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Old September 22nd, 2013 (10:37 PM).
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Hack name : Pokemon Gold Rush (working title)
Hack of : can't decide yet. Maybe FireRed

Additional Information on hack : Storyline based on 1850, new maps, possibly a phys/special split. Two regions: Hora and Melvin (names to be changed later). Vast story line consisting of 4 parts with side stories.

Finished Percentage - 3% (Story kind of set)

Your hacking skills - Mapping, moveset editing, trainer editing, story making, overworld editing.

What help or skill I'm looking for - Tileset editing, scripting, spriting. And a little bit to glue the story together and some overworld help.

Additional Contact Information : PM me.

Additional Information : Making the hack will be long distance, since I'm in Bangladesh.

Come at me bro.

Relevant Advertising!

Old October 3rd, 2013 (3:57 AM).
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Hack name: Pokemon Team Magma

Hack of: Fire Red

Additional information about the hack:

Finished percentage: None yet

Your hacking skills: Not really anything

What help or skill you're looking for: A person to create a titlescreen for me. Full Credit will be given for the Titlescreen.

Additional contact information: PM Me

Additional information:
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Hack name: Pokemon Void Black

Hack of: Pokemon Fire Red

Additional information about the hack: Tiles Wanted for hack: Wesley FG's HGSS GBA tiles (for credit)

Finished percentage: 0-1%

Your hacking skills: Spriting, Mapping

What help or skill you're looking for: Scripting, Tile inserting, pallets, help with UNLZ(for designing characters), skill editing, stat editing

Additional contact information: PM me, email me @ [email protected] skype: xana6756

Additional information: Have tilesets needed, if you need them, i'll send by email
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Hack name: Pokemon Delta

Hack of: Emerald

Additional information about the hack: So basically my idea for a hack would be titled Pokemon Delta. Based off of the delta pokemon tcg cards it would be in the new region Holon and the new team Team Delta have damaged pokemon using Delta waves to alter their types and make them stronger and you the Hero have to save them. There are 8 gyms but it's more centered around the story line. At the end you fight Team Deltas boss and stop her plan to change mew then the game ends this game only going up through 3rd gen. And a plan for a sequel is Pokemon Delta unleashed and it features a new hero contacted by arceus in his dream requesting help because a new Delta leader has risen and you have to go on a journey to save him and at the end you find that the previous champion has been corrupted by all the Delta waves along his journey causing him to capture arceus and turn him into X-type a new type that only arceus has which turns pokemon evil and heartless killing anything and everything and the final battle is the new hero vs the old hero to save pokemon. Obviously the story needs some work but I've got loads of ideas

Finished percentage:0 just an idea want help making it need a team of dedicated people

Your hacking skills: Some I need mappers as well as other people for various jobs I'm mostly good at scripting

What help or skill you're looking for: All help is helpful I just really want to get this game out there

Additional contact information: Contact me at [email protected] or [email protected] or pm me

Additional information:Let's make this happen people :D
Old November 3rd, 2013 (4:08 AM).
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Hack name: (not yet decided)
Hack of: Firered
Percentage: 0%
My hacking skills: mapping
What help or skill I'm looking for: mapping, scipter, anything you can do would be great
Contact information: email: [email protected] and pm
This is a team rocket hack

Old November 3rd, 2013 (2:01 PM).
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Hack name: Pkmn Silver genesis

Hack of:Ruby

Additional information about the hack: we are adding a LOT of new stuff (not to farfetched just a lot)

Finished percentage: ehhh... barely any it's fairly new

Your hacking skills: Spriting

What help or skill you're looking for: inserters (tile, music, etc.)

Additional contact information: Pm/VM me please

Additional information:umm.. i got nothin
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Old November 9th, 2013 (10:43 AM).
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So, here I go! :D I hope my four hour writing session is worth to see.

