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    I'm going to post my Chapters seperatly to make it easier. And I might have a alot of spelling errors but none too bad. Feel free to post any comments.

    Chapter 1: Brand new Pokemon!

    Oh no I overslept! the boy
    screamed Im over 1 hour late!

    After the boy quickly got dressed he raced downstairs and left his house running the whole way to Prof. Bens lab.

    Im sorry Im late Prof., The boy said tiredly. Dont worry about it Sam, I had a feeling
    you would be late! The Prof. said cheerfully.

    Sam is a 12-year-old boy from GreyStone Town with short black hair and a red T-shirt, with black shorts that covers his knees.

    Well, Im ready to get my first pokemon Prof. Sam said calmly Today, I have chosen 5 rare pokemon that you can choose from, I have a Elekid, Corsola, Magby,
    Murkrow, and Tyrouge the Prof.

    Hmm I think Ill pick Magby Sam exclaimed Good choice that pokemon is pretty strong said the Prof. Oh yes, I almost forgot here is your pokedex, the pokedex holds information on the pokemon you have seen or caught, unfortunately Im all out of pokeballs and your going to have to get some from the pokemart. Prof. Ben handed Sam a red and blue pokedex with a black stripe on the side.

    Oh and your friend Lisa came a little bit earlier then you and got her pokemon too said the Prof She did, then Ill go to her house but first Im going to check out my pokemon exclaimed Sam.

    He threw the pokeball on the ground in the lab and a magby formed from the white light. Magbys whole body is red except for the brownish color on its stomach
    with claws and nails and a red tail. Sam opened his pokedex and it read: Magby, the baby flame pokemon: This pokemon is very energetic and usually enjoys a good match; its sharp claws can easily rip through flesh. Mag,Mag! the Magby yelled happily I think Ill call you flamer. Said Sam Mag, Mag! it said cheerfully.

    Sam decided not to keep him in the pokeball and let him walk with him, saying goodbye to Prof. Ben he left and went to Lisas house.

    Sam finally reached Lisas house and saw her with her new pokemon about to go inside.

    Lisa! Sam yelled Oh hey Sam! Lisa said. Lisa was the same age as Sam and had long blue hair, she was wearing a blue tank top with a whooper on it and long with pants. I see you finally got your pokemon and I did too look!

    Sam looked and he saw a Brown a Eevee with a beautiful furry coat, with long ears and black eyes. Sam flipped open his pokedex and it read: Eevee the fox type pokemon, Eevees are famous for their beautiful coat and soft fur, Eevees are sly and commonly used as pets and for battles and can evolve into 5 different types of pokemon.

    Nice pokemon, do you want to battle? Sam asked Ya, I want to battle you in my first match. said Lisa courageously.

    Go Eevee, quickly use your quick attack! Eevee became a small blur and striked Magby. Flamer, use a takedown! yelled Sam. Magby got up and ran with even greater speed and knocked down Eevee hard.

    Eevee steadily got up and waited for Lisas command Eevee use your body slam! cried Lisa. Eevee jumped up high in the air and slammed Magby to the ground hard.

    Magby, struggling to get up makes a fireball with his fist. Huh? Sam said confused, he opened his pokedex and it said: Firepunch, one of Magbys strong attacks, that causes great damage.

    Alright, then Magby fire punch! Magby striked Eevee with such force that it went flying back to Lisa, it was clear it has been knocked out. beat me. Lisa said unhappily. Mag,Mag! Magby said cheerfully. Tomorrow, Im going to start me journey now that I have my first pokemon and battle in Ondie City for a badge, what about you? Lisa said. Im going to start mine tomorrow too. Sam said calmly. Great, then come to my house tomorrow at nine! said Lisa. Okay, Ill see then bye! Sam said finally. After that, Sam and Magby went home where they found his mother and father home from work.
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      Chapter 2: GreenValley Forest

      “Oh no I overslept again!” Sam yelled waking up Flamer beside him.

      “Its almost 10!” Sam slowly walked down stairs and saw his dad sitting down drinking coffee and reading a newspaper with his white robe on.

      Sam looked on the table and saw that his purple backpack was already packed with clothes food and a mini-flashlight. His mom was making pancakes on the stove then turned to him and said “Breakfast will be ready soon get ready to go.”

      “Yes mom” He said. After he brushed his teeth, he got ready and brought Magby down for breakfast. After breakfast he put his backpack, shoes, and coat on, then said a final goodbye to his parents then left with Flamer.

      On his way to Lisa’s he saw some pidgey flying in the bright blue clear sky and thought about what the journey would be like.

      When he finally reached Lisa’s house she was sitting on her steps with her pink and blue backpack and she blurted out “Its about time!”

      “Sorry I overslept” Sam said, “Well lets go to the pokemart and get some pokeballs.”

      They left from Lisa’s house, on their way to the pokemart, when Prof. Ben ran up to them out of breath and managed to say “Before you go I have to give you your pokegears, the pokegear has a map and is your identification as official pokemon trainers, and by the way now that I know that your going to start your journey today I have entered you 2 in the Dynamo League in this league there is 9 badges where you’ll have to travel to different town or city, and I see that your Magby really likes you Sam.”

      “Mag, Mag!” Magby said cheerfully. “Thanks Prof.” Said Lisa “good thing we didn’t leave earlier.”

      After they said goodbye to the Prof. They reached the pokemart. “What kind of balls should we get?” Asked Sam “Let’s just see what we need.” Responded Lisa.

      Sam bought 2 regular pokeballs, 1 waterball, and a rockball, Lisa got 1 pokeball, 2 strengthballs, and 2 pink balls, and both of them also bought potions and antidotes.

      Sam, Lisa, and Magby left GreyStone town and went into the Green Valley forest, which leads to Ondie City.

      Along the way Sam and Lisa saw some metapods and kakuna on trees but they didn’t interest them, until they encountered a wild Sandshrew.

      “Hmm whats this?” Lisa said. She opened her pokedex which was green and pink with a orange stripe on the side and it read: Sandshrew the ground rodent pokemon, this pokemon digs up to 30 miles underground and spends a lot of time there. its claws can tear through flesh and may even cleave stone.

      “This ones mine.” Lisa said “Eevee go!” Eevee came out of her pokeball with her beautiful fur sticking up like jolteon quills.

      “Eevee use your Triple team!” Eevee immediately used the newly discovered attack and surrounded the sandshrew. The sandshrew slashed ferociously at the fake eeves.

      “Eevee now use your takedown!” yelled Lisa. Eevee charged at the sandshrew so hard that it received some damage.

      “Whoa…” Sam thought as he watched the attack. The sandshrew tried to get up slowly, but fell right back down “Now, go pokeball!” said Lisa. She threw the pokeball and the sandshrew became a red light and was concealed in the ball, it shook once…twice…then stopped.

      “Alright I caught a sandshrew!” Lisa yelled while in a pose. “Oh please...” Sam muttered to himself. After healing Lisa’s Eevee they continued on and battled a few weak weedles and caterpies for experience, about an hour later they exited the forest and finally reached Ondie City.
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        Chapter 3: The wrath of Team K-os

        When the duo and Magby entered Ondie City they immediately noticed 3 shady people with the letter K on their shirts, but they didn’t pay much attention to them and continued on to the pokecenter.

        “So this is how a pokecenters looks.” Said Lisa in surprise. The pokemon center had a large table in the corner surrounded by 6 beautiful chairs, a green picture phone on the left wall, and a computer by the doorway with a pokemon transfer machine, and a small pocket just below the monitor to deposit pokemon related items.

        They healed up their pokemon and decided to take a little rest and eat and feed their pokemon.

        “ So have you decided what kind of pokemon you want to catch first Sam?” asked Lisa while chewing on her sandwich.

        “Well Since I already have a fire pokemon I want to catch a water pokemon, but they’re a bit rare around here.” Sam said

        “ Well you have to catch something because the gym leader here only battles trainers with at least 2 pokemon. Said Lisa after drinking some bottled water.

        “What!” Sam screamed after spitting out his pop. “Ya, its true he thinks that trainers without at least 2 pokemon aren’t "worthy" trainers for him to battle, I read about it in a magazine.” Said Lisa.

        “Well then I’m going to have to go up ahead and try to catch one then said Sam anxiously.

        “Since you have 2 pokemon you can battle him, me and Flamer are going to go ahead and find a pokemon.” Said Sam.

        “Ok then if you manage to catch a one meet me here I’m going to get a badge now.” Said Lisa.

        After cleaning up after their pokemon and themselves, Lisa headed to the gym and Sam headed upwards toward the grassy part of the city.

        Just before heading their separate ways Sam noticed how 2 shady people were eying him as he walked by, but once again he didn’t pay them any attention.

        After reading the Ondie City gym Lisa couldn’t help but notice how large the gym was it was the size of a football field but the outside of it looked very old and rundown.

        When she entered the gym the walls had pictures of various pokemon such a pikachus, electabuzzes, and pichus. When she finally reached the end of the long hall way she entered the arena and a man (possibly the gym leader) sitting in a chair, he stood up and said “I’m Troy the leader of this gym that only battles trains with at least 2 pokemon.”

        Troy was a tall man with a longsleeve brown and white shirt with salty blank and white long hair.

        “This battle shall begin now!” he yelled. “Didn’t even bother what my name is…’’ Lisa thought to her self.

        When Sam reached the grassy part of the city he knew there had to be some pokemon around.

        “You ready Flamer!” Asked Sam. “Mag..” said magby as if he was ready to fight. They began searching and went a little further but failed to find anything.

        After 30 minutes of searching, they finally heard some sort of rustling in a nearby berry bush and out just a pokemon Sam haven’t seen before it was a small green pokemon with a horn on its head.

        Sam flipped open his pokedex and it said: Larvitar the aggressive sand pokemon, this pokemon tends to be very aggressive and can be difficult to train by trainers, its attacks are very strong and can sometimes cause major earthquakes

        “We'll see about that.” Said Sam, “Go Flamer, use a ember.” The Magby fired a small fireball that hit Larviter’s left cheek, but didn’t do much damage because of the type difference.”

        The Larviter charged Magby and it dropped hard on the ground, it got up slowly and Sam yelled “Flamer use a power punch!”(A weaker version of mega punch) the Magby’s fist started to glow white and it ran up and striked Larviter much harder but, afterwards just shook it off.

        Sam thought there was no way now he can catch that pokemon and win, but just before he was going to call back Magby he heard a load noise, BOOM! They were surrounded with smoke and after it cleared he saw the 2 that were eyeing him!

        “We are Team K-os we are everything you fear
        we’re in your dreams thought and even your nightmares
        so just hand over your pokemon without a fit
        or we’ll show you the meaning of brutal punishment!”

        “Who are you?!” yelled Sam angrily. “We are Team K-os, I’m Bro and she’s Samantha.” Said Bro pleasingly.

        Samantha was dressed in the black Team K-os uniform with the large K on the shirt; she had long black hair, which was put in a single ponytail, and eyes that would make you shiver.

        Bro also had on the Team K-os uniform with the large K on it; he’s a bald man with a head so bald you can almost see your reflection.

        “We couldn’t help but noticing you have a pokemon with you in Ondie City, and a Magby at that.” Samantha said smoothly.

        Well you can’t have him!” Sam yelled. “ Ok then, were going to have that Larviter and Magby too” Bro said.

        “Just try, I’m not going to let you take either of them.” Sam said. Larviter looked shocked as he heard that.

        “Fine then we’ll have to do it the hard way Charmander go!” yelled Bro. The Charmander came out its black pokeball and it had a large scar on its right cheek and looked angry.

        “Charmander use flamethrower on that kid!” screamed Bro. The angry Charmander opened its mouth and fired a flame long wave at Sam, but just then Larvitar quickly jumped in front and used barrier to save Sam, Sam looked in astonishment as what Larviter just did.

        “ Nice try, use more force Charmander.” Bro said. The Charmander used even more force and so did Larviter.

        “Max power” yelled Bro. Bro’s pokemon used even more power, and the barrier broke and Magby, Larviter, and Sam got hurt, Sam knew there was nothing he can do and he passed out.

        “ That’s enough!” screamed a voice nearby behind them “What, Clark didn’t we tell you not to interfere!” yelled Samantha.

        “ I quit your ridiculous gang and here catch!” Clark through a black-pokeball at Bro.

        “Here’s your Raticate!” “Why you watch when I get my hands on you, you traitor.” Yelled Samantha.

        Clark was about a year older then Sam and Lisa and he wore a red-hooded sweatshirt with blue jeans, and grayish brown hair that was short.

        Sam finally woke up and saw what was going on but he couldn’t stand up straight so he just sat on the ground.

        “I’ll take care of this traitor, go Nidoran!” scowled Samantha. The Nidoran was a small green pokemon with a horn on its head, this pokemon also looked almost as mean as Bro’s Charmander.

        “Use poison needle!” The Nidoran opened its small mouth and rapidly fired small sharp needles at Clark.

        “Oh no you don’t.” said Clark, then quickly dived out of the way, just then Larviter woke up but also couldn’t get up and had to stay down.

        “Let’s deal him later and get that Magby and Larviter while there still down. “Charmander use a fire blast!” yelled Bro. Charmander quickly looked at him because he knew that its body can’t take the power of a fire blast and a possibility of losing its life.

        “Do it now I said!” yelled Bro. The Charmander had no choice but the fire a gigantic wave of fire at the Larvitar, something in Sam just snapped like lightening and he grabbed Magby (which was beside him) then had to dive out of the way to save Larvitar.

        After doing that Charmander took fainted (but didn’t die) and Sam was in horrible pain, Larvitar just realizing that Sam had just saved it; fell asleep in Sam arms with Magby in the other. “ Err…..” Clark growled “Go Psyduck, use a hydroblast!” The small duck yellow duck pokemon opened its large bill and fire an icy water gun (a little bit larger then flamethrower) and hit Team K-os and their pokemon and they go blasted away into the horizon.

        Clark walked away because he forgot about Sam and his pokemon and focused on Team K-os.

        When the horrible pain died down a bit he had enough strength to crawl out of the grassy part of the city, while having to hold Magby and Larviter in his arms and into the civilized part of town, one man noticed him injured and said “Son you and your pokemon are injured, I’ll bring you to the pokemon center, since the hospital is too far away.

        Sam managed the words “Thank you” to the stranger. After the man put Sam on the back of his pick-up truck Sam thought, “I saved Larviter’s life and he saved mine…”.

        After arriving at the pokecenter sometime later, the man carried him inside with his pokemon and they were immediately taken care of.

        Sam only had a injured rib, Magby was fine and got recovered and Larvitar is also find but not still needs a bit of recovering time.

        Just before getting ready to leave and meet Lisa at the gym because she wasn’t at the pokecenter, Clark came by came to heal his pokemon and saw Sam on his way out.

        “Your that boy Team K-os bothered.” He said “Ya I’m Sam and this is my Magby” he said. “Mag mag!” Magby said with gleam.

        “ Do you know what is the story on that “Team k-os” is and weren’t you once one of the cause I remember I saw you with them when I entered this City.” Said Sam.

        Clack Sighed and said “ Yes I was… it all started last month when I received my first pokemon which was a psyduck from Prof. Cindy, I had just left my hometown Newberry Town and I was encountered by 3 men that went by the name of Punch, Stomp, and Slapmaster.

        They offered me to join their newly created organization but I refused until the offered me a huge cash payment and thought that it couldn’t be that bad and joined them, after reaching their base they told me I had to steal trainers pokemon I refused and they attacked me I had no other choice but to go along with it.

