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Old December 9th, 2010 (1:50 PM). Edited December 9th, 2010 by sunrisesunday.
sunrisesunday sunrisesunday is offline
    Join Date: Nov 2009
    Gender: Male
    Posts: 12
    Hack name: Pokemon Charcoal

    Hack of: Fire Red

    Additional information about the hack: A highly storyline based game taking place in a new region, with pokemon from Kanto and Johto. The gmae covers many diffrent interesting events not seen before in offical games such as a Rock Concert, a haunted ski resort, a ghost town, and a rainforest.

    Finished percentage: 20%

    Your hacking skills: I have been hacking for about 3 1/2 years now with my strongest points in scripting, story development, mapping, dedication, and application of provided resources along with creating my own. My weakness is deffinatly spriting and tile insertion

    What help or skill you're looking for: Light spriting, and tile creation/insertion. Sprites that would need to be made would simply be NPCs and/or the hero sprite. Tiles that need to be created/inserted are mentioned above in the Additional Information section.

    Additional contact information: [email protected]

    Additional information: When you contact me, please send me a sample of your work. I have not cut a single corner yet, and I wont allow people to ruin my hard work with poor visuals. If things work out, I'll go into detail about what needs to be done and how you will be credited.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who considers / eventually takes this responsibility. You will hopefully be seeing alot more from Charcoal soon.

    Relevant Advertising!

    Old December 11th, 2010 (9:12 AM).
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    Pokemon Shoto Saga Creator
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      Age: 27
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      Nature: Quirky
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      Send a message via AIM to Pokemonguy1990
      Hack name: Pokemon : The Shoto Saga

      Hack of:
      Fire Red

      Additional information about the hack: (There's a bit to understand)

      The Shoto Iles Region has grown and prospered for many years, The Citys and Towns have grown naturally alongside Nature, leaving the islands in pristine condition, thus allowing hundreds of pokemon species to thrive. Shoto has recently chosen to adopt the laws of the Indigo Plateu as their own Now known as The Shoto Leauge Charter and have constructed a series of Gyms across the region, as well as their own Hall Of Champions, Home to the new Shoto Elite.
      Professor Redwood, Shoto's Athority on Stone evolution, Calls a proffesor from a far away region to come and give pokemon to the first Trainers to offically take on the newly erected Gyms in Shoto.
      Since you are old enough according to the Shoto Leauge Charter, you hurridly rush over to the Lab, Once there you Find out that the proffesor is none other than Pofessor Oak of Kanto! He shows you Three pokeballs, each containing a pokemon that is rare to Shoto.
      With your first pokemon, your backpack, and an ambition, you set out to to defeat the Gyms of Shoto, So you say farewell to Ginko Town and set out on an adventure of a life time, But before you leave, Professor Redwood warns you of a gang that is slowly tearing into the peace and serinerty of the Region.
      The Rocket Story:
      Several years after the fall of Team Rocket in Kanto, and Jhoto, Team Rocket has set up operations in the Shoto Iles under the leadership of a re-invigorated Giovonni. Their evil deeds are worse than ever, and they will stop at nothing to take over all of Shoto so they can exicute their worst plan yet.
      Giovonni Has sent out Recon teams to the far away lands of Kanto, Jhoto, and Hoenn in order to bring back the Deities of those lands. Giovonni Then orders the Teams to hide away these ledgends; The birds of Kanto, The Dogs of Jhoto, and Hoenn's Creators, as well as other ledgends they have found... and created.
      Now that Giovonni Has these pokemon, he sets his plans into action to create the ulitmate pokemon by combining the DNA of all these pokemon and using the powers of the rare evoloution stones found only in Shoto.