Hack name: Pokémon - The story of Mewto

Hack of: Pokémon FireRed

It is late in the night when you wake up. It is cold on the floor you layed on. You don't know what happened and how you came here. You didn't drink any alcohol, you are only 14, but you feel pain and anger. There are other men, obviously older than you who are also laying on the cold floor and use an old potato bag as a planket. You are too afraid to wake them up, so you decide to walk around alone. Two men are standing in front of the doors. No escape. You talk to them, they claim that Giovanni should give them more money and better places to sleep, but thanks to him, they have work, so that was reason for joining Team Rocket. Team Rocket?! The thief and terror organisation? There is a sign on the wall: "Steal Pokémon for profit. Exploit Pokémon for profit. All Pokémon exist for the glory of Team Rocket." You are about to start an adventure full of crime, robery and revenge.
Main plot:
- In this game you start as a grunt of Team Rocket and you may ascend to a high rank (the right hand of Giovanni)
- You get your first Pokémon; it's a Lickitung!
- You need to earn the eight 'Rocket badges' to become a full member of Team Rocket
- You soon find out that your parents are Jessie&James (Giovanni sends them to accomplish "the mission", but they are too weak, so they need your help!) Later on, you find out that you are the result of an experiment!
- You remember, that you were defeated by youngsters and they took your once loved Pokémon (Evee) as a prize trophy.
- Ash Ketchum, Misty and Brock are young trainers who cause Team Rocket big trouble and you should stop them!
- While you turn to crime more and more, Ash is becoming a great trainer of Kanto
- After blasting off Jessie&James again and again, you start taking revenge for them and support them in fights
- In the beginning you lose against Ash too, but you become stronger by visiting the 'Rocket Fight Club'
- You need to do a lot of jobs and you will be rewarded by Giovanni
- After you earned the fifth badge you were told that there is a project of Team Rocket. Giovanni inducts you to "the story of Mewtwo"
- You need to find the three starters of Kanto (Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle) and bring them to the 'Rocket Research Center'
- Because of the destruction Mewtwo causes you need to defeat it and bring it back to Giovanni
- Mewtwo is too strong and defeats you in its powerful 'Mecha Mewtwo' version, after the fight it flees
- Mewtwo is on the island of the first Pokemon movie and you only see what happened there, but you are not presently there. After the self-sacrifire of Ash and the disappearance of Mew, Mewtwo and the clone Pokemon, the main plot ends here.

- You wake up at the same place where the story begins and you need to talk to Giovanni
- You need to discover new areas of Kanto and complete missions (e.g. 'Where did Siegfried&Roy hide Arcanine? Team Rocket knows!' or 'Don't shoot films about Ghost Pokémon, Team Rocket is creepier than ever!' or 'Between poverty, sadness and a lot of Jynx you can always find a Rocket grunt' or 'Grunts need to make the household; so please remove the Muks' or 'Mission to moon - We have the knowledge' or 'The last Uri-Geller' or 'Grunts better have no past' or ...
- The main plot includes five of the eight 'Rocket badges', it is time to earn the other three!
- Giovanni finds the diary of Mewtwo and he wants you once again to find it and catch it for him
- After you found it and caught it with a special Pokéball you need to give it to Giovanni
- Giovanni goes to the 'Rocket Research Laboratory' and releases all his Pokémon to boost the power of Mewtwo
- Giovanni is proud of his new strong and pure evil Pokémon and wants to battle you
- The final fight between you and Giovanni is the end of the subplot (Mewto uses Selfdestruct after it defeated four of your six Pokémon)
- There is a long epilog after the fight, Giovanni doesn't want to see you again
- You need to go to Jessie&James and they say: 'It's finally over, we can start a new life together as family...'
- Credites
- if you want to continue, you can travel around Kanto and catch some Pokémon
- Display replaces the Pokédex (it is the pretty much the same thing, but it collects the data of a Pokémon no matter if it is caught or not!)
- Less encountering Pokémon: wild Pokémon appear at different places than normal*
- Rocket Ball is as good as an ordinary Pokéball. It is one of the products made by Team Rocket.
- There are sequences (e.g. you can see Ash winning a gym battle or something else...)
- Only 1st Generation Pokemon are in the game (not all of them!)*
- Motorcycle replaces Bike and it can only used on the 'Kanto Street', you only can fly with Jessie&James with the Meowth Hot Air Balloon or with a pilot with one of the Team R Helicopter to get to the mission place
- New fake Pokémon: Mecha Mewtwo
- Cleaning system: wastebins** are more common in every city.
- Eight more or less official 'Rocket badges'*
- New outfits: For some missions you'll need special clothing
- New buildings, new areas: 'Rocket Head Quarter', 'Rocket Fight Club'
'Rocket Research Center', ' Rocket Mart' 'Secret Island', 'Rocket Research Laboratory',
'Ponds of Kanto', 'Grainfields of Kanto'*, 'Jungle', 'PokéBank'*, 'Pokécafé', 'Pokémon Hotel'*, 'Kanto Street', 'Pokéball Factory' 'Pokémon National Park' 'The Dunegon'* The Sewage System of Kanto (Route 1-50)*
'Industrial Area' (that includes two sub areas): 'Peripheral Area' and 'Abandoned Area'
- Remapping of the 'old' FireRed towns, routes, areas and caves
- Rocket Membercard replaces Trainercard: Every Team Rocket member needs one to identify as a member, it also shows you how many badges you have.
- Jeff, the shop owner of the 'Rocket Head Quarter'
- Emily Oak, a young cousin of Gary who tries to protect the three starters of Kanto
- Amber, the deceased daughter of Dr.Fuji
- Nurse Joy, she is still the lovely Pokénurse and heals your Pokémon for free
- Gary, Ash, Misty, Brock, Prof. Oak, Delia Officer Rocky and many other trainers...
- Team Rocket member: Grunts, Professors, Scientists, Assistants, Jessie&James, Giovanni
- Special guests (appear in Subplot): Ghostbusters, Siegfried&Roy, Uri Geller, David Copperfield

