze Gastrodon, which I eventually did. After it went down, she sent out Flygon, who was easily dispatched with the x4 weakness to Ice. She had fainted several of my party members by the time Mudsdale was out, but he was much less of a threat than I anticipated it to be, and Hapu was defeated.

I don't have a screenshot for this Grand Trial Completion, sorry. I had something on my mind that was keeping me distracted, and I just kinda watched the little cutscene without really watching it. You'll just have to trust that I really did clear the trial.

Either way, she gave me the Groundium Z-Crystal that I'm never going to use, and after saying her goodbyes, she left me to go through the canyon on my own. Lillie said she wasn't quite ready to go through yet, but that she would catch up to me when she could.

I had to start actually using healing items here, otherwise I'd be running back to the Pokémon Center after every battle and I would still be here tomorrow. There were a lot of trainers to defeat on the way, and all of them were unexpectedly strong.

After exiting one of the caves, Lillie caught up to me as I was about to cross a bridge. She was having great difficulty traveling through the canyon and commented on how easy I made it look. To be fair, most of my travel time through the caves was on a Pokémon's back, so it's no wonder it looked easy for me.

She said she would overcome her fears, beginning by crossing that high bridge we were standing in front of. Here we learn that Lillie is actually afraid of heights, a trait conveniently made up by Game Freak on the spot so they could have an excuse to make this moment seem more important than it actually was.

Regardless of the origins of her fear of heights, she made it all the way over to the other side of the bridge without complaining. Hau's personal trials was to visit every malasada shop, and Lillie's is to overcome her fears. I think Lillie has the better one here.

She healed my party and we continued through the caves. We reached another bridge, across which we ran into Mina, who was supposedly the sole Captain for Poni Island's trial, but she wasn't hosting any trial yet, so she just kinda gave me the Fairium Z-Crystal and wished me best of luck.

I eventually reached the end of the canyon, which led into a final cave area. A tablet let me to believe this was a trial area, so I took the initiative to begin my trial on my own, unsupervised. As I walked through the cave, I was attacked by a Jangmo-o, then a Hakamo-o. Finally, as I approached the pedestal to pick up the Z-Crystal, the Totem Pokémon, Kommo-o, fell down from above.

It was a really easy fight. I sent Fiona out to use Play Rough, and he happened to have Sky Uppercut, which did more than half of my health. Problem.
Play Rough also did more than half of his health in damage, though. He summoned a Scizor as an ally, and I risked it and used Play Rough again on the next turn. He tried to use Sky Uppercut again, but actually missed, so Fiona finished him off.

Scizor retaliated with a Fury Cutter, which took away the sliver of health Fiona still had left. No problem, Thunder can avenge Fiona. I sent her out and a single Flare Blitz was all I needed.
The Totem Pokémon being defeated, I could now pick up the Dragonium Z-Crystal. With that, the final trial of my Island Challenge has been completed!

I exited through the tunnel's back entrance, and reconvened with Hapu and Lillie. Hapu stayed at the entrance while Lillie and I ran up the stairs to the altar. She took place on the left side and told me to go stand at the right, and we sounded our flutes together.

As the notes echoed through the altar, things started to shake, and the altar opened up, sending ancient Alolan laser beams down onto the middle of the main platform. Then, unexpectedly, Lillie's bag flew off her back and to the middle of the platform, where Nebby, in its new form, rose up in the air and started reacting with the energy of the Altar.

Soon enough, before our eyes stood Solgaleo, the legendary Pokémon.

Holy (beep) on a (beep) sandwich with (beep) on top.

It opened a portal to another dimension, and took us through with it. The air there was thick and hard to breathe, and there were a lot of Nihilego floating around. Come to think of it, going in there blind without any form of external air supply was a pretty stupid move. What if the air there had been toxic and not breathable? It's a different dimension, the atmosphere could have been chlorine gas for all we knew.

Luckily for us, though, our plot armor ensured that we would be able to properly survive in any alternate dimension we entered. After taking a few steps forward, we found Guzma, who seemed like a completely changed man. In here, he had seen fear for the first time in his life, after attempting to catch a Nihilego and subsequently getting possessed by it.

He warned us that Lusamine was ahead, and that there was no use trying to talk or reason with her. Lillie wouldn't have any of that, and ran ahead anyway, followed by me. Lusamine was sitting on a rock, claiming that this was a perfect world and she had no reason to leave it. She was angry at Lillie for following her there, rather than leaving her alone, but instead of being hurt, Lillie redirected her anger towards Lusamine, telling her all about how worthless of a person and parent she was.

Lusamine had enough, and fused with a Nihilego to become Doctor Octopus. She then challenged me to a battle with her team. She had the same team as she did at Aether Paradise, but nine levels higher.

Her Clefable was somewhat of a problem, because I couldn't take too much of its health away in one hit, and it had Moonlight to heal itself. Metronome called some weird moves, beginning with Brave Bird which made me wish it would have picked a weaker move.
It also ended up picking Dark Void, where I found out that the game was specially programmed to ensure Dark Void always failed if it was being used by a Pokémon other than Darkrai.

After I defeated Clefable, Bewear was the next in line. I don't like fighting that Pokémon and its stupidly high hp/defenses, and its 125 base attack doesn't help with that.
Interestingly enough, it kept using Pain Split over and over, which at first just damaged it and healed me. She could have used Hammer Arm over and over to quickly faint Fiona, but instead she waited until Pain Split brought both of our health low and then finished Fiona off with it.

