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LF: jermey pokis and PC tokyo birhtday charmander

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Old November 24th, 2007 (2:46 AM).
AmikaXD AmikaXD is offline
Join Date: Nov 2007
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i can give:
my events:
Palcity Luacrio UT
Palcity mew UT(07157)
palcity Manpahy UT (07157)
PC Tokyo Charmander (,27th July 2007) UT (07207)
2X 10th Deoxys UT (07147)
Movie Darkei (modest) UT (07147)
Jap.Driftlon PC Osaka UT(fan made event) (00000)
Movie Manaphy egg
E4ALL Manaphy UT (10187)
2x TRU Manaphy UT (09297)

Sunday Tropius(02027)
Event Octillery(10147)
Mantyke idyll ot H2o(fan made event)(10017)
SAIKYOU (strongest) Electivire – in a Cherish Ball – ID:11157, lv. 50, untouched

celebi UT(00010)

Ho oH (06227)

ekany UT(24680)
Growlithe UT(24680)

Seviper PCNYd UT(00200)
Flygon PCNYd UT(00077)
Altaria PCNYd UT(00247)
Kingdra PCNYb UT(00283)
Cacturne PCNYa UT(00152)
Aggron PCNYa UT(00442)
Guardevoir PCNY UT(00017)

Piakchu UT (06227)
Suicune UT (06227)
Entai UT (06227)
Raikou UT(06227)
Latios UT(06227)

chatot plaudagei UT(10286)
wishmrk jirachi(20043)
negi bochsi jirachi UT(30719)
poke festa Electivire UT(11256)
Mystry mew(06930)
space c deoxys UT(00010)
Houdo Registeel UT(50901)
MT BATA Ho oh UT(1004
Matlle Ho OH UT(1004
suf pikachu UT (06257)
summer event stantler(fan made event)(60505)
kid jirachi(20122)(fan made)
lovely palce manphy UT(12226)
saphire zigzagoon UT(30317)

and many shinys....
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