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Issue How the heck should I supertrain and EV train?

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Old June 17th, 2015 (7:35 AM).
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I know how to access supertraining and what to do, but I have no idea how I should supertrain specific pokemon!
For example, I have an Ampharos that has a Quirky nature. What does her nature mean? How should I have trained her? What the heck are EVs?
In general, what should I consider/look for when I supertrain my pokemon?

I started a new party in Pokemon X and currently I have...
Charizard with quirky nature
Venusaur with naive nature
Pangoro with brave nature
Shiny Sylveon with modest nature
Greninja with calm nature

Please help

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Old June 17th, 2015 (8:02 AM).
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Hey madigan! Unfortunately this is not the place for this kind of questions. This subforum is only for questions regarding PokéCommunity as a forum.

You can probably get help at the Battle and Team Building subforum for the natures and at Trade Corner for EV training information.

Good luck. :)

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