Terokk was sent next, at which point it was just a sweep. Acrobatics finished Bewear off very easily, and then Spirit Shackle OHKO'd Mismagius, followed by Acrobatics on Lilligant and Leaf Blade on Milotic. I think I may have scored a critical hit on Milotic, too.

Lusamine wouldn't accept defeat, and decided to try attacking directly. The Nihilego possessing her separated from her body, though, and she was left barely conscious on the floor.
Guzma ran over to see what was going on, and Solgaleo showed up to take everyone back out to safety.

Back at the Altar, Hapu decided we had been gone for long enough, and decided to walk up the stairs and check up on us. Oddly enough, she was surprised to see the legendary Pokémon... not sure why, because I thought everyone in the group knew that the flutes would summon the legendary Pokémon. I guess she didn't and I just assumed.

She asked Guzma to take Lusamine back out to safety on Mudsdale's back. After a touching moment between Solgaleo and Lillie, Solgaleo made it known that it wanted to continue being with us on our adventures. It wanted me to battle it so I could capture it (if it wanted to come with me why didn't it just willingly enter my Pokéball without attacking me?)

With the high catch rates on the cover legendaries, I only had to Crunch it twice to red bar it, and one Ultra Ball caught it right away. Happy to be with me, we were about to leave, with Lillie telling Solgaleo to not shake its way out of my Pokéball like it did out of Lillie's bag, and Nanu showed up. He told me that the Pokémon League's construction had been finished, and as I had completed all of my trials, I was ready to face it.

He accompanied me to the entrance of Mount Lanakila, but before I went, I walked back to the Pokémon Center, just to make sure. Come to think of it, my team was likely already healed at that point.

As I approached the platform, the elevator came down with on it, Gladion. He thanked me genuinely, for all I had done for his family, and in return, he wanted to give me a real battle.
He was much more difficult than most of the trainers I had fought before him, especially his Silvally which dealt great damage to Midnight, who was my only Pokémon with a super-effective move against it.

I won in the end, though, but not without getting half of my party fainted. He gave me a Max Elixir as a reward, which I believe was the first one I had gotten the entire game, too. I might just not have been paying attention though.

Nothing was standing between me and the Pokémon League, now. No, literally. They didn't put any trainers on the way, I just have to go through a short cave, which I'm actually thankful for because fighting the trainers in Victory Road always seemed like such a chore to me.

Partway through, inside the icy cavern, if you keep a right, you will eventually come across a pedestal with the Icium Z-Crystal in it. There are two other Z-Crystals on pedestals like this that aren't part of a trial, and I will be getting them later during post-game.

Emerging from the cavern, I took one last lift, and I was in front of the Pokémon Center. After quickly healing my Pokémon, as Fiona had taken damage from the wild Pokémon, I headed towards the entrance of the Pokémon League. I was stopped by Hau, who had finished all of his remaining trials in a flash, and now wanted to battle me with his true power, to decide who would be the first to challenge the Pokémon League.

It was me, obviously. His team was no match for mine. He was really frustrated about that loss, but quickly lightened up, saying that the frustration would only make him stronger. Enthusiastically, he encouraged me to become the Champion so that he could then defeat me and take the title.

There was now nothing separating me from the Pokémon League. For real, this time.
Approaching the entrance, there was Kukui, still not even wearing a shirt even though there was a blizzard outside. I will never understand him, but have fun with that cold, and I hope it doesn't turn into sinusitis.

After entering, he greets me with his usual catchphrase. Four Trainers!
I swear, they re-used that like five times through the story. And I like it, there should be more stuff like that in future games.
Four islands! Four trainers! Four turns! Yeah!

I decided to go clockwise, starting from the left room. At this point I'll apologize in advance for the severe lack of detail regarding most of my Elite Four battles. I was really tired at that point.

I was afraid of Hala, because most of my Pokémon who had moves super-effective against Fighting-types also had a weakness against them. It didn't go too badly, though, because Terokk had decent immunities against them and Acrobatics worked really well. I did have to send Thunder out for Poliwrath, though, because something KOed Terokk and Wild Charge from Thunder seemed like a good option.

Next up was Olivia. I opened with Terokk, and conveniently enough she sent out a Relicanth which Leaf Blade made short work of. She sent Carbink next, though, which had decently high defenses and even opened with Reflect.

I kept using Leaf Dance, and chipping away at Carbink's health. When its health got low, she used a Full Restore, and then I just kind of did a critical hit which OHKO'd Carbink from full, through Reflect because crits ignore Reflect/Light Screen.

It took me two or three leaf blades to beat Golem, not without taking a few thunderpunches to the face, but Terokk was okay because he is my friend, and everybody knows that friendship is the only cure to a lightning bolt to the face.

None of Terokk's attacks worked too well against Probopass, though, so I sent out Midnight who could get x4 super-effective with Brick Break. Last was her Lycanroc, who wasn't nearly as much of a threat as it was in my original battle against Olivia, and I dispatched it rather easily.

Then I went towards Acerola's room. She was a joke, compared to the others. I messed up with keeping Terokk at the head of my party rather than putting Fiona in that place, so Sableye immediately just Shadow Claw'd him and I had to switch to someone else. Most of her party wasn't much of a problem, and I'm surprised she didn't have a Mimikyu after all we went through with her trial.

Last but not least was Kahili, the only trainer here who is completely new to the story. She is a former island challenge champion who left Alola after completing her trials, but she was asked to be an Elite Four in Alola and she obliged.