        My first mission was to steal a nearby trainer’s Growlithe they gave me and incredible strong and fast Raticate to use. I reached the trainer and immediately used the raticate’s dark fang, which completely knocked it out, and I stole that trainer’s pokemon.
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          Chapter 4: Rising Shock Badge

          On Sam’s, and new friend Clark’s way to the pokemon gym they talked about each other and Lisa to get to know each other better. When they got to the gym and entered it they found Lisa in the gym receiving her badge and a little object from the leader, she turned to Sam and said “Alright, I won myself a Rising shock badge!” She showed it to Sam and it had a yellow ripped thunderbolt as if an electric pokemon had just used thunderbolt. “Who is he?” Asked Lisa. “He’s Clark I’ll explain later, but first its time to get my badge.” Said Sam. “Ok then child lets battle!” yelled the leader. “As you may know I only fight with 2 pokemon.” Troy said. “ I know, I know lets get it on.” Sam said with courage. “I hope Larvitar is strong enough to fight.” He thought. Clark and Lisa sat on the bench at the side of the arena quietly and watched. “ Go Flamer!” Sam yelled. “ Go Elekid!” Troy yelled. “An Elekid…” Sam said, he opened his pokedex and it said: Elekid the electric baby pokemon this pokemon is the pre-evolved form of an Electabuzz; this pokemon has strong attacks and agility. Elekid use thunderpunch!” Troy roared. The Elekid’s fist started to give off little electric sparks and attempted to punch Magby with it. “Quick Flamer dodge it!” Sam said quickly. The Magby dodged it just in time before he got hit. “ Use your ember!” Sam ordered. The pokemon spit out a fireball that hit Elekid right in the face. “Good, but not good enough Elekid, use your Flash Bolt!” yelled Troy. The ceiling of the gym started shooting small thundershocks around Magby and the pokemon received quite alot of damage. “Use your flare!” Sam yelled, the pokemon fired a tornado flame out of its mouth and Elekid got trapped in it and received a lot of damage. “ Lets finish his Magby, use a quick attack.” Troy said. The Elekid charged the Magby so hard that it was knocked out. “ No Flamer!” Sam yelled as he ran to pick up his fainted pokemon. “ Well kid, you have one more pokemon to go before I defeat you.” Troy said. “I hope he’s ok, go Larviter!” Sam yelled. The Larviter stood there ready to fight, Sam wasn’t really sure what some of his attacks were, so he looked it up in the pokedex and it said: Some of Larvitar’s attacks are rockthrow, quake, bite, tackle, and horn buster. “ Larvitar, use a rockthrow!” Said Sam. The pokemon raised its hands and some boulders materialized in the air and headed towards Elekid, the Elekid dodged most of them with its quick speed, but couldn’t handle the rest, then it was
          knocked out.“ Nice work Sam only one more to go!” said Lisa from the sidelines.

          Troy had to return the beaten Elekid then brought out another yellow pokeball. “ Get ready for this, this pokemon will really give you a workout!” Yelled Troy. He threw the pokeball down and out came a pokemon that had red cheeks, and yellow body with brown stripes on its stomach with a long yellow tail, Sam opened the pokedex and it said: Pikachu the electric rodent pokemon, this pokemon is very popular and is usually used as pets, and for battles. “ Pikachu use thundershock!” screamed Troy. The Pikachu charged its cheeks and fired a bolt of electricity at the Larvitar; the pokemon stood there perfectly still and wasn’t even effected. “ Remember that electric attacks don’t work on Larvitar since he’s a ground type!” shouted Clark from the bench. “ Oh no I completely forgot about that, how can I be so foolish!” shouted Troy. “ Use bite Larvitar!” Sam said. The Larvitar ran on and bit Pikachu on its waist and did a backflip back to its original spot. “ I’ll still beat you, Pikachu use double team!” Yelled Troy. Pikachu surrounded The Larvitar so fast that you would think that it teleported! “ Now use Takedown!” Ordered Troy. After making multiple forms of itself the real one knocked down Larvitar. Sam’s pokemon got up slowly and warily. “ Try to use a quake.” Sam said. The Larvitar jumped up and stomped hard on the ground. The Pikachu bounced up and down then landed on it feet. “ Now finish it with a tackle!” Yelled Troy. The pokemon ran up and was about to hit Larviter, Sam knowing this might be the end quickly remembered how the pokemon used barrier to save him and yelled “ Larvitar use barrier!” The pokemon made a white shield that stopped Pikachu from tackling it. The Pikachu received major damage after hitting the shield head on; finally Sam yelled “Finish it with a horn buster!” The pokemon’s head started to glow an orangey-white and quickly striked the bruised Pikachu with its horn, it fell to the ground but didn’t get up, everyone knew that Sam had just won! “ You beat me fair and square kid, you have talent here take your badge, and here is a TM everytime you win a gym battle you get one, you insert it your pokegear and you can teach it to a pokemon, this TM is Flash Bolt.” Said Troy. “ Thank you sir.” Said Sam. The TM had a yellow ripped lightning bolt just like the badge and was very small, he decided to keep it since had no electric pokemon. “ Nice battle Sam and I see you caught a Larvitar.” Said Lisa. “ Ya, he did great and so did Flamer.” Said Sam shyly. “ Lets go to the pokemon center and heal up!” Said Sam happily. “ Ok, but first who is Clark?” Asked Lisa. “I’ll explain in the pokemon center.” Said Sam. The trio left the gym and headed to the pokecenter, after healing up their pokemon, and explaining to Lisa where Clark came from, they decided to head west to the Mossgrass Forest, which leads into the next City of LeadSap City.
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            Chapter 5: Mossgrass Forest

            Now that Sam and Lisa have their Rising Shock Badges they decided to head west to the Mossgrass forest with their new companion Clark. “Clark, are you on a journey to the Dynamo League too?” Asked Lisa. “No, I just want to become be a great pokemon groomer.” Said Clark. “It will be a while when that happens but I’ll just have to wait and try.” When they headed into the forest, it was about late afternoon, which means some pokemon come out of sleeping. The forest was heavily surrounded by tall trees that went up as far as the eye can see. “If we see a good pokemon its going to be mine.” Said Lisa “ Not if I see it first.” Sam said. They continued to argue through their way in the forest until they reached a cave, with a sign that said “One way tunnel to LeadSap City.” “We’ll have to go through a dark cave, who knows what will happen” Said Lisa a little scared. “ Don’t worry about it, I have a mini-flashlight that will help us out, at least a bit” Said Sam. They entered the cave and immediately saw some Zubat fly off, which startled them. Sam turned on his mini-flashlight and they ventured into the cave. “I hope nothing attacks us.” Said Clark. “We don’t have to worry about that we have our pokemon protect us.” Said Lisa much more confident then before.

            While Magby asleep in the back of Sam’s backpack they continued and occasionally tripped over some sleeping Geodudes and it got very tiring until they heard some faint moans in the distance “Dile…dile..” it went. They to ran to find out what it was because it might be an injured pokemon or person and shone it to find a small blue pokemon on the ground underneath a large rock with sharp teeth and a large mouth. “Oh no it’s a hurt pokemon.” Lisa said concerned. Clark, Sam, and Lisa managed to pull the rock from the pokemon’s leg and she opened her pokedex to find out what kind of pokemon it is and it said: Totodile the sharp tooth pokemon; this pokemon has very sharp fangs and that can break a fresh log, and has some strong water attacks. “A Totodile…” Sam said. “We better help it.” Said Sam. The Totodile was clearly hurt so they gave it 2 potions, which healed it right up. “Toto totodile!” It said happily. “Should one of us try to catch it?” Asked Sam. “Well it is a water pokemon and you don’t find this type very often.” Said Lisa. “Fine then its mine, I heard it first.” Said Sam. “ But I used my potions to heal it.” Said Lisa. Once again they began to argue and Clark tried to tell them that the Totodile was getting away, but they couldn’t hear him because they were arguing for so long. “Hey, looked what you did now the Totodile is gone.” Said Sam. “Just forget about it and lets get going.” Clark said suddenly. They continued and then they suddenly bumped into something, it was the pokecenter in Leadsap City! “ I didn’t know it was this dark.” Said Sam while putting his flashlight away. “Lets just stay at the center tonight then continue tomorrow.” Said Clark. The entered the center and saw the pokemon nurse greet them and said, “Hello, should I heal your pokemom.” “No, its ok we were wondering if you have any rooms we can stay in tonight.” Said Lisa. “Yes we do, we don’t have any trainers staying with us tonight.” Said the nurse. The nurse Joy led them through a door, which had 2 bunk beds a ceiling light and a window. “Here you are, goodnight.” She said while closing the door. The trio unpacked their things and got ready to call it a night. “Goodnight!” Said Sam. “Goodnight!” Said Lisa. “Goodnight!” Said Clark. They went to bed and slept without any difficulty and Sam thinking about what a first day he had.

            “Good Morning Everyone.” Said Clark. “Ya good morning everyone.” Said Lisa, “Mag, Mag.” Said Magby. After brushing their teeth and getting ready they had breakfast and left the pokemon center. They decided to head for the Leadsap gym to battle the leader Haiku, when they heard Sam heard a familiar “ Toto, totodile!” Sam looked and saw the Totodile they helped the day before splashing in a nearby pond. “Hey look, there’s that Totodile from yesterday and I’m going to catch it.” Said Sam. “Fine go ahead.” Lisa said a little disappointedly.
            “Go Flamer!” Sam shouted.” Use a scratch!” The pokemon jumped off his shoulder and became scratching Totodile’s face “Dile!” it shouted. The Totodile opened its mouth and fired a small water gun at Magby, the Magby flew but didn’t faint “No, Magby is weak to water attacks and so is Larvitar, what to do…” Sam thought. “ Sam, Since both of your pokemon are weak to water attacks try to use physical attacks and get away if Totodile tries its water gun.” Clark said behind him. “Good idea, Flamer use a power punch!” yelled Sam. The fist started to glow white and it punched Totodile in the jaw. The Totodile opened its mouth and Sam knew what was going to happen “Look out Flamer!” yelled. Magby just got out of the way when Totodile’s jaw nearly bit Magby. “Use a tackle!” yelled Sam. The pokemon charged Totodile with its small body and ramed it into a nearby tree. “Dile..” It groaned. Sam knew it was weak now and got out his waterball from his Bag. “ Water ball go!” he yelled. The waterball went flying through the air and Totodile got enclosed within the ball. Tension grew as the ball shock once…twice….then stopped. “Alright, I got a pokemon!” Sam screamed ecstatically. “Mag, Mag!” Magby said with joy. Sam heard his pokedex start to beep and he opened it and it said, “Congratulations, your Magby has just learned a new attack, Dynamic Punch, this attack can cause great damage and sometimes confuse the pokemon’s opponent. “Good job Flamer!” Sam said impressed. After healing his pokemon and his newly caught pokemon Totodile, they left and headed for the LeadSap gym…

            What will happen at the next gym battle? Find out in the next chapter.
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              Chapter 6: Gym Battle K-os!

              After leaving the pokemon center to heal Sam’s Totodile and Magby they headed up the city to try to find the LeadSap gym. On their way towards the gym they noticed that there weren’t a lot of people living in this city mostly because getting to LeadSap isn’t an easy task. After about 10 minutes of walking they reached the gym, which was on a tall hill, it was a small gym that only had the title “LeadSap Gym” above the door. They entered the gym and it had a bench on the side with a computer facing it where you can transport your pokemon, and a door, which was labeled “Arena”. They entered the brightly lit arena and saw what looked like a gym leader sitting with his legs crossed meditating. He opened his eyes and said “Hello, Sam, Clark, Lisa, you must 3 that I foretell today.” “Yes we are.” Sam said a little nervous. “Don’t worry you don’t have to be afraid, I’m a bit of a psychic that can foretell things when they are about to happen, but my mind isn’t strong enough to control objects and see evil.” Haiku Said. Haiku was a man in his 20’s with long black hair that extended to his back, he didn’t have a shirt on and was wearing blue track pants. “Now which one of you will battle me first?” He said. “I will Sam!” Sam said before Lisa could say anything. “Very well, we shall use only 1 pokemon in this battle.” Haiku said. “HA, HA, HA, WE DON’T THINK SO!” A voice boomed. All of a sudden Team K-os dropped from the ceiling on a rope! “Ow, ow rope burn!” Bro Said before blowing his hand.

              “We are Team K-os we are everything you fear
              we’re in your dreams thoughts and even your nightmares
              so just hand over your pokemon without a fit
              or we’ll show you the true meaning of brutal punishment!”

              “You must be Team K-os!” Lisa said hotly. “Yes we are kid, and you Clark are a big disappointment to the name Team K-os!” Bro roared. “And we told the leaders Punch, Stomp, and Slapmaster, and they weren’t pleased at all for what you did and just for that, we were giving strict orders to bring you back so they can personally “Talk” to you! “I don’t think so!” Clark yelled. “ Then we’ll have to do this the hard way once again!” Samantha screamed. “Charmander go!” Bro yelled. “Nidoran go!” Samantha yelled. Sam and Lisa had no time to open their pokedex and were about to send out their pokemon too. “Go Toto..” “I’ll handle this!” Haiku interrupted. “ Alakazam go!” Haiku yelled. Sam looking a little worried after seeing that pokemon come out of its ball. “Don’t worry Sam, I know you’re just a starting trainer and it wouldn’t be fair to use a pokemon with such strength.” Haiku said kindly. “Alakazam, Psychic force!” ordered Haiku. “Kazam!” Alakazam yelled before sending a psychic force at Team K-os. “Team K-os and their pokemon were lifted up gently then was hurled through the air so fast that they broke the ceiling. “You just watch Clark, we will be back to get you and your friends I guarantee it…” Bro yelled before being shotted off. “Going to have to get that fixed…”Haiku said to himself.” “Now lets battle!” “Go Psyduck!” Haiku yelled. “That one looks similar to mine.” Clark thought. Lisa opened her pokedex and it said: Psyduck; the aquatic duck pokemon; this pokemon tends to have a low IQ, but can do some mine boggling attacks. “Psyduck eh, go Totodile!” Sam yelled. “Use a chomp!” Totodile ran up to Psyduck and attempted to chomp on its head. “Not today, quickly Psyduck use psywave.” Said Haiku. “Try double slash!” yelled Sam. The pokemon readied one of its most powerful physical attacks and did kind of a quick attack when charging to Psyduck, Psyduck couldn’t go anywhere and had to suffer the consequences of the attack. 1 powerful slash on its stomach, then the Psyduck held its stomach in pain, then Totodile bent down and gave Psyduck a uppercut slash under its bill. Psyduck flew in the air and crashed down hard on the ground. “Psyduck No!” Haiku yelled. The pokemon struggled to get up and stumble a little but dropped due to the pain it was in and fainted. “I didn’t predict that..” Said Haiku. Haiku returned his pokemon and his Alakazam then walked up to Sam to hand him his badge. “I can’t believe you beat my Psyduck in only one hit!” Said Haiku. “You have an incredible strong Totodile! Well here’s your Telekinesis Badge and I know I shouldn’t do this but because of your 1 hit K.O it would be wrong to not give it to you, so instead of 1 I’m going to give you 2 TMs the first one is Psychic Shock, and the second one I had for years is Ground Gaia, I’ll let you figure out how to use both of them.” “Thanks!” Sam said. The Telekinesis Badge was a mini spoon that shone brightly in the sunlight. The Psychic Shock TM was the same as the badge but smaller, and the Ground Gaia TM looked kind of like a small rock, he knew Larviter could learn this so he inserted it in his pokegear and it simply said: “Your Larviter has just learned Ground Gaia.”

              “Get ready Lisa your next!” Yelled Haiku…
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                Chapter 7: New Badge or New Loss?