Finished percentage:
- 0% (I've finished the storyline and I gave thoughts to the features!)

My hacking skills:
To be honest, I can map a little bit and I could learn scripting as well, but I am a beginner of this.

What help or skill I am looking for:
I need help for scripting/texting and mapping. Beta players would be nice too, but at first there is a lot of work to be done.

Additional contact information:
So you like my hack and want to help me with it? Really? You are not joking? Okay, fine then you can contact me via E-Mail: [email protected]
If you prefer, I'd send you my facebook link, so we could chat more easily. I got Skype too, but I use it rarely KrebornSchmidt (Daniel). You have WhatsApp? I'd give you my number if you like to.
Additional information:
As you may have noticed, there are some words which have one or two stars next to them. I will explain why:
1) Less encountering Pokémon: There are obviously less Pokémon in the game, they appear at specific places in the game, to make the game a little more realistic. Here are some examples: Pidgey is a small bird and it would be nice if it can be found on public places in cities. Spearow is also a small bird and I think you can find it on the 'Grainfields of Kanto'. By defeating a Spearow a Fearow comes to attack you, because you defeated one of the Spearows. Koffings are reason for pollution, so why not putting them to the 'Industrial Area'?
2) There are also Rocket Marts which are selling special objects that can only be bought there and not in normal Poké Marts. Jeff, one Team Rocket member owns his own shop, but he gives you objects you need for missions and the special clothing (e.g. The Rocket clothes for Grunts)
3) PokéBank: You can create a bank account and withdraw and deposit money. (Limit: 999.999$) You don't get any interest for the money you have on your bank account.
4) Wastebins: You don't need an object you just found? Your computer is full with items? Here's the solution! You just throw away the objects you don't need anymore in one of the many wastebins, but be careful, there could be Rattatas in there and they could attack you. (The limit of objects per bin is 15 objects)
5) 1st Generation: There are 151 Pokémon in the first generation, I think that is already very much for Team Rocket, so I decreased the number of catchable Pokémon to about 100 (a list of all will come soon). Plus Display, a remake of the Pokédex is not as good as the original one, so there are some missing entries and they can't be filled.
6) The eight 'Rocket badges: There are the eight badges that a grunt need to collect to become a full member of Team Rocket. You will get each one of them by Giovanni. So do the jobs he wants you to do for him!
7) Rocket Membercard: To identify yourself as a member of Team Rocket you need a Rocket Membercard. Understood? Fine!
8) You need to steal some Pokémon for Giovanni, unfortunately you can't use them in a battle.

