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    Hey all. This is a Fan Fic about Digimon, obviously.

    This is the first time I've written a Fan Fic, so I would really like some constructive criticism and help. Is my description good? Spelling and grammar? Paragraphing? If you want to review or whatever, you can post here.

    Well, I hope you enjoy it.

    Ch. 1 – How it Started
    “Hey, Mia! You coming to my house now?” A tall, black haired girl was asking her friend, Mia. Mia had tanned skin, and was fairly pretty. She was about 145 cm tall, around the average height for a 15 year old. Her straight, blonde hair with brown tips goes just past her shoulders. Her light blue eyes could captivate anyone. She wears a light yellow tank top with a brown stripe down the middle. A red skirt that goes down to her knees and black shoes with pink laces complete her outfit.

    “Yeah Mia, you should come. We heard Andy found a Digivice and he’s gonna go to the Digiworld,” a boy around their age informed Mia, giving her more of a reason to join them.

    “But Andy doesn’t have a computer,” Mia said.
    “That’s why we’re going to my house!” the tall, black haired girl explained.
    Curtis stared at them from across the road as he was coming home from school. He watched, somewhat enviously, at the strange creature that hovered around the girl called Mia.

    It was a FanBeemon, an insectoid Digimon. It resembled a large honeybee, about one meter in length. Two large, green eyes and blue antennas featured on its face. Four of its large, yellow legs each had a brown claw on the end, and a smaller pair of legs had two small claws each. Its body was yellow with orange stripes, and its wings beat briskly as it flew alongside Mia.

    “… so she gave me all this crap I have to do at home.” A familiar voice sounded in Curtis’ ear.

    “Oh, what?” Curtis replied, coming back into reality.

    “Were you even listening?” a guy named Billy asked, sounding rather irritated. Billy had blond, messy, spiked up hair, deep, blue eyes and a slight tan. He was a good looking kid and has an average build, being about 155 cm tall. Wearing a brown hoodie with a black stripe down the sleeves, he also wears light green track pants and black skating shoes with a black shoelace on the left shoe and a white shoelace on the other shoe. He was 15 years old and one of Curtis’ close friends. They had known each other for years.

    Billy glanced across the road and spotted three of his classmates walking along. Following them was FanBeemon.

    “Ah, God, Curtis,” Billy sighed.

    “I wonder if we’ll ever get a Digimon.” Curtis replied.

    He knew the only way of getting a Digimon was if you found a D-3 Digivice, which are very hard to come by. Apparently, they just appear, and the person who it was meant for would be ‘drawn’ to it. Only then can you open a portal to the Digiworld via a computer, and your Digimon will be waiting for you. Or that’s what they say. Digimon are the latest trend, and ever since the exposure of the Digiworld to the real world around 10 years ago, Digimon were soon becoming a normal part of life. At least a third of Curtis’ school had Digimon, including teachers.

    “Oh yeah, that’s what I need. A little crazy monster running around, fighting other monsters and doing stuff for me,” Billy contemplated.

    “Hey, be serious. So you really wouldn’t like one?” Curtis asked, giving a playful shove to Billy as they walked along the street to his house.

    “Nah, I would. But it’s not like we’re ever gonna get one. I mean what are the chances?
    Why us?”

    “Why not us?” Curtis joked, remembering the self esteem book he and Billy read in Health Class that day.

    “Uhhhh,” Billy gave out an exaggerated grunt. “You’re so corny.”

    They approached a medium sized, average looking house. Built with brown bricks with a green, tiled roof, it had a letter box at the front of the lawn labeled ‘7’. Curtis got out his keys, unlocked the front door and the boys entered. To the left was the door to the hallway, to the right was the lounge with a large HD T.V and in front of them was the kitchen.

    “When’s your mum coming to pick you up?” Curtis asked, dropping his bag next to the door and lying on a couch.

    “I dunno, around six,” was the reply.

    “Hey boys.” A voice from the kitchen called out.