I opened with Midnight. Mandibuzz was somewhat of a challenge, as its high defense meant it didn't take so much damage from my Rock Slides despite the super-effectiveness. Oricorio was a cherry on the top, though. They just had to give her the form that had a x4 weakness to Rock, didn't they? :p

Having beaten the Elite Four, I got to sit on the champion's throne atop the Pokémon League. At this point, Kukui showed up, and decided he would be the temporary Pokémon League champion and that I had to beat him before I could become It. It was all an elaborate game of Tag all along.
Kukui gave me. A lot. Of trouble.
For every Pokémon of his I beat, he beat one of mine. I was doing relatively well despite that, though, until the end where I had to rethink my strategy.

When I got to his Braviary, it used Tail Wind, and it switched out to Magnezone soon after. At this point I only had three Pokémon left. I was sure I wasn't going to beat his Magnezone, but Tail Wind wore off, and I realized that Magnezone is actually slower than Thunder.

I used a Flare Blitz on the previous turn, and he had used a Full Restore to bring Magnezone back to full. Then I risked Flare Blitz again, and I was surprised to see I went first, which actually allowed me to KO Magnezone on the next turn before it attacked me again.
He sent Braviary back out afterwards, and I finished it off with Wild Charge, KOing Thunder with recoil damage in the process.

In the end, he had his Ninetales up against Shadow. I knew Dazzling Gleam would likely KO me in one hit, so I gave a revive to Aurora, my own Ninetales, because I figured she would be the most likely to take the least damage from Kukui's Ninetales.

That worked very well in my favor. I was able to get Revives out on like three of my other Pokémon, along with an Hyper Potion on Thunder. After his Ninetales fainted mine, I sent out Thunder, and readied Flare Blitz up. Ninetales was faster, though, and used Blizzard, which actually froze Thunder. This is where I'm really glad I went with Flare Blitz over Fire Fang, because Flare Blitz actually thaws you out if you are frozen, and I proceeded to one-hit KO Ninetales to claim the victory.

"Amazing! It's like I told you before, the strongest moves you can use are the ones a Trainer and their Pokémon choose together in the heat of the moment—when it really counts."
— Professor Kukui

That totally describes what happened with my Flare Blitz against his Ninetales, which felt pretty awesome.

He registered my party in the Hall of Fame, then took me back to Iki Town for the celebrations. Everyone was here, all the captains, all the Kahunas, even a lot of random people I didn't even know who didn't even know me.

Lillie wanted to sneak away from the festivities with me, to go to the shrine and give our thanks to Tapu Koko, because Hala mentioned the bridge had been rebuilt. I don't blame her, personally I wouldn't be able to handle so much people at once and I'd be the first to sneak away anyway.

We got to the shrine, and gave our thanks to the Tapu. It appeared before me, wanting to give me one final battle. I tried to capture it, but Poison Fang badly poisoned it on the first attack I made, and I didn't want to throw Pokéballs at a high health Tapu, so I used Poison Fang a second time. I was only able to throw two Ultra Balls, which both failed, before it fainted from the poison.

I guess I'll have to clear the Elite Four a second time before I catch all the Tapus. Need them all to be caught on the same day, so I can't just catch the other three and leave Koko until days later.

After its defeat, it left a Tapunium Z-Crystal behind, and Lillie brought me back to the festivities because she didn't want anyone to notice we had left.

This is far from the end... far from it. Stay tuned for the post-game story which will be coming sometime later.

P.S.: Side note, this is a really huge achievement for me. I haven't been able to get myself to stick to a Pokémon playthrough like this to beat it in just a few days in a really long time.

Or... is it?
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—Entry #6: Everything I know has been a lie—

I started the game back up the next day, and went to pay Tapu Koko's shrine a visit.
On the way there, I found Hau on the platform at Iki Town, hanging out with two Team Skull Grunts. It turns out Team Skull has been disbanded, and Kahuna Hala told these two to train for Alola-style sumo, because "they have nothing better to do anyway." That's pretty funny.

This is where the fun ends, however. I ran up the stairs and across the bridge to the Ruins of Conflict, and walked up to the shrine near the back. It turns out internet guides have lied to me and I don't need to beat the Pokémon League a second time to respawn Tapu Koko if I KOed it during the end-game sequence. Awesome!

He is Lv. 60. As an Electric- and Fairy-type with high offensive stats, knowing an assortment of moves that my team does not like getting hit by, I have to successfully capture it despite its catch rate of 3. I came prepared, equipped with over 100 Ultra Balls.

I broke the fourth wall and saved the game, so that, should I fail, I could rewind time with no consequences whatsoever. The best way I could think of for me to do this is to open with two Poison Fangs from Fiona, and hope that neither of them will hit the 50% chance to Poison, so that it can sit red-barred without getting KOed. I can reset over and over if I need to; it should eventually work.

And then, everything went really not as expected. It fainted Fiona after one Poison Fang, and I sent Terokk to whittle him down with Acrobatics. I got him down to just about one HP, and then I caught him in three Ultra Balls.

Here I was, expecting that this would not be fun at all, and it ends up being the easiest thing in the world. Let's hope the other three will be just as easy.

Next up, Tapu Lele of Akala Island. I fear this will be even worse, due to its much higher Special Attack compared to both of Koko's offensive stats. Conveniently enough, I am allowed to fly directly to the ruins without having to cross the route again, not that it would have been a big problem, mind you.

After solving a mind-numbingly simple block puzzle that was designed in a way you could never fail it, I reached the altar. Fiona tends to get fainted here in one hit without being given the chance to do anything, so I have to improvise. I sent Thunder out after Fiona got KOed, and I took its health down to red bar using a combination of Crunch and Flare Blitz.

