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Other Fanfic Star Wars: A New Hero

Started by FlameChrome September 18th, 2018 1:53 PM
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Chapter 1: New, Old Droid
A young 18 year old boy was wandering around his planet, like he always does, but this time he comes across a droid, was all rusted and in pieces. I wonder what this droid is here for. He picks up the pieces of the droid and takes it back home to his family. Once he makes it home he places the droid on the table.

Mom, dad, sis, Im home! He says with a bit of joy. They come walking into the Kitchen to see what he found.

Oh I havent seen one of these for a long time, didnt they upgrade those awhile ago? His dad asks.

They did, must be one from a long time ago. His mom replies while his sister was looking all over the broken droid.

I figured we could fix it and use it. Flame said to his father.

Sure boy, lets get this droid outside to the garage before it dirties the table even more. His
father replies. The two pick up the pieces of the droid and take it outside to the garage. His dad examines it for a bit.

I think we can fix it up easy. His dad announces. This is a Astromech Droid, one of the most common ones used with the rebels.

I know that dad, I studied that stuff already. He replies. But cool, lets fix it up. They spend a few days fixing up the droid, the worst part was all the rust on it. Everything else on that droid was pretty easy.

Alright, so now to code it. What would you like its name to be? His dad asks while looking at a computer thats attached to the droid.

For some reason, my brain cant get away from Chrome. Flame replies.

Really? Well ok, its just a Droid, and plus this Droid looks shiny anyways. His dad says as he programs it into the droid. After about 30 minutes of coding and charging for an hour the droid turns on.

Look, its working. He said a little excited.

Beep boop boop. Chrome said.

It can talk too. His dad said. Guess it just took a bit of patience and technical skill.

It looks great dad! Flame says as the droid rolls off the table it was on and rolls around exploring. Flame and his dad goes into the house with Chrome.

Did my two boys fix that droid yet? His mom asks as they notice them.

Yep we did, but it only wants to follow me. Flame replies with Chrome following him.

I didnt even program it to follow a certain one of us. His dad says behind them.

Beep beep. Chrome says excitedly.

Oh it looks cool. His sister says as she rushes in.

Crystal be careful, we just fixed it. Flame said sternly to his younger sister.



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Chapter 2: Escape

Later on in the day, they are eating dinner. Chrome was wondering around the house since he was just turned on for the first time in like forever. Flame was the first to finish dinner and heads upstairs to study again. Soon he gets to join the Resistance and help fight against evil. But then the ground shakes, Flame runs downstairs into the kitchen where his family is.

Son, take your sister into the secret tunnel and take her away. This planet is being raided by the Bloodrens. His father said.

We love you two, just know that whatever happens, we will always be there for you in spirit. His mom said as they hugged the two.

We love you two mom and dad. He says while hugging them.

Flame and Crystal goes out the back door and Chrome follows. The parents stay behind and try to keep the storm troopers held back as much as possible. While running the three run into some storm troopers.

Hey, all people stay in their homes or they get taken away! One of them said.

Out of our way! Flame said determined to get his sister to safety. Chrome, can you do something? Chrome wheels over to the storm troopers and starts to shock them.

Thats something. Flame says as he walks over and punches a storm trooper knocking the out.

Chrome continues to shock the rest as Flame knocks them out, he grabs one of their blasters. He runs again with Crystal and Chrome until they get to the tunnel. Crystal goes in first, then Chrome, then finally Flame. Should be safe travels for awhile. They go through the tunnel and make it to the escape pod. They enter the escape pod and blast off.



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Chapter 3: Rebel Base, New Life

The escape pod lands on a new planet, and the three get out. A woman walks up to them.

“Welcome you three to the Resistance, my name is Leia.” The Woman said to them.

“Im Flame, and this is my sister Crystal.” Flame said to Leia as he pointed to his sister when announcing her. Leia notices the droid.

“Whose droid is that?” Leia asks.

“I guess that’s mine, I found it somewhere on my planet and my dad and I fixed it up. But our planet got raided and my parents stayed to help protect it.” Flame replies.

“Well I expected you to come here Flame, your father was hopping you to join us. But it seems like you came here early.” Leis announced.

“Well yeah I was hoping to join this, but early?” Flame questions.

“Yeah, you dad was with us years ago. He retired though to take care of his family. He kept in contact with us and he made sure you had a spot on this team.” Leia answers.

“Wait, he actually worked here?” Flame said amazed.

“Yep, and he was a legendary warrior But i fear because he knew most of our secrets and plans so if they got him they could get those out of him and we could be with no defense.” Leia said.

“But you got me, i am a new weapon Leia. They know nothing about me.” He said.

“True, but your dad does know you.” Leia replies.

“He trained me a bit, but after i turned 10 i trained by myself.” He stated.

“Well that’s great, so you could be a weapon for us.” Leia said as a person walked over.

“We can’t use him right away though, if we do we could be defeated early.” The guy stated.

“That’s true Harry.” Leia said as she turned to the guy.

“By the way, I’m Harry, the second in command here.” The guy said waving to Flame and Crystal.

“Hi Harry, Im Flame and this is my sister Crystal.” Flame replies.

“So new planet taken over i assume?” Harry asks.

“Yep, and it was one of our best warriors too.” Leia replies to Harry.

“Dang, I hope we can save him.” Harry says.

“We all do, but we have to take care of his kids first and train them.” Leia states.

“Only i am getting trained.” Flame announced.

“How come?” Harry asks.

“I don’t want to see my sister hurt.” Flame replies as Crystal looks at him.

“I wanna help though.” Crystal says looking at him.