      Finished percentage: Scripts < 1%
      Mapping 5-6%
      Storyline 40-45%
      Additional stuff. Still in concept prosess

      Your hacking skills: Decent Mapping, VERY basic scripting, Beginning Tile inserting

      What help or skill you're looking for: Moderate to advanced scripter

      Additional contact information: [email protected]

      Additional information: I have storyline and speech and actions planned out, but I do not understand the scripting needed to exicute my ideas. Credit will be given for any and all help given. if there is anything you need (Rom base, IPS, Story outlines, Etc. Let me now)

      also, once more progress has been made (20-30% completed) I'm looking at submitting this hack under the progressive Hacks Thread.
      Pokemon: It's not just a game, it's a way of life.
      Site for my game (in progress)
      Leader of Cyndiquil Productions Hack Team

      Old December 11th, 2010 (8:00 PM).
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      Kanto Champion
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        Send a message via AIM to Red4190 Send a message via Windows Live Messenger to Red4190
        Hack name: Pokemon: The Kanto Journey

        Hack of: Fire Red

        Additional information about the hack: this is not gonna be a game for public released. It is gonna be a series, like a tv show I am going to post on youtube. An example of a hack series is Elliots Pokemon Adventure on youtube....its gonna be something like that.

        Finished percentage: Not quite sure...I have pretty much everything planned out i just need to actually hack it all out.

        Your hacking skills: Nothing impressive i am a decent mapper

        What help or skill you're looking for: Mainly scripting....or scripting tutoring via team viewer

        Additional contact information: AIM-Wolfpack4190 [email protected] SKYPE- Cotner4190

        Additional information: I am open to new ideas so if you come up with one and I think its good we will implement it into our hack. I even have a website dedicated to this hack...the link is in my group....Team Poke-Journey.
        Old December 12th, 2010 (6:15 AM).
        Silver Soul Silver Soul is offline
          Join Date: Apr 2010
          Gender: Male
          Posts: 12
          Hack name: POKeMON Rangers

          Hack of: Fire Red

          Additional information about the hackSo it will include fakemon and 5th generation pokemon,also the main heroes are rangers PM Me for more

          ]Finished percentage: 0

          Your hacking skills: I made the hero/heroine sprites, basic mapping skills and pokemon names/moves etc. edit

          What help or skill you're looking for: Mapper, Scripter Spriter, Fakemon Spriter, Sprite Insector

          Additional contact information:[email protected]

          ]Additional information:
          all other help is welcome
          I am in need of
          a scripter
          an ow spriter
          a trainer spriter
          someone to inspire me and help with the story
          someone who can skip the intro(btns, prfs, name etc.)
          if you have a tileset, sprite or something else i would like to see it, so if wanna share pm
          Old December 15th, 2010 (10:39 PM). Edited January 25th, 2011 by UltraXTheMagmaDrapion.
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          I regret most of my behavior here when I was younger lol.
            Join Date: Jul 2008
            Location: Somewhere in the shadows...
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            Nature: Quirky
            Posts: 101
            Hack name: Pokemon Emerald Version - Peridot Special Edition

            Hack of: Pokemon Emerald Version

            Additional information about the hack:
            It is a fairly complex hack, what it is is Pokemon Emerald, revamped (sprites resprited, maps remapped, text re-written) and updated. The point is to make a new experience for Emerald, and add custom content. This will be done through a special system, currently not named in public. I'll tell you in a PM if you agree to help.

            Finished percentage: 1.5%

            Your hacking skills: Mapping, storyline/designing

            What help or skill you're looking for: Backup Scripter and Spriter

            Additional contact information:
            [email protected] is my email, but I prefer PMs.

            Additional information: If you'd like to join my team, that'd be great! This is a part of a new series of hacks by me (though most are actually their own new hacks, not just revamps)
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            Old December 21st, 2010 (3:45 AM).
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            New account: P-Sign
              Join Date: Sep 2008
              Location: The Netherlands
              Age: 21
              Gender: Male
              Posts: 442
              Hack name: Pokémon Fire Red: The next chapter

              Hack of: FireRed

              Additional Information about the hack: or

              Finished percentage: 3%

              Your hacking skills: Almost everything but music hacking, spriting and ASM.