I was inspired by the hack of "Pokemon Apollo" and "Pokemon Ash Gray", so I wanted to create an alternate version of the TV show. I really liked the idea of being the "bad guy" in the story, I liked the idea of an anime-based hack, so I thought, how cool would it be to combine this? In the end, it is not that evil, just because it is Pokémon.

Old November 10th, 2013 (8:36 AM).
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Hack name: Pokemon fabula ignotus

Hack of: Pokemon firered

Additional information about the hack: (There will be some latin in it, so if you can translate some latin it will be faster - not necessary -)

Finished percentage: 1%

Your hacking skills: average scripter, very basic mapper, story making

What help or skill you're looking for: mappers (also changing tilesets), spriters

Additional contact information: you can mail me at [email protected] or at [email protected] or send me a private message.

Old November 10th, 2013 (4:32 PM).
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Hack name: Pokemon - Tainted Black

Hack of: Pokemon FireRed

Finished percentage: 5%

Your hacking skills: Ability to completely customize the titlescreen, spriting, mapping.

What help or skill you're looking for: I'd like to know how to fully customize tilesets for Towns, cities, routes etc. I understand how to tweak the tilesets with the Block Editor in Advance Map but I want to fully customize it with a custom pallette so I can use whatever colors I want and not be limited to the given palletes.

Pokemon - Tainted Black
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Old November 12th, 2013 (12:50 PM).
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Hack name : Pokemon Burnt Black (Working Title)
Hack of : FireRed

Additional Information on hack : Story line based in the Zyron region. Long ago the Moon Pokemon Eramon fell to Earth. Enraged, it set about on a rampage, determined to bring eternal night. The Order of the Dawn rose up to battle it and its Cult of Darkness with the aid of the Sun Pokemon Issochu. Together, they cast Eramon into a deep sleep and bound him on an unmarked island.
The Order has vanished and the power of the Cult grows. Journey through the harsh Zyron region, battling the Cult in an effort to avert Eternal night.

Finished Percentage - 3-5%

Your hacking skills - Mapping (Not just saying it) and storyboarding

What help or skill I'm looking for - Basically everything else especially Scripting!

Additional Contact Information : PM me.

Additional Information : I will also map for anyone who helps me out here.
Old November 12th, 2013 (1:23 PM).
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Hack name: Pokemon Delta

Hack of: Fire Red

Additional information about the hack: You just turned 10 and as a 10 year old on the Distant Island Chain today is the day you get your first pokemon. You get your pokemon like normal then you notice a shadow watching you and you just shrug it off like it's nothing. Then later that day you encounter a level 70 delta giritina which will be a scripted loss you wake up in your room then walk downstairs your mom says stuff then the professor says there is a boat waiting outside to take you to the mainland if you want to go to find what happened. Delta pokemon are pokemon who have had their types altered by team delta to make them stronger and you have to go stop them.

Finished percentage: Eeh Idk like anywhere between 25-35% because I have the entire story worked out suggestions are always helpful though and I have the starting Island and the first 3 towns mapped

Your hacking skills: I am good at tile inserts I have my own tileset and mapping and spriting here is an example imgur(dot)com / ofcbFAu take out the space before and after the / to go there and (dot) is just a .

What help or skill you're looking for: I mainly need scripters but anyone who wants to help is always welcome. I also need someone with poketronic as it doesn't work on my computer. and the last thing I need is someone who can insert gen 1-5 pokemon in the game

Additional contact information: PM me or e-mail me at [email protected] or [email protected]

Additional information: It would be in the new Region of Holon and the new team Team Delta have damaged pokemon using Delta waves to alter their types and make them stronger and you the Hero have to save them. There are 8 gyms but it's more centered on the story line. At the end you fight Team Deltas boss and stop her plan to change mew then the game ends. Do't worry there is a lot of story in between there I just don't want to give away too much *laughs*
Old November 14th, 2013 (9:04 PM).
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Hack Name: Pokemon Mystery
Hack of: Pokemon Emerald/Fire Red
Additional Information:This is a series and have different games.
Finish Percentage:1%
Your Hacking Skill: Scripting and Mapping
What I need: Spriter,Tile builder and to know more PM me
Additional Contact Information: PM me or E-mail:[email protected]
Additional Info:Im kinda new,so help would be very appreciated.
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Hack name: Pokemon Rippled Version

Hack of: FireRed

Finished percentage: 2% (Please note that I have BIG plans for this hack, so there will be a lot going on, meaning each percentile is considerably large.)

