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SO TRUE OH MY GOD, way to completely just wipe the floor to be honest. Glad to see a different team, but obviously gutted that isn't the 76ers - good job Bucks!
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I was pulling for Chris Paul but I am so happy for Giannis. As a kid, he grew up selling cheap sunglasses and watches on the streets of Athens, Greece just to make ends meet for his parents and brothers. In the last 3 years he has become a 2x MVP, DPOTY, and an NBA champion+FMVP. Everyone was comparing Devin Booker to Kobe but it was Giannis who was displaying the Mamba Mentality all along. Love that he's now getting the love he deserves. All he does is play hard, show good sportsmanship, and has a killer mentality. In my mind he is already the 2nd best power forward of all time and a top 20 player of all time.



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Yeah I was kinda hoping cp3 could win it finally after all these years (plus he's kind of old already), though I don't mind Giannis winning at all (I wanted them to win last year). Still kinda feels crappy for the suns cuz it feels like they choked their lead.
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I saw most of the second half of the last match on the telly. Was surprised the Bucks came back that hard lol
The previous game I caught on was when the Suns won the second one and now had a 2-0 lead. (NBA usually gets aired here either while I'm asleep or at work rofl)
All of a sudden the Bucks are leading 3-2 and are winning this one....

Seemed like a deserved win to me, but I missed most of the games in the series =p


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Giannis' 50 bomb to close things out was the icing on the cake. Been rooting for him since 2017 and am really glad he pulled off a dub! Would it be crazy to think they'll repeat tho?
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I don't think they'll repeat but I do think that Giannis is going to win more titles whether that is in Milwaukee or somewhere else, and I don't think they would of won this year if it wasn't for the Kawhi Leonard, Serge Ibaka, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving injuries - I think the Nets or Clippers, most likely the Nets would of won. Not taking anything away from the Bucks or Giannis but the unusual amount of injuries (which I will admit are a part of the game but this season was just unusual in that regard) greatly helped them land this title. The Clippers would've beat the Suns if Kawhi and Serge never went down and the Nets would've beat the Bucks if they never lost Harden and Kyrie