That worked really well, and I could start throwing Ultra Balls with only having one fainted Pokémon. Thunder toughed most of the attacks out, until it couldn't take it anymore and I had to send Aurora in. Her high special defense should help a lot. I was throwing Ultra Balls and she eventually fainted, so I sent the next party member in line, and I successfully captured it with only three fainted Party members.

I hope I can catch all of them on the first try like this without having to reset once. That would be the dream.

Either way, I now need to head towards Ula'ula's Ruins of Abundance, which are hidden past Haina Desert; the only shrine which was not part of the story, and the desert also happens to hold the Psychium Z-Crystal, which I will be picking up on the way.

I hate this desert. I didn't bring repels because what if I was missing out on a potential random wild shiny Pokémon? But you get encounters every two steps when trying to find the stacks of rocks and it's a pain in general (don't even mention Arena Trap...)

But you're not here to read me complaining. An old man near the entrance says that we can find our way by following the stone stacks, and that 2-1-4-3 is the answer. I wish Rotom had a GPS function.

I couldn't find the stack of 2, but apparently I found and followed it without realizing, because I reached an important area that you reach after following 2-1, and quickly reached the Psychium Z-Crystal's pedestal. After returning from that area and picking up the remaining two items on the way, it wasn't long before I finally reached the ruins.

Much like Lele's, Bulu's ruins had a small block puzzle to solve before you can get to the final room, but this is a fairly easy puzzle, once again. Bulu is Grass/Fairy, so this is a perfect job for Thunder. She overdid it, though, and Flare Blitz was one-hit KOing Bulu. That might be a problem, but not one I can't solve.

[I was stupid and forgot to take a screenshot for Bulu, sorry. Pretend that there is one here.]

I gave it another shot just in case, and Flare Blitz did not OHKO this time, instead leaving it at low health. Unfortunately, the Grassy Terrain heals everyone's health at the end of the turn. For five turns, this will be annoying and I'll have to come up with another way of lowering its health back down to red once the terrain wears off.

I whittled its health back down with Wild Charge, and risked trying to lower its health as much as possible + Paralyze it using Fiona's Thunder Fang. I succeeded in bringing its health very low without getting an unlucky critical hit, but I could not paralyze it. I will have to make do with that.

I have all the time in the world to revive party members, so as long as it does not faint itself with Struggle, I should be good. I can even bring its attack way down by repeatedly sending out Fiona and Thunder. The two make a really good team. No one can match their strenth.

After having revived Thunder and Fiona once each, lowering Bulu's attack a total of four times, I finally captured it. You should have seen its stat changes, haha. +6 on its Defense from Skull Bash, and its Attack almost all the way down thanks to Intimidate. So many red and blue Triforce pieces.

Time to pay Fini a visit, as the final remaining Tapu. Residing on Poni Island, it rhymes and that makes me happy. I let my party recover, and I flew directly there. After the travel time through Haina Desert, I welcome the change of pace. The desert was too warm for my taste anyway, glad the interior of this place is cooler.

Having already solved the block puzzle during my previous visit, I was able to walk straight in to the shrine.
Probably my favourite-looking Tapu along with Koko, if you ask me. I wish the other two looked cooler too. :p
Bulu should have been green, at the very least.

[I was stupid and forgot to take a screenshot for Fini, sorry. Pretend that there is one here.]

The Misty Terrain here is preventing status effects from occurring, unfortunately. It is also using Aqua Ring, which will continue healing it every turn

After the mist cleared, I risked one last attack to try and bring it back down to lower health, and Fiona landed a critical hit, wishing to be praised.
It's okay, Fiona. I still love you, but now I have to start over. This is why I carry this handheld time machine around.

You know, after a few attempts, maybe I should just give up and start tossing Ultra Balls without bothering to weaken it, because Aqua Ring is even more annoying to deal with than Recover was on Mewtwo back in FR/LG.
It's ultra ballsy, but it's bound to work at some point, right? I have all the Ultra Balls in the world, anyway.

I didn't have to, in the end. Everyone was getting fainted left and right, I only had Terokk left, and Fini was at half health, but an Ultra Ball successfully captured it right there.

Done! Or, as they say in my language, Fini!

Now that I have successfully captured four of the most powerful deities in Alola using mere store-bought Ultra Balls (why has no-one done this before?), my quest to capturing the legendary Pokémon is coming to an end. It is not quite over yet, but before I can finish, I need to go after a threat far greater: the Ultra Beasts.

When I left my house after becoming the Champion, a suspicious old man was waiting for me outside of my house and left me this cryptic card asking me to come to the motel on Route 8, insisting that it stayed top-secret. I figured they were able to wait a little bit, so I am only going now.

I let my team rest a bit, because they really needed it, and made my way to the motel. I entered the room and found two characters that I know, but canonically, my character does not.

They introduced themselves as Looker and Anabel, and told me they were members of the International Police, part of the UB Task Force. They were surprised to hear I had actually already been in contact with one of them, and told me that many more had been unleashed on Alola when that Ultra Wormhole opened back then.

Side note, I thought Gladion had paid that room up front for the next two years? Is he in on this?

We couldn't just let them roam free, and they didn't want to destroy them, because they are still living beings, after all. No, they want to protect them, and that means catching them, which would be no easy feat.
They were not strong enough to do that on their own, so they are asking me because I am the Champion of Alola.

