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Old November 30th, 2007 (5:35 PM).
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title says it. My top ev I want are timid alakazam, and joll garchomp.

Shiny Gallade 279/383/170/150/268/250
Slamence 330/383/177/224/180/276
Latias 285/150/187/350/284/314 (modest)
Weavile 257/372/166/113/190/341
Garchomp 347/391/216/149/175/301
Shiny Magmortor 277/183/172/378/207/250
Ryperior (lvl 95) 350/374/322/106/132/86
Shiny Porygon z 311/173/169/400/186/279
Lucario 257/237/135/358/147/255
Blissy 714/23/118/186/306/138
Latias 301/176/216/319/297/350 (timid)
Skarmory 334/196/317/104/262/176
Metegross 301/405/296/203/278/177
Gengar 262/149/156/359/186/350
Shiny umbreon 394/149/316/156/328/166
Shiny Ursaring 384/394/187/167/186/146 (I ain’t to sure if it’s legit. Cause it has 32 ribbons.)
Shiny Togekiss 302/113/215/372/329/194
Trade thread:

D/P FC 4596-6614-8172
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