              What help or skills your looking for: Spriter

              Contact Information: PM me for my MSN or just PM me :D

              Old December 21st, 2010 (5:46 AM).
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              Pro Mapper
                Join Date: Aug 2010
                Gender: Male
                Posts: 46
                Hack name: Pokemon Ultima

                Hack of: Firered

                Additional Information about the hack: based on Final Fantasy, featuring final fantasy creatures and characters

                Finished percentage: 1%

                Hacking skills: mapping, inserting, script editing, and testing

                need help with: all spriting, tiles and event editing, and title page
                Old December 25th, 2010 (8:13 PM).
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                  Join Date: Feb 2010
                  Location: boise ID USA
                  Gender: Male
                  Nature: Bold
                  Posts: 21
                  Hack name: Pokemon Trinity

                  Hack of: Pokemon Emerald

                  Additional information about the hack: basically its an Emerald remake with better maps, changed pokemon(evolutions movests tms/hms), all 365 pokemon catchable in game(ledgendaries in game events after elite four) and possibly some otherr easter eggs. we'll see

                  Finished percentage: 5-10%

                  Your hacking skills: maps(not overworld or changing warps) and pokemon editing

                  What help or skill you're looking for: spriters, overworld maps, warping, scripting, gym and pokemon editing, title screen and banners.

                  Additional contact information: pm if you want my email.

                  Additional information: i need alot of help and im really greatful for anyone willing to help me(:
                  iHack to screamo

                  ==<>Pokemon Emerald Trinity<>==
                  Old December 26th, 2010 (6:08 PM).
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                  I'm Russia, Fear Russia
                    Join Date: Jul 2009
                    Age: 21
                    Gender: Male
                    Nature: Lonely
                    Posts: 376
                    hack name: pokemon wes' adventure (name will change, just haven't thought of a good one)

                    hack of: ruby

                    % done: less than 5 (3 maps made, but events not added)

                    possitions needed: everything (mainly scripters and mappers)

                    about hack: this takes place after pokemon colosseum, when wes (rui if girl) goes to kanto to become a pokemon trainer. when he enters kanto he meets team rocket, but (because time in colosseum wasn't specified) it is a team of good with 2 members. giovanni (however it's spelled) and ash's dad. you end up being a trainer in the pokemon tournament (like in the anime) and a member of team rocket.

                    contact me by: pm or vm
                    Never wish for death, but life. If you die, who will protect those precious to you?

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                    Old December 29th, 2010 (10:44 PM).
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                      Join Date: Dec 2010
                      Location: BC, Canada
                      Age: 21
                      Gender: Male
                      Nature: Relaxed
                      Posts: 54
                      Hack name: Pokemon Crystal of Fate

                      Hack of: Pokemon Crystal

                      Additional information about the hack: The plot is based around three bio-logicaly engineered pokemon that the villians want to take. You and your friend get one but the third one goes missing.

                      Finished percentage: 0% (starting from scratch)

                      Your hacking skills: Need to learn some skills. Eager to learn from someone with experience.

                      What help or skill you're looking for: Everyone that is essential (Scripters, Mappers, Spriters, Beta testers, and etc.)

                      Additional contact information: [email protected] or PM me

                      Additional information: Me and a friend are currently the only ones on this project
                      Old December 30th, 2010 (11:31 AM). Edited December 30th, 2010 by U.Flame.
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                      Suuuper Busy
                        Join Date: Jun 2008
                        Location: Sapphire City in future Hoenn
                        Age: 21
                        Gender: Male
                        Nature: Jolly
                        Posts: 1,250
                        Hack: Pokemon Sapphire Hoenn's Ruin

                        Hack of: Pokemon Sapphire

                        Mapping: 20-30%
                        Scripting:edited text:10-20% new scripts:0%
                        Music editing:0%

                        My skills: Mapping, Text editing, and little details.

                        In need of: Scripters (preferably experienced, when the important part of the story begins, it will be detailed.), Spriters (for overworld sprites and Pokemon icons), music editers, anyone that can help with otherthings I can't do.