Anabel wanted to test me in a battle first, though. To make sure I was worthy. I don't think a Pokémon battle inside this motel room is a good idea, but if she insists...
Her Alakazam tried to Focus Blast Fiona, but it missed and it got one-hit KOed by Crunch. Good start.

Her team was all higher levels than mine, but they weren't very difficult regardless. There was a recurring theme of affection benefits working in my favor, because I sent out Midnight for Weavile, and he avoided its move that was going to KO him, allowing him to use Brick Break and one-hit KO Weavile. Then I sent back Fiona for Mismagius, and again she avoided Dazzling Gleam thanks to the affection benefits, which would have otherwise KOed her, and she was able to defeat Mismagius in one swift bite.

Pokémon Refresh is so broken, I love it. Even without that, though, despite her team all being higher levels, it was so much easier than Kukui's at the Pokémon League. It goes to show that a good team composition makes all the difference.

(Also they missed an opportunity to give Anabel the Hoenn trainer battle theme, buuuuuut what do I know.)

After defeating Anabel, they were now ready to accept me as one of their own. One of us, one of us!
I was asked to travel to the Aether Paradise, and to find Wicke here, who was part of the UB Task Force all along. I shall head there happily, but not without first visiting the Pokémon Center!

This is the first time I'm actually doing the Ultra Beasts post-story, so this is all new to me. I hope there aren't too many required trainers to beat and I just have to run around and find the UBs.
Aether never bothered locking off their secret labs after we raided the place, conveniently enough, so I was able to just walk in.

It turns out, Lillie went to Kanto because she had heard of Bill, who had once fused himself with a Pokémon and used a machine to return himself back to normal. She was hoping that Bill could help Lusamine by using the same machine to separate the rest of Nihilego's toxins from her body.

My face when they managed to make some completely unrelated 11-year old character story segment fit into the lore for Sun/Moon, holy poops.

She gave me two Big Maladasas, and then went back to the lab to continue her work. I'm not Hau!
I guess I am expected to follow her there. I talked to her, and she stressed that all of this must remain between her and me. She gave me ten Beast Balls, telling me that they were very expensive to make and so they have not been able to mass-produce them.

Sweet! These are going straight onto eBay.

That was all she could do for me at the moment, and she told me to go back to Anabel in case she had found more info.
When I got there, Looker was still away, but promptly returned with more info. He revealed that a Nihilego had been spotted right there on Akala.

UB 01: Symbiont
Mission Start

Anabel took care of protecting the populated areas, while I was to confront the beast itself. Looker was to stay locked up back at the motel, to coordinate our backup if we should need it.

Sightings had been made in two different locations: Wela Volcano Park, and Diglett's Tunnel. There was only one Nihilego floating around, though, so I had to check both areas to find it.
I asked Looker about the Beast Balls, and apparently, a single one costs millions to make! And here I was entrusted with ten of them. They must really trust me that much.

I started by checking Wela Volcano Park. I don't think Nihilego was there, or at least, I looked everywhere and couldn't find it. I guess it must be at Diglett's Tunnel, then.
It appears I was right, because not even ten steps into the cavern, I ran into it.

I accidentally fainted it once, thinking that Rock Slide from Midnight wouldn't do more than half of its health, but I was wrong. Thankfully, it just goes back into the wild and I just have to run into circles for it to reappear. Its high catch rate, combined with the high modifiers on Beast Balls, meant that this was no challenge.

Triumphantly, I went back to Looker and let him know that I had finished the mission. They sent the data about Nihilego to their HQ, and to Wicke, and congratulated me. It was really nothing, you guys.
They told me that they were supposed to have the UBs sent back to the police, but they were able to get official permission for me to keep them. That's pretty sweet.
They didn't want them to end up as research subjects, so they wanted them to remain with me where there would be happier.

Looker went out to order food for everyone, but came back running that there was a catastrophe, that new UB sightings had been reported on Melemele. They sent me to meet them back at the Motel on Route 2, where we would talk about the details.

Anabel was waiting for me there alone, saying that Looker had been out gathering more info. We were to be expecting a visitor who claimed to have information about the UB, so the best we could do right now is wait for either of them to show up.

Not even moments later, Nanu silently let himself in. We didn't even hear him open the door and walk in. It turns out he was the one to have information about the UB.
He has not seen it himself, but other Kahunas have, and he has been sent as the messenger to relay the information.

He told us it was called Absorption, and that we would find them in Melemele Meadow. Because there were apparently two of them.

UB 02: Absorption
The relationship between the two

Anabel had a realization. How did he know about their UB code names? That was supposed to be classified information.
Nanu refused to answer, saying that no one wants to hear about that. He wished us good luck and left.

Anabel told me that he was his superior back when she joined the police, so I guess there is a slight possibility he might still be getting insider info from someone. I couldn't begin to guess who that someone might be, though.

Looker barged in saying "This is a disaster!" in another language (Spanish, I think.) Then he proceeded to repeat the exact same things Nanu had just told us a minute ago. I suppose it's good to get confirmation.
Once again, Anabel went to protect populated areas, while Looker remained behind for possible backup and I went to confront the beasts.

Apparently Looker doesn't even have Pokémon with him, so that's why he is tasked with remaining behind to coordinate backup. Still, it's not a bad idea, should things go horribly wrong. Looker then gave me ten more Beast Balls that he received from Wicke. Dang, these guys are filthy rich!

