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Old January 21st, 2008 (4:01 PM).
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    My my, it's been a while, probly cuz no one bothered with my threads;) I wonder if anybody remembers little 'ol me.

    Well, that aside, I'm back and I've gone and made a new thread for Truth Wars: Alleruse War Chronicle!

    Storyline Edit 4 (I've had to fix it 4 times if not more...)
    Truth Wars is an RPG being made in RPG Maker 2003, its being made in English by the way.

    All material is corresponding to their respective owners, this includes music, graphics and the program itself, in all its glory.

    One of the Hyrian army's Captain, Vince Karn, leads an attack staged on the enemy fort, aptly named Fort Reiz,located on thesnow Continent.

    Managing to fight off the enemy forces, he invades the fort now joined by three of his most reliable men, Bart, Merve and Astrae. They meet resistance within the fort, naturally, as they head for the research wing. Said area reached, they meet with another Hyrian Captain, Captain Claise.He faces off against the leader of the Reizan forces as Vince and the others fight against the weaker enemies attempting to stop them. The battles won, they indulge in repose as they head home.

    The true motive of this conquest is unknown, it even seemed extremely easy,this being Vince's first combat assignment, he feels confident, despite his hesitant nature.

    The trip home is not exactly a pleasant one either, his thoughts are constantly turning to things they shouldn't be, and an overwhelming fear burdens the boy.
    Even then, he remains blissfully unaware of the strength he holds, and the fate of such a being...


    Captain Vince Karn- The main character of the story. He was drafted into the Hyrian Army at age 14, now 17 years of age. He is one of Hyra's Top Captains, the third best actually. Having spent the three years he's been in the army training day and night for any and everything that he may encounter, he remains hesitant of certain situations. He is usually not very expressive and keeps most things to himself yet, he is a great annalist.
    Even as a skilled swordsman, he does dabble in Ephex as it was a pre-requisite for joining the army. He has no clue as to anything regarding his past. A man named Raiku taught him all he knows and acted as a brother figure to him. When he was captured, he became confused and riddled with questions.

    Age: 17

    Skills: Sword Arts

    -Rena A. Hirai- She is one of the last of an ancient race of Evokers. Currently lives with her brother Kiru in a small town called Belmec. She can use Ephex rather skillfully either for offensive, defensive or regenerative purposes, as well as being the only person in Alleruse capable of granting life to Ephex, a skill inherited from her late father, Astor who was also an Evoker.

    This skill is gravely desired by many kingdoms excluding Vasiria; they have managed to create a device that allows artificial Evoking. Living in hiding has made her a more cheerful person rather than a nut case, strangely. She always tries to find the good in the situation, a really kind person and tries to help everyone she meets, especially Vince after their strange meeting.

    Age: 16

    Skills: Taevner

    -Zerus Thalez- An Esthren citizen of Reiz the newly christened Dead City, formerly the capital of the continent Areyas. He is a member of a resistance group, sent to scout ahead and gather data to plan an ambush on one of Hyra's Research Laboratories. This group he has joined is trying to prevent the oncoming war along with about 17 other guys with his side victorious. Although he is very serious regarding his work, he is a joker of sorts. Offering his services to Vince as he is ambushed on his way to the mainland rather quickly, if I do say so myself. His being from Reiz has granted him resistance to cold temperatures and his being an Esthren has granted him great agility.

    Age: 17

    Skill: Dagger Arts, Ephex

    -Kiru Hirai- Rena's brother. He took up the way of the dragoon after his mother, a dragoon herself , she was slain in battle several years before the war after bearing her two children for reasons I shall not reveal... He is not yet a full fledged dragoon but hopes to become one in order to honor his mother and to better protect his sister. This meaning he cannot achieve the full [Jump] Art Dragoons wield so effortlessly.

    His father, an evoker named Astor, passed away 4 years later after Rena's birth, leaving him to protect Rena, Kiru was 7 at the time, Rena was..well... 2.This has deeply wounded him but he refrains from showing it. He is very cocky most of the time but he can't seem to say no to anything, something he inherited from his father. He protects Rena with his life and wouldn't hesitate to risk his life for her.

    Age: 21

    Skill: Lance Arts

    -Raiku Almos- It is said he was held prisoner in Vasiria. A master swordsman who taught Vince all he knows. He acts wisely and never hesitates, he a big brother figure to the party. Especially Vince. During his short stay amongst the heroes, he acts as a judge and directs their actions. During which Vince takes a stand as the leader of the party only. Details regarding his capture are not well known

    Age: 25

    Skills: Sword Arts

    -Lieru Rand- The leader and founder of the Yellow Flame Mafia. The joins Vince and the gang through a bizarre twist of events... He is one of the Top Dogs of the mob stationed in Noreid Town on Areyas. He can use all kinds of guns such as shotguns and pistols and carries special bullets in his coat. His speech is barely comprehensible as he speaks in a gangsta lingo using word like "Sho nuff" and the occasional odd phrase "Aint no thang like a chicken wing"... He joins Vince for good after seeing him take on a whole brigade of Hyrian soldiers at a certain point in the game, Telling Vince "You got some balls *****!" Initially, he joins out of pure need.

