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Old April 3rd, 2008 (8:49 PM).
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    For those that saw my Cubed thread, this is version 2 of that very same game. Version 1 had very block like movement and everything was relatively predefined. I had goals that I wanted to accomplish with the game that required much more work than just editing the code for Version 1. So I decided to scrap the project completely and start from scratch. Thus bringing about development on Cubed V2.

    Made With C++

    The concept of the game is quite simple. You, as the player, are on a cube in a 2D plane. You are to move from side to side and layer to layer in one gigantic maze/puzzle. Turn on and off switches to activate doors and other objects. Push around blocks to block flamethrowers or fill in holes. Step on musical notes to match the beat of some musical generator. Use a portal to teleport yourself back to a player defined position. Ultimately reaching the center of the cube. But the best part is, game play is dynamic. Every player has the ability to create their own cube, and share with others. So after you complete one cube, create your own and share it with the people of the world, whilst taking another cube for a spin.

    I would go on to give a detailed list of features, but I do not mean to bore anyone with details. The best way to understand Cubed is to actually play it. So with that I give you screen shots, and Cubed V1.

    This first set of pictures are all from V1.

    One of the first screen shots of the game.

    Slightly more involved.

    Layer 1 concept.

    Now for V2 Screens

    A quick cube I created with the built in map creator.

    The start up side from the cube I created.

    This next picture showcases a feature that few will truely notice, but I spent weeks trying to figure it out.

    Same map as above but on a different rotation.

    Rotations are a key feature in the game. It is something that V1 did not have and if you play V1 you will notice why it might be important to have them and how greatly it effects game play.

    I need suggestions for game play ideas, as well as your comments on the game itself. Please rate it, critique it, the works. It will only help the game get better and closer to completion.

    With that said I need 2-3 beta testers for V2. V2 is fully ready to beta test, so the first few the ask will get it. You must have Gmail. (I reward google users. :P)

    Click Here for Cubed V1
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