                        Story: In the year 2005, Hoenn was destroyed by a battle between Groudon and Kyogre that Brendan and May couldn't stop. 100 years later, Hoenn is livable but with a few flaws. But Team Magma and Aqua are resurrecting in secret and you and your friends, Soneec and U.Flame have to stop them before they reveal themselves in public.

                        Additional Info: I'm not used to help so sorry if I ever sound demanding or unfair. Also this hack is for MATURE players! It will contain swearing and some adult themes.

                        Contact Info: PM or VM me with your info on how you can help.

                        Thank you.
                        Hacks I'm working on:
                        Pokemon Sapphire Hoenn's Rebirth - My own hack, making progress whenever possible.
                        3rd Gen Multiplayer Project - Research and development, occasionally testing, sometimes with support.
                        Pokemon Cursed/Creepy White - Group project, on hiatus for now with plans to return eventually.
                        Animal Crossing Wild World playing as an animal - experimental, messing with models and textures

                        Hacks I've worked on in the past:
                        Pokemon Ruby Destiny Broken Timeline (pre-reboot) - Assisted with maps
                        Pokemon HeartGold Prince Boo Edition - Experimental project with three small changes. Made at the request of YouTube LPer PrinceBoo21.

                        Been super busy with work, life, and laptop problems. Hopefully I can get back into it soon, I fear I'm already rusty. Meanwhile I'm considering writing some of my hacks as a series of fanfics.

                        Times I've been ninja'd: 18
                        Times I've ninja'd people: 3
                        Old December 30th, 2010 (12:21 PM). Edited January 1st, 2011 by Dylanimus.
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                        as seen on YouTube
                          Join Date: Apr 2010
                          Location: Belgium
                          Gender: Male
                          Posts: 110
                          Name: Pokémon Reverse

                          Original name:
                          Pokémon FireRed

                          Progress: I think about 5%

                          My hacking skills:
                          I like mapping and I can do a little scripting work but I don't really LIKE scripting. I can/will do the beta testing.

                          Help needed with:

                          - Scripting
                          - Mapping
                          - Palettes and tilesets
                          - OWs
                          - actually with nearly everything.

                          Contact info:

                          - [email protected]
                          - My hack thread.
                          - The hack's website.
                          - Or just PM me.

                          Thank you very much already!

                          (Please DON'T USE these images WITHOUT my permission, thanks!)

                          My You

                          I support:
                          Old January 1st, 2011 (6:16 PM). Edited January 1st, 2011 by pokeguy9000.
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                          Ghost Ralts
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                            Age: 23
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                            Posts: 43
                            Hack name: Pokemon Regenta (for now)

                            Hack of: Ruby

                            Additional information about the hack: No gym leaders, instead there are boss battles (8 in total)

                            Finished percentage: maybe almost 1%

                            Your hacking skills: Very basic mapping + scripts

                            What help or skill you're looking for: Looking for somebody to sprite (both the picture and the little guy) a main character (of which i need one frame of him knocked out on the ground)

                            Additional contact information: PM me is the best way

                            Additional information: will be needing somebody to help me with a big script + future scripts later on so PM if you are also interested
                            Old January 3rd, 2011 (9:41 AM). Edited January 4th, 2011 by carlolicup.
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                            ♀♪♫☼►◄↕‼ §☻♥♦♣♠•◘ ○
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                              Send a message via Yahoo to carlolicup
                              Hack name : Pokemon Gintaras
                              Hack of : Pokemon Ruby
                              Story : You are a Pokemon trainer . At the same time , you are a Pokemon Ranger assigned by Cheif Gordon . You and your mom moved to Genimine Town in Fushio region. And your rival is a Grunt of a bad team called RKG . RKG is a team full of cruelty . This team has been experimenting with pokemons without mercy ! And now , they have been boasting about their secret weapon , "PROJECT CHARVENATOISE" ....
                              My skills : I make stories ,and noobish on spriting, mapping and scripting
                              Skills needed : for now , i only need a spriter , a mapper , a scripter and OW's .
                              percentage done : i have no idea .. maybe 0.5%
                              Contact : email : [email protected] or easier if you could just pm me
                              Additional info : Please be interested in my story ! and I need help because i really want to make this hack
                              Trainer cards created by myself :