    Age: 24

    Skills: Gunplay

    -Nina Lamonte- Princess of Vasiria. She joins Vince and his group after they save her from the destruction of the Vasirian castle. Yep there's a castle! She has been taught the path of protection and has learned many a protective Ephex through it all. Although she is very intelligent and kind but a little oblivious to the ways of the world...Well she IS a princess... often resulting in insulting the townspeople and getting chased out of shops... She joins Vince as she is helpless to the ways of the world and because the only thing she ever knew was destroyed alas. She and KOS-MOS get along like sisters somehow.

    Age: 19

    Skills: Ephex, Chemist

    -Arcana Asuma- Dont let her clothes fool you, she has nothing to do with the church! A Sainklair from a town called Seifen, she has mastered Ephex to its fullest. Despite her skills, she has never had military training, and only wishes to broaden her horizons but when she needs to fight she WILL NOT hesitate to set you on fire. Having a human mother and an elf father, her body is fragile and cannot fight for too long also resulting in much sickness. Vince finds her in a puddle of her own blood in the Geryu Desert on the mainland; she appears to have overused her Arcane powers. Nina, who is currently with Vince, restores her using special Sainklair healing talents. Her Arcane Arts are a special brand of Ephex specializing in causing crippling damage to the enemy. This, in turn hurts Arcana due to overexertion.

    Age: 23

    Skills: Ephex, Arcane Arts

    -Jade Craile- A young girl saved by Zerus during the attack on the Vasirian Capital by Hyrian forces. By young I mean 11 years old. She develops a crush with Zerus after he saves her. She likes to show off what she can do, her stamina is not one of those things, while having great Ephex Driving skills. Regardless, she knows a thing or two about fighting, she can wield a boomerang making her a valuable ally against flying enemies.

    Age: 11

    Skills: Ephex, Boomerang Arts

    -KOS-MOS- The main character of Xenosaga makes a cameo appearance in Truth Wars. She is made by Vasiria in order to combat the Graders made by Reiz and Hyra. Having only lost 1 of 4 Forts there are still many Grader being manufactured. These are merely a fraction as powerful as the actual product. KOS-MOS possesses various weapons that deal with these creatures with great ease. She loses control during an attack as a result of being released too early and blows away part of Vasiria. Her priority settings are damaged during the battle and she is able to act on her own from there on choosing to protect Nina.

    Age: 2 Years since project development was started.

    Skills: G-Weapon

    -Kaoru- An enigmatic young man. Created by Hyra as Dariden replica, he possesses a large fragment of Dariden strength. Being born from a tube, he has no prior education and tends to ask Vince everything he doesn't understand, he seems to look up to him. He doesn’t seem to ever exhaust his Dariden powers despite being a prototype. Apparently like they got it right the first time.

    Age: 14 in Appearance

    Skills: Great Sword Arts, Dark Purge, Ephex


    -Post game style dungeon allowing you to recruit a few unexpected characters.

    -You will be able to recruit a total of 12-16 party members. Some will be hidden, some will join due to storyline

    -Cameos from future games, tell me how you like the characters kay,?

    -A storyline that transcends its social "limitations"as a monarchial society with a modern attitude.

    -A summoning system similar to FFX's(STILL BEING WORKED ON!)

    - Day and Night system! COMPLETE Along with random raining!

    -Split opening, meaning you decide how your journey begins, a tutorial? or play the game without knowing any of the basics? Play the tutorial for a surprise later on...(The tutorial part isn't done yet...and I accidentally left in a Debug function...don't use it please.)

    - Buy and allocate skills and spells for each character. Each have their own affinities to elements!(A la FF1)

    -Pilot weapons craft.

    -Extract shards, gems and crystals themselves from Ephex Crystals placed along dungeons using a special sword known as the Draw Saber

    -Transform in the midst of battle to unleash devastating techniques!

    -Skill Pad as I call it. Increase your character's stats and Hit Number as wll as gain more powerful LIMIT abilities.

    -Switch parties any time in the field with the push of a button.(The 2 button as a matter of fact!)

    -Create your own Ephex spells and assign specific elemental roles to characters.


    What you really came here for!

    ----MISC. Links----

    It's the game's freewebs site, its got everything I posted here and more, as well as a link for a week old demo. I'm actually uploading one right now.

    Some of the vids I've uploaded of it.

    That should about do it.

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