                “Ok Lisa its your turn now.” Said Haiku. Lisa was so caught up by Sam’s battle she didn’t think ahead on which pokemon she would use. “Like before a 1-on-1 battle.” Said Haiku from across the arena. “Go Abra!” Yelled Haiku. This Abra was actually awake with its eyes wide open and in a battle stance. Lisa opened her pokedex and it said: Abra the psychic drowsy pokemon; this pokemon are always sleeping or napping, but when awaken this pokemon will give you a challenge to fight. “ Come on Lisa while we’re young..” Haiku Said. Lisa didn’t know what to do and the thoughts, “Sandshrew or Eevee, Sandshrew or Eevee.. Ran thought her head fast. She made up her mind and yelled, “Eevee go!” The Eevee popped out of it pokeball looking ready to right as usual. “Eevee, triple team!” Lisa yelled. The pokemon surrounded Abra with triple copies of itself and Lisa thought that she would finish this easily. Haiku sighed and said “Abra foresight.” The Abra eyes became a white flashlight and reveled the real Eevee running around Abra! “ No..” Lisa Said quietly. “Use a tackle attack!” Demanded Lisa. Eevee gave Abra a diving tackle and was knocked to the ground; it quickly got up and used a psybeam at Eevee! “Eevee dodge it!” The Eevee dove out of the way and landed on its feet. “What did your Abra learn a new attack?” Asked Lisa. “No I can tell Abra what to do through telekinesis!” Shouted Haiku. “How am I going to beat it if I don’t even know what it’s going to use?” Thought Lisa. “Eevee use takedown!” Yelled Lisa. The Eevee gave Abra a full body hard tackle and was hurt more then Abra. “Brute force isn’t going to win you this match Lisa.” Said Haiku. After saying that Abra focused its energy and used a psychic shock! The invisible force slowly rose Eevee, then was thrown from side to side on the gym walls. Lisa stared down and tears started to come down her cheeks. Suddenly Eevee shouted with great volume “Vee!!!” Lisa wiped her tears away and heard her pokedex beeping, she opened it and it said, “Congratulations, your Eevee has just learned swift.” Abra stopped using psychic force and Eevee dropped on the ground, but miraculously still standing up not wanting to give up as in the previous gym. Haiku was shocked when he saw that Eevee was still ok after that and thought, “These trainers have the most strongest pokemon I have ever faced in all my rookie trainer battles!” He knew that facing these trainers wouldn’t be as easy as he thought. “Eevee use a swift attack now!” yelled Lisa. The pokemon fired multiple rapid stars and Abra. “Quickly use Barrier!” Said Haiku. The Abra quickly made an invisible shield to protect it. “Eevee use everything you got!” cried Lisa. “Vee!!” Eevee screamed. “Abra use everything you got too!” yelled Haiku. “Bra!!” Abra shouted. “Vee!!” Eevee shouted. The two great attacks clashed with each other and the shield eventually broke, and Abra took full damage and fainted! Eevee then collapsed after Abra did! “Eevee!” shouted Lisa. She ran up to hug it and Eevee softly said, “Vee..” To comfort her. After returning it in its ball Haiku walked up to Lisa and said, “That was a awesome battle!” “Here is your badge and a Psychic shock TM, and because use battled me with heart I’m going to give you another one, this one is rollout almost any pokemon can learn it.” “Haiku, if it wasn’t for my Eevee’s new attack I would have never have one that battle.” Said Lisa. “Haiku handed the same Telekinesis badge as Sam had and the same TM, but the rollout TM was a ball that looked like a pokemon had just used rollout. “Wow that was some battle!” Sam said enthusiastically. “Yes it was.” Responded Lisa. After saying goodbye to Haiku the trio left his gym and headed to the pokemon centre to heal up then try to head east to the busy city of CandleFrost…

                What will the trio encounter on their way to CandleFrost City? Find out in the next chapter.
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                  Chapter 8: Candle Frost City Mayham!

                  After Sam and Lisa received their second badge, all three of them headed east to reach Candle Frost city and battle to win a 3rd badge.

                  While having to go through a forest with a huge amount of dry logs, they eventually reached some river rapids followed by a waterfall where they had to find some way to get across.

                  “Oh no, what are we going to do now?” Asked Lisa.

                  “We just have to try to figure out a way of crossing it.” Said Sam. They all thought hard until finally Clark came up with an idea.

                  “What if use some of these logs and build a bridge?”

                  “That’s a good idea, but it’ll probably take along time to find the right size logs.” Responded Sam.

                  They set out looking for the right logs and did after a long period of time, even Magby tried to help.

                  They pushed and lifted to make a bridge that would hold their weight. “I hope this works.” Said Lisa.

                  She began to steadily walk across the log bridge, with Clark and Sam following. They were almost across when suddenly a large flying pokemon fired a white beam and destroyed the bridge then quickly flew off!

                  They dropped into the sub-zero freezing and headed down stream to the waterfall where they would meet curtain death!

                  After falling down the water fall and were sure that they would land on the jagged rocks, stopped in mid air and some how carried to the foot of Candle Frost City!

                  Strength drained from the water Sam, Clark, and Lisa struggled to get up and some place to rest in the city, with Magby barely holding on the Sam.

                  Eventually after stumbling a few times, reached the city and saw that the pokemon that destroyed the bridge was destroying the city with its beam.

                  Sam couldn’t believe his eyes, that a pokemon would be terrorizing Candle Frost City and civilians running and screaming everywhere!

                  Just when they thought it couldn’t get any worse, the flying pokemon came straight for them, preparing one of its beams. “Bree!” A nearby voice screeched.

                  It was a pokemon about the same size as the other made a mega shield to protect them; Sam knew that it had to be the pokemon that saved them before.

                  “Roa!” The Attacking pokemon roared. Lisa reached for her pokedex to try and see who these pokemon are, but didn’t function properly due to the water from the river.

                  The two pokemon duked it out with multiple beams and charges.

                  The shield wore off giving all of them enough strength to get to a nearby safe house, luckily they spotted a hospital that wasn’t destroyed yet.

                  Thinking they might find some help in there, headed to it and passed out on the center floor due to the weakness
                  of their condition.


                  Days after being in there, Sam woke up to find himself in a hospital room on a bed with his Magby laying right beside him sleeping.

                  A doctor came in and told him he and his friends had hypothermia from the river incident and his belongings and pokemon are safely put away.

                  “Tell me doctor, what when on before you found me in the hospital?” Asked Sam.

                  The doctor took a long time to answer and said, “It was the day that the people of Candle frost was expecting. The two pokemon you might have seen fighting was the legendary Dragonite and the legendary Articuno, the two have been rivals for centuries. Dragonite hated humans, and Articuno favored them, legend has it, that one day the almighty Dragonite will come and destroy Candle frost and all the citizens.”

                  “But why Candle Frost?” Asked Sam curiously.

                  “Its because the Dragonite hated the way that pokemon were treated as battle objects in Candle Frost and not as equals, but Articuno tried to convince it that they are loved and treated equally, but it was no use it tried to create havoc on Candle Frost but Articuno wouldn’t let it, and so they fought long and hard until Dragonite left and was going to come back when Articuno least expects it...” Said the doctor Solemnly.

                  After a moment of silence the doctor left the room and told Sam he can leave when he’s ready and his friends are next door.

                  After changing from the hospital clothes and into his own he gathered his shoes and backpack then left the room with Magby before he woke up.

                  Knowing that his friends are next door, he went over them to greet them.

                  Both Clark and Lisa were in the same room awake but quite.

                  After explaining to them what happened and the story the doctor told him, the nurse came in and told Clark and Lisa that they can go now. They both went into separate rooms to change and were now on their way to see if the gym was still intact.

                  They left the hospital without saying a word and looked at their maps in their pokegear to find the gym.

                  The City was a mess! Building demolished, houses ruined, and the roads cracked.

                  They got to the gym noticing that it was also ruined and thought they can’t get their badge now.

                  A woman walked up to them and said, “Are you kids looking for the leader?” She Asked. “Yes we are.” Responded Sam.

                  “Well your looking at her.” She said. The woman was tall with long blonde hair and a pink skirt on, she had a shirt on with a baby Squirtle on it.

                  “Since my gym was destroyed by Dragonite, we will battle in my home gym.” She said…

                  Who will battle for a badge next? Find out in the next chapter.
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                    Chapter 9: Can You Handle The Glacius?

                    Just after getting out of the hospital, from the catastrophe of Dragonite, the trio went to the gym to find that it was destroyed, but luckily the gym leader Falon saw them and told Sam and Lisa that they can battle her for a badge at her home gym.

                    They all had to travel in her red convertible to reach her home.

                    “You kids were in the hospital after the tragedy, am I right?” She asked.

                    “Ya…” Clark said solemnly.

                    “That must have been rough for kids of your age.” Falon said. “ I can’t imagine what that experience was like, when I was your age I would be playing outside freely with my friends, not in a hospital because of a confused pokemon.”

                    After a long drive, they left the busy part of the city and entered the countryside of the huge City of Candle Frost.

                    “If you were to walk to my home gym it would take you at least a day.” Falon said, “But I purposely have my house far from Candle Frost because I find it better to live far from the busy part of the city and to live in the quiet countryside of Candle Frost.”

                    A while after Falon finished talking Sam, Clark and Lisa saw a beautiful white Mansion with a botanical garden aside it, and a large steel gate to keep trespassers out.

                    “Wow..” Sam said in amazement after stepping out the car,
                    “This is some house!”

                    “Oh you mean my butler’s mansion?” Asked Falon.

                    “Butler’s mansion?” Lisa said confused.

                    “Ya, that’s my butler’s mansion look over there, that’s my house.” Falon said.

                    The gym leader pointed to the left and Sam, Clark, and Lisa’s jaw dropped. Falon’s house was almost 3 times the size of the other mansion with a shocking amount of large clear window that basically covered the house.

                    Without delay Falon, the gym leader, led them through a door neat the back, which had a nicely colored carpet on the floor and bright hall lights.

                    After walking through the hall they reached another door, which Falon opened and finally, there was the arena, which was a great sized one, with a little balcony for the trainers to give their commands.

                    “Now, which one of you will battle me first?” Questioned Falon.

                    “I will!” Sam said with courage. “Er..” Lisa growled. “Fine then, to make this quick let’s battle 1-on-1, as I will only need one pokemon to defeat you with!” Falon said with vengence.

                    After giving Magby to Clark, Sam went to his trainer balcony, and Lisa and Clark took their places on the side.

                    “I hope you can handle it.” Said Falon.

                    “Bring it!” Yelled Sam.

                    “Go Glacius!” Shouted Falon.

                    A blue pokemon came out of its icey blue pokeball. The pokemon had black eyes with a blue body and a beautiful tail.

                    Sam opened his pokedex and it read: Vaporeon, the aquatic beauty pokemon; this pokemon is the evolution of an Eevee through a water stone. This pokemon can make itself an invisible liquid vapor and blend in with water.

                    “Uh oh a Vaporeon who will Sam use?” Clark asked concerned.

                    “Darn it, who can I use?” Sam thought to himself.

                    “I don’t have time for waiting, hurry!” Falon said.

                    “Ok then, go Larvitar!” Sam shouted.

                    “A Larvitar, good luck winning using that.” Falon said.

                    “I’ll have to use strategy to beat you.” Said Sam.

                    “Whatever, Glacius use water gun!” Shouted Falon.

                    The Vaporeon stood up, and then opened its mouth to fire a water gun at Larvitar.

                    “Larvitar immediately jumped out of the way unharmed.

                    “Larvitar, use quake!” yelled Sam.

                    Larviter jumped high in the air, and slammed the ground with its feet. The ground shook and Vaporeon, was shaken from the attack.

                    “Ha, not as good as earthquake, Glacius Earthquake!” Falon screamed.

                    The Vaporeon jumped off its feet, high in the air and gave the ground a tremendous earthquake that damaged the floor. Sam, Clark Lisa and Magby were even shaken up by the attack.

                    Larvitar was tossed back and forth and had to take a minute to release some of the dizziness. “You ok Larvitar?” Sam asked.

                    “Tar..” Larviter said.

                    “Use a rock throw!” Demanded Sam.

                    Larvitar lifted his hands in the air, and multiple small boulders materialized in the air and headed toward Vaporeon.

                    “Glacius dodge them.” Falon said. Vaporeon dodged most of them, but due to the weight of its tail, two of the rocks striked it, and was now staggering.

                    “Now quickly tackle it!” Yelled Sam. The pokemon ran with great speed and gave Vaporeon a full body tackle, Sam was certain that Vaporeon wouldn’t be able to fight.

                    “You want to play it that way eh, Glacius show him the true feeling of the arctic with an Arctic Blast!” Falon yelled.

                    “Poreon!!” Vaporeon screamed, then let out an incredible size blue blast at Larvitar!

                    “Larvitar, use barrier!” cried Sam.

                    It used barrier but the barrier was quickly disintegrated and had nowhere to go and received full damage!

                    “Oh no..” Lisa said. After the mist cleared from the attack, unbelievably Larvitar was still ok!

                    It was on one knee breathing hard but it was still ok!

                    “Larvitar..” Sam said in amazement. Sam couldn’t help but to shed a tear or two after seeing Larvitar’s state.

                    The pokemon finally got up and raised its hands high in the air, above its head, and gigantic boulders materialized in the air and went straight for Vaporeon.

                    Sam had a good feeling on what was going on and opened his pokedex Rock Slide Larvitar’s strongest attack.

                    This attack is the Sam as rock throw, but with bigger boulders and more power.

                    Vaporeon tried to stagger out of the way, but it was no use and got hit by all 4 of the giant brown boulders.

                    The Vaporeon got smashed to the floor and layed there motionless.

                    Falon recalled Vaporeon and walked down from her balcony and walked up to Sam to hand him his badge and TM. “I have to say Sam, that was one heck of a match, I am very impressed with your Larvitar. Here is your Glacier Badge and an Ice Beam TM.

                    The glacier badge was an aquatic colored clear glacier badge and the TM was also an aqua colored and but, had the shape of an Ice Beam.

                    “Thank you Ma’m, and thanks my Larvitar is incredibly tough.” Sam said.

                    After returning his Larvitar, he walked down from the balcony and went over to Lisa and Clark.

                    “All I can say is wow after seeing that battle!” Lisa said. “Ya man, I didn’t know your Larvitar could actually be alive after seeing that match.” Clark said before giving him his Magby…

                    Will Lisa’s Match be as difficult to win as Sam’s or will it be even harder? Find out in the next chapter.
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                      Chapter 10: Frost Bite!

                      In the last match, Sam had just battled the gym leader Falon for a Glacier badge and won using his Larvitar.

                      “Ok now lets get it on!” Lisa said.

                      “Very well, we will use one pokemon each.” Said Falon. “Go Poliwag!” Yelled Falon.

                      Falon threw the aqua colored ball on the ground and out came a small tadpole looking pokemon with no arms and a long white tail that was striped blue in the middle.

                      Lisa opened her pokedex and it read Poliwag the Tadpole pokemon; this particular pokemon has no arms to attack with but has a strong tail that helps it swim in water.

                      “Go Sandshrew!” Yelled Lisa. Sandshrew came out of its red and white pokeball in its battle stance. “Sandshrew slash!” Lisa ordered.

                      The pokemon ran up and slashed the little Poliwag on its hypnotic spiral stomach and was sent a couple meters back flying.

                      “This is going to be so easy.” Lisa Said.

                      “Come on Poliwag, Icebeam!” Falon yelled.

                      “Poli!” It yelped. Poliwag opened it small mouth and shot a ice beam at Sandshrew.

                      “Sandshrew dodge it!” Lisa yelled.

                      The Sandshrew got out of the way moments after the attack was fired.

                      “I thought this would be much harder especially if I’m battling a gym leader.” Lisa Said.

                      “Sandshrew dig!” The Sandshrew dug deep underneath the floor, which made it harder to find.

                      “Stay alert Poliwag.” Falon said calmly.

                      A large rock came under the floor, which Poliwag turned around to, then Sandshrew striked Poliwag from behind. The Poliwag was badly hurt from the attack and could barely stand.

                      “Now finish this will a tackle!” Lisa roared.

                      “Poliwag do something!” Falon cried.

                      It made no difference. Poliwag tried to get out of the way but Sandshrew just hit it anyway. “No way..” Falon said. “Fine then, retu…”

                      All of a sudden Poliwag managed to get up and started to scream its name.

                      “POLI!” It screamed.

                      The loud yell just kept going and Poliwag started to glow white! “POLI!” It continued to yell.

                      After the white light died down and Poliwag stopped screaming. A larger, different pokemon stood there with long arms, no tail and a bigger spiral then before.

                      “Alright!” Falon jumped. “My Poliwag has just evolved into a Poliwhirl!”

                      Lisa opened her pokedex and it read

                      Poliwhirl the deep swimmer pokemon; this pokemon is the evolution of a Poliwag, they usually fight in the water, but it also can fight well on land.

                      “Unbelievable..” Lisa muttered. “It looks like the tables have turned, Poliwhirl watergun now!” Falon yelled.

                      “Whirl!” it said.Then shot a watergun at Sandshrew.

                      “Sandshrew dig!” Lisa said.

                      “The Sandshrew quickly tried to dig underground, but didn’t have enough time to dig a hole big enough for it to fit and got hit by the water gun.

                      “Heh, heh, heh..” Falon laughed.

                      “You can’t beat me now, your Sandshrew might have speed but my Poliwhirl has the strength.” Falon said.

                      “She’s Right Lisa, be careful.” Sam said from the sidelines.

                      “Mag, Mag.” Magby said agreeing with Sam.

                      “Sandshrew rollout!” Lisa yelled.

                      The pokemon got itself in a little ball and rolled around rapidly in circles to pick up speed then headed for Poliwhirl.

                      “Poliwhirl use icebeam!” Falon yelled from her balcony.

