Script [FRLG] Add a new island for the Ferry

Started by ThatBrawlMarioMain August 1st, 2021 4:20 AM
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1. Follow a tutorial to make a new item
2. Make an npc give the ticket at some point
3. Add a new map with your island (haven't done binary in a while but I'm pretty sure advance map can add new maps easily)
4. Edit the ferryman scripts to add a new destination with the ticket (should be self-explanatory once you look at the scripts, likely it checks for an item and gives you a multichoice with destinations, then sets a warp or something then calls a special for the cutscene)
5. Duplicate the npc onto your new island so you can leave (using, say, the one island ferryman script as a base)
6. Optional but recommended: Look up a tutorial about how to edit the town map and add your island