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Old December 23rd, 2007 (11:56 AM). Edited January 13th, 2008 by DrazenHayato.
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    It has been 5 years since the great war between Taki and Konoha. Taki and Konoha are allies now, Iwa and Suna are allies and the villages are at peace. But two new villages have emerged from a long, deep sleep. The two villages' names are The Hidden Moon Village and The Hidden Crystal Village. Their leaders have promised no harm to the Greater Shinobi Nations but what about the Lesser Shinobi Nations? Will the Shinobi World fall into chaos again? Or will the new villages keep their promise of peace. Only Time can tell.
    All regular rules and keep it pg-13
    no godmodding
    No character control
    Sign up sheet

    Nick Name:
    Demon or Cursed Seal:
    Birth Country:
    Release: three and one is your village release
    Secondary Weapons:
    Primary Weapon:
    5 NinJutsu:
    5 TaiJutsu:
    5 Genjutsu:

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    Old January 13th, 2008 (9:06 AM).
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      Cannon Character list

      Anko Mitarashi
      Kimimaro Kaguya
      Aoba Yamashiro
      Asuma Sarutobi
      Choji Akimichi

      Choza Akimichi
      Demon Brothers
      Genma Shiranui
      Hana Inuzuka
      Hanabi Hyuga
      Hinata Hyuga
      Homura Mitokado
      Ibiki Morino
      Idate Morino
      Ino Yamanaka
      Inoichi Yamanaka
      Iruka Umino
      Izumo Kamizuki
      Jibachi Kamizuru
      Kabuto Yakushi
      Kakashi Hatake
      Kiba Inuzuka
      Kisame Hoshigaki
      Koharu Utatane
      Kotetsu Hagane
      Kurenai Yuuhi
      Kurobachi Kamizuru
      Madara Uchiha
      Minato Namikaze

      Might Guy
      Naruto Uzumaki
      Neji Hyuga
      Raido Namiashi
      Rock Lee
      Sakura Haruno
      Sasuke Uchiha
      Shibi Aburame
      Shikaku Nara
      Shikamaru Nara
      Shino Aburame
      Suzumebachi Kamizuru
      Tsume Inuzuka
      Yoshino Nara
      Yugao Uzuki
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      name chris
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      Old January 13th, 2008 (9:07 AM). Edited January 14th, 2008 by Usagi-Chan~.
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        may i reserve a spot i will finish my sign up soon
        also what is a release
        Name: Keiko Zema Hiruma
        Nick Name: Kenny
        Height: 5'3
        Weight: 90'Ilbs
        Age: 14
        Gender: Male
        Demon or Cursed Seal: Curse Seal Of Heaven
        Birth Country: Fire
        Village: Leaf
        Release: three and one is your village release
        Secondary Weapons: 15 kunai,5 shuriken, 1 windmill shuriken, 20 feet of copper wire, and a bottle of oil
        Primary Weapon: A wooden katana.
        Personality: Keiko, or Kenny as he prefers to be called is usually nice sweet, although he is usually scolded for being playful.He is nice and sweet ,though mad when people call him Keiko, as it is too traditional for him. If he is angry he will be dangerous.
        Bloodlimit: Keckrogan, which lets the user manipulate fire and Electricity. Its user mostly exel in these types of chakra to increase the fire and electricity stronger.
        5 NinJutsu: Fire Style: Hell Flame Jutsu- Oil comes from hell, keiko then puts the oil in his mouth and uses Fire Style
        Dragon Flame Jutsu.
        5 TaiJutsu:
        5 Genjutsu:

        Old January 13th, 2008 (10:20 AM). Edited January 13th, 2008 by DrazenHayato.
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          yes and one thing you have more than 15 jutsus you just put 5 for each so you don't tell all of your jutsus

          u can have up to 5 characters
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          Old January 13th, 2008 (10:30 AM). Edited January 13th, 2008 by Loki.
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          Do not double post DrazenHayato. And for the record, don't post an OoC thread until your roleplay has been accepted in the main roleplay forums.

          I will reopen this thread once your plot on the main thread is sufficient.