                      “Poli!” It said.

                      The Poliwhirl fired one of its icebeams at Sandshrew and tried to resist it with its rollout attack until finally Sandshrew stopped using rollout. And was badly hurt from the attack.

                      Lisa noticed that Sandshrew’s Head was blue and she heard her pokedex beeping from her pocket she opened it and it said Your Sand shrew has frostbite and will slowly drain its energy, use ice heal to fix this.

                      “This is not good.. Clark said quietly.

                      “Sandshrew, use slash!” Lisa yelled.
                      The Sandshrew started to run but the frostbite started to kick in and stopped due to the pain.

                      “Let’s finish this!” Falon said, “Use double slap!”

                      The Poliwhirl simply walked up to Sandshrew, stared him in the eye, and then began to slap him in the face.

                      “Shrew!” “Shrew!” It said after each agonizing slap.

                      After a couple of slaps, for some reason it got all quiet and Poliwhirl stopped what she was doing, backed away, and looked a bit scared.

                      Nobody knew what was going on until the white glow from Sandshrew explained it all. Sandshrew grew atleast 5 inches, his claws extended, that was now a brown color instead of a yellow.

                      Lisa heard her pokedex beep again, and with great joy she opened it and it said

                      Congratulations, your Sandshrew has just evolved. Also it just learned Tornado Slash.

                      “Looks like the game’s over for you Falon.” Lisa said.

                      “Sandslash use Tornado Slash!”

                      The newly evolved Sandslash started to spin around rapidly with its claws sticking out and headed toward the Poliwhirl.

                      Poliwhirl tired to use multiple water guns in despretness, but it just deflected and was slashed by Sandslash’s attack.

                      It dropped to the floor hard with cuts and bruise and Falon returned it. Falon walked down from her balcony and gave Lisa her TM and her rightfully earned badge.“That was totally unexpected, I didn’t expect to lose."

                      "I thought I would lose too, but the unexpected does happen frequently these days.” Lisa said.

                      “Here is your Glacier badge and Ice Beam TM, use it wisely”. Falon said, “And use this one your Sandslash to heal its frost bite. Falon handed Lisa a little medicine that was suppose to be injected into Sandslash.

                      She injected it and her pokemon was healed from the frostbite.

                      “If you and your friends are headed to the next city just headed north from here to get to Snake Bite Forest, and it will take you right to it, but be careful not everyone can get though Snake Bite Valley Safely. It is home to many Dark type pokemon.”

                      “Just more pokemon for me and my friends to catch!” Lisa said with confident. “You can head out that door and my butler will heal you and your pokemon and you can rest and eat.” Falon said.. After Falon’s Butler Jeffrey, healed Sam and Lisa’s pokemon they ate and said goodbye to their new friend Falon and were on their way to Snake Bite Forest…

                      What kind of pokemon will Sam and his friends encounter on there way though Snake Bite Forest? Find out in the next Chapter.
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                        Chapter 11: Can you Feel The Snake Bite?

                        In the last chapter, Lisa battled the gym leader Falon for a badge and won using her newly evolved pokemon Sandslash. Now they are heading north from Falon’s Mansion to go through the mean Snake Bite Forest.

                        “Hey Sam, jealous of my new Sandslash?” Lisa Asked freely.

                        “Ya Lisa, I’m just brimming with jealousy...” Sam said after rolling his eyes.

                        “No one was expecting your Sandshrew to evolve in battle Lisa, its just a relief that you managed to beat Falon and her Poliwhirl.” Said Clark. After walking about a mile or two it was about sunset when they reached the entrance of The Snake Bite Forest.

                        “I wonder why some people don’t get through this forest safely?” Lisa Asked. “Well Falon said, that this place has many dark type pokemon so I guess its the pokemon that keep some people from getting through.” Sam Commented.

                        All three of them including Magby entered the forest and it was a bit scary for them. The trees were at least 100 years old and looked like they would collapse any minute, the green moss that was growing from rocks on he ground was turning black, and the little trees that were growing about a quarter of the size from the other ones was almost everywhere, which made it look like an impossible task to get through. “ I’ll handle this little problem.” Lisa said. “Go Sandslash!” The Sandslash came out of its pokeball with its claws looking sharper then ever. “Sandslash, I need you to chop down these little trees when they get in our way, ok?” Lisa Asked. “Slash.” It nodded.

                        They trekked carefully and speedily before it got dark through the forest not really expecting anything to happen with Sandslash chopping down any little tress that got in the way.

                        Hours later, after walking through the tiring forest, it was getting really dark, so they decided to take a break and sit on some nearby logs.

                        “Wow, this is not easy!” Clark said a little out of breath.

                        “I know I didn’t expect it to be this tiring.” Sam said, “Looks like we have to camp out here for the night.”

                        All seemed well, while they were just chatting away and gathering logs when suddenly they heard whirling in the sky and then…

                        BOOM, BOOM! They heard the entrance noise Team K-os uses to arrive! But this time they appeared from a helicopter on a rope. “Ow, ow rope burn!” Bro said before blowing his hands. “We have to stop using this!”

                        “We are Team K-os we are everything you fear!
                        We’re in your dreams thoughts and even your nightmares!
                        So just hand over your pokemon without a fit!
                        Or we’ll show you the true meaning of brutal punishment!” Bro and Samantha said together.

                        “You didn’t think we would remember, when we told you we’d be back eh Clark?” Samantha said smoothly.

                        “And we also brought a little surprise for you.” Bro said.

                        All of a sudden three men dropped down from the rope about the same size.

                        “Hi, I’m Punch!”
                        “I’m Stomp!”

                        “And I’m Slapmaster!” They all said after each other.

                        Punch was one of the three owners of Team K-os. He had a brown mustache, nicely combed hair with hairgel in it and was wearing a different Team K-os uniform then Samantha and Bro. It was a business suit, which had the word “ Team K-os” in white handwriting. Punch was a muscular built man with the same business uniform as Punch, but although he was a bit muscular he was also a bit chubby. His head was round and bald like Bro’s and he had black sunglasses on. But Slapmaster however, looked like he was the “top dog” in the company. He was wearing a suit that looked much more fancier then Stomp, and Punch’s, with the word “Master Slapmaster” in baby blue handwriting on the left corner of his business suit. His face was tanned perfectly brown and he had no mustache or beard just eyebrows and a smooth shaved face.

                        “Bro and Samantha told us about you and your friends Clark, and we will not tolerate such betrayal!” Punch roared.

                        “And because of that, we’ll have to punish you!” Stomp yelled, “Master Slapmaster, would you do the honors? Punch said. “Certainly.” Slapmaster said snakely, “ Scizor go!” Slapmaster yelled.

                        He threw the Black pokeball hard on the grassy ground and out came a rather large, red pokemon with big red clamp-like hands, wings, and small red feet. Sam opened his pokedex and it said Scizor the flying menace pokemon; this pokemon is the evolution of a Syther that can move twice as fast as Syther. Its clamp-like hands can easily shatter a rock. “If we want to beat this pokemon we’ll have to use all our pokemon.” Sam said seriously.

                        “Ha, you actually think you can win, this pokemon has been under very hard training and won’t have a chance of loosing.” Punch said harshly.

                        “Then we’ll just have to try, everyone go!” Sam yelled. Magby jumped from his shoulder and out of his dark blue waterball, and his roughly brown rockball.

                        “Go Eevee, you to Sandslash!” Lisa yelled.

                        “Go Psyduck!” Clark yelled.

                        “We’ll have to work together.” Sam said, “Everyone use tackle!”

                        “Scizor, Metal Claw.” Slapmaster said sinisterly.

                        The Scizor’s claw quickly glowed a bright silver and it threw its clamp-like hands forward which hit all of them and sent them back flying.

                        “I’ll handle this Sam, my Psyduck’s been in a lot of battles and this is one of them.” Clark said assuring, “Psyduck use your best Hydro Blast!”

                        “Psy!” It yelled before opening its mouth and sending an icy cold blast at Scizor.

                        “Scizor dodge it then use Metal Claw!” Slapmaster said loudly.

                        The Scizor quickly dodged it and its right claw began to glow silver again before it vanished.

                        The Scizor quickly appeared behind Psyduck and was about to smash him in its head.

                        “Psyduck look out!” Clark screamed. But by the time it turned around, it was hit hard in the head was sent flying toward a tree. “Come on Psyduck get up!” Clark yelled. “Psy..” it said trying to stand up, “Duck..” It said with a final word before it fainted.

                        “Well I told you can’t test the strength of Scizor and now you all must pay!” Slapmaster roared.

                        “Quickly, Larvitar, Eevee, Sandslash, Magby, Totodile use your strongest attacks against that Scizor!” Lisa yelled in desperation.

                        “Wait, hold on there Lisa.” Sam said, “I didn’t use all of the TM’s I got from the gym leaders, maybe if I can buy some time I could quickly teach it to my Totodile and Flamer and we might have a chance!”

                        “What are you two mumbling about back there?” Slapmaster asked.

                        “Oh, you’ll see.” Lisa said slickly, “Sandslash keep attacking that pokemon using your Tornado Slash!” The Sandslash started to spin rapidly and headed for Scizor with its claws sticking out.

                        “Ok now Sam!” Lisa said. Sam quickly rummaged through his backpack to try and find the TM’s. He found what he was looking for and quickly inserted it into his pokegear Congratulations, your Totodile has just learned Ice Beam. Congratulations your Magby has just learned Psychic shock. “Ok Flamer, I know this might be hard for you but do you think that you can concentrate so you can you the Psychic Shock attack against Scizor?” Sam asked. “Mag..” Magby said a bit unsure of itself. “Its over now Slapmaster first, Magby try to concentrate your mine to use the attack I know you shouldn’t be learning these attacks but I have no choice.” Sam said. “Mag..” it said to itself trying to concentrate.

                        “This is foolishness, Scizor finish off that Magby with a Death Syth!” Slapmaster yelled. The Scizor’s clamp-like hands started to change into a Syther Syth!

                        “Death Syth?” Clark said Confused. “Yes, Death Syth, it’s a TM we invented just for Scizor.” Punch said. “Mag..” Magby continued to say to itself with its eyes closed. The Scizor drew as close to Magby’s head and just when it was going to finish it..

                        “Mag!!” Magby screamed. Scizor was lifted up gently, then was being mashed into each old large tree that was around it.

                        “This can’t be happening!” Slapmaster yelled.

                        “Great, now Flamer drop that Scizor and Totodile use Icebeam!” Sam yelled.

                        Scizor dropped to the ground very beat up and Totodile opened its huge jaw and used an Icebeam to freeze Scizor and was frozen! Right now Slapmaster was shocked and speechless. “I’ll handle this.” Bro said.

                        “Don’t be a fool, if Scizor couldn’t do it you certainly can’t.” Stomp said.

                        “We will leave now, but Clark will be back with an even stronger pokemon!” Slapmaster yelled. Punch started to talk in a little transmitter and a ladder was sent down and all of the leaders, plus Bro and Samantha climbed it and was left promptly.

                        “I don’t know why Team K-os is after you Clark just for leaving.” Lisa asked.

                        “They’re evil people that will not stand for betrayal.” Clark responded.

                        “After finally getting some logs, they all decided to camp out for the night and continue in the morning…

                        What will happen in the morning? Find out in the next chapter.
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                          Chapter 12: The Growl of Growlithe

                          In the Last chapter, Bro and Samantha arrived on the scene, bringing a little surprise for Clark.. The leaders! Punch, Stomp and Slapmaster arrived in a helicopter to visit their ex-member. They wanted vengeance for the betrayal, so they decided to use the powerful Scizor to teach him a lesson. Clark thought he could handle the Scizor because of his own strong pokemon Psyduck. Psyduck didn’t stand a chance and was knocked out. Even Lisa’s pokemon was no contest, but of course Sam came to the rescue and quickly taught 2 of his pokemon new techniques through the TM’s he received from gym leaders. Even Scizor counld’t handle the power of heart it and was knocked out. Therefore, making Team K-os leave. After the long battle they couldn’t continue on in the darkness so they decided to camp out for the night.
                          ************************************************** *

                          “Wow, that was some sleep!” Sam said after stretching.

                          “It was okay for me, I think I slept under a rock!” Lisa said while rubbing her back.

                          Now waking up in the morning, they all got dressed and decided to continue, but Clark decided to groom Lisa’s Eevee a bit before heading off. While walking through the forest, with Sandslash hacking away, there was some rusting up ahead. Sam and Lisa raced ahead because it could be a pokemon. And it was, this pokemon that was walking around in circles, had a white tail which was sticking up in the air, had a nice orange fur coat with black stripes going across the top. It had white fur on its head that’s looked like it had just been groomed.

                          Lisa got out her pokedex and opened it to hear it sayGrowlithe, The loyal puppy pokemon; this pokemon is always loyal to its trainer or owner. It is a natural enemy with Houndour, because of their different views with humans.

                          “Wow, I would love to have one of these!” Lisa said joyfully, “I’m going to catch it, Eevee go!” said while still joyful.

                          Eevee came out of her pokeball red and black, with her beautiful fur shining in the sun. “Eevee use tackle!” Lisa said. The pokemon started for Growlithe when they all heard, “Hey what are you doing!” A person walked out of some nearby bushes, and Sam knew exactly who it was.

                          “Hello, Jamie.” Sam said boldly.

                          “Hello, Sam.” Jamie said boldly.

                          Jamie wore a navy-blue jacket that was zipped half way up, where you can see part of his black T-shirt that most likely said “Pokemon”. He wore long baggy beached black pants that went up to the middle of his white Kazams. He had a slick sneaky face with squinty eyes, that his black eyebrows were stared to misshape.

                          “That’s my new Growlithe she was checking to see if there was an easier way to get through this place.” Jamie said, “And I see that you finally decided to start a pokemon journey.”

                          “Yes, and I properly been in much more bad situations then you have ever been in.” Sam said while staring harshly at his eyes.

                          “Hey I remember you, you used to push Sam around when he didn’t even know how to tie his shoes back in GrayStone town.” Lisa said. “Oh its you Lisa, back then it was hilarious!” Jamie said chuckling, “I hope you finally learned how!”

                          “That’s enough let’s settle this in a pokemon battle!” Sam blurted out.

                          “Oh you think you can beat me huh, then lets do it!” Jamie said.

                          “I’ll use my Magby.” Sam said. “And I’ll use my new Growlithe!” Jamie yelled.
                          Each pokemon stood across from each other on the leafy ground, with Lisa and Clark taking standing at the side.

                          “Growlithe, use takedown!” Jamie yelled. The Growlithe stood there not obeying Jamie command.

                          “What are you doing if you want to win this you have to obey!” Jamie shouted.

                          “Flamer, ember!” Sam yelled. Magby opened its little mouth and managed to release a fireball about the size of its head, at Growlithe.

                          Growlithe immediately dodged the attack the used a tackle on Magby. Lisa looked at the pokemon with admiration as she tackled Magby.

                          “Flamer, use a slash!” Sam yelled. Magby went from side to side with its sharp claws in the air.

                          “Growlithe, use flamethrower!” Jamie screamed.

                          But once again it didn’t obey Jamie and didn’t know what to do so it dodged, but it wasn’t a proper one and because of that, it was repeatedly slashed on the face. Growlithe was in deep pain but still stood strong.

                          “Even through your Growlithe doesn’t listen to you, it has great speed.” Sam said, “But speed won’t win you this battle!”

                          “Flamer, use Flare!” Sam roared. The pokemon screamed its name then with all its might created a tornado fire that headed toward Growlithe; it tried to escape but couldn’t escape the path of Flare.

                          “Now finish this with Dynamic Punch!” Sam screamed.

                          The pokemon started to run as fast as it could with the blue glow of its fist growing bigger by the second. It striked Growlithe with great force and was down for the count.

                          “Now that is some pokemon!” Jamie said impressed, “If only my Growlithe would just listen to me I would win, but it just has to be so stubborn. I don’t understand it, when I battled this pokemon I thought it would be great having a Growlithe but I’m not too sure anymore. All I did is order it to find me food, and it did a great job of finding it but that shouldn’t be a reason to not obey me.”

                          “You have to treat pokemon right.” Sam said, “She doesn’t like giving respect to you if you don’t give it to her.”

                          “Your right, but me and her won’t be able to do it for a long time so you take her. You seem like a trainer that will take good care of her, here take the pokeball.” Troy said.