I didn't need to ask Looker for hints this time, so I just went straight for Melemele Meadow. After healing my Pokémon, of course! I'm not that cruel.
So typical for a mosquito to hang out around meadows. As big as it is, though, I couldn't find it right away, instead running into basic wild Pokémon. Maybe it was scared of Tauros?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's Superman!

There was an intense staring contest for the first three turns, where both Buzzwole and I kept missing our attacks. We were speed-tied, it looks like, because Fiona went first on the third turn, dealing very little damage with a super-effective Play Rough. Looks like I may have to forget about bringing its health down with Fiona and send someone else in instead.

It has stupidly high defenses, so I figured I'd try x4 Super Effective Acrobatics and see if it survived. It barely did 1/3rds of its health, so it looks like this is the right play.

I got it in the middle yellow health, and decided that would be enough. The Beast Balls would do their work, I'm sure. And they did, because the second one caught the first Buzzwole.

One down, one to go.

Fun fact of the day: Buzzwole was possibly the UB I hated the most at first, but when I actually saw how it looked in-game, instead of just seeing the Sugimori art, I liked it a lot better. It really reminded me of Deoxys' Defense form, except it was a bug and not a space alien.

Please just leave me alone, Cutiefly and Oricorio. I have more important things to do than to run away from you all the time right now. Like running into this giant mosquito so I can throw expensive balls at it.

Having caught both Buzzwoles, I can report back to Looker now.
They sent the data back to their HQ, and thanked me. It looks like I can really just handle this all on my own, because my Pokémon can easily beat the Ultra Beasts and they never leave their spot anyway, so cities and towns aren't really in danger.

Once again, Looker went off to make a reservation at the restaurant, but he will be back in a minute with another UB sighting report.

Called it. In German, this time. It is on Akala Island, and we are meeting back at the motel on Route 8.

UB 03: Lightning

When I got there, they had already beaten me to it, and Anabel was already gone. They had all the information about the UB from Mina, who was already there when I arrived.
She has her priorities all messed up, just like me! She wants to battle me before I can leave to catch the UB.

I forgot to heal my party before I accepted the battle, so I hope this won't be a big problem. Klefki put up Reflect, but Flare Blitz one-hit KOed it anyway, so I sent Midnight in to break it with Brick Break. Your sacrifice has not been in vain, Midnight.

It was a pretty close battle, but I won, though not without having Thunder faint herself twice from Flare Blitz. It's alright, though. She's tough, she can handle it.
Mina left, and Looker gave me yet again ten Beast Balls. Are they aware that I still have a dozen and a half? They don't need to waste millions on this. D:

Sightings for the UB have been made in two different locations: Lush Jungle and Memorial Hill. There were two again, and they were on the move. I hope they are both at the same place.
Judging by the music at Lush Jungle, at least one must be here. Maybe there is one at both locations?

I totally forgot to heal my party before going on the hunt, though. Luckily, my last Pokémon remaining toughed out Xurkitree's attack with 1 HP and dealt some damage to it, and I was able to capture it in just one Beast Ball afterwards.

Xurkitree is my favourite UB, by the way. It really reminds me of Deoxys.
Judging by the music, they were both at Lush Jungle. I can't for the life of me run into the second one, though. I should really be using repels for this.

Xurkitree is strong, and even my best Pokémon against Electric-type moves can't take more than one without getting KOed. Most of my team was slower, too, so there weren't many opportunities to strike first.
It's a good thing the catch rate is amazing with Beast Balls, or this would be a pain.

(By the way, this is unrelated, but while I was doing this, I looked outside IRL and the sun was casting a really warm orange light on everything, turning to pink/purple as the sun set. It was really pretty. I just wanted to mention it.)

I went back to Looker, having completed the mission. They sent the data to their HQ, and Anabel wasn't feeling well. She hasn't been feeling well every time I came back from the missions, I wonder what's going on.
Nanu showed up and let himself in. Looker recognized him immediately, and Nanu referred to him as 100kr. I just now realize that the subtitles for the missions aren't actually referring to the UBs themselves.

He gave us information about the next UB, called UB Blade, who was on Ula'ula Island. He said to meet us there, where he would give us more information.

"I'm the kahuna of Ula'ula Island. If you don't do something about that monster for me, our guardian's not gonna be happy."

Um, Nanu. I hate to break it to you, but I kind of captured Tapu Bulu. He isn't really there to get angry anymore.
Either way, we were to meet back at the Motel on Route 13. When I got there, they already had the intel. There was multiple of them, a powerful beast capable of cutting through anything.

UB 04: Blade

I ran out of the door, but I forgot I had to ask Looker about the location of the UB, so I went back in and asked him. Sightings were made in Route 17 and Malie Garden, and there are *four* of them this time. It seems like it is the most dangerous UB yet, and it's hanging out at Malie Garden where lots of tourists visit.

This can't be good. I'd rather they be at Route 17 where all there is is Team Skull. It looks like their catch rate is 255, though, so I can quite literally just throw a ball without weakening them.

Luckily for everyone, I found them all at Route 17. I went back to Looker, and when they sent the data to their HQ, we were told that there was one last UB for us to take care of.
This time, it was Anabel who said she would find us a restaurant.

While she was gone, Looker started telling me a story that happened ten years ago. He came to Alola as part of a three-man mission to eradicate an UB, which they did not know as UBs at the time. Then Nanu showed up, finishing Looker's sentence. Somebody had screwed up, ten years ago.

That person was Looker. He had a moment where he felt sorry for the monster, and that was enough for it to get the third member of their team done in by the UB. She was just bait for the UBs, because she had been through an Ultra Wormhole, and the UBs could sense this. They call those people who had traversed Ultra Wormholes "Fallers", and I was one of them.

