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Old April 19th, 2008 (4:21 AM).
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    Oblivion Nintendo's Legacy

    1) Introduction
    2) Story
    3) Features
    4) Team

    Welcome to the world of Nintendo, here you will embark on a journey all around the world of Nintendo fighting for peace and harmony, with your best friend, you will be able to meet over 24 original Nintendo characters. And also have occasional companions to help you on your missions. This is a game you cannot afford to miss!

    The story to Oblivion Nintendo's Legacy takes place in the wonderful world of Nintendo yeah you read right I said Nintendo. Where peace and harmony can be found in different areas of this world but an evil organization filled with evil Nintendo characters has located the orb of Oblivion which can destroy worlds and travel one through another dimension. Who will stop their rein of terror?

    On the peaceful planet Outopia. In a small town called Deingen a 12 year old male named Tora wakes up and gets out of bed. Walking slowly down stairs he notices everyone in his house gone. His mother and sister are gone so you decide to investigate as you walk out side you notice that every thing is so quiet very scared you decide to find your best friend named Lee. As you walk to his house you see him running towards you, crashing into you he gets up and explains why everyone is gone. It's because 4 weird fox like creatures kidnapped everyone except for you and him. Scared and confused you suggest you find the source to this kidnapping problem but just as you do those four creatures come and engage you in combat after trying so hard to defeat these four creatures you miserably fail as you and Lee collapse to the ground you teleport to a mysterious world, the world of Nintendo...

    Meet 24 Original Nintendo Licensed characters.
    You can also meet characters who didn't originate from Nintendo but have had appearances in the past on different platforms including sonic and mega man!
    Some characters have custom made or edited sprites.
    Side quests
    Can become Evil or Good depending on what choices in the game you make it can also influence on other characters so be careful what you say or do.
    Lee turns the opposite side of what you become eg. if you turn good he turns evil if you turn evil he turns good.
    There are two special weapons that are the strongest in the game one you will get if you influence on the good side and one you will receive by influencing on evil.
    A secret area which can be obtained by doing a secret quest.

    Sad to say I am working on this project by myself seeing I am capable of everything RPG Maker XP has to offer except a few things for example I'm not an excellent scripter but I know enough to proceed in this game but I may need something like a day and night system which I'm not capable of doing myself.
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