Your hacking skills: Scripting, Miscellaneous Hacking, Mapping, Currently Learning ASM,

What help or skill you're looking for: TileInserting. This is probably the main lacking skill that is holding this project back. It'd be ideal to acquire a tile inserter, but we would greatly appreciate even if someone were to come and insert just SOME tiles. We desperately need this done.

Additional contact information: PM, Skype (TideDKhaz)

Additional information about the hack:
Old November 16th, 2013 (11:06 PM).
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Yo, so I can help out with inserting tilesets, spriting, editing pokemon learnset moves stats tms, minimal scripting so if any of you need help personal message me, with specific instuctions as to what you need done. If you need an event or something in particular inputted to the game but I did not mention it, I might be able to do it, just ask me. I may not be able to do ridiculously complex scripting or title screen changes but I can do alot so just let me know.
Old November 24th, 2013 (10:31 AM).
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Hack name: Pokemon Mirage Of Tales

Hack of: Pokemon FireRed

Finished percentage: 10%

Your hacking skills: Mapping, scripting, spriting, OW-editing.

What help or skill you're looking for: Someone who is good with UNLZ and has lots of time!
I'd like to replace every pokemon sprite in my rom with their Gen 5 styled sprites, so that all of the Pokémon are the same style, if that makes sense. I'd also be eternally grateful if someone could help me out with a world map and titlescreen as I have no other hacking skills other than the above!

Looking for a good mapper to help me with MoT. PM me if interested!
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Hack Name: Pokemon Plethora

Hack Of: Pokemon Sapphire

Finished Percentage: 0% (Trying To Start It)

My Hacking Skills: None (Absolute Newbie)

Looking For: General Help with everything, such as Scripting, Mapping, Sprite Making, Etc

Additional Contact Info: EMAIL: [email protected] KIK: MrSecretAznMan

Additional Info: My friend and I have been wanting to start a hack for awhile now, doing everything from plot writing to fakemon making. One problem, we've got no experience whatsoever in hacking or scripting, and an experienced member or even a team, would be very, very appreciated. More or less, we're both eggs that have rather high step counts to hatching, but once we do we'd love to contribute to PokeCommunity in our own way. Please Kik me if interested, email is okay but I might not check much. PMs on Pokecommunity won't work: I hardly check my PC.

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Hack name: Undecided

Hack of: FireRed

Additional information about the hack:
still planning out the thought process. i wont ask for too much, not going to completely remodel the game or anything.
Finished percentage: 0% (Not Started)

Your hacking skills: basic scripting. Willing to learn. (im new to this.)

What help or skill you're looking for: someone good at scripting. Help in General. Maybe mapping. if possible, a Custom TitleScreen. You will get 99% credit since i have almost zero knowledge of hacking right now.

Additional contact information: Email: [email protected] ; PM me

Additional information:
Old December 1st, 2013 (9:32 PM).
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Hello everyone!

I am a young artist/illustrator and designer of board and card games who has discovered his fondness of Pokemon Rom Hacks. I would like to ask for help in creating a Rom Hack and must say I don't have any programming skills at all. What I can provide is sprites and graphics. Please check out the attachments for samples of my work. And here's the required information (as far as I can provide it...):

Hack name:

Pokemon Prehistoric

Hack of:

Firered/Leafgreen or Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald

Additional information about the hack:

I have no programming skills at all but I would handle all the graphics and would assist with the story line and whatever I can do to help. Pokemon Prehistoric will feature a couple of hundreds all new, prehistoric-themed Pokemon which I am going to create myself.

Finished percentage:

0% (It is just an idea for now).

Your hacking skills:

None. Again, I would do the sprites and other graphics.

What help or skill you're looking for:

I would need someone who would be able to handle the programming aspect of the hack.