Anabel came back in before Looker finished his story, and apologized because she could not find a restaurant. Looker interrupted his story, telling me that we would continue later, and we all left for Poni Island, where the last UB had been reportedly sighted. We were to meet at the restaurant there.

Looker made Anabel set up protections at the wrong places on purpose, to keep her away from harm so she could rest. Now that we were on our own without Anabel, the two continued their story. Anabel was apparently a Faller too, and she had been found unconscious ten years ago on the shores of Alola after Looker had completed his mission there.

Anabel was apparently meant to be the one to capture the UBs originally, but Looker knew that she would not be able to handle it for much longer, so that is why he had me help and go in her place, because I was strong enough to do the job. So that Anabel wouldn't have to.

Nanu then challenged me to a battle, right there in the restaurant. I didn't have a choice but to accept, otherwise the story wouldn't continue.
Upon defeat, he just said that would do, and he left silently. Looker told me he was going to lead our last UB, Glutton, deep into the heart of Resolution Cave.

UB 05: Glutton

He gave me ten more Beast Balls, as usual. I might actually need them all, this time around, given Guzzlord's fantastic health pool and its low catch rate, the lowest of all UBs so far.
Resolution Cave is found at the end of Poni Meadow. I haven't been through that area yet, as it had been locked to me prior to becoming the Champion, so hopefully I can go through while avoiding most of the trainers, so that I can complete this quickly.

On my way there, Dexio and Sina interrupted me, asking me to come back to the lab on Route 16 once I had all of the Zygarde cells and cores. I'm sorry guys, I'm kind of busy, on a really, really important mission right now.
They don't want to listen to me, though, and Dexio challenged me to a battle. Looks like I have no choice, once again.

I completely forgot to heal my party before going there, so I kind of let him beat me. When I came back with a fully healed party, he was quite easily beaten; all of his party have a weakness to Dark/Ghost, which I have plenty of. On this battle. Thunder reached Lv. 60, bringing the whole party up to Lv. 60 or higher.

After the battle, Dexio gave me the Alakazite, with the Key Stone that lets me use Mega Evolution. I continued my way towards the entrance of Poni Grove. I avoided the trainers, and made my way into Poni Plains, then Poni Meadow.

There are no trainers here in the Meadow, so all I had to do was to reach the cavern at the back. Once there, Guzzlord can only be found on the lower floor. It was much easier to weaken than I had expected, but unfortunately, it had the ability to Confuse itself, which is a problem. I wouldn't want it to faint itself if I'm trying to catch it.

It took a few tries, but I eventually managed to catch it. I went back to the Pokémon Center, where I let my Pokémon hold the rest of my Beast Balls, so that Looker could give me a few extra. I might not even need nor want to use them, but I wanted to keep some, just in case, and I might as well get Looker to top my stock up so I have a round amount of them. 40 just looks better than 38.

I then told him I was actually done, and he called Anabel back. We have successfully contained all of the UBs and sent their data back to the HQ, and I am richer a few hundred millions thanks to all the Beast Balls they wasted on me. Looker was ready to finally eat a feast, but of course, Anabel would interrupt him, telling him that we should be reporting to Wicke and thanking her for the Beast Balls.

I followed the group there, to the secret labs in the basement of Aether Paradise. Wicke thanked us for containing the UBs, but Anabel wanted to thank her, because we wouldn't have been able to do it without the Beast Balls. Wicke said the Beast Balls were a negative asset to Aether Foundation, and she was just happy that they had been put to good use.

We began wondering where Looker was, considering he had left before us and he still wasn't there. Of course, we should have expected it, but he ran into the room screaming "It's a disaster!" in Japanese. He saw a creature zooming into the sky, which he was sure must have been an UB. Anabel didn't think it was an UB, because the HQ hadn't mentioned it.

Looker reluctantly accepted it as a possible fluke, that his eyes may have simply been playing tricks on him because he had been working so hard (P.S. that's false. He saw Necrozma.)

Anabel then announced to him that the HQ had approved for the two of them to go on paid vacation, and they were free to do whatever they would like until they get their next orders. He would be able to relax for a while. She was going to just visit Alola as a tourist, and Looker wanted to visit all of the restaurants on the island. That sounds similar to Hau's personal island challenge of visiting every Malasada shop.

Anabel then left one last time, because she had just remembered that she was supposed to be meeting Nanu later. Looker then personally thanked me, and gave me one million Pokédollars as payment from the International Police HQ. They felt I should receive some kind of payment for it, so they made me a millionaire, as if they hadn't already done that by giving me like 50 Beast Balls without expecting them back.

Tapu Done!

Phew, that took a while. There is now one last thing for me to do... Catch Necrozma, of course!
It's much easier and faster to get to than any of the UBs have been so far, I just have to fly over to Ten Carat Hill and it will be randomly found in the grass there.

Once you run into it, its battle music starts off really suspenseful. There is no music at all as the wild Pokémon encounter animation plays, then once Necrozma appears on screen, bam, it begins.
I love Necrozma, it really reminds me of Darkrai, and I'm really looking forward to the fusions with Solgaleo and Lunala in Ultra.

It's a difficult catch. Most of my Pokémon are 10-15 levels lower, it has great offensive and defensive stats, and it has a super low catch rate of 3, like the Tapus. You can, however, wait until it has wasted all of its Wring Out PP, which it has only 5 of; then the only damaging move it has left is Prismatic Laser, a Psychic-type move. If you have a Dark-type Pokémon out at that point, he cannot possibly KO you anymore and you can throw Pokéballs in peace, at least until it runs out of PP and KOs itself with Struggle.