    “Hey mum,” Curtis cried out.

    “Hey Mrs. Ashcroft,” Billy greeted.

    “Curtis, go put your bag away and get dressed.” Curtis’ mum was tall. She had wavy, brown hair that was tied back, and wore a plain yellow shirt and black track pants.

    Curtis lazily got up and walked to his room. He took off his school clothes and changed into his usual outfit, consisting off a red T-shirt with a yellow stripe going from his top left shoulder to the bottom right corner and a pair of grey jeans, faded from age. Black goggles sat comfortably on his head. He looked in the mirror and studied himself. Dark, shaggy brown hair fell from his head, just about covering his eyes. He saw his light brown eyes staring back at him. He had a tanned complexion and an average build - he wasn’t skinny or chubby, and he was around 150 cm tall, shorter than Billy.

    “Why can’t my life be exciting,” he sighed. He kept thinking about Digimon. He desperately wanted one, but he knew Billy was right. It was highly unlikely that they would find a Digivice.

    “Curtis! Hurry! Come here!” a shout came through Curtis’ window. He opened his curtains and saw Billy, excitedly gesturing Curtis to come outside.

    “Why?” Curtis questioned.

    “Just come!” Billy responded, visibly growing frustrated after seeing Curtis’ lack of enthusiasm.

    “Fine!” Curtis yelled, as he walked out of his room, through the hallway and started making his way out to backyard.

    ‘It better not be a friggin dead bird again,’ Curtis thought. Billy was always doing that – calling Curtis over to show him something plainly ridiculous and of little importance, just to annoy him. He once phoned Curtis to come to his house in the middle of the night, saying he found a Digivice when he really didn’t.

    Reaching the wire door leading to the verandah, Curtis put on his favorite white runners with red shoelaces, and proceeded to open the door. At the corner of his eye, he sighted a strange, faint white glow in the fireplace and instantly felt drawn to it. He tried to ignore it, but its hold over him was too strong.

    “Curtis!” Billy angrily called out again. “Look what I found!”

    Curtis could hear Billy calling out, but he wasn’t listening. He was concentrating on the glow.

    ‘Well, you know what they say. The only way to cure curiosity is to give in to it,’ Curtis thought. Going on all fours, he began rummaging through the ashes and firewood, but couldn’t find anything. The glowing had disappeared, but he could still sense that something was there. What a fool he must’ve looked like, with his head inside the fireplace. He waved his hand over the ashes, causing them to fly everywhere. Disappointed that he didn’t find anything, he got up and waited for the ashes to settle.

    But they didn’t.

    Instead, they started to glow red. They started to swirl and spiral around each other, until they formed a ball. A red, glowing ball made out of ash. Suddenly, it exploded a blinding light, and Curtis fainted.

    “Hey! Are you OK? Wake up!”
    Curtis felt cold water splash on his face. He opened his eyes and saw three faces looking down on him; those of Billy, his mum, and his little sister, Leanne.

    Leanne had light brown, thick, wavy hair which goes down just past her shoulders and has several hair clips holding it back. She wore a sleeveless, light red dress with white trimmings that goes past her knees and yellow sandals. A huge, dark red button is fixed onto the chest area of the dress. She was 10 years old and about 120 cm tall.

    Leanne was holding a cup in her hands, and continued pouring water on his face.

    “I’m awake!” Curtis exclaimed, causing her to playfully scream and hide behind their mother.

    “What happened?” He asked.

    “We dunno. Leanne found you lying on the floor, and she started screaming out to me. She sounded really scared, so I came,” his mother replied.

    “I remember… a…an… explosion…” Curtis said, clearly disorientated.

    “Umm, Ok. What’s that in your hand, honey?” Curtis’ mum asked him.

