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Tutorial Tutorial on How to Edit the Title Screen in Pokemon Fire Red 1 - the Charizard Sprite

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Old June 1st, 2016 (11:27 PM).
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hi guys! I will be showing u how to edit the title screen in Pokemon Fire Red.By The Way I'm new to this Community so don't expect a lot!!

Things Needed:
MS Paint
Pokemon Sprite in PNG format
Fresh Fire Red Rom

Step 1
Open UnLZ.gba and goto image 2011 and u should see a messed up charizard sprite now just minimize it and goto to the place where u saved the image, right-click it goto open with and select IrfanView.

Step 2
In Irfanview load the image and at the top-left corner select Image, Palette, Edit Palette, now u see all those black ones before all those start look for the first black and change it into Bright Green,RGB is Red:0, Green:255, Blue:128.After u change it to Bright Green the Pokemon should become colored Bright Green, that's okay don't worry, now goto Image, Decrease Color Depth and select "16 Colors (4 BPP)", tick "Use Floyd-Steinberg dithering (for max. 256 colors)" and leave those two boxed unticked, click ok and goto Image again Palette, Edit Palette and change the Bright Green into Black and change the first color into the Bright Green.

Step 3
After u have done Step Two save the Image and name it like Indexed Sprite or something, and Goto Image, Palette, Export Palette and name it Indexed Palette or something close IrfanView and Open NTME or Nameless Tilemap Editor,goto File, Open Tileset and select the Indexed Sprite, It should take a second to load and after it loads on the bottom-right corner press Preset Sizes and Select FR/LG TS which is Fire Red/ Leaf Green Title Screen and wait for it to load and now on tile selection press width all the way and height all the way after u do that in tile map scroll all the way to the left side and place it with four tiles below it and five tiles before it in the left side after that press Palette Map on the Bottom-Left Corner and it should take a while to load and after it loads press D on the selection after Palette Map and cover the Sprite in D and now after that goto File, Save Tilemap and name it like Indexed Raw or something and close NTME.

Step 3
After Step 3 open the Minimized UnLZ.gba and goto image 2011 and press Import and select the Indexed Sprite and
Write To Rom and check Abort when new data is bigger,Export Image and Automatically Fix Pointers and press ok, it should NOT give u an error, if it gives u an error saying "Its too big Abort" you've done something wrong what you've done is that the image do not follow the dimension of 80 by 80 or 64 by 64.

Step 4
After you Write To Rom the Image to 2011 press next to goto 2012 and at the Top-Left Corner press File, Load Raw and Select the Indexed Raw then Press write to Rom and check Abort when new data is bigger,Export Image and Automatically Fix Pointers and press ok and it should not give u an error mesage saying "Its too big Abort" just redo the NTME thing again and write to rom again and BOOM!!

Step 5
Test it Out!!

As you can see, the whole pokemon sprite is discolored so open up APE and load your rom by going to File, Open Rom, after u load it write 00EAD5E8 on the box and press load and on the Top-Left Corner press Edit, Changed Palette and select Import and select the Indexed Palette u exported earlier on IrfanView and it should give u an error saying invalid palette loaded and that's OK don't worry just import it again and if it gives u an error message saying runtime error 13 don't press OK and just drag it over where u can see da changed palette and press control+PrintScreen now goto paint and press control+V which is paste paste the screen shot now using the select tool select the changed palette and press control+C which is Copy and press new and press Control+V again and a picture of the changed palette should appear and just resize it a bit to match the size of it now open up APE again and load your Rom and enter 00EAD5E8 in the box again and press load and on the boxes in the Changed Palette type the Numbers u can see on the screenshot and after u type everything press replace then load.

Step 6
Test it again!!

1st Q:When I try to import the Image in UnLZ.gba it says Image not Indexed
A:The Image you're using is not following the dimensions of 64 by 64 or 80 by 80

2nd Q:When I Decrease the Color Depth in IrfanView, The Image becomes Hazy
A:You can only use 16 colors in the image.

Thanks for Reading
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Old June 5th, 2016 (7:57 PM).
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First one to post!

Hi! Good tutorial man. Simple and straight. And yes... I recommend to add some pictures to make it more fun.

Oh! I found a mistake there.

1st Q:When I try to import the Image in UnLZ.gba it says Image not Indexed
A:The Image you're using is not following the dimensions of 64 by 64 or 80 by 80
The image is not indexed because it contains more than 16 colors. Not because it has incorrect dimensions.

Sorry but i cant stop myself to point out mistakes when it comes to titlescreens. I myself practice only titlescreen editing. LOL

Anyways.. Good luck for future tutorials!!
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