                              Old January 3rd, 2011 (9:13 PM).
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                                Join Date: May 2009
                                Location: Eon Island
                                Gender: Male
                                Nature: Adamant
                                Posts: 46
                                Hack Name: Pokemon Zero Shadows
                                Hack of : Pokemon FireRed
                                Story:You and your friend,"M", live in the Azeldion region where everything is peaceful. The present you live in is 10 years after the shadow pokemon legacy. After turning 16, both of you (you and M) get your starters and have a friendly battle. After the battle, M runs out swearing he will be the most powerful trainer ever. While journeying throught the region, you find out of Team Shadows who is trying to resurrect Cipher's old plan and have managed to fully shadow"ify" a Ho-Oh. You and your friend M soon battle the leader Zero, and find out he created another region near by with the powers of Groudon and Kyogre. That's all for now.
                                My skills: Mapping(Its alright.) & Scripting(N00b haha)
                                Skills needed:Adv. Mapper, Moderate Scripter, Tile inserter, Gym editing, Spriter, Unlz gba too..Pretty much everything else haha.
                                Perecentage Done: Maps-20% Scripts 5%
                                Contact info:[email protected]
                                Additional info: If anybody can help ill really apprecate it and somehow credit you in anyway I can thanks in advance!
                                Pokemon Zero Shadows in progress, my own hack. Looking for some help later on!

                                Old January 8th, 2011 (9:02 AM). Edited January 9th, 2011 by avolonsaber.
                                avolonsaber avolonsaber is offline
                                  Join Date: Oct 2010
                                  Posts: 182
                                  Hack name: Pokemon Azure Waters(working title, will more then likely change).

                                  Hack of: Pokemon FireRed

                                  Additional information about the hack: This hack takes place in Kanto, but solely in the Sevii Islands(and maybe 3 Kanto cities later on).

                                  Finished percentage: 5%

                                  Your hacking skills: Mapping & basic Scripting

                                  What help or skill you're looking for: Advance Scripting

                                  Additional contact information:

                                  Additional information: I can do basic messages from people & signs, give items/Pokemon, and applymovements(kind of). I need someone who can help with more complex scripts: level scripts, move cameras, special stuff, etc. I won't be needing help all the time because I like to figure stuff out by myself, but there's no doubt I'll need someone more experienced occasionally xD

                                  Edit: My hack has come to a standstill because I can't script two certain things, and my OCD won't let me move onto something else for the moment. I really need help from someone who can do some of the more complex scripts with XSE, and of course credit will most definitely be given.
                                  Old January 9th, 2011 (6:46 PM). Edited January 18th, 2011 by shinyabsol1.
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                                  Pokemon DarkJasper!?
                                    Join Date: Aug 2010
                                    Gender: Male
                                    Nature: Calm
                                    Posts: 330
                                    Hack name: Pokemon Dream Version

                                    Hack of: Pokemon Fire Red

                                    Additional information about the hack: Story is being developed at this time, and my progress will speed up once I get the help that I need.

                                    Finished percentage: 8%

                                    My hacking skills: mapping, titlescreen inserting, basic scripting

                                    Needed Skill: Someone to create some custom overworlds for my hack! Good quality overworlds! Nobody likes low quality ones!

                                    Additional contact information: PM me, and I will respond as soon as I get the message so that you can help!

                                    Additional information: Of course, credit will be give to those who help! Please give me a hand at this task!
                                    Old January 11th, 2011 (9:58 PM). Edited January 25th, 2011 by UltraXTheMagmaDrapion.
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                                    I regret most of my behavior here when I was younger lol.
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                                      Posts: 101
                                      Hack name: Pokemon Epicala Emerald

                                      Hack of: Emerald

                                      Additional information about the hack: This is a remake of Pokemon Emerald with an entirely new set of music by PokeRemixStudio of YouTube.