Additional contact information:

Please contact me ASAP via PM or directly at [email protected]

Additional information:
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Hack name: Pokemon - Rising Knight

Hack of: Pokemon Fire Red

Additional information about the hack: It is a brand new hack, I have a great storyline, and that's it.. This is why I'm requesting help (:

Finished percentage:1% maybe..

Your hacking skills: I'm very good at Scripting and Mapping, and I have some experience in Over world Spriting, and I can do Title screens

What help or skill you're looking for: Anything anyone will offer (: But in great need of a tile inserter, and a pro ow spriter.

Additional contact information: [email protected]

Additional information: I really need help guys, I know the chances are slim, but I promise if you're willing to help, you won't regret it..
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Old December 7th, 2013 (4:22 AM).
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Hack name: Pocket League

Hack of: FireRed

Additional information about the hack: GYM Leaders and E4 are people I know.

Finished percentage: 30-50%

Your hacking skills: Basic Mapping

What help or skill you're looking for: Spriters, Scripters, Edit World Map and Title Screen

Additional contact information: [email protected]

Additional information: Any help I will be very grateful
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I need help, as I've been interested in making a hack for awhile.
Hack Name:Nothing is official yet, but I'm going for Pokemon Blazing Fire.
Hack of: Pokemon FireRed
Additional Info: Gym leader's are a mix of Hoenn and Kanto leaders, Team Magma has returned and is actually looking to wipe out Kanto with Groudon, and you are Red, but older and more experienced. Everything else will be told to those who are interested in helping.
Finished percentage: Basically nothing. (Me and my friend have decided on the story, but he doesn't know how to hack at all.)
Hacking skills: Mapping, Attack Editing, and Pokemon Editing (movesets, evolution method, etc.)
Help I need: Scripting, inserting events, and custom trainer spriting (I'd like certain trainers and Pokemon to have re-designed sprites, such as the Magma admins/Leader, the Elite Four, your rival, Legendary Pokemon, and the hero/heroine.)
Additional contact info: Private Message or email me at [email protected]
Additional info: Right now I'm trying to just start off small, but I've tried going it alone and I can't do scripting for the life of me, or inserting events. Any help at all would be appriciated, and I can't wait to work with everyone who wants to help!
Old December 9th, 2013 (10:49 PM).
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Hack name: none (I haven't thought of one yet)

Hack of: Fire red

Additional information about the hack: you start out in the real world

Finished percentage: 0% (I can't figure out how to change where you start out at)

Your hacking skills: Mapping (can't change the Town Map though)

What help or skill you're looking for: everything (save mapping)

Additional contact information: my e-mail: [email protected]

Additional information: Suggestions for story line (save Real World) are welcome, you will be credited as well (obviously)
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Hack name: Pokemon Shadow

Hack ofokemon firered

Finished percentage:1 or 2%

Your hacking skills:sprite and cry inserting

What help or skill you're looking for: SCRIPTING!

Ways of Contact PM ME!
Old December 12th, 2013 (6:30 PM). Edited December 12th, 2013 by ~Justified~.
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My Hacking Skills:
-Somewhat good at scripting

What Help/Skills Im Looking For:
-Someone to do extra scripting
-Someone to do extra mapping
-Someone who can import new tilesets
-Graphic Designers/Spriters for Graphics
-People who can debug the game if needed
-Beta Testers
-Possibly a co-director/co-writer
-Someone who can import graphics into UNLZ

Additional Contact Info:
-Email Me Here if you want to help me: [email protected]

Additional Information:
-I am trying to build a team to help with not only this hack but other hacks as well. Please let me know if you're interested
in helping with other hacks after this one is completed.

-I will be the main writer/director for this hack, if you're interested in helping
me direct the development process or writing for the game, feel free to email me
as well!
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Pokemon Rom Hacker
Looking For:
Anyone willing to help with the game.
Pokemon Team Building Guide
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Hack nameokemon Infrared

Hack of: Ruby

Additional information about the hack: none

Finished percentage:2%

Your hacking skills:Mapping, basic scripting, some what tile inserting

What help or skill you're looking for: edit the ow sprite ( i allways mess it up)

Additional contact information: email, pm here

Additional information:i already have the ow just it glitches bad and player is a black sqaure
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