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Who will win?

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View Poll Results: Who will win?
Dragonite vs. Salamence 0 0%
Hitmonlee vs. Hitmonchan vs. Hitmontop 0 0%
Vileplume vs. Roserade 0 0%
Gyarados vs. Milotic 1 100.00%
Mew + Celebi + Jirachi vs. Uxie + Mesprit + Azelf 0 0%
Ho-oh vs. Lugia 0 0%
Bird Trio vs. Dog Trio vs. Regi trio vs. Spirit Trio 0 0%
Arceus vs. Giratina 0 0%
Gengar vs. Dusknoir 0 0%
Darkrai vs. Cresselia 0 0%
Lt.Surge vs. Wattson 0 0%
Ash vs. Gary 0 0%
Paul vs. Ash 0 0%
Paul vs. Gary 0 0%
Giovanni vs. Cyrus 0 0%
Gardenia vs. Erika 0 0%
K-starters vs. J-starters vs. H-starters vs. S-starters 0 0%
Crobat vs. Staraptor 0 0%
Aggron vs. Nidoking 0 0%
Armaldo vs. Cradily 0 0%
Tyranitar vs. Metagross 0 0%
Garchomp vs. Flygon 0 0%
Raichu vs. Manectric 0 0%
Charizard+Feraligatr+Sceptile vs. Blaziken+Swampert+Torterra 0 0%
Magmortor vs. Gallade vs. Dusknoir vs Electivire vs. Frosslass vs. Magnezone vs. Lickylicky vs. Mamoswine vs. Probopass 0 0%
Voters: 1. You may not vote on this poll

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Old August 17th, 2007 (4:46 PM).
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    Vote on this pole to determine the winner.
    Old August 17th, 2007 (5:40 PM).
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      This thread is not needed and we have seen so many pointless ones already. :(
      ~GoBert Fan~

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