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Old November 24th, 2007 (2:00 AM).
Join Date: Sep 2007
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these are my events:
Movie Darkrai (UT)
JBHF Manaphy (UT)
NWS Manaphy (UT)
E4ALL Manaphy (UT)
TRU Manaphy (UT)
PALCITY Manaphy (UT)
Minozumati Manaphy (UT )
Shiny Ranger Manaphy (UT)
PBR Magmortar (UT)
Shiny Pokefesta 06 Electivire (UT)
PBR Electivire (LV 100 EV trainiert)
PALCITY Lucario (UT)
Concert Chatot (UT)
10th Movie Deoxys (UT)
Space C Deoxys (UT)
Doel Deoxys (UT)
Pokemon Fan Club Jirachi in cherish ball (UT)
Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi (UT)
WISHMKR Jirachi (UT)
Negai Boshi Jirachi (UT)
Hadou Registeel, Regice und Regirock (UT)
Rocks Metang (UT)
Cherish Tropius (UT)
Cherish Welsar (UT)
Shiny Saphire Zigzagoon (UT)
Ageto Celebi (UT)
XD Lugia (LV 51)
Shiny XD Suicune (LV 49)
Cherish Octillery (21,22,27 and 30 Oktober UT)
Shiny MYSTRY Mew (LV 42)
Aura Mew (UT)
Ken Psyduck (UT ID. Nr. 38793)
Jun Psyduk (UT ID. Nr. 05458)
TCGWC Pikachu (UT)
PBR Pikachu (UT)
B-day Charmander (UT)

Latias (UT)
Ho-oh (UT)
Entei (UT)
Raikou (UT)
Articuno (UT)
Pikachu (UT)
Charizard (UT)

10 Aniv:
Latios (UT)
Latias (UT)
Absol (UT)
Blaziken (UT)
Shiny Celebi (UT)
Celebi (UT)
Ho-oh (UT)
Umbreon (UT)
Espeon (UT)
Typhlosion (UT)
Moltres (UT)
Articuno (UT)
Dragonite (UT)
Alakazam (UT)
Blastoise (UT)
Charizard (UT)
Bulbasur (UT)

Latios (UT)
Lugia (UT)
Suicune (UT)
Entei (UT)
Raikou (UT)
Pikachu (UT)

Duskull a (UT)
Cacturne a (UT)
Aggron a (UT)
Shedinja a (UT)
Pikachu a (UT)
Milotic b (UT)
Wailord b (UT)
Kingdra b (UT)
Staryu b (UT)
Crawdaunt (UT)
Salamence d (UT)
Seviper d (UT)
Zangoose d (UT)
Altaria d (UT)
Flygon d (UT)

Gengar (UT)
Shellder (UT)
Growlithe (UT)
Ekans (UT)

Shiny Rotom (UT)
Shiny Turtwig (UT)
Shiny Treecko (UT)
Shiny Mudkip (UT)
Shiny Squirtle (UT)

Tom Heracross (UT)
Christy Heracross (UT)

Strongest Pokemon 5:
Electivire in cherish ball (15th,17th,21st and 22nd UT)
FC: 4467 8315 6842
Name in game: MASSI

My favourite pokemon is

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