    He sat up and looked at her, puzzled. He then realized he was grasping something in his right hand. He brought it over to his face, and then cried out in disbelief. In his hand was a metal, elliptical object, resembling a little remote, or controls of some sort. It had a square screen on the top half, and two small red buttons, one above the other, were located to the right of the screen. Another red circular button, larger than the other two, was positioned beneath the screen and had two triangular indents on the left and right sides of the button, pointing to their respective directions. The last button was a tiny, white one, made of rubber. It looked like a ‘reset’ button. It was located just below the screen. Orange, rubber padding covered the sides of the little computer, and small, metal rod protruded from the top of the object, possibly an antenna or transmitter.

    “It’s… a… Digivice...” Curtis finally managed to utter as he stood up.

    After a small silence, Billy spoke.

    “Jeez, Curtis. You are such a copycat.” Billy remarked. He held up an object in his hand.

    “You… You found one too?” Curtis asked.


    “Whoa… We have Digivices… We have DIGIVICES!” Curtis happily cried out. It had taken a
    while for reality to sink in.

    “It’s so surreal,” Billy said. “Hey, we should use your computer to make a portal!”

    “Argh, we can’t. It’s stuffed up.”

    “We’ll go to my house then.”

    “Ok. Hurry, let’s go!”

    With that, Curtis and Billy ran out of the house, clutching their D-3 Digivices.

    “Mum, can I have a Digivice too?” Leanne asked her mum.

    “Of course not! If you have one, then all my kids will always be off in that Digiworld. Look at your older brother, I hardly see him anymore,” Her mother replied.

    At Billy’s house…

    “How do we do it?” Curtis queried.

    They were in front of Billy’s computer, in the study.

    “How do we open a portal?”

    “I dunno, you’re supposed to be the expert here,” answered Billy.

    “Can I see your Digivice?” Curtis took Billy’s D-3 from the desk and compared it with his. They were relatively the same, except that Billy’s D-3 had brown padding and beige buttons. He handed it back to Billy. “How did you find yours?”

    “Ha, well, after you went to get dressed I went outside,” Billy told him. “Then, it’s like I had a sudden urge to look at the sky for some reason, and I couldn’t look anywhere else. I saw this light, like a star. And then it came shooting towards me, and it landed on the ground, so I picked it up and yeah.”

    The computer screen started to glow.

    “What’s happening? Now what do we do?” Curtis was getting eager.

    “Umm, try this.” Billy suggested holding their Digivices up to the screen. “On three.”

    “One..” They counted together, holding their D-3s up to the glowing computer. “Two..”

    Suddenly, Billy and Curtis felt themselves sucked into the computer. It felt as if their particles were rearranging and moving individually. They were falling through a hole made of computer data. Bright shapes and lights were everywhere.


    Curtis woke up in a forest of sorts. The trees were oddly colored, and seemed artificial. He stood up and looked around. He saw more trees and plants, and other things of little interest. The forest wasn’t dense – there was enough room to freely move around. Curtis pocketed his Digivice and began to wander around, oblivious to the fact that Billy was nowhere in sight.

    ‘Where’s my Digimon?” He thought out loud.

    “Right here.”

    Curtis looked around, trying to find where the squeaky voice came from. He originally expected to see an odd creature waiting for him when he arrived.

    “Over here.” The squeaky voice said. “Follow the sound of my voice…”

    Curtis followed as the voice leaded him to a large tree with blue leaves.

    “…Curtis…” The tree whispered, as he took a step closer to it, studying it.

    “Arrgh!” yelled Billy, as his face popped out of the tree.

    “How do you that?” Curtis asked. He was clearly more interested in how Billy was hiding in a tree than Billy’s attempt to frighten him.

    “I dunno. It’s like hollow inside.” Billy thought. “Or maybe an illusion.”


    A blast echoed through the forest, followed by a small explosion a short distance away from the pair.

    “Help! Help us!” Numerous cries could be heard.

    “What was that?” Billy cried.

    “Whatever it was, it sounded like they needed help,” Curtis concluded.

    The duo ran through the forest until they came to a field. There, Billy and Curtis saw an awesome sight.