“You are too much for me to lose.” Flame replied to her.

“Don’t worry, we will take care of her.” Leia says as she walks away with Crystal.

“I should take you to Dan, he will give you your weapons and a new paintjob to your droid.” Harry announces.

“Oh, yeah this droid is named Chrome.” Flame said.

“Beep beep.” Chrome says.

“Nice to meet you Chrome, now come on over with me.” Harry says as he went into a building with Flame and Chrome.

“Hey Dan, we came over to get this new kid geared up and his droid a paint job.” Harry says as he walks into the building.

“Sure thing, who am i equipping this time?” Dan asks.

“Flame, he’s the son of a great warrior of ours.” Harry replied.

“Oh cool, i shall gear him up with some great weapons then.” Dan said as he goes into the back and returns with a few guns. “Let’s see, we got a Blaster Shotgun, Blaster Pistol, and Blaster Rifle.”

“Aw sweet, thats some nice blasters.” Flame says in aw.

“Take your pick of two of them.” Harry says.

“Hm, I will take the shotgun and pistol.” Flame requests. Dan goes into the back with the rifle and comes back with a belt.

“Use this to hold extra gear, plus the rest of your gear is on the belt.” Dan says handing Flame the belt. Flame puts on the belt and puts the pistol in a holster and the shotgun on his back.

“Looking good newbie.” Harry says.

“Now time to pick the colors for your droid, first what kind of droid is this?” Dan asks.

“Looks to be an after model of R2-D2.” Harry replies while looking at it.

“Classic model.” Dan says while getting the different color palettes. He walks back over and shows Flame the different colors. Flame picks out sky blue, red, and silver. Dan takes Chrome into the back and gets ready to paint him.

“So Flame, let’s have you get to know everyone else.” Harry says. “While we are waiting for Chrome to be painted.”

“Sure thing, sounds fun.” Flame replies. They exit the building and heads over to the pad.

“Bob, what’s up?” Harry asks.

“Not much, just came back from a mission.” Bob says a little depressed.

“What’s wrong man?” Harry asks.

“I lost the saber i was picking up, it fell out of the X-Wing.” Bob answers.

“Shame, but we can get it back. Remember the Resistance always wins.” Harry says.

“Yeah, but i don’t know where it fell to.” Bob announces.

“Im sure we can track it.” Harry states.

“Let me help with this, I’m new but i wanna help.” Flame said.

“Sure, you can help. We just need to tack it first.” Harry says.



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Chapter 4: The New Sith

Harry, Bob, and Flame were in the control room searching for the lightsaber on the map.
We gotta find it or we could get defeated. Harry states.

Sorry boss, i cant believe i let it happen. Bob replies while looking at the computer that was searching for the lightsaber.

Its fine Bob, we can get it back. Harry asures as the computer locates it and beeps.

There it is. Bob says while transferring the map to his X-Wing.

Dont forget, we are getting new jets next week. I suggest you dont break that X-Wing though just incase the new jets are bad. Harry announces.

We wont, come on Flame lets go. Bob says as he leaves with Flame. They hop into Bobs X-Wing and fly off. They make it to the planet where the lightsaber is, The Bloodrens are already there. They land in a safe place of the planet, Flame hops out.

Im gonna stay here and be a getaway driver. Bob announces.

Alright Bob. Flame said.

Hey Flame, your bot came to my X-Wing before we left. Bob says as Chrome hops out the X-Wing.

Sweet, lookin good Chrome. Now lets go. Flame says as Chrome and him walks away. They make it to a base. Flame tip toes to the door and gets Chrome to open it but it shocks him. The door opens and Storm Troopers come out.

Halt. One of them said while they aimed at Flame. He backs away and runs into the forest. The Storm Troopers follows him into the forest. Flame hides behind a tree with his blaster pistol in hand. A few storm troopers pass by, he shoots one and it goes down.

There he is, get him! One of them said and ran after him.He dodged a bunch of shots but got hit and went to the ground. The storm troopers picked him up and took him back into their base. He was hooked up to a chair when he wakes up. As Flame wakes up hes chained to a table.

Where am I? He wonders when he wakes up.

No where special, just a base. A strange person said who was in a red hoodie and pants.

Who are you? His eyes are trying to get straighten.

Doug, a leader of the Bloodrens. He looks over Flames weapons. Not much good stuff.

Im just a newbie, so not much i will have. He reacts.

Shame though, i have a good sense within you. He holds up the lightsaber. You can be the next Sith, like me.

Im just a person who fights, im no jedi or sith. He replies.

Oh yes you are, I can sense the force within you. He puts the lightsaber on the table and walks over to him. Will I kill you or you join us?

I will never join you! *he yells and Doug is thrown to the wall.

Told you the force is in you. He gets up. Now join us.

NO! Flame says and sends Doug flying through the wall. The table he was on collapses and gets freed. He grabs his belt and weapons. Puts the lightsaber on his belt. He sneaks out of the room and heads out of the building.

He sneaks into the forest and spots a couple of storm troopers. They were getting a call to get the escaped prisoner. He shoots them in the back and knocks them out. He continues on to where Bob was, but he wasnt there. He looked around a bit and saw Bobs X-Wing in the air shooting the enemy ships.

Bob calls Flame, Chrome came to me a bit ago, hes up in the ship with me. Ima drop down and do a quick pick up. Get ready. Flame gets onto the plate where ships lands and gets ready for Bob. He swoops down and opens the hatch. Storm troopers appear and shoots a wing of the ship. The X-Wing falls to the ground, Bob and Chrome gets out. The three heads into the forest.
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