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    Love this song! Any other Rexhars out there?


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      EDIT: Staying up to 3 AM and listening to her has rendered me a fan. Some of her songs aren't so great but others... she's really got something going. This song is a good example, as well as Knees, Ferrari and I'm Gonna Show You Crazy. Genuinely stirring, but she's not packing the same emotional weight as Sia or anything. Still, with time she can only get better. It's always exciting to see a singer's evolution.

      But still, a spark of true individuality would be epic.

      Decent, if not a little inside the box. She occasionally hits upon something sort of satisfying, like a bad movie that gives you good vibes.

      I like it, though! If she gains more in the ways of individuality, things could get awesome.
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