I did not have much of an opportunity to give it a status effect, so I brought it down to low-ish red bar and went with that. I can sense that it won't be an easy capture, unlike the Tapus. If it ends up fainting itself, I can always try Paralyzing it with Thunder Fang next time.

If you still have your Master Ball at that point, and have no plans on ever needing it for anything else, Necrozma would be a good Pokémon to throw it at. I am keeping mine, though, because you never know when I might run into a wild shiny Pokémon that knows Selfdestruct or Explosion. ;p

I managed to capture it on the first encounter, after all. It still ate through more than half of my remaining Ultra Balls, but it's not like I'll ever need any more Ultra Balls anymore now.

Now that I'm done with the last thing there was to do... There is one last thing to do! That's right, I lied!

If you fly back to the Altar of the Sunne/Altar of the Moone with Solgaleo/Lunana in your party, while it is Night time/Day time, depending on your version, you can enter a dimensional rift that brings you to the other world. The world in question is the world from the opposite version, with inverted time of the day, and a different altar/lake.

If you go to the lake in the other world, a Cosmog will be there, waiting for you. It can evolve at Lv. 43 into Cosmoem, then at Lv. 53 into Solgaleo in Sun or Lunana in Moon. The catch? Both Cosmog and Cosmoem learn no damaging moves, so you will have to level it up from 5 all the way to 53 using the Exp. Share, or the switch-out method to give it more experience.

Since I have time, and I'm already here anyway, I'm going to pick up that Cosmog to wrap things up. I went to the Altar with Solgaleo, and left to the Moon world. After a quick flight to Lake of the Sunne, I traversed the ruins, and there Solgaleo got out of its Pokéball, and Lunala appeared before me. It disappeared, and in front of me, left a Cosmog, who joined my party willingly.

I think Game Freak's intentions with this was to give us a way to obtain a second of our cover legendary, so that we could easily trade opposite version players for the missing one without having to give up ours. I think that's a great idea, and I'm pretty sure that's the same reason why you can capture multiples of most of the UBs. Except Xurkitree, that one's not a version-exclusive, but they let you get two anyway.

Personally, I was thinking I'd get Cosmog to Lv. 52, and then trade it to a copy of Moon to evolve it into Lunala. That way, I get to have both Solgaleo and Lunala with me as the OT/ID, rather than trading for someone else's Lunala.

Final Tally:

- Fiona: Lv. 61
- Thunder: Lv. 60
- Aurora: Lv. 61
- Midnight: Lv. 61
- Terokk: Lv. 62
- Shadow: Lv. 62

Pokédex: 35 Owned, 253 Seen.
Time played: 33 hours 33 minutes.

Well, um... I guess that's more or less it, then. Awkward intro, awkward ending.

I still have a few things I want to finish up, like going back through previous areas and picking up items that were locked behind field moves I couldn't use yet... along with the whole north-east side of Poni Island that was locked to me before, but I think I'll be doing all of this on my own. I don't think any of that stuff is really worth a journal entry; there isn't enough content and most of it is just battling meaningless trainers and picking up items.

For those of you who have read the whole thing, I appreciate you taking the time to do so. I was doing this for fun, but I spent a lot of time on this and it means a lot to me if people enjoyed it.

If you might ever be interested, there is one last thing I'd like to do with this, even if it might not be realistic. When I wrote the first post, I took the time to make up personalities for my team and everything, because I had more fun imagining it that way.

I wish I could have expanded upon that throughout my journal entries, by making the Pokémon come to life through RP and making the playthrough much more personalized. I couldn't really do that, because if I did, then every new entry would likely take me weeks to write, or they would all be much shorter. Either way, it would have taken me months to beat the game if I did things that way.

I was thinking that, now that I've finished the game and more-or-less finished with the journal, I could rewrite it all from the beginning. Make it into a much longer and more detailed story, where the characters and their personalities would come to life. Basically a fanfic, I guess, but telling the story of my character going through Alola for the Island Challenge + Pokémon League, including the Ultra Beasts post-story.

I imagine this would take me a very long time to do. I doubt I'd even be done a year later, honestly. But if you're interested, you can keep an eye on my blog here on PokéCommunity, because this is where I was thinking of posting it. I'll be dividing it into chapters, so that I might at least have something to post every so often. I don't expect to be posting a part 1 that soon, so don't be disappointed if it takes a while.

I'm not very good at this stuff, but I'd like to try, and maybe I'll actually come up with something really good, who knows. It won't have any of the jokes like I've been putting in my journal, because I wanted it to be more serious (though I do still want to have some funny moments in it.) So if you were looking for something a bit more serious, you might like it.

So uh... have a good night everyone, and thanks again for reading. Or a good day, if you happen to live in Moon world rather than Sun world.
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Originally Posted by Ammako View Post
Also, I wasn't quick enough to catch it on picture, but during that cutscene, when she said that, there was definitely a Stufful or some other similar Pokémon that briefly showed up behind the fence before disappearing behind the corner of the Abandoned Megamart.

I don't know if that was just a random occurrence; maybe there are always Pokémon wandering around in that area and one just randomly happened to be there during my cutscene, but I like to imagine it was a small easter egg put in by Game Freak for people like me to notice.
Small follow up: it's actually Mimikyu sneakily showing up in the background at the end of the cutscene.

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