                                      Finished percentage: 20% (There isn't a lot of work to be done)

                                      Your hacking skills: Mapping, Design

                                      What help or skill you're looking for: Insertion of Music

                                      Additional contact information: [email protected], Pokecommunity PM, Razorshadow73 on YouTube PM

                                      Additional information: I have permission from PokeRemixStudio to use his remixes. Also, I'll need a lot of Music Insertion. I will supply the remixes (in MP3), the sprites (in PNG), and send files with instructions on what text edits need to be done, where, and what they will say.
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                                      Old January 17th, 2011 (2:55 PM).
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                                      Awesome Dude
                                        Join Date: Nov 2010
                                        Location: classified
                                        Gender: Male
                                        Nature: Quirky
                                        Posts: 16
                                        Hack name: Pokemon Azure

                                        Hack of: Firered

                                        Additional information about the hack: This is a remake of Pokemon Emerald with an

                                        Finished percentage: 5%

                                        Your hacking skills: Mapping, scriting (sort of), overworld spriting

                                        What help or skill you're looking for: Battle sprite, map connections, tittle screen,
                                        Old January 19th, 2011 (4:35 PM). Edited January 19th, 2011 by bigboi.
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                                        Hacker of the 3rd Generation
                                          Join Date: Jun 2010
                                          Location: Canada
                                          Gender: Male
                                          Nature: Bold
                                          Posts: 20
                                          Hack name: Pokemon Illusion

                                          Hack of: Fire Red

                                          Additional information about the hack: The protagonist and other people are trying to escape to a new region where they will be free from the prisons of Team Rocket

                                          Finished percentage: 1-2 (Finished some maps) %

                                          Your hacking skills: Can make maps, items, basic scripts

                                          What help or skill you're looking for: Excellent Scripter (Because I can't script for beans)

                                          Additional contact information: PM or e-mail: [email protected]

                                          Additional information: N/A

                                          Old January 22nd, 2011 (5:38 PM).
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                                            Join Date: Dec 2010
                                            Age: 20
                                            Gender: Male
                                            Posts: 88
                                            Hack Name: pokemon forbidden version
                                            hack of pokemon fire red
                                            10% complet
                                            my hacking skills are inserting music mapping inserting pokemon and crys
                                            i need at leasts 2-5 scripters badly! i do have a thred for this team on this site if you want more info about this game i have scrips made (what i mean by that is i know what i want them to say/do i just can't do it)
                                            want to help with forbidden version? or want more details about it? pm me or contact me at [email protected]
                                            Old January 25th, 2011 (12:43 AM).
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                                            I regret most of my behavior here when I was younger lol.
                                              Join Date: Jul 2008
                                              Location: Somewhere in the shadows...
                                              Gender: Male
                                              Nature: Quirky
                                              Posts: 101
                                              Hack name: Pokemon FireRed Special Peridot Edition

                                              Hack of: FireRed

                                              Additional information about the hack: Unlike Emerald Special Peridot, this is not a full remake. It is FireRed, but the concept of time passing is implemented both into the gameplay, and the story. PLUS, the whole Pallet Town thing is redone to be more interesting. And small new events are in, like a Time Machine event that allows the capture of a special Shiny Bulbasaur devamp. It has a new ability called Invisibility.

                                              Finished percentage: 10%

                                              Your hacking skills: Mapping, Design

                                              What help or skill you're looking for: Sprite Insertion, Music Insertion

                                              Additional contact information: [email protected], Pokecommunity PM, Razorshadow73 on YouTube PM

                                              Additional information: Three small hints: The Bulbasuar is not automatically invisible because you recieve special goggles with multiple modes, including Anti-Invisi. And, when a Gym Leader is defeated, you may have them join you on your quest! You may only have one at a time, and if you do not accept their request to join, they give you a special Pokemon fossil. Every time you recieve the special Pokemon, a Team Rocket member outside will try to buy it off you (and to make it seem more legitimate, he offers Max Potions for the unfair price of $10,000). Lastly, I'm changing god-damn Euros to Australian Dollars. Seriously, I'm sick of Euros, and I'll even exactly convert PokeMart prices!

