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Dumbest Person in the World.

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Posted August 4th, 2017
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Hello Everyone Just asking if anyone knows where Battle Animation Ends for a Specific move that i want to modify .

I cant understand these :
Chaos Rush Development: Creating New Battle Animations

(To figure out when the animation starts and ends, simply make a new attack (assuming you've already looked at Jambo51's thread on adding new moves), and expand the attack animation table, and then paste the data of the Surf animation (or whatever attack) into free space and point one of the new attacks to that data. Then open up VBA, open up its Memory Viewer, and go to that data. Then replace the bytes and the end with FF, and keep testing it until the animation crashes (it should only crash when you change an 08 byte) Once it crashes, open up your hex editor, and go to the offset of the data, then make it look like how it does in VBA's memory viewer, then add an 08 at the end with the hex editor.)

I cant seem to understand that part. (That part only because Chaos Rush's Tut is very Beginner Friendly)

Can somebody have a more easy to understand Information about that part.

Thanks in Advance.
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