                          “I would love to, but Lisa seems much more fond of her then me so give it to her.” Sam said kindly.

                          “Ok then, here Lisa you can have her just make sure you take good care of her.” Jamie said.

                          “Tha- thanks!” Lisa said amazed. “Growl!” Growlithe barked happily after finally waking up.

                          “Well, I’m on my way to Candle Frost to get my forth badge and don't worry about the dark pokemon you might have heard about, they only come out at night." Jamie said, “If you keep heading north you’ll reach the city of Slam Rock if that’s where your heading.”

                          “Thanks Jamie, and take good care of yourself and your pokemon.” Sam said while shaking his hand.

                          “You too, goodbye until we meet again.” Jamie’s final words were.

                          After heading their separate ways the group continued on north through the Forest to finally reach Slam Rock City. On their way their Lisa thought how nice Sam was, and now has a different view on him…

                          Will the group make it through Snake Bite Forest safely and get it Slam Rock? Find out in the next chapter.
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                            Chapter 13: The Light That Almost Paralyzed

                            In the last chapter, the group woke up after a hard night to continue on with their journey. On the way, Sam met his child-hood bully Jamie. Sam and Jamie eventually duked it out and Sam won using his Magby. Jamie realized that he is too hard on his pokemon and decided to give his newly caught Growlithe to Sam, but Sam kindly told Jamie that Lisa would enjoy Growlithe more then he would, and Lisa received a new pokemon. Now they are on their way to Slam Rock City.
                            ************************************************** ***********
                            “So you got bullied around when you were little eh Sam?” Clark Asked.

                            “Ya, but now I know how to tie my shoes!” Said Sam after forcing a chuckle.

                            “And Lisa looks like you got a free pokemon, thanks to Sam.” Clark said.

                            “Uh.. ya I guess I did.” Lisa said blushing a bit.

                            Still walking through the forest, it was about noon when they finally saw some bright light.

                            “Its about time!” Lisa said exhaustedly.

                            They all ran toward the light thinking the long hike was over, with the light in the distance growing ever brighter and larger, until they realized the light was actually a tremendous Solarbeam! Everyone quickly ducked down as the Solarbeam shot past them. Clark opened his eyes while on the ground and saw toes in black sandals. He slowly looked up and following the sandals were gray shorts, with at least five pockets, a plain green short-sleeved shirt, and the face of a man with round glasses and spiky black hair. Everyone got up and the man spoke.

                            “I’m sorry if I startled you, I was testing the power of my Bulbasaur’s Solarbeam and I didn’t know anyone was in the forest.”

                            “Its ok mister, but your pokemon nearly paralyzed us.” Sam said after dusting himself off from the dirt.

                            “From seeing your Magby, I can tell you’re a trainer so without any fuss as a token of my accident you can have this gym badge.” The man said.

                            “A badge..” Sam said a little unsure.

                            “What you don’t want it, I’m the gym leader Helio of Slam Rock City and I insiste that you take it.” Helio said.

                            “I appreciate this, but I want to actually earn a badge, rather then having it given to me.” Sam explained.

                            “ I understand.” Helio said. “You still have a long to get to Slam Rock City, I’ll show you the short-cut.”

                            They all followed Helio through a path which had barely any trees blocking they’re way, and reached the City of Slam Rock..

                            Will Sam battle Helio for a badge? Find out in the next chapter.
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                              Chapter 14: Feeling Dizzy Today?

                              In the last chapter, the group continued on their way through Snake Bite Forest where they were almost hit by a Bulbasaur’s SolarBeam. It turns out that the pokemon was the Slam Rock City’s gym leader Helio and now he has showed all of them a shortcut to get to Slam Rock and now heading for his gym.
                              ************************************************** *******

                              Now that they finally got out of the dreadful Snake Bite Forest, each of them including Helio and their pokemon decided to rest and eat. They stopped in a shop that was like an icecream parlor, but served fast food instead. Helios ordered and paid for it, so they looked and found some seats near a large open view window, where you can watch people walk by.

                              “So are you kids from around here?” Helio asked.

                              “No both Sam and I are from GrayStone Town and Clark here, is from NewBerry.” Lisa said.

                              “And when did you start your little journey?” Helio asked.

                              “About a month ago, but me and Lisa already have three badges.” Sam said.

                              “A month and three badges already that’s pretty impressive.” Helio said.

                              After a few more questions about their journey, they all and left for his gym.

                              On the way to Helio’s gym, they all enjoyed the sights and scenes of Slam Rock. There were tall beautiful trees and fountains that were almost everywhere, the streets where very clean and little convenience stores were each side by side.

                              The gym wasn’t very far away and reached it in almost no time. Helio unlocked the door of his glass roof gym and there was the arena. There were no long halls or computer just the arena.

                              “Have any of you decided who I will face first?” Helio said while walking down his arena.

                              “I’ll go!” Sam said.

                              “But you got to go first last time!” Lisa said, a little mad.

                              “Fine then, we’ll just have to flip a coin.” Sam said, “I have heads and you can have tails.”

                              Sam got a coin out of his pocket, and then flipped it in the air. It landed heads which means Sam will battle first.

                              “Well looks like I get to battle again.” Sam said proudly before picking up his coin.

                              “Wait a minute, let me see that.” Lisa said su****iously.

                              Sam had to give Lisa the coin and when she looked at it, was heads on both sides!

                              “You cheated Sam, you cheater!” Lisa said angrily.

                              “Fine then go ahead.” Sam moaned.

                              Lisa took her place in the trainer’s circle, and Sam and Clark took their usual place by the side.

                              “We will use pokemon in this battle because I know I have already won.” Helio Said, “Go Bayleaf!”

                              The pokemon came out of its red and white pokeball, and had a mix of brown and white body with a giant green leaf on the top of its head.

                              Lisa opened her pokedex and it read Bayleaf the sweet smelly pokemon; the pokemon’s leaf on the top of its head can help cure common illnesses humans suffer, and some times cure fatal ones.

                              “Go SandSlash!” Lisa yelled, “SandSlash use Sand attack!”

                              The SandSlash shook its body rapidly and a pile of sand started to form on the ground, it kicked it at Bayleaf and Bayleaf couldn’t keep its easy open due to the sand.

                              “Now use tackle!” Lisa said.

                              The SandSlash charged the best it could and tackled the pokemon. The Bayleaf was pushed, but didn’t fall to the ground.

                              “Bayleaf use razor leaf!” Helio yelled.

                              The Bayleaf shot several razor sharp leaves form its head which all hit SandSlash. SandSlash, was knocked to the ground with and looked very hurt.

                              “I know that ground type pokemon are weak to grass attacks but I didn’t know this weak.” Lisa thought.

                              “SandSlash, dig deep under Bayleaf then come up and use Slash under it.” Lisa said.

                              “Slash." The pokemon nodded.

                              SandSlash dug deep underneath the floor and a few seconds later popped up strong and fast to Slash Bayleaf. Bayleaf was hurt from that attack, but still was able to stand.

                              “You know.” Helio began to say, “I have to pay for that floor, but it doesn’t matter because you’re going down, Bayleaf Grassy Mist!” Helio roared.

                              “Bay, bay!” it yelled.

                              Then its leaf started to spin so fast that it sounded like a helicopter! Green mist started to surround the entire gym.

                              “Don’t worry about this, it only affects pokemon.” Helio said, “It makes them dizzy and enables them to use strong attacks.”

                              “Er… SandSlash use rollout!” Lisa yelled. The pokemon stumbled around dizzily, and when it tried to use rollout it just fell to the ground.

                              “Bayleaf, Body Slam.” Helio said.

                              The Bayleaf did a short sprint then managed to do a small little jump and slammed on top of SandSlash with its weight. Sandslash was basicly down for the count when Lisa somehow thought of an idea.

                              “SandSlash, tackle the on the wall.” Lisa said.

                              Everyone in the gym was completely clueless about Lisa’s command, but she knew what she was doing when moments after SandSlash tackled the gym wall it was not dizzy and more and got itself back to his normal self, still weak but not as before.

                              “Now use Tornado Slash!” Lisa yelled.

                              SandSlash stared to spin around rapidly with its claws sticking out, then the green mist started to disappear!

                              “Wow.” Helio said. “Bayleaf finish that pokemon with a tackle!”

                              Bayleaf started to run, but not very well because of the damage it received and tried to bash into SandSlash. But SandSlash used its gifted speed and dove out of the way. Bayleaf then lost its balance and fell to the floor.

                              “Use all your energy and rollout!” Lisa shouted.

                              SandSlash quickly became a ball and spun around the arena rapidly to pick up speed and headed for Bayleaf. Bayleaf tried to get up but had no time to move from Sandslash’s rollout attack and was sent hurdling to the floor and was knocked out! Sand slash was knockout out too.

                              Helio returned his Bayleaf and gave Lisa her Moss badge and a TM.

                              “Congratulations Lisa you beat my Bayleaf. I should’ve said to use more pokemon but oh well. Anyway, here is your Moss badge and TM which is Needle Spin, it’s a attack that sends large spinning needles, which will heal your pokemon drastically, but can only be used once in battle.” He said.

                              “Sam your turn to fight and we will use 3 pokemon each.” Helio said…

                              Will Sam be victorious in his match against Helio? Find out in the next chapter.
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                                Chapter 15: Herbal Remedies!

                                In the last chapter, Lisa battled Helio for a Moss Badge and eventually won after a long fight with her SandSlash. Now, its Sam’s turn to fight the gym leader Helio using 3
                                pokemon each instead of 1.
                                ************************************************** ******

                                “This won’t be easy.” Sam thought.

                                “Ok, now we shall fight, go Weepinbell!” Helio yelled.

                                After Helios threw the red and white pokeball on the ground, a pokemon formed that had a yellow bell shaped body, with 2 large green leafs (much like Bayleaf) on the side of its body, two small white eyes, and 3 green spots on the top of its head.

                                Sam opened his pokedex and it read: Weepinbell, the bell shaped pokemon; this pokemon is the evolution of a Bellsprout and has attacks 2 times stronger then its previous form.

                                “Flamer, get in there.” Sam whispered.

                                Magby jumped off Sam’s shoulder and stood near the center of the arena. “Weepinbell, razor leaf.” Helio said.

                                The pokemon jumped in the air and fired multiple sharp leaves at Magby.

                                “Flamer use, ember on the leaves!” Sam shouted.

                                Sam’s Magby fired a small fireball that burned and destroyed the leaves in mid air.

                                “Flamer, use scratch!” Sam yelled.

                                Magby ran up and scratched Weepinbell on the face, which gave it a bruise.

                                “Don’t worry.” Helio said, “Weepinbell, use tackle!”

                                The pokemon hopped with surprising speed toward Magby. “Flamer, make sure it doesn’t tackle you and use ember!” Sam yelled.

                                Magby tried to use ember on Weepinbell, but it just hopped out of the way and Magby got tackled hard.

                                “Flamer, fire punch!” Sam roared. Magby started to run with its fist by is side turning hot and glowing red.

                                “Quickly Weepinbell jump!” Helio yelled.

                                Weepinbell jumped high in the air to try to avoid Magby’s attack, but Magby also jumped and used fire punch right in its mouth.

                                Weepinbell dropped hard to dignify that it fainted. “Nice battle Weepinbell, go Vileplume!” Helio said.

                                Sam returned his down Weepinbell and enlarged another pokeball from his waist and threw it on the ground. When the pokemon finally formed there stood a tall blue pokemon that had a large thick red flower petal on its head.

                                Sam opened his pokedex and it read: Vileplume the petal pokemon; this pokemon’s petal on the top of its head, can release toxic poison that can paralyze, poison, and sleep its victim approach with caution.

                                “Flamer, be careful.” Sam warned.

                                “I’ll let you attack, you can’t beat my Vileplume.” Helio said.

                                “Flamer use takedown!” Sam yelled.

                                Magby sprinted his way to Vileplume and dove to try and take it down. But when it used takedown, Magby just bounced of Vileplume’s body and was sitting on the ground scared.

                                “Vileplume.” Helio began to say, “Use mega punch.”

                                And with that command Vileplume sent Magby flying the other side of the arena and knocked it out.

                                “You did good.” Sam said quietly to Magby as he picked him up.

                                “You may have beat one of my pokemon but I still have 2 left!” Sam shouted from his side of the arena.

                                “Go Larvitar!” Sam yelled as he threw the rockball down on the ground.

                                “Tar..” Larvitar said.

                                “Vileplume, Petal Dance.” Helio said.

                                Vileplume started to move around in a weirdly and hundreds of possible poison petals shot out of its giant petal like a machine gun!

                                “Larvitar, run!” Sam shouted.

                                Larvitar moved its stubby little legs as fast as it could to avoid the attack. Jumping, diving, sliding it went to avoid the poisonous petals.

                                “Its not going to work, Vileplume use more petals!” Helio shouted.

                                “Plume!” It shouted while shooting even more pedals at Larvitar.

                                Jumping, diving, sliding Larvitar once again had to do even faster. Unfortunately, it wasn’t fast enough and was hit by many poisonous petals, luckily it wasn’t poisoned.

                                Larvitar was breathing heavily and was very tired from the maneuvers it did.

                                “Vileplume, finish off that Larvitar with Herbal Typhoon!”

                                Vileplume stood there then began to spin around as if it was going to use SandSlash’s Tornado Slash!

                                It started off with a small tornado, then began to turn into a huge tornado with green razor leafs mixed in! Everything was being blown away and sucked it by Vileplume’s attack. Even Lisa and Clark had to hold on to something.

                                Larvitar tried everything it could, but just collapsed on the floor because of exhaustion!

                                “Larvitar NO!” Sam screamed.

                                Larvitar was sucked in by the Herbal Typhoon and was hurt so badly by the razor leafs that its hard body began to bleed.

                                The tornado finally died down and Larvitar was pulverized by the attack and laid on the ground motionless. Sam, silently returned Larvitar with extreme anger in his eyes.

                                “Totodile, go.” Sam said with a low tone in his voice.

                                “Toto, totodile!” Totodile danced.

                                “Totodile, use Icebeam.” Sam said while still in a low tone of voice.

                                Totodile fired a freezing icebeam that actually froze Vileplume on the spot! Everyone including Sam was simply shocked to find that the Totodile froze Vileplume.

                                “Oh my, that Totodile of yours is extremely strong!” Helio said still stunned.

                                “You’re just what I’ve been looking for.” Helio shouted.

                                Helio quickly returned Vileplume and reached in one of his zipped pockets and pulled out a silver little case that he opened to find a completely green pokeball.

                                “This is my star pokemon.” Helio said, “I don’t even think your Totodile can handle his speed and power.”

                                “Go!” He shouted.

                                He threw the green pokeball on the ground and out came a small pokemon that stood on its legs and hands, with a giant green bulb on its back. Sam opened his pokedex to hear it say: Bulbasaur, The Tiny Bulb pokemon; this pokemon was born with a bulb on its back that grows each year Bulbasaur grows.

                                “Bulbasaur, use Vine Whip now!” Helio shouted.

                                Two long vines came out of the front of Bulbasaur’s bulb and quickly whipped Totodile painfully before Sam could even say a command.

                                “Totodile Ice beam!” Sam shouted.

                                Totodile fired a icy blue Icebeam at Bulbasaur, which was sure to hit.

                                “Bulbasaur, dodge it then use tackle.” Helio said.

                                If you were watching the battle, you wouldn’t think that Bulbasaur disappeared in thin air! Bulbasaur quickly appeared a meter behind Totodile and used tackle on him.

                                Totodile was now very hurt by Bulbasaur’s attack and chances of winning were very slim.

                                “Lets finish this, Bulbasaur use SolarBeam!” Helio roared.

                                “Bulba, bulba, bulba!” it began to chant as it was collecting the sun’s energy. Totodile was very hurt and knew it had only one chance of winning. So it stood up tall and screamed “Dile!!” Totodile continued to screamed as it glowed white!

                                Totodile was evolving! Its body grew taller in size, its jaw was now even larger then before, and the quills on its back grew longer and sharper.

                                Sam opened his pokedex in wonder and it read: Croconaw the massive jaw pokemon; this pokemon has a larger and harder jaw then Totodile, it can swim faster in water and can now use its tail as a attack. Then it showed another page which said Congratulations, your Croconaw has just learned Hydroblaster, Hydroblaster is the advanced stage of HydroBlast and the attack Hydroblaster gives off a almost Ice Beam feeling.

