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Old May 3rd, 2014 (11:41 AM).
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    like the title says im good at story telling but i suck at the mapping, and scripting of a game... thats why even if i cant make one i can atleast give my story idea to someone or someones who can

    Story: Its your 12th birthday and your about to go on your first adventure, for your birthday present you brother( the professor) gives one of 3 pokemon that are part of the family line Zorua,Abra, and ghastly, while you sister gives you a pokedex. during your trip you find out more about who your family really is and that you are one of the heirs to become a Legend Hunter( They capture legendaries to protect and later release so evil organizations can not use them for their own selfish porposes) the other heirs are your siblings. Their can only be one Legend Hunter every generation and the current one is your dad. However your father has been away for some time now going after Darkrai( the main legendary). Darkrai for generations has been trying to destroy the Legend hunters for he belives they are only capturing legendaries for their own selfish purposes. your journey will take you all over the Malice region where most cities are plagued with evil corparations trying to use the legendaries for their evil deeds, and you have 3 options become a legend hunter and make darkrai understand their motives, or join the organizations capture the legends to ( whatever the certain organization you joined wants to do), or become the League champion and let things settle themselfs.

    Whatever road you chose

    1) you can capture all legendaries implemented
    2) at anytime can switch from one to another( untill the climax where you have to make a choice

    Hopefully someone likes this idea and will try using it, who ever takes it please if its to make the game better you can tweek it.
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