    In the middle of the field were copious, small creatures, and their appearance looked rather simple; one of the creatures resemble a pink, fluffy ball that wasn’t quite perfectly spherical, had large, red eyes and a wide mouth. Two, long, ribbon like ears stick out from his head. Another creature resembled small, brown blob with a circular head. It had dark brown eyes and a small mouth. Atop its head were three small horns and two, short floppy ears. They were all In-Training level Digimon.

    Those two little digimon stood out, as they were trying to fend off their attacker – a large, robotic Digimon. His body was like a rounded square encased in brown, metallic armour with two, green eyes peering out of a small gap on the top of his body. A missile launcher was located on both his shoulders, where grey rods made the arms of the robot, covered by brown armour at the forearms. His stubby legs were also covered with brown armour from the knees down.

    “Bubble Blast!’

    “Koko Crusher!”

    The pink and brown Digimon yelled, as they both shot out pink bubbles out of their mouths towards the robot Digimon.

    “Ha! Your attacks would never be able to harm Guardromon!” The robot Digimon taunted. He had a robotic voice. “Grenade Destroyer!” he shouted, preparing to attack by retracting his hands into his arms, revealing two cannons.

    “Hey you! Ugly tin guy!” cried out Curtis, and, trying to distract Guardromon threw a large stick at him. It smashed right into Guardromon’s metal body, making a ‘clang’ sound. He turned to the kids.

    “What are you doing?!?” Billy fearfully said, as Curtis, trying to act heroic, picked up
    another large stick.

    “Who do you think you are, foolish human?” Guardromon asked. “No matter. Grenade Destroyer!” He pointed his arms towards them. Suddenly, two silver missiles shot out from his arms, creating an ear piercing whistle. It narrowly missed the two boys, as they had jumped out of the way, collided with a tree and exploded.

    “Oh my god, we nearly died because of you!” Billy yelled at Curtis.

    Curtis just ignored him, and they both joined the group of small Digimon as they tried to escape.

    “You’re really brave. My name’s Koromon,” the pink Digimon complimented Curtis as they ran towards the forest.

    “Thanks.” Curtis replied and introduced himself to the digimon. He looked behind him and saw Billy talking to the brown blob Digimon.

    “Warning Laser!”

    A red laser expelled from Guardromon’s eyes, causing explosions behind the group.

    “Warning Laser!”

    Curtis jumped flat on his stomach in an attempt to dodge the laser, but Guardromon was right behind him and took the chance to destroy him.

    “Argh!” Billy exclaimed, coming to Curtis’ aid with the brown Digimon floating behind him.

    “Now you both will DIE!!” Guardromon laughed, aiming his arms at Curtis and Billy.

    “No!” Koromon cried, as he jumped in front of Curtis, protecting him. The brown blob Digimon followed.

    A vibration was felt it Curtis’ pocket. Still lying on the ground, he took out his Digivice, which was shaking violently. Billy was glancing down at his Digivice – it was shaking as well. Both of the machines started glowing, and so did Koromon and the brown Digimon.

    “What the..?” Curtis muttered.

    “Koromon digivolve to…”

    Koromon was encased in a fiery aura, and grew to about 1 m tall. He took on the appearance of a bright orange skinned dinosaur, standing on his hind legs. Three, white claws protruded from each of his hands and legs. Two slits on the end of its muzzle make up its nostrils and it had green eyes. A short, pointy tail stuck out of its back.


    “Kokomon digivolve to…”

    The brown blob Digimon, whose name was Kokomon, grew to about 80 cm tall. His brown head had two, long, floppy brown ears that reached the ground, giving him a rabbit like appearance. Each ear had two rose coloured stripes and pink ends, as if they were dipped in pink paint. A brown horn protruded from his head, with two smaller horns in front, creating a triangular formation. He retained his dark brown, circular eyes and small mouth from his previous form. Around his neck was light pink fur, resembling a collar on his brown body.


    “Wow…” Billy was amazed. “What happened to the little guys?”