                                “Bulba, bulba, bulba!” Bulbasaur continued to yell.

                                “Croconaw, use HydroBlaster now!” Sam yelled.

                                “Cro, cro!” It said deeply. Then fired a crazy sized blue blast at Bulbasaur.

                                “Bulba, bulba, bulbasaur!” Bulbasaur yelled as before sending the yellow attack toward Croconaw.

                                Both the HydroBlaster and Solarbeam were smashing on each other for at least 2 minutes, until Croconaw used more power and blasted Bulbasaur into the wall.

                                Helio returned Bulbasaur and walked up to Sam.

                                “Now that’s what I call a battle!” Helio said happily, “Here is your Moss Badge and a Special TM for that fabulous match.”

                                Helio handed Sam a shiny green leaf that was the Moss badge and a TM, which was Solarbeam.

                                Sam marveled at Rising Shock, Telekinesis, Glacier, and new Mossbadge after he received his badge.

                                “You kids can, head west from my gym and keep walking west to take you directly to the North South Passage which will lead you to Weather Wood City.” Helio said.

                                After saying a final goodbye to Helio, they all left his gym and headed to the nearby pokemon center. From there, they headed west to get to the North South Passage. On their way there was a loud BOOM, which meant that Team K-os has arrived!

                                “We are Team K-os we are everything you fear
                                we’re in your dreams thoughts and even your nightmares
                                so just hand over your pokemon without a fit
                                or we’ll show you the true meaning of brutal punishment!”

                                This time Team K-os appeared from a blimp, which they jumped from.

                                “We were waiting for you kids!” Bro said.
                                “ Clark why did you have to leave, we had big plans for you but, you just had to betray us and now you must pay the ultimate price!” Samantha said, “And without delay, Nidoqueen go!”

                                A large pokemon bluish-green pokemon stood there with big ears, and a strong tail.

                                “Nidoqueen, use Hyper Beam!”

                                Nidoqueen slowly opened its mouth and a ball of energy started to form that she launched toward Clark.

                                “AHH!!” Clark screamed as the Hyper Beam headed towards him…

                                Is this the end of Clark? Find out in the next chapter.
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                                  Chapter 16: Is This The End Of Friendship?

                                  In the last chapter Sam battled Helio 3-on-3 for a Moss Badge. After beating Helio’s Weepinbell Sam thought the match was going to be a breeze, but that didn’t last for long when he sent out his Vileplume that beat his Magby and even his Larvitar. And when he sent out his Totodile he was sure it was going to lose but used ice beam and froze Vileplume on the spot! Then Helio sent out his star pokemon Bulbasaur and was whipping Totodile like it was a nasty tamer! All hope seemed lost until Totodile evolved into a Croconaw and beat Bulbasaur with its new attack HydroBlaster! Now, that Lisa and Sam have their badge, they continued on until Team-K-os caught up with them and used a Nidoqueen to launch a Hyper Beam at Clark.
                                  ************************************************** ************

                                  “AHH!” Clark screamed as the hyper beam headed towards him. There was a bright white light and before it could die down Team K-os said, “Our work here is done, let’s go!” after they light vanished, Clark was shielding his face from the blast and looked to see Sam standing there with his arms and legs apart. He had cuts and bruises all over his body, his red T-shirt was horrible ripped, his face looked like it has just been slashed repeatedly, and his arms and legs were deeply cut that he could hardly stand.

                                  “No….friend…..of mine…… going…. to die…” Sam said before collapsing to the ground.

                                  “Sam!” Lisa cried. Clark could only manage to look at his fist, with tears slowly coming down his cheeks.

                                  Lisa and Clark carefully put Sam’s body on their backs and headed to the pokemon center.

                                  Half an hour later, they entered the center and the nurse immediately knew that Sam was hurt so she called an ambulance on her phone. An ambulance arrived within 5 minutes, and out Sam on a stretcher and into the back of the vehicle.
                                  ************************************************** ***

                                  Sam opened his eyes to once again, find himself in a hospital bed. Bandages covered most of his body and Lisa and Clark were sitting beside him.

                                  “Hey everyone, how’s it going?” Sam said quietly after coughing a little a bit.

                                  “We thought we lost you, last week.” Lisa said happily, “We wouldn’t know what to do without you.”

                                  “Ah, don’t worry about it, as long as I’m alive.” Sam said.

                                  Clark had nothing to say to Sam and had no expression on his face. A black haired female doctor came into Sam’s room with a clipboard in her hand and began to spoke.

                                  “Sam I see that you’re finally awake.” She said, “But I’m afraid that you have to spend at least a month in here to fully recover. You see, by the story your friend told me the Hyper Beam that hit you, makes the human body very ill and it infects your internal organs if you were someone else you would die in a matter of minutes, luckily we have a cure for it and you can leave here in about a month.”

                                  “A month!” Sam yelled, “ But I’m on a journey!”

                                  “I’m sorry Sam, you are too ill to continue and you have to recover.” The doctor said.

                                  “Will I at least be able to see my pokemon?” Sam asked.

                                  “Yes, they are being taking care of right now and we will bring them to you when you’re ready.” The doctor said.

                                  “Ok.” Sam said finally, “Lisa, Clark you have to continue on without me, you’ll be ok I will try to catch up with you as soon as I leave this place.”

                                  “Ok Sam if that’s what you want.” Lisa said.

                                  After giving Sam a final hug Lisa and Clark left the hospital and continued on, but before leaving the only words that went through Clark’s mind over and over was “He saved my life…”

                                  How will Lisa and Clark be without Sam? Find out in the next chapter.
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                                    Chapter 17: Trick or Treat

                                    In the last chapter Sam sacrificed his life to save Clark’s, luckily Sam survived and spent some time in the Hospital. Unfortunately, Sam has to stay at the hospital for at least a month to fully heal his tattered body. Now, Lisa and Clark will have to leave Sam behind, hoping that he will catch up to them in the nearby future.

                                    Now leaving the hospital, Lisa and Clark head toward the North South Passage to reach the City of Weather Wood.

                                    Clark finally spoke after a long period of time and said, “He saved my life. If he hadn’t protected me from Team K-os I would surely die, yet he still did what he did knowing that his own life was on the line as well. For that I feel that I owe him.”

                                    “I know Sam well, and I know that he wouldn’t want anything in return for saving a life, so don’t worry about it!” Lisa said trying to encourage Clark.

                                    “I knew that from the moment he saved his Larvitar from evil Team K-os.” Clark said, “But I just have to owe him in some way at least.”

                                    After Clark and Lisa’s little talk, while walking down a long dirt path, they’re was a billboard that read “North South Passage in construction.”

                                    “In construction!” Lisa said outraged, “How are we suppose to get to Weather Wood then!”

                                    Lisa ran up to see what was going to find that the North South Passage was actually a bridge, and workers were building it. A worker looked up to find Lisa standing there watching.

                                    “You need to get across kid?” The Orange suited bulky construction worker asked.

                                    “Ya, I do.” Lisa said.

                                    “Well sorry but this bridge is very unsafe and old to cross so we had to tear it down and now we’re making a new one.” He said.

                                    “Do you know of another way to get to Weather Wood City?” Lisa asked.

                                    The construction worker looked a little su****ious and climbed out of a long Cherry Picker. He walked over to Lisa and whispered in her ear.

                                    “If you go up the path some more you’ll reach a dead end, but us construction workers have secretly dug a underground pathway that will take you directly to Weather Wood City. The secret entrance is in a large tree that has a stick pointing out of it, pull it and you will fall down a hole that is lighted everyday with candles, if you want to come back there is a path with a sign that has the word “SlamRock” in bold print. Don’t give this secret away to anybody and use it well.” The construction worker whispered.

                                    “I have a friend with me what about him?” Lisa asked.

                                    He thought for a bit and said, “Ok, I guess 2 people won’t hurt.” He went back in his Cherry picker and back to work.

                                    Lisa walked down the path with Clark, standing there waiting for her.

                                    After telling Clark the news they headed upwards in the path.

                                    Meanwhile, the construction worker thinking, “What a fool! She properly won’t even make it have way, before the thing gets her.”

                                    With an evil chuckle his shirt popped opened with the letter “K” on a black undershirt…

                                    What will await Clark and Lisa and what is “The Thing”? Find out in the next chapter.
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                                      Chapter 18: Real Life or a Nightmare?

                                      In the last chapter Clark and Lisa were planning on heading to Weather Wood City, by going across the North South Bridge. But, the bridge is being rebuilt and had no way of getting to their next destination. Luckily, a nearby construction worker noticed Lisa and told her a secret passage to get to Weather Wood City, but unfortunately, it turns out that the construction worker was actually a member of Team K-os and there is a Savage pokemon lurking around! What kind of danger is Clark and Lisa in?

                                      Now continuing down the path Lisa and Clark had no choice but to listen to the construction worker’s plan.

                                      They eventually spot a big tree with a short little stick pointing out of it, Lisa timidly pulled it and both Lisa and Clark dropped suddenly into a cave-like area that was being lit by several candles, and continued on like that for at least a mile. The cave-like area itself was a almost narrow path, but there were huge gaps in between.

                                      “Let’s just hope that guy isn’t trying to give us false directions.” Clark said.

                                      “He can’t be, nothing wrong happened so far and we’re still alive.” Lisa said calmly before starting to walk.

                                      Lisa led as the leader as Clark and her walked down the narrow passage to get to Weather Wood City.

                                      There were a few noises while walking, but it wasn’t anything big to pay attention to.

                                      20 minutes later there was a faint light, not bright but it was clearly the light for the exit.

                                      Now Clark and Lisa thinking that it was the easiest walk ever, started to jog their way out of the cave.


                                      Just as the light began to shine brighter, there was unexpected and sudden darkness. Lisa feeling scared, decided to try and let her Growlithe, light a candle she reached after a bit of feeling the wall.

                                      “Growlithe go!” She said.

                                      “Grow!” It barked.

                                      “Ok Growlithe, I need you to use a small ember in the air so I know where you are and so you can light this candle.” Lisa said.

                                      There was a small fireball that went up in the air telling Lisa where to aim the candle.

                                      “Good, do it again.” Lisa said before putting out her hand in the air to the place Growlithe used ember trying not to get herself burned.

                                      “Grow!” it said before firing a smaller ember that lit the candle perfectly.

                                      With the fire from a pokemon Lisa and Clark and Growlithe continued on through the passage.

                                      Sometime later, there was a dead end blocked by huge 10-foot boulders.

                                      “Aw man..” Clark groaned, “There goes our way out!”

                                      “I know there has to be another way out of here, I think I saw a path in here that leads to someplace else.” Lisa said.

                                      “Well ok but let’s run I can’t stand another minute in this underground maze.” Clark said.

                                      Now running with Clark and Growlithe, Lisa led them back through the cave to crossing.

                                      “I hope this will get us out of here..” Lisa mumbled.

                                      For some reason, Growlithe led this time while sniffing the ground carefully and cautiously.

                                      Following Lisa’s Growlithe now, Lisa and Clark watch her pokemon carefully to see if she smells anything strange.

                                      Finally, she started to Bark wildly and growled as there was a very loud thumping noise.

                                      It started to run, until it arrived at this huge area and Saw a something that made it look like a frightened Jigglypuff.

                                      Clark and Lisa finally caught up and their jaws dropped as they saw skeletons which were construction workers with their orange suit on pilled on the ground which made it even more jaw dropping was a unbelievable sized creature that looked so powerful, that it was like a nightmare happening before your eyes….

                                      Who or what is this mysterious creature? Find out in the next chapter.
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                                        Chapter 19: The Legendary Savage!

                                        In the last chapter, Lisa followed the Team K-os construction worker’s directions and found herself with Clark in the Underground passage, some construction workers built recently. When they were about to leave it became dark and they had to use Lisa’s new Growlithe to find another way. Growlithe found another way and now, there is a huge creature in front of them that looks evil.

                                        “Wha-what is that?” Clark stuttered.

                                        Lisa slowly got out her pokedex to see if it was a Pokemon and it read: Dragonite; the savage Dragon pokemon. This pokemon is believed to be mythical to many people, but few have claimed to see it. No more data is available.]

                                        Just after, she closed her pokedex, something in her just snapped. She started to remember that this was the pokemon that was Terrorizing Candle Frost City and put her, Clark, and Sam in the hospital!

                                        The large Dragonite turned around, after spitting out some bones of a body, glared directly at Lisa and Clark.

                                        Its eyes were dark and had hate massive hate in them. Its body was a dark brown in color and its wings spread out at least 4 feet.

                                        It began to speak and said, “Why have you foolish humans come here, this is one of my secret homes.”
                                        “We need to get to Weather Wood City.” Lisa said, not even a bit scared.

                                        “Ha, you think that I’m going to tell you where it is, I’ll never help humans after what you done to us.” The Dragonite voice roared loudly.

                                        “Please, not all of us are evil, most of us humans have pokemon as friends, not to do evil.” Clark walked a little closer and said.

                                        “Never, I’d rather die then help your race.” He said, “Just like how you’re about to die now!”

                                        “Not without a fight!” Lisa said, “Go Growlithe, Sandslash and Eevee!”

                                        “Me too, go Psyduck!” Clark said before whipping out his pokeball.

                                        “I wouldn’t hurt my kind, but I have no pity for traitors!” Dragonite said.

                                        “Eevee, Growlithe, Sandslash, use your strongest attacks!” Lisa yelled.

                                        “You too Psyduck!” Clark said.

                                        Eevee used her swift attack, Sandslash used Tornado Slash, Growlithe used his Flamethrower, and Psyduck used Hydro Blast. The pokemon that used the airial attacks combined them to make, a powerful beam that would take down anything.

                                        Dragonite just stood there with Sandslash slashing his foot and his hand sticking out letting the combined attack hit his hand.

                                        “This is foolishness!” Dragonite said, then firing a blue beam out of his mouth, knocking out Lisa and Clark’s pokemon.

                                        “What are you going to do now, defeat me?” Dragonite said, “Now you will die!”

                                        Dragonite, quickly scooped up Lisa and Clark before they could get away and started to squeeze them with his hand.

                                        “Ha, ha, ha…” He chuckled as he squeezed harder.

                                        Lisa and Clark screamed out in agony and knew that this was the end.

                                        Suddenly, a white beam tore the wall and in came the pokemon that saved them before, Articuno!

                                        Dragonite, dropped the kids on the ground, and they layed there unconscious. Beside their pokemon.

                                        “Articuno, I see that you have finally arrived for your death.” Dragonite said.

                                        The majestic pokemon just looked into Dragonite’s eyes flying gently with its wings sparkling in the air and shouted out.


                                        With that shout, Lisa, Clark and their pokemon woke up fully healed. Lisa looked up to find that the pokemon that saved her life, was flying gently in the air.

                                        “Children, leave now!” Articuno ordered.

                                        Lisa and Clark obeyed immediately and put their pokemon on their backs and were holding them to run out the passage Articuno created.

                                        “You’re not getting away that easily!” Dragonite said before firing a beam that Lisa and Clark both dodged with their pokemon.

                                        “Articuno, fired a beam at Dragonite it and the battle between Dragonite and Articuno began!

                                        Lisa and Clark escaped while they could, through the passage that led out of the tunnel to a bright entrance, they ran through it and found themselves laying on a field, forgetting everything that happened in the tunnel…

                                        Are Lisa and Clark in Weather Wood City now? Find out in the next chapter.
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                                          Chapter 20: The Catch That Almost Got Away

                                          In the last chapter, Lisa and Clark found themselves with the Dragonite, that almost caused them to die when they were with Sam on they’re way to Candle Frost City. Lisa and Clark tried to defend themselves with their pokemon but their plan failed horribly. It was about to end in an instant until Articuno, the pokemon that saved them previously, came to the rescue to give Lisa and Clark a chance to escape with their pokemon. They escaped successfully, but Articuno somehow cleared their mind of what happened a minute ago and put the thoughts into their head, that they got to where they are without any difficulty. Now, they are just waking up, completely clueless about what happened.

                                          “Wa.. what just happened?” Lisa asked softly.

                                          “I don’t know, but we just walked out of the tunnel normally, and now we’re here.” Clark said.

                                          Lisa tried to remember what happened and she remembered that she walked out of the underground tunnel, but there was this thing that happened which she thought was her imagination.

