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Old May 12th, 2008 (4:05 PM).
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Hey guys, I've been noticing that you guys been reading my story and then I've seen the single star next to it. I have no idea how you guys like it but I can consider that you guys read it some more.

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Old May 12th, 2008 (4:33 PM).
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Are you asking for more reviews? More readers? More talk about your fic?

This isn't the Roleplay section, where OOC threads are allowed for discussion. If you want to talk about your fic, then just talk to the reviewers that you have, but don't turn it into a chat thread.

If you want more reviewers, well PM some people who are willing, like jeffback. Or just keep posting.

I'll just mention it here, but your fic follows the anime way too closely. I mean, the episode titles are the same, the plot of the chapters are the same. It's just way too close to the anime for me not to wonder why don't you just change it up a bit, instead of just rewriting the adventures of Ash with a different name and a few different Pokemon.

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