    “They grew… bigger,” the equally astonished Curtis answered. The other In-Training Digimon watched in amazement as the two Rookie level Digimon fought their foe.

    “Pepper Breath!” A fireball was formed in Agumon’s mouth, which he spat out at Guardromon. It hit him with great strength, causing Guardromon to stumble. Lopmon seized his chance to attack as Agumon continued to barrage Guardromon with fireballs.

    “Tiny Twister!” The rabbit Digimon jumped up, using his ears as wings, and began to spin, forming a small tornado around him. He propelled himself into Guardromon, knocking him

    “Argh!” Guardromon picked himself up and stood in a fighting position. He was ready for a barrage of attacks.

    “Pepper Breath!”

    “Tiny Twister!”

    Agumon and Lopmon kept attacking, but to little avail.

    “Come back! Let’s just run!” Curtis yelled.

    The rabbit and dinosaur finally gave up, and decided running was a better idea.

    “HAHAHA! You can never defeat Guardromon! Grenade Des…”

    “Blazing Ice!”

    Guardromon was cut off, as small crystalline ice bolts shot at its feet, freezing them into place.

    “That should keep in place for a while,” Lopmon said proudly. “Let’s go!”

    The group started running in the jungle, looking for a safe to hide.


    They saw some trees explode behind them, and after they smoke cleared, two missiles flew just above the group.

    “Quick! In here!” Billy’s head popped out of a hollow tree, signaling everyone to join him inside. Curtis was surprised that two teenagers, a rabbit, and dinosaur, and many small monsters could fit inside.



    After that, nothing. A few more minutes passed, and not a sound was heard. They were all anxiously waiting. Waiting inside the hollow tree.

    Agumon stuck its head out of the tree, seeing if Guardromon was in sight.

    “Is it gone?” Curtis asked apprehensively.

    “Yeah…” Agumon replied. He wasn’t confident in his answer though.

    ‘Why would it just disappear?’ Curtis thought.

    “Hey, why was it attacking you guys anyway?” Billy wondered.

    “We have no idea,” answered Agumon, “but what I do know is that I’m your partner… Umm… is it Kurt?”

    Curtis gave out a laugh. “No, it’s Curtis.”

    “I prefer Kurt,” Agumon insisted.

    “Fine,” Curtis wasn’t in the mood for arguing.

    “And Billy, I’m your partner,” Lopmon said.

    “Awesome. So how do we get back in the real world?” Billy asked. “I’ve had enough fun for one day.”

    “Umm…” Curtis started playing around with his Digivice. After a while, he spoke. “See that tiny rubber button below the screen? Push it, then select ‘yes’.”

    Billy followed. ‘Do you want to go back to the real world?’ came up on the screen.

    “Wait,” Curtis spoke to the In-Training Digimon, “if you get into any trouble, hide in the trees, ok?”

    Billy and Curtis selected ‘yes’ on their D-3s. They instantly came flying out of Billy’s computer, landing on the floor. Following them was Agumon and Lopmon; Agumon landed in a heap on top of the two boys, while Lopmon, using his ears as wings, flew onto Billy’s bed.

    “Ugh," Billy moaned, looking at Curtis. “We’ll get used to it."

    After regaining composure and talking about their adventure, Curtis and Agumon went home.

    The next day...

    Ring Ring! Ring Ring!

    “Billy! It’s for you! It’s Curtis!” Billy’s mother called out.

    “Wha…? OK!” He was still in bed, and the ringing of the phone had woken him up.

    “Hello? Curtis? What do you want!? What time is it?” He impatiently asked into the phone.

    “Sorry, but you’ll never believe what happened. It’s 7:45 by the way,” Curtis sounded very excited.

    “..Kurt, I’m hungry…” Billy heard Agumon’s voice in the background.

    “This better not be payback for me calling you in the middle of the night…” Billy started.

    “Leanne found a Digivice!” Curtis finally blurted out.
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