                                          Clark and Lisa just continued on with their journey walking down a grassy field, with grass as tall a one-meter. At this time it was about 3:00 with the sun shining brightly causing them to squint their eyes.

                                          Finally they came across a town, which looked like it was at least 100 years old, with dirty brown water running in a nearby fountain, and a whole bunch of shops that sell fruits and vegetables, also they people in this town looked like they didn’t have much money.

                                          Lisa and Clark entered the town and approached a tall woman with a ripped blue bandana around her head and a tattered dress.

                                          “Is this Weather Wood City?” Lisa asked.

                                          “Oh yes.” The woman said with a Mexican accent, “This is more of a town, then a city, people call it Weather Wood City because they want to attract tourists, but I don’t see why when this town is rundown anyway.”

                                          “Could you tell me where the gym leader is located?” Lisa asked.

                                          “Its further down from here, our gym leader is Lizzi Tartawood, but people call her Ms. Liz.” The woman responded, “But before you continue, do you mind if you help me get out a strange pokemon that won’t leave my house?”

                                          “No problem lady, we’ll get that pokemon out.” Clark assisted.

                                          Lisa looked a little surprised and worried about what Clark said.

                                          “You know what Clark, I’ll wait here for you, I want to check out some of these markets and hold my bag its tiring me out.” Lisa said.

                                          “Fine then I’ll meet you back here.” Clark said.

                                          “Ok now we go!” The woman said.

                                          Clark followed the woman through the town and past several little brown houses, until he finally reached her small brown house and into her backyard.

                                          “This is it, that it the pesky pokemon.” The woman pointed.

                                          Clark looked and saw a pokemon that had a skull-like helmet on its head, with a large bone in its right hand.

                                          Clark went into Lisa’s backpack and took out her pink and green pokedex, opened it and it read: Cubone the Bone Master pokemon; this pokemon wears the skull of it dead mother and wears it on its head. Cubone’s always have remarkable bone handling skills as it is its main way of defeating enemies.

                                          “Cubone eh..” Clark said.

                                          “Yes, this thing won’t leave my yard and every time I try to scare it off it just throws it bone at me.”

                                          “Don’t worry ma’am, I’ll handle this, go Psyduck!” Clark yelled.

                                          Psyduck came out of its pokeball with its usual serious looking face.

                                          “I better look in Lisa pokedex to see what kind of attacks I’m dealing with.” Clark said.

                                          Clark opened the pokedex and it read: Some of Cubone’s attacks are bonebarang, Bone Club, Dig, and Sonic Smash.

                                          “Psyduck, water gun!” Clark yelled.

                                          Psyduck fired a large water gun at Cubone, but Cubone dodged it was used Bonebarang on Psyduck.

                                          “Psybeam!” Clark yelled.

                                          Psyduck concentrated for about 10 seconds, then fired off a purple Psybeam toward Cubone.

                                          “Bone, bone, Cubone!” It yelled.

                                          Cubone was hit, but was still going strong.

                                          Cubone then used Agility to make it harder to hit it.

                                          “Psyduck use Scratch!” Clark said.

                                          Clark was now making up a little plan because he knows that if he attacks Cubone from far away it will just attack Psyduck. While Psyduck was coming towards him, Cubone’s bone was starting to change black, because he was charging his Sonic Smash attack.

                                          Psyduck tried to swipe Cubone but, the pokemon stepped back and was about to use its attack.

                                          “Now Psyduck, move to the left quick!” Clark yelled.

                                          Cubone couldn’t get his Sonic Smash to hit Psyduck and it lost its balance.

                                          “Psyduck, Hydro Blast!” Clark Roared.

                                          Psyduck, then fired an icy Hydro Blast that hit Cubone right on Target and was knocked out.

                                          Clark knew this was his chance to get a pokemon so he searched Lisa’s bag quickly, but didn’t find the right ball.

                                          “Oh come on...” Clark said while looking through every spot in Lisa’s bag.

                                          Then he remembered he received a pokeball he got from Prof. Cindy, when he first left New Berry Town. He looked in his sweatshirt pocket and there it was!

                                          Clark had no time to be fancy with words and threw the pokeball at the Cubone.

                                          It shook once…twice...then stooped.

                                          Clark went over to pick up his new pokemon off the ground then went over to the woman.

                                          “Thank you, I wouldn’t have got that pokemon without your help.” The woman said, “Oh and by the way I’m the gym leader of Weather Wood City!”

                                          The woman ripped off her tattered clothes with one quick swipe and she had on a long sleeve dark blue shirt. Her hair was bright brown long and shiny, and she wore a white skirt.

                                          “I’m Ms. Liz, and I do the poor woman thing to test my opponents. You see, the pokemon you caught had already been caught but it was just abandoned by its trainer when it was young. I get other pokemon from the pokemon shelter in this city.”

                                          “That was surprising, I just hope Lisa didn’t head for the gym.” Clark said…

                                          Is Lizzi Tartawood or “Ms. Liz” a tough opponent to beat? Find out in the next chapter.
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                                            Chapter 21: A Miracle Can Happen To Anyone

                                            In the last chapter Lisa and Clark finally entered Weather Wood City, but the city was really a run down town, which was called a city to attract visitors. When they entered the town there was a woman who needed help with a troublesome pokemon that wouldn't leave her yard, Clark volunteered and it turns out that the pokemon that wouldn't leave was actually a Cubone. Clark battled it and caught it with his own pokeball, which makes things even more strange; the woman who needed help was really the gym leader Lizzi Tartawood or Ms.Liz.

                                            How long have you been doing this Lizzi? Clark asked, while heading back to the town entrance.

                                            The first day I was ever a gym leader. Lizzi said confidently, These days you kids don't really catch a lot of pokemon I noticed by the battles I fought recently.

                                            Clark and Lizzi got to the place where they first met, and saw Lisa bugging people about the fruits and vegetables and how fresh they are. She saw Clark and walked up to him to get her backpack from him.

                                            Did you solve the problem? She asked.

                                            Oh I solved it alright, and a got a new pokemon too. Clark said.

                                            What! Last time I miss out on a pokemon She said, What pokemon did you get?

                                            A Cubone it was kind of tricky to beat. Clark said, And look, this woman beside me was actually the woman we met when we came to this city, and she's the gym leader Lizzi Tartawood!

                                            Yup, that's me, and now lets head to my gym to battle! Lizzi said.

                                            Lisa and Clark are now following Lizzi through the rural town to get to her gym.

                                            Minutes later Lizzi said, Here we are!

                                            What. This isn't a gym, its just sand. Lisa said puzzled.

                                            I know that, I think its better to fight outdoors other then in a an indoor gym. Lizzi said.

                                            The arena was just brown clean sand, with no markings to make the area the trainers are suppose to stand.

                                            Well let's start already, I'll use 1 pokemon and if you win you get the Red Cinder badge. I'm going to battle you with my new Kangaskhan I just caught and to make it even more fun I'll let you use 3 of your pokemon you have with you.

                                            Lisa and Lizzi stood in front of each other 7 feet away ready to begin the battle.

                                            Go Kangaskhan! Lizzi yelled.

                                            The baby caring pokemon came out of its pokeball with no baby Kangaskhan in its pouch with its fists ready to fight as if it was about to go into a boxing match with a Hitmonchan.

                                            Lisa went in her bag and got out her pokedex to hear what it had to say Kangaskhan the mother caring pokemon; this pokemon is usually female and carries around its young in its pouch. Its attacks can be devastating when raised at an extremely high level

                                            Go Sandslash! Lisa yelled.

                                            Sandslash came out of its pokemon with a slick expression on its face.

                                            Sandslash fury swipes! Lisa yelled.

                                            Sandslash charged toward Kangaskhan and slashed with fury, attempting to hurt Kangaskhan. Kangaskhan swiftly dodged to attack and used mega punch to send it back.

                                            Nice pokemon, Kangaskhan use mega kick! Lizzi roared.

                                            Kangaskhan lifted its leg threw it towards Sandslash.

                                            Sandslash jump! Lisa yelled.

                                            Sandslash jumped in the air, but Kangaskhan grabbed its leg and started to pound it back and forth on the sand. After Kangaskhan was through Sandslash wearily stood up.

                                            Sandslash lets use the sand for our advantage, Dig!

                                            Sandslash began digging underground with amazing speed and was somewhere underground.

                                            Oh no you don't, Kangaskhan use Earthquake! Lizzi yelled.

                                            Just as Kangaskhan used its mighty Earthquake, Sandslash popped up from behind and used its Tornado Slash that slowly raised Kangaskhan off its feet and got slashed repeatedly.

                                            Kangaskhan took control and grabbed Sandslash then threw him in the sand then jumped on it.

                                            Sandslash was knocked out and Lisa returned it.

                                            Eevee go!

                                            Eevee came out of its pokeball on standing up strong as usual.

                                            Eevee swift! Lisa yelled.

                                            Without delay, Eevee shot off several stars out of her mouth with great speed that even Kangaskhan couldn't block.

                                            Kangaskhan use Dizzy Punch! Lizzi yelled.

                                            Kangaskhan powered its fist and drived it hard towards Eevee, but just punched sand because Eevee had the speed advantage against Kangaskhan.

                                            Eevee surround Kangaskhan with your Double Team, then use your Headbutt on its head.

                                            Eevee ran around in circles and multiple copies of itself started to form and surround Kangaskhan.

                                            Kangas! it said confused.

                                            The real Eevee jumped up and striked Kangaskhan in its head.

                                            It stumbled and dropped to the ground and Lizzi started to worry about if the idea of using 1 pokemon was such a good idea.

                                            Kangaskhan got up and used ice beam angrily without Lizzi command.

                                            Eevee got hit with a direct hit and was now very weak to stand up.

                                            Oh Eevee Lisa sighed to herself, I don't want to see you suffer, return.

                                            Growlithe go!

                                            Growlithe came out of its pokeball that he received from Sam's childhood bully, with its fur shining bright and clean.

                                            Growlithe, use tackle! Lisa yelled.

                                            Growlithe ran with long strides and tackled Kangaskhan, shoving it backwards.

                                            Kangaskhan, use double punch! Lizzi yelled.

                                            Kangaskhan swiftly ran towards Growlithe and forced it down in the sand with one of its hand, then repeatedly punched Growlithe with the other back and forth.

                                            Lisa had to watch in horror as Kangaskhan was pummelling Growlithe.

                                            What am I going to do She sighed in anger with a tear or two going down her cheek, I wish Sam was here to help me decide

                                            Even though Growlithe was getting beat up he could see that Lisa cared and was hurting. It then bite Kangaskhan fist which caused it to stop, then charged up a fireball that fired off as a beam that hit Kangaskhan.

                                            Lisa opened her pokedex in wonder and it read Blazing Blast; a strong fire attack that high level Growlithe's learn that lowers the attack and defence of it opponent.

                                            No you will not beat me! Kangaskhan use mega kick! Lizzi screamed.

                                            Kangaskhan used its mega kick in every direction to knockout Growlithe. Growlithe dodged all of them and jumped on top of Kangaskhan head.

                                            Growlithe finish that pokemon off with Flame Thrower! Lisa yelled.

                                            Growlithe jumped up and used it Flame Thrower that covered Kangaskhan entire body.

                                            Kangaskhan was finally brought down and returned by Lizzi.

                                            That was a fun battle Lisa, you have strong pokemon! Lizzi said, Here your Red Cinder badge and a TM which is Mega kick.

                                            Lisa took the red rock shaped badge and immediately taught her Sandslash mega kick.

                                            The next city should be about 10 miles from here, you might want to heal your pokemon before you continue, I heard the gym leader there is tough so be careful. Lizzi's final word were.

                                            Lisa went to the nearby pokemon centre and healed her pokemon and Clarks then headed back to Ms.Liz's gym and started going north

                                            Is the gym leader as tough as Ms.Liz says they are? Find out in the next chapter
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                                              Chapter 22: I Told You We'd Be Back!

                                              In the last chapter Clark and Ms.Liz returned to Lisa for Lisa to face Ms.Liz in a gym battle. Lizzi decided that she would only use one pokemon and Lisa got to use all of hers. Even then Lisa's pokemon couldn't measure up to Lizzi's Kangaskhan, after all her pokemon were defeated except her Growlithe when it used one of its strongest attacks and finally Kangaskhan went down. Lisa received her badge and TM for the win and healed her pokemon and Clark's too then headed up north to reach the next city and go against the tough gym leader there.

                                              Somewhere in the land of pokemon...

                                              "Sam good news, we have just discovered a cure for the hyper beam illness that will recover you in a matter of secounds!" A doctor he never seen before barged in his room happily.

                                              "You have! Great!" Sam said while playing with his pokemon.

                                              "This needle will restore your health quickly." He said preparing to inject the needle.

                                              "Ok doctor lets do it!" Sam said happily.

                                              "Alright but first get your pokemon and things together." He said suspiously.

                                              Sam quickly got his stuff and pokemon together and prepared for the injection.

                                              "This will only hurt for a minute." The doctor said.

                                              The suspious doctor quickly injected the needle and Sam dropped to the ground.

                                              "Ha, ha, ha..." The doctor said.

                                              All of a sudden the left wall from Sam's bed got smashed and a black helicopter with the letter K was hovering in the air blowing everything away including the doctors coat which revealed that the mysterious was actually a Team K-os scientist.

                                              The scientist picked up Sam and walked toward the helicopter until he could walk across and left.

                                              Sam woke up then dizzily to find himself hooked up to dozens of wires hooked up to his arms.

                                              Just then the scientist that injected the needle, enterned the dark lightly lit room ad spoke with his thick round glasses and his nicely combed brown hair and long sideburns.

                                              "So Sam I see that you finally woke up after your little injection." He chuckled with his sneaky voice.

                                              "What have you done to me." Sam ordered.

                                              "Don't worry the antidote for the hyper beam was true, but the antidote we had in mind will cause you to work for use into getting back our former Team K-os member Clark." He Said.

                                              "There is no way I will help you fools get back Clark into your organization." Sam said turning his head away.

                                              "You think you have a choice." The man said, "We have you under our control and there is no way you can disobey us! Now you will sleep to regain your full strength.

                                              "No...!" Sam yelled before getting a poisoned rag over his face and falling into a deep sleep.
                                              "I can't wait to get my next badge, I hope the gym leader isn't as hard as Lizzi says they are." Lisa said.

                                              "Nah, there isn't a obsticle that you can't get through Lisa." Clark said encouragely.

                                              1 hour later after walking down a long dirt road they heard a familer voice shouting.

                                              "Hey Lisa, Clark its me Sam!" Sam yelled behind them.

                                              "I don't beleave this!" Lisa screamed happily.

                                              "Sam..." Clark said.

                                              "Ya I got a special needle that made me recover quickly." Sam said.

                                              Clark knew it was Sam, but he just had a feeling at the back of his head that told him that something isn't right.

                                              "Wow Sam we have so much to catch up on, I still can't beleave you're here!" Lisa said.

                                              "Yup we do." Sam said, "But first..."

                                              All of a sudden, Sam's eyes started to glow a bright red until his pupils disappeared and quickly drew out a device that turned into a electronic net and caught Clark! A helicopter appeared out of no where and the scientist that kidnapped Sam jumped off and stood behind Sam with a remote.

                                              Lisa's eyes were set to stun as she watched what just took place.

                                              "Ah, I see that our little device worked as we planned and Clark is caught in the net." The man said.

                                              "Who are you?" Lisa asked angrily.

                                              "There will be time for introductions later, but for now we'll be talking our unforgotten ex-member Clark." He said.

                                              "I won't let you!" she said while taking out her pokemon.

                                              "I wouldn't get to physical if I were you Lisa, you see, if you even let your pokemon touch me, I will use this remote that will make your friends feel extreme pain, and I don't think you'll like that." He said snakely.

                                              "Lisa let him. I'll be ok and come back." Clark said while standing in the cage-like net.

                                              "There is no way I'll let this man take you away to evil again." Lisa said bravely.

                                              "Suit yourself, I guess you like your friends feeling pain until you decide to give in." The mad man said before pressing a botton the mad Sam and Clark feel pain.

                                              Just then Lisa saw a little device that she hadn't seen before of Sam's forehead.

                                              "Eevee go!" Lisa yelled.

                                              "Using a pokemon? That is just going to cause more pain to your friends. He said.

                                              Lisa whispered something into Eevee's ear and Eevee went running.

                                              "What do you think your doing?" The man asked a little scared.