                                              Additional Information 2: So yah, if you want to contribute, awesome. Although I don't NEED it, a backup scripter would be good too.
                                              [Awesome Pokemon-Related Signature]
                                              Old January 30th, 2011 (11:04 AM). Edited February 1st, 2011 by Glitch..
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                                              maybe making a comeback
                                                Join Date: Aug 2009
                                                Location: canada
                                                Age: 22
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                                                Nature: Relaxed
                                                Posts: 215
                                                Send a message via Windows Live Messenger to Glitch.
                                                Hack name: Pokemon Rainy Days

                                                Hack of: Fire Red

                                                Additional information about the hack:
                                                Storyline is already Done. Based on the son of ash in a new region going on an advernture.

                                                Finished percentage:
                                                All but one map on the first island. basic scripting is done.

                                                My hacking skills:
                                                Mapping, Basic Scripting, Tile inserting, Banner Making.

                                                What help or skill you're looking for:

                                                Additional contact information:
                                                PM/VM me and ill give you my e-mail.

                                                Additional information:
                                                I really need help scripting. I've tried and failed trying to learn and i need an experienced scripters help.
                                                Old February 5th, 2011 (9:56 AM).
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                                                the ultamite pokemon master
                                                  Join Date: Feb 2010
                                                  Location: dewitt virginia
                                                  Gender: Male
                                                  Posts: 90
                                                  Hack name:pokemon sapphire legends awaken

                                                  Hack of:pokemon sapphire

                                                  Additional information about the hack:A hack with all isshu pokemn

                                                  Finished percentage:2or3%

                                                  Your hacking skills:Mapping

                                                  What help or skill you're looking for:Im looking for someone who can insert the isshu pokemon sprites in the game for me.

                                                  Additional contact information:By personal message
                                                  My 3DS Friend code for Pokemon X and Y if you'd like to add me, PM Me your FC
                                                  Old February 6th, 2011 (1:28 AM).
                                                  zapht's Avatar
                                                  zapht zapht is offline
                                                  The Family Ghost
                                                    Join Date: Mar 2009
                                                    Location: Valhalla
                                                    Gender: Male
                                                    Nature: Calm
                                                    Posts: 45
                                                    Hack name: Pokemon Academy

                                                    Hack of: Doesn't Matter, whatever would work

                                                    Additional information about the hack:

                                                    my idea to mix up the game would be to create some manner of pokemon academy. the main principle of the game would be to graduate from one level of the academy and ascend to the next by completing tasks in your classes and then eventually battling the teacher or some other sort of boss (replacing gym leaders)

                                                    2 ideas i had on how to create wild areas for catching pokemon/battling trainers would be either for the academy to have training sections spanning from grasslands, caves, etc for you to train in, as well as having you complete assignments outside of the academy in towns around the region. The region could be an already existing region, or a newly created one. if it were to be already exhisting my personal preference would be Johto (for nostalgic reasons) but whatever would work easiest is fine with me
                                                    it would be ideal to incorporate both of these.
                                                    you could have perhaps a training hall on the campus which leads to caves, rooms, etc with different landscape inside of them.

                                                    your rival would obviously be a neighbor who is also attending the same academy in your class.

                                                    these are just starting ideas, clearly the game isn't ENTIRELY thought out yet.
                                                    any input/suggestions/criticism are welcome and appreciated.

                                                    Finished percentage: 0%

                                                    Your hacking skills: none

                                                    What help or skill you're looking for: all pretty much

                                                    Additional contact information: [email protected]

                                                    Additional information:

                                                    as mentioned i have no experience with hacking, i dont know how it works really. i would need a hack team to assist me with all aspects of this project. i would need some mentoring in whatever my job would be, but im willing to help wherever possible.
                                                    on the flipside if you don't want to deal with a hack noob like myself, you can take full control of the project, as long as i am somehow still associated with it. just as like a "concept supervisor" or something similar that at least lets me have some say in the development of the project.

                                                    Pokemon Academy Hack: (Help wanted)
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