          Edit; Alright, your roleplay has been accepted. -reopens-
          Old January 13th, 2008 (11:51 AM).
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            Name: Kenkaku Satsugai
            Nick Name: Dash
            Weight: 150
            Age: 35
            Gender: male
            Rank: Hokage
            Demon or Cursed Seal:
            four tailed wolf
            Birth Country
            : fire
            Village: leaf
            Release: all because of bloodlimit
            Secondary Weapons
            : Sebon, Knuckle knives, ninja wire, windmill shurkien,
            Primary Weapon: gullotine sword
            Personality: His strong, unshakable confidence, analytical skill, and cautious nature. He is sadistic when some is trying to attack his friends and family. He never gives up and he is alway training, because he wants to be the clan leader one day. He is always looking out for his friends and family. He is always in a good mood unless you mess with him or his friends and family. Some people think he is a monster, because the way he gets in combat sometimes he takes things to far.
            Appearance: Kenkaku has long blone hair. It pass his chin, but for most part it is under his black bandana. His leaf symbol is located at the front of his bandana. He wears a faded green jacket. It was his fathers so thats why it is faded. He wears a black shirt underneath the jacket, there is also a silver piece located at his neck.

            His shirt is long sleeve, which goes well with the jacket. He wears white bandages that wrap around his wrist, that go to his elbow. He has faded green gloves that have silver pieces on them. He has black paint under his eyes

            He wears black pants, that go to his ankle. He weres white bangages over them, that go up to his knees. Kenkaku ususally has he black peice of cloth that covers his face, but sometimes leaves it down.
            Bloodlimit: Element Manuplation and born with anthiem posion in his body
            5 NinJutsu: Posion Claw, earth spike, chidori, dual chidori combo, flame chasm

            5 TaiJutsu:
            Dash style taijutsu, flying swallow, lion barrage, pergine falcon drop, primary lotus
            5 Genjutsu: earth shatter, bringer of darkness, fasle place, votrex of death, hearing control

            Decades ago, there was a huge war, this war wasn't in the great shinobi nations, but far to the south, the war had been going on for a long time, innocent where being slaughtered before the eyes of there families, young, old, didn't matter, they all fell because of the blades, a small village was left mostly untouched, but they knew that the war was going to reach them soon, that's when the five best ninja decided to do something about it, they had a hidden library and searched through it for a way to end the war, that's when they found a scroll telling how to open a gateway to the realm of thunder, they set up what they needed and summoned a creature of thunder, it entered and looked at them all, freezing them where they sat, then it spoke, a sound like a low grumble," why have I been summoned, by mortals so less, his eyes spoke clearly, saying this had better be good

            on of the ninja cleared his head and spoke, "we wish for power to defend ourselves, can you grant it. The five ninja agreed, knowing that this price was nothing compared to what could happen, the thunder creature each flashed them an evil smile before forcing thunder into each of them, along with the knowledge needed to control it, he steps back through the portal and it closes with a snap.

            A week later, they are on a hill watching a battle play out below them, they nod to each other and join, attacking both sides, killing many, as much as the sides tried, they couldn't touch the five ninja, and were crushed easily, the ninja, seeing that they have hope, continued like this, killing anyone who dare to fight, they showed no mercy at all, but never attacked a town, soon, a meeting was called, the war needed to be stopped, they were losing too many people to these five unknown ninja, for they had abilities never before seen and no knowledge on how to stop, the ninja, seeing that there job was down, went back to there home town and settled down, living there life, all of them had children, and all of the children showed that they could also control thunder, the five ninja smiled at that, knowing that the land would stay protected by there children, so they taught them what they knew, and before anyone knew it, the time was up, on that night, screams could be heard from the homes of the ninja, nobody dared to go to them. But some how the five ninja and children survived. He is the descendent of one of the childrens children.
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            Old January 29th, 2008 (9:51 AM). Edited February 9th, 2008 by SilverTail.
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              wouldn't mind if a dead person showed up, would you? *evil grin*

              Name: Haru Takanara
              Nick Name: "freak" "dobe" "weirdo" "that-weird-kid-who's-gonna-blow-us-all-up" (for those that dont know him he just says haru xD)
              Height: 5'11
              Weight: 113 lbs
              Age: 14
              Gender: male
              Rank: Genin
              Demon or Cursed Seal: Neither, but his that could be a demon...
              Birth Country: Fire
              Village: Konohagakure no Sato

              Release: (ok...I think we should get an example of this one...)

              Secondary Weapons: Kunai, Shuriken, Wire, firecrackers & paper tags(yay! explody thingies!)
              Primary Weapon(s): wakizashi, Shadow (although the shadow itself moves of its own accord...)

              Personality: Haru is care free and easy going, A really fun guy to be around. Always telling jokes(not usually funny) and providing comic releaf. and no, its not a mask! This happy-go-lucky-ball-of-energy just loves to mess with firecrackers in his spare time, when he's not developing even more powerful ones. So, yeah, all fun and games and explosions with this kid. Till ya make him mad. only three people have seen this. two being the ones that stole his fireworks.(hes about as obsessed with them as kakashi is with his porn xD) Seemingly, his shadow dissapeared, and his appearance got..more dark... he got very, VERY sadistic, and used his new 'friends' to help him test his very uncomfortable and painful ways, untill the third person, his sensei, found them and stopped him before he killed the three. Luckily for them, haru snapped back to normal when the teacher showed up, even if he didn't remember what had happened.

              Appearance: Haru has long, red-brown hair thats spiked up in random spots on its course down his back, and hangs to each side of his hitai-ate(headband), just above his amber-gold eyes. He wears a black vest over a bright "here-I-am-come-and-kill-m" orange t-shirt, a jounin swirl on the back of the vest. He also wears baggy black jeans, almost bell bottoms the way they go around his sandals. his weapons holsters are firmly affixed to their normal spots on any other shinobi. he usually has a bandage adorning his left cheek for some odd reason.

              His shadow is the most peculiar thing about him. as it seems to have eyes in itself, and the hair looks nothing like haru's being much more dangerously spiked, and slightly shorter. It also dosnt need to be facning away from the sun like a regular human's shadow, as it can easily be facing twords the sun, making him stick out from the croud. Not only can it o against teh sun, but it can raise itself from the ground a good few feet, often 'standing' much taller than haru when needed. There also seems to be a toothy grin visible when something bad is happening...

              When angered to the point that those three saw, his shadow dissapears, his hair seems to spike up into that dangerous shape, his eyes glazing over slightly, and that grin forms, along with a slight darkening of his skin, as though he's in the shadows.

              Kekkei Genkai: Although noone is sure if it is a true kekkei genkai, since his mother came to konoha shortly before haru's birth, and died shortly after, but haru has an immunity to almost all manner of poison and bacteria/virus.

              5 NinJutsu:
              Shadow style - forced relinquish jutsu
              water style - black rain jutsu
              Trickster Style - Minefield tripwire jutsu
              Fire style - explosive oil feild
              Fire style - volcanic oil surfing

              5 TaiJutsu:
              trickster art - explosive lotus
              shadow holding perspective strike
              trickster art - explosive hit

              5 Genjutsu:
              Calming of Darkness Jutsu
              Blinding of the Senses
              Henge no Jutsu(transformation)
              Bunshin no Jutsu(clone)

              History: Haru, having had no parents since he was young, was left in the care of an orphanage. Sure, the food sucked, and the blankets were ratty, but atleast it was a place to stay. when he turned 7 he joined the academy, but unfortunately, was forced to leave the orphanage. after much searching he found an apartment he could afford and moved in, while still going to the academy, and getting average grades of b's and c's. Though his exploits with his explosive 'friends' made it a short distance, the teachers quickly quelled most of the rumors about him, and names were lost in the eventual stream of things. Even then, haru took no notice of things, and continued on with his life, one explosion at a time. When he finnally did realize his shadow had a conciousness of its own(he was about 10) he managed to make a deal with it. it could only harm those he deemed as the 'enemy' and even then, if it wasnt life threatening, he couldnt do anything bad. In return whatever it was could go about its buisness around him, causing mischif and 'helping' him with his fireworks. How they worked this out noone knows, mainly because, the shadow, being just that, has the inabillity to talk. At graduation, for his final farewell, he blew up all the toilets in the north end of the academy.

              hope ya like it, I thought the Narutoverse could use another explosive charachter, other than Deidara. and if you're gonna get after me about having my shadow, dont even get me started about the fact that hidan is immortal, or the fact that you cant use Chidori properly without the Sharingan, in any way, shape, or form.

              even though the thread died along time ago...I will continue on the memory of the "Arr, I Be A Pirate" RP! ARRR!


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