                                              "Now Eevee!" Lisa yelled.

                                              The scientist was preparing to press the black botton when Eevee use a swift star and broke the little device on Sam's forehead which brought him back to normal.

                                              "I'm back baby!" He yelled to himself before he kicked the remote out of the scientist's hands and it smashed to pieces on the ground.

                                              "No!" The scientist yelled.

                                              "Eevee, now takedown!" Lisa yelled.

                                              "No!" Sam interrupted, "He got me out of the hospital quickly so he deserves at least a little mercy."

                                              "But Sam... oh all right Eevee return." Lisa said.

                                              "I'll be back kid and Clark you just watch!" The scientist said before going on the helicopter and flying off.

                                              "Sandslash use your slash to free Clark!" Lisa said.

                                              Sandslash used its slash to free Clark in the net and returned to its pokeball.

                                              "Lisa thank you for saving me, I wish I could repay you." Sam said shyly.

                                              "Don't worry about it Sam that's what friends are for." Lisa said.

                                              "heh heh.." Clark chuckled, "I'm sorry it just felt like a T.V. moment just now."

                                              "Hey Clark, long time no see." Sam turned and said.

                                              "Ya.. it has felt like a long time ago." Clark said.

                                              "Anyway we should get going its getting dark." Lisa said.

                                              "Wait a minute, I want to go get a badge from the last town I missed, I'll catch up with you just wait for me in the next city." Sam said.

                                              "If that's what you want Sam." Lisa said,"At last this time I know that you'll be catching up with us."

                                              "Lets get going, we don't want to be here all day." Clark said.

                                              After heading their separate ways, Sam began to think about his future.

                                              What will Sam and Lisa's match be like? Find out in the next chapter.
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                                                Chapter 23: Suspious Lisa

                                                In the last chapter, Lisa and Clark continued on with their journey in the Dynamo League and unexpectedly Sam arrived, but Clark knew that something wasn't right about Sam and was right when Sam had been hypnotised to listen to the scientist's commands, but luckily Lisa quickly thought of an idea that ruined the man's plan to control Sam and get Clark to re-enter Team K-os and now are going their seperate ways to get thier next badge.

                                                Sam finally got to Weather Wood City and followed the street signs that led to Ms.Liz's indoor gym. He entered the tall glass gym and saw Ms.Liz sweeping up the arena.

                                                Sam walked up to her and she quickly noticed him and said "Hello I am the gym leader Lizzi Tartawood and I suppose that you want a gym battle?"

                                                "Yes I do, my name is Sam Mcknight and I challenge you." Sam said.

                                                "Fine then, go stand in your trainer circle and we shall fight how does 2 on 2 sound?" Lizzi asked.

                                                "It sounds fine to me." Sam said.

                                                "Ok, go....."

                                                Clark and Lisa now see the sign to the next city, it said "Wind Stock City".

                                                Lisa looked ruther up and saw alot of bulidings together on a cliff so she ran the whole way and eventually reached the city.

                                                Wind Stock City was a real busy place with pollution and people walking back and forth on cell phones, but no cars.

                                                Lisa and Clark struggled to find gym until finally they reached the gym after going through crowds of people, but unfortunately, the gym was full of young trainers about thier age, some of them looked unexperienced.

                                                Lisa and Clark entered the arena, into a balcony where you can watch the trainers battle.

                                                Lisa asked a kid that was sitting watching the battleabou the gym leader and she said "That's the gym leader Dino, rumors are going around saying that he used to work for Team K-os."

                                                Lisa was surprised when she heard that and looked down and saw Dino with his shining black vest, white Alakazams on his feet, with white pants battling a cool looking kid a liitle older then Lisa Sam and Clark with a grey sweat shirt and red trackpants.

                                                Dino was using a Quilava and the trainer was using a Bayleaf, Quilava used flamethower and Bayleef quickly dodged, then Quilava used a strange fire attack that brought down Bayleef and the trainer returned and used a diffrent pokemon.

                                                "Hey Lisa." Someone said behind her watching the match.

                                                "What on earth..." She said before turning around to see Sam standing there, with his red shirt and black shorts watching the battle.

                                                "What! How did you get here so fast and how did you didn't you battle yet?" She asked shocked.

                                                "I did battle and I won it was a 2 on 2 battle and I quickly whooped her and herself was shocked by the defeat and I told her my story and Lizzi was touched and gave me a ride on her Pigeot and now I'm here." Sam explained.

                                                Lisa was stunned at the fact that it didn't take Sam very long to win and it took her at least 45 minutes to gain her victory.

                                                There was a big "OHH!", Lisa looked down from the balcony and saw that Dino had just beat the young trainer and he had to walk out in shame.

                                                Lisa stared down hard at Dino and somehow Dino noticed and looked up and said "Young lady, are you a trainer? Let's battle."

                                                The was a loud "Aw man I wanted to fight" among the crowd.

                                                Lisa walked down the balcony with Sam and Clark with her and she spoke up.

                                                "If its not too much trouble, can we make it a 2 on 1 battle with my friend Sam, I want him to battle with me." Lisa asked.

                                                Sam was puzzled at why Lisa and that and the gym leader thought hard for a moment and said "Ok then, I can't say no to a face like yours, we will battle 2 on 1.

                                                Why is Lisa bringing Sam into her match? Findout in the next chapter.
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                                                  Chapter 24: 2 on 1 Victory!

                                                  In the last chapter, Sam, Lisa and Clark went thier seperate ways to get thier badge and unexpectedly, Sam won his match, and even got to the next city where Lisa and Clark are right now, before Lisa could even start her match. The gym leader Dino challenged Lisa out of the other trainers to battle him, suspiously, Lisa wants Sam to fight along side with her for some reason, what could Lisa be up to.
                                                  ************************************************** ************

                                                  "As you might have heard from the rumors, yes I used to be a member of Team K-os, something I'm not proud of, but I needed the money from stealing pokemon to get by." Dino said from across the arena, "Now lets begin. We will use 2 pokemon and since you decided to have a 2 on 1 battle, you can only use 1 pokemon and no more."

                                                  "No problem." Lisa said confindently.

                                                  "Go Eevee."
                                                  "Go Croconaw." Lisa and Sam said together.

                                                  Dino opened his red and white pokeball and a light green grass pokemon stood there with syths for hands, wings on its back and small feet.

                                                  Lisa opened her pokedex and it said Scyther the ninja blade pokemon; this pokemon uses it syths to preform devistating attacks that can easily cut through tree trunks.

                                                  Sam was waiting for Lisa to call the first move, since it was her match, but Lisa stood there waiting for Sam to make the first move.

                                                  "Croconaw use bite!" Sam yelled.

                                                  Croconaw spung into action and raced towards Scyther to give a a bite attack but missed, so it kept going to bite Scyther but Scyther just dodged the attack just enough so it didn't get hurt.

                                                  "Scyther use fury swipes!" Dino yelled.

                                                  Scyther used fury swipes, but missed easily due to Croconaw's speed. Even Dino was impressed.

                                                  Sam wondered why Lisa wasn't parti****ting if its her gym match because she didn't give an effort to call out an attack.

                                                  "Croconaw jump back then use water gun!" Sam yelled.

                                                  Croconaw jumped from Scyther's attack, then used a watergun.

                                                  "Err..Scyther, fly around the arena to dry off your wings." Dino said.

                                                  Scyther raised from the ground and flew around frantically to dry it self off, then landed on the ground.

                                                  "Croconaw, let's finish this chump..."

                                                  That one word that Scyther heard "chump" filled it with rage it began to swing its syths around angrily.

                                                  Sam opened his pokedex and it said Scyther is a type off pokemon that easily get offended by small insaults, its level raises at least 10 levels until the battle is over and it defeats its opponent.

                                                  "This is not good..." Sam said to himself.

                                                  Lisa stood there watching the battle, as if she was watching Sam battle.

                                                  "looks like we have to give it everything we have, Croconaw use HydroBlaster!" Sam ordered.

                                                  Croconaw prepared its attack, then fired a Hydroblaster out of its mouth the resembled a Hyperbeam.

                                                  Scyther stood there with its left syth infront of its face while Croconaw fired its blast.

                                                  When it striked Scyther, it only hit its blade, forcing his body back.

                                                  "More power!" Sam yelled.

                                                  Croconaw used more power, which only sent Scyther a few inches back.

                                                  "Maximum power!" Sam yelled.

                                                  Croconaw used all its strength to knockout Scyhter, but this time Scyther Sliced off the beam as if it were bread and the Hydro blaster was flying in every directon, which caused the trainer in the balcony to run out the gym, but a few trainers stayed to watch the battle.

                                                  "Scyther, use power slash!" Dino ordered.

                                                  Scyther ran right past Croconaw so fast that you couldn't see if Scyther slashed Croconaw, but it left a blue streak between Scyther and Croconaw.

                                                  Croconaw suddenly dropped to the ground with its massive jaw and eyes wide open.

                                                  "There is no way..." Sam said expressionless.

                                                  For the very first time in a battle Sam wasn't going to go out that easily and used a potion to recover some of Croconaw's health.

                                                  "Scyther, now let finish this chump off with fury swipes!" Dino yelled.

                                                  Scyther ran toward the Croconaw and used fury swipes which slashed Croconaw repeatedly.

                                                  "Come on Croconaw, get it together!" Sam yelled angrily, "Use Ice beam!"

                                                  Scyther was caught off guard by Sam's command and received a huge amount of damage from Croconaw's Icebeam.

                                                  Sam's pokedex began to beep and he opened it and it said When Scyther's get a huge amount of damage done to them if they have been insulted, there level goes down dramatically, lower then its own level, until it faints.

                                                  "Alright, now we will only have to fight one more pokemon!" Sam said happily.

                                                  "Oh no, your not going to win that easily, I still have a secret trick." Dino said, "Scyther use your Death Syth!"

                                                  Sam, Clark and Lisa knew that Death Syth was an attack that the Scizor the fought knew when they heard Dino call out that attack."

                                                  Scyther's syth glowed a bright black and it slashed Croconaw so hard that it gave it a little gash on its cheek.

                                                  Croconaw dropped suddenly and Sam returned him with anger in his eyes.

                                                  Then yelled at Lisa with extreme anger in his voice, "Lisa! If you hadn't made me do all the work Croconaw would still be able to battle!"

                                                  Lisa looked down in shame and but didn't cry.

                                                  "If you want to be a great pokemon trainer ypou have to smarten up!" Sam yelled.

                                                  "Eevee, use agility." Lisa said plainly.

                                                  Eevee used its agility so fast that Syther couldn't keep up with it.

                                                  Scyther was exasted and went down on its knees with both of its syths digged into the cement gym floor.

                                                  "Eevee finish it off with swift." Lisa said a little happier.

                                                  Eevee fired multiple swift stars at Syther and finally went down.

                                                  "Good job Sam and Lisa you brought down my Scyther." Dino said, "Looks like you have to face me 1 on 1 now Lisa prepare to lose."

                                                  "Go Quilava!"

                                                  Lisa brought out her pokedex and it said Quilava the flaming fire pokemon; this pokemon is the evolution of a Cyndaquil. Quilava's have much stronger attacks, but its defence its as strong as a Cyndaquil.

                                                  "Eevee use takedown!" Lisa yelled.

                                                  Eevee ran and quickly jumped and gave Quilava a hard tackle.

                                                  "Quilava, use Flamethrower!" Dino yelled.

                                                  Quilava fired a large flamethrower at Eevee, which Eevee jumped up to dodge.

                                                  "Triple Team, Eevee." Lisa said.

                                                  Eevee surrounded Quilava and made multiple copies of itself to confuse Quilava.

                                                  "Now headbutt." Lisa said.

                                                  The real Eevee jumped up and gave Quilava a massive headbutt which knocked out Quilava.

                                                  "Very impressive Lisa you have deafeated my pokemon, you and Sam have just earned a Emberbeam badge and a TM that is Double Edge.

                                                  Dino left his arena in half shame and Sam, Clark, and Lisa left in victory.

                                                  "I'm sorry I yelled at you earlier Lisa, I was just angry that my Croconaw went down without even fighting the next pokemon." Sam said.

                                                  "I should be saying sorry." Lisa said, "When I heard that you beat Lizzi Tartawood so quickly I thought that your pokemon would quickly beat Dino's and I would have a badge quickly, but I relized when you yelled at me , that a true pokemon trainer wouldn't use others to win a match."

                                                  Lisa, Sam and Clark left the gym and the young trainer they saw battling Dino approached them and said, "My name is Malcolm,I saw each of you battle, but you seem to interest me in your skills Sam Mcknight and I want to battle you in a match 1 on 1 with our starter pokemon!"

                                                  "Fine with me, but you do know of course that you won't win..."

                                                  Will Sam be victorious in his next trainer match with Malcolm? Find out in the next chapter
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                                                    Chapter 25: Goodbye Friend!

                                                    In the last chapter, Lisa and Sam battled for a emberbeam badge, but Sam was the one doing all the work. Lisa "stepped up to the plate" and did her part, which made both Sam and Lisa win. After the battle, Sam was challenged by a young trainer Malcolm, and is now about to battle. Who will be victorious?

                                                    "There is no way that you and your friend made it all the way here, and collected all the badges, you must have cheated." Malcolm said.

                                                    "Nope, we collected all the badges, and made it here without cheating, and went through things you wouldn't even imagine." Sam explained.

                                                    "Well anyway, enough talking lets fight!" Malcolm scowled.

                                                    Malcolm led Sam to a little crowded park away from the gym, where trainer battles take place. It had a big fountain in the middle, and little rocky battle scenes.

                                                    Finally, Sam and Malcolm found themselves in a fairy large, flat, concrete battle scene.

                                                    "Sam, this battle might take awile, I think I'll go find someone to challenge." Lisa whispered in his ear, then walked off.

                                                    A crowd was starting to form as the battle was about to begin.

                                                    "Go Venusaur!" Malcolm yelled.

                                                    "Oh man, how can Flamer beat that Venusaur, I am going to have to use its strongest attacks." Sam thought a little worried.

                                                    "Go Magby!" Sam yelled.

                                                    Magby was now in a pokeball, when Sam was released from the hospital.

                                                    "Mag Mag!" It jumped hapily until it saw the Venusaur it had to battle.

                                                    "Don't worry, Magby, it might bwe a hard battle but its not impossibe." Sam said.

                                                    "Magby, flare storm!" Sam yelled.

                                                    Magby, raised its little fists in the air and little small embers fell from the sky, this was Magby's strongest attack, but was no use against Venusaur.

                                                    "And I thought this might be hard..." Malcolm said ashamed of Sam, "Venusaur vine whip that little chump!"

                                                    As soon as Magby, heard the word "chump" he filled with rage and easily dodged the vine whip.

                                                    Unbeleiveably, Magby spoke with its little voice, still with rage and said " a...... chump!" then flames started to rise from his body, like he was a candle.

                                                    By this time a even bigger crowd gather around, amazed that the ittle pokemon could talk.

                                                    Magby then turned to Sam and said "Goodbye friend", with those words he glew white and evovled into a Magmar! His body grew at least 2 more feet, his claws grew even sharper, and a lttle flame sparked up from the tip of his tail.

                                                    "Flamer..." Sam said, almost speechlessly, "Magmar, Fire blast!" Sam roared.

                                                    Magmar jumped up and fired a huge flame that burned some of the leaves on Venusaur's bulb!

                                                    "We're not done yet, Venusaur take down!" Malcolm yelled.

                                                    Venusaur ran as fast as it could, and charged Magmar, Margar held its ground and was only pushed back a few inches.

                                                    "Magmar, Sesimic toss!" Sam yelled.

                                                    Magmar carefully lifted Venusaur just inches off the floor, and began to spin slowly, then fast.

                                                    The crowd watching the battle gasped with amazement as Magmar lifted Venusaur below its waist, while spinning around.

                                                    Magmar threw Venusaur at least 10 feet away into a nearby lake!

                                                    "Venusaur!!" Malcolm screamed.

                                                    Venusaur floated to the surface , and was clearly knocked out.

                                                    After the battle, girls rushed by Sam asking for his autograph, then Lisa pulled Sam away from the girls by his arm a little jelous.

                                                    "Jelous Lisa..." Sam asked a little surprised.

                                                    "No......" Lisa said uneasy, "I want to tell you about my battle."

                                                    "